Monday 14 June 2021 

Rosies Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day—an Appeal Day for Rosies—was last Friday. During the week, we also celebrated M-Fest, a week of music performances by our talented music students, ensembles, rock bands and singers.

Mrs Cooper suggested that, instead of Year 12 students buying something new to wear on the appeal day, they might just wear something they already own and make a bigger donation to the Appeal. That’s what they did, and we raised over $3,000. Interact were to make a further contribution to this. It just seems that the atmosphere of the week was fuelled by the spirit of the College Mass on Tuesday and the lunchtime music performances. It culminated in the most generous single day collection for an Appeal ever. Well done students, thank you to our music students and singers and congratulations to Year 12 on your outstanding leadership.

Deputy Principal, Geoff Browne wrote to staff on Friday afternoon

A huge thank you to Paul, Jodie our Spiritual Captains and our Cultural Captains as well as our wonderful instrumental staff for making M Fest such an enjoyable week. It was sadly missed last year due to COVID and this year really made up for it. 
Today had an amazing carnival feeling with Heads of Year, STAC Reps as well as many other helpers who organised all the activities and prizes that helped raise lots of money for ROSIES.
What a great week with an amazing sense community in our College, so thank you so much for all of the work that went into everything that happened this week.


Vinnies Marymount Community Team Sleepout Appeal

The Marymount Community’s support for Vinnies has been tremendous. Thank you all.

We’ve had many donations and encourage all, yet to donate, not to hesitate anonymously donating $5, $10 or more, just to be part of this generous response by our exceptional Marymount community. It doesn’t matter the size of your donation. Donations are tax-deductible.
When Geoff Browne, Vivian Savage, Dolores Maitland and I signed up and saw the goal increase $3,000—every time we added one of us—we said ‘No’ to Katrina Nicholson, Peter Shaw and anyone else wanting to join the team. As a result, we claim that all the College Leadership Team, all the College staff and all of the Marymount community are part of the Team and will be ‘with us’ when we sleepout at Cbus Stadium on Thursday night 17 June.
Our community will exceed the goal set by Vinnies for our Marymount Community Team.
All funds raised go to Vinnies. Be a part of this wonderful community generosity towards helping Vinnies to help those in need.
This year the Marymount College Leadership Team are taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society to support Australians in need. We need your support. Will you help us to reach the target? Donating $50 can make a huge difference to people who need it most.

Building Works

The images above are the main elements for Stage 1 of the Master Plan currently under construction.
  1. Three-story classroom building with:
    two junior kitchens and a senior hospitality kitchen and dining room on the ground floor
    seven classrooms and a staffroom on level 1
    seven classrooms, storage and Middle Leaders Offices on level 2
  2. Two X two basketball/netball courts
  3. Three shade and locker shelters
The expected completion date is 4 February 2022.

We ask that all drivers remain patient and considerate of one another, mindful of
pedestrians and drive slowly (10kph) within the College and Public Council Car Park.

Enhancing Catholic Identity Survey – Thank You

Our appreciation to families, students and staff who completed the Catholic Identity Survey.

It was challenging, took almost an hour and left many wondering about their answers well after they finished the survey. Well done to those who persevered. We have exceeded the sample size requested for each group surveyed. The ECSI Report is expected to be finalised by November 12 this year. 

Parent Incentive Prize Winners were:

Kim Cannon - Year 7
Jennifer Cowan - Year 8
Lauren Martin - Year 9
Melissa Martin - Year 10
Jenny Wood - Year 11
Susan Lizacic  - Year 12

Each winner received a $200 Dinner voucher at Omeros Bros. Restaurant.

Gold Coast Drama Festival

Congratulations to our Intermediate and Senior Drama students on their excellent performances in recent weeks.

In the Senior play, ‘Engine’, Mia Gilbert and Bodhi Richardson were awarded Highly commended. The entire ensemble was also awarded Highly Commended for their performance.

This follows similar success for the Intermediate play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Many in the cast received Highly commended Awards and Rylan Parnell-Webb the Most Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role Award. Porsha Cush and Josie Hamilton also received the Most Outstanding Actor Awards. 

Don’t miss the performance of these plays and the Junior Play, 6:30pm -8:30pm Doyle Centre Theatrette Friday 18 June
Chris Noonan

Week 9

Monday 14/06


Tuesday 15/06

Wednesday 16/06

Thursday 17/06

Year 10 & 11 Exams begin
AGCC Sport Trials

Friday 18/06

6:30pm Drama Showcase (Theatrette)

Week 10

Monday 21/06

Tuesday 22/06

Wednesday 23/06


Thursday 24/06

P3-6 College High Jump
No AGCC Sport 

Friday 25/06

College Track & Field Carnival (Pizzey Park)
Last Day Term 2

Reconciliation Week.  

Australia’s theme for 2021… More than a word. Reconciliation Takes Action.

Thank you to the Marymount Mob for the beautiful liturgy of Monday last marking

God of all creation,
as we journey together in this Great Southern Land,
we pray for healing, forgiveness and unity,
 creating a path of good will, with justice and compassion.
Jesus, through the power of your love, you have given us the courage, wisdom
and strength to share our gifts and talents in humility.
 In peace and understanding we reconcile with each other.
Creator Spirit, we come together in prayer and thanksgiving for the many
blessings we have received.
Allow your Spirit to wash over us and give us strength to walk together as one.

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

On Friday night 11 June,  we have our College Trivia Night and all proceeds will go towards the College Team’s goal of $12,000 for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.  

Next Thursday, 17 June, four of us will sleep out for one night, without shelter, on a piece of cardboard. We’re encouraged...not to bring luxury bedding, blow-up mattresses or camping materials or our own food. A basic dinner and breakfast will be served and tea and coffee will be available. The news is that the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad either and, if there’s rain, we probably won’t get wet. It may not sound like a lot but there will certainly a deeper awareness of what life is like for those who are homeless.

Thursday night’s experience will be significant for all participants  in many ways;  there’s an opportunity to meet with some people who have lived through the reality of homelessness and poverty  and hear of  the experiences and insights of volunteers

The funds raised will help fund new initiatives to support vulnerable people, ensure existing services to support them will continue and expand the reach of the existing programs to ensure all Australians can access accommodation, meals and emergency help when needed. 

The $12, 000 target felt quite daunting to begin with but, as ever, our community rises with it’s generous heart and the target is in sight. Deep joy,  humility and amazement are the best words I can use to express my own feelings on receiving messages from Vinnies that someone had made a donation to our team’s campaign….and it remains. 

As Chris says…it’s our Community’s team...such an exceptional one! 

MFEST and Have a Heart Day

The culmination of MFest  Week. and celebrating Have a Heart Day last Friday was yet another truly wonderful community experience.

Appreciation of the Music students’ performances by the music students over the week gathered momentum and reached a peak at lunchtime on Friday. Year 12 students drove the Have a Heart fundraising aspects of the day providing more colour, energy and atmosphere to the sea of the pink and red gathered in the P&F Courtyard. Michelle and Isabel, volunteers from Rosies Burleigh came to join us. 

A wonderful day /week was enjoyed by everyone.   A little over $3000 was raised for Rosies, a record amount! 

And before the end of lunch, the Rosies van was filled with the mountain of soup, noodles, and socks donated over the previous four weeks to be distributed at Burleigh to those in need. Gift cards of $140 value were also donated. These are used daily to purchase fresh sandwich fillings.

SAO staff commented on the joy experienced watching that small mountain grow and observing the quiet steady flow of students making their donations to it.  

College Mass

The College Mass, another high point of last week and was celebrated on Wednesday. Its postponement was due to the ongoing effects of the Brisbane lockdown.

Thank you to Father Jacob for celebrating the Mass with us. We only have one Mass in the year as a whole school community and it is always such a lovely experience. Having the choir lead the singing again and this time with a significant number of boys added significantly to the celebration.

Year 11 Retreat Thank you

Congratulations to  Year 11 students on their Retreat.

Special thanks to the 20 staff who accompanied them on this journey and those who held the fort together back at school and, in a week in which the Year 7 Camp took place as well, reflects just how the people of Marymount College work together to bring the very best to our students.

Thank you to Padre Morgan Batt for attending two venues and celebrating Mass, to Father Jacob for travelling to Boonah to celebrate Mass with the group at Outlook and Father Max Gow of the Lismore Diocese who attended the Evans Head venue. As always, the memories of these experiences will be cherished for many years to come. 
( See Year 11 students Retreat reports later in Newsletter.) 

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, It celebrates the most wonderful love that God has shown to each and every one of us. The heart symbolises love and emotions, feelings and thoughts. The traditional symbol “burns” with love for us. 

                   Jesus, meek and humble of heart , make my heart like yours.

Dolores Maitland


The 2021 BCE poTENtial conference was an extremely fun and rewarding experience.

It involved the appearance of guest inspirational speaker Chris Tamwoy, who spoke on the importance of belief in yourself and being your own number one supporter to reach your goals.  

The prayer and reflection workshops enabled us to really think and reflect on our goals and priorities in life, especially in our last few years of school. The social Justice workshops put into perspective just how much daily little acts of kindness can impact someone’s life. It also strongly encouraged and inspired us to go out and be the leaders in our own communities.

Overall, it was great to meet and interact with like-minded grade 10 students from a wide range of BCE schools, and to learn so much about how to take on the role of leadership for both ourselves and our community.  The day taught us fantastic skills and knowledge to now share and take into our senior years at Marymount College and eventually, the world. We would like to thank Mrs Faulks and Mr Fairweather for accompanying us to the poTENtials excursion.

Agenda for the day:

Acknowledgement of Country
Opening Prayer
High Hope Keynote – Chris Tamwoy
Workshops e.g., Tradition, Caritas, Catholic Mission, St Vincent de Paul
Student Keynote – Esther Abiya
Closing Prayer
Vote of Thanks

Brianna Marion and Michael Browne
Year 10 STAC Representatives

Youth & Young Adults Mass

1st and 3rd Sunday 5:30pm, Mary, Mother of Church

Come and celebrate Mass with us. Be involved with reading, music, setting up etc.

Burleigh Youth and Young Adults Worship

2nd Wednesday of the Month 6:00pm, Mary, Mother of Church

Come join us in worshipping God. Worship Catholic topics, rosary, chaplets, saints, intercessory prayers, bible readings and discussion, worship songs and more.

Contact Details
Instagram: @burleighyouth
Facebook: @burleighyouth
Youth Ministry Team Member: Brady
National Reconciliation Week is an important time during which we should all focus on taking action to bring about reconciliation between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Reconciliation Week includes the significant cultural milestones of National Sorry Day, the Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, and Mabo Day. It is a period of celebration and commemoration, of times of pain, times of triumph, and the hopes for a brighter future of connection and unity between all Australians.
In Week 7, we celebrated as a College with an assembly led by some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and teachers. The assembly reminded us of the injustices and atrocities suffered by our First Nation’s people, and the need for this to be recognised and acknowledged to ensure this dark part of our history is never repeated.
This year’s theme – More than a word, Reconciliation takes action – urges all Australians to put their hand up to play an active role in the reconciliation process. Many significant steps have already been taken, with the past year seeing a considerable growth in the numbers of Australians willing to speak up on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and willing to ask, “What can I do to make a difference?”
For reconciliation to be effective, we must have even more people asking this question, more people becoming a part of the movement towards building a nation that recognises and values our Indigenous cultures, and the importance of positive relationships of mutual trust and respect.
At Marymount College we are fortunate to be a part of a community that holds our Indigenous Program in such high regard, supporting and encouraging our Mob students, and walking with them on their reconciliation journey. We ask everyone to reflect on their own contribution to reconciliation and to strive to do more towards creating a just and equitable future for all.

Monica Weatherall
Indigenous Program Mentor
Marymount College encourages attendance, however, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, you must not attend school.

Parents, please notify the school prior to 8:00am via the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal. Students are able to keep up to date with work missed by checking moodle and emailing teachers.

Early Departure Procedure

​In the event that students need to leave school early please see the College policy below. We will not use the public announcement system to call into classrooms and disrupt learning to call students out of class.

Marymount College Procedure for Early Departure:

  1. NOTE: Bring a signed note from your parent/guardian explaining why you need to leave early 
    PARENT PORTAL/BCE CONNECT NOTIFICATION: Parent/Caregiver enters early departure into the BCE Connect App/Parent Portal and the student collects the printout from SAO either before school or at recess
  2. Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year authorise the note/or Parent Portal/BCE Connect Notification print out during PC or recess
  3. Advise the class teacher that you will need to leave early and show them your note/printout
  4. Immediately prior to departure report to SAO. Hand in your note/print out and sign out using the ALLE attendance computers

Parents should not arrive at school without prior warning to collect their children. Classes will not be disrupted by the use of the intercom system. Parents will need to wait until there is a break in classes.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Student Voice

The BCE Student Voice Team invites all BCE students from Years 7-12 to attend BCE's Student Voice Festival of Ideas.

The Festival, a first-ever for BCE, provides the platform for students to: Identify a broad range of issues that impact on students’.

Registration for the BCE Student Voice Festival of Ideas is now open to all BCE students in Years 7 to 12 and will take place on Friday 3 September 2021 (at the Edge, State Library of Queensland. Registrations close on Friday 16 July 2021. 
What is the Festival of Ideas? 

The Festival of Ideas is an event run by students, for students.  This event gives students the opportunity to:  
  • identify issues that impact on their educational experience
  • develop solutions to address the issues and improve BCE's community of schools, and 
  • share these issues and solutions with members of BCE's Executive Team.
This is a great opportunity for Marymount students to voice their opinions and ideas and be part of a team developing solutions.

For more information please go to or please direct any queries you may have by emailing 

Assistant Principal Pastoral

Senior Curriculum

Year 11

Year 11s are now well into Unit 2.

The date for making requests to swap subjects has now passed. However, the Unit 1 reports are being issued this Monday 14 June. Late changes based on report results may be possible. To arrange this, parents should phone the College or email me at to discuss.

As always, there must be available places in the new subject. This must be done early next week, as we cannot prolong opportunities to swap subjects, especially into new Elective subjects.


As we roll into the new QCE system we are seeing a significant decrease in exams set for the end of terms / Semesters / Units. Although we have claimed dates on the calendar from last year, there will not be any need to have any shutdown period in Year 12, 11 or 10 this Term. Exams are taking place in class times, but are not scheduled in a full exam timetable period, as in past years.

Year 10

This week we reminded the Year 10 students who are looking to gain an ATAR and get direct entry into university after graduating of the importance we have placed all year on gaining the necessary prerequisites in Year 10, Semester 1 results.

I remind you that these are used to inform the subject selection process which commences in Term 3. Students who have not yet met the prerequisite which blocks them out of a particular Year 11 subject choice will have the opportunity to do so, following Term 3 results and then even Term 4 / Semester 2 results. However, subject Lines are built by then and students have been offered places in classes. Students risk missing out on a place the later they leave it to make the request – following the SET Planning and initial subject selection process in Term 3, where all requests are considered.

There appears to be only a small number of students in the cohort who may be affected by this. Universities continue to hold the position that students who can’t do well in English at secondary school will not do well in university bachelor degree courses. That is why we remain so insistent on the B- result in English for Year 10.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Junior Curriculum

Assessment and Reporting

Students have been busy with assessment this week and it will continue into Week 9.  

If your child is unwell and cannot attend school for a test, please ensure you advise the College before 8:00am via the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal.  

Assignments are due the day they return to school unless an extension has been requested.  Please see the record book for procedures. 

Monday 14 June we will be running catch up exams for students who have missed assessment this week.  Students will be notified by the daily notices on Monday, so it is important they are at school and present in their morning pastoral lesson.

Subject changes

Open from Week 9 T2 until Friday Week 2 T3

Any Year 8 & 9 students wishing to change their electives for semester two can collect a form from the self-help desk in SAO. It needs to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian before I can process it. Subject changes are processed on a first in basis and if subjects are full there will be a waitlist. 

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Uniform Shop

Save time and purchase uniforms online.

Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready for your child to come and collect. Pickup available Monday - Thursday.

Year 12 Key Dates

  • Thursday 2 August - Year 12 Mock Exams commence
  • Friday 22 October - Year 12 Farewell Assembly
  • Monday 25 October - Year 12 External Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Tuesday 16 November - Graduation LIturgy
  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Formal 
Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11 Key Dates

  • Thursday 17 June - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 13 September - Year 11 Unit 2 Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11, 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 29 November - Year 12 2022 Leaders Camp
  • Friday 16 November - Last official day Year 10 & 11

Year 11 Retreat

Recently the Year 11s split into five groups and headed off on Retreat. This experience provides the opportunity for the students to leave the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives behind for a few days and enjoy some time away with their peers.

The retreat program allows the students to reflect on the following:
  • How do others perceive me in comparison to how I perceive myself?
  • Who do I have in my life I can trust? 
  • What influence do those who are around me have on me?
  • How do I cope with stressful situations?
  • Who do I want to be and what is holding me back from being that person?
  • What are the things that are truly important in my life?
  • How does God fit into my life?
In addition to these pertinent questions being asked of our cohort, the retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to build strong connections with one another and to galvanise the bond within the group. It is hoped that these strengthened bonds can allow the cohort to get the best out of each other over their next 18-months and provide the platform for a fantastic finish to their school days together.

We sincerely thank all of the staff who accompanied the students and led the retreats for giving of their time and talents to provide such a rich and rewarding experience.

Unit 1 Ends/Unit 2 begins

Unit 1 is now done and dusted for the General subjects, and we congratulate our students on completing the first unit of their ATAR journey. As results are returned to them, we hope they reflect the effort put in. 

The end of Unit 1 provides a chance for students to revisit their subject choices and academic pathway. If any changes are to be made, they need to be processed by the end of this week. Any potential changes should be discussed with subject teachers, Academic Coordinators, Mr Shaw, Heads of Year and of course parents. Not all changes are recommended, nor can they all be accommodated, which makes the discussions all the more important.

We wish our students all the best as they embark on Unit 2, which will be completed by the end of Term 3.

Mental Health

Our Pastoral Program for the remainder of Term 2 focuses on Mental Health, an area that is increasingly important for students to gain knowledge of in order to help themselves, as well as their friends and family.

Classroom discussions have already commenced surrounding this topic, and the cohort will be addressed by Livin, a mental health organisation founded here on the Gold Coast. We look forward to this presentation on Thursday.

Matt Carroll and Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Bornhoffen Retreat

Bornhoffen was an amazing place. The scenery was spectacular. Being in such a nice place meant that everyone was in a good mood, and were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Each activity we completed brought every member in the group closer to one another. We all felt we had a better friendship and connection, which was good to have coming back to school. The “Warm and Fuzzy” notes gave everyone a chance to be grateful for, thank, or say sorry to their peers around them, which meant a lot to everyone. As well as this, we got the chance to give our thanks, sorry and praise to our peers. These two activities made the camp extremely special for myself. To hear what people think of you can change how you think of yourself, which this camp did for many people.

Each night we also had a fire. When everyone was sitting around the fire, singing to the music, and snuggling up with each other, we all felt so much closer. We felt comfortable and happy around one another. The team bonding and trust activities and the date night brought a lot of smiles to everyone’s faces, including myself, as we were all having fun, whilst getting closer to one another. Overall, I became great friends with everyone, and came back to school with a better relationship with others, as well as a better opinion of myself. We had great teachers, a great venue and an awesome group.

Wouldn’t change a thing.
Jack Isaacs
Year 11

Evans Head Retreat

Year 11 Retreat at Evens Head was the highlight of my senior schooling life so far.

I will always cherish the memories made there and the relationships that were formed with my peers and teachers. On the retreat, we did many activities that allowed us to be vulnerable and learn more about each other.

To start the retreat off, we went and explored the beautiful beach which was located right next to our camp. We then went to this beautiful chapel on site of the camp that became our space that we bonded in for the next three days.

Over the three days we learned about the sacred items that may not look like much to others but have a deep meaning for each person. The second day started with a mass in the chapel where we were lucky enough to have Father Max Gow come and lead us in mass. The day then consisted of several team-building exercises and ended with date night and dressing up in iconic duo costumes.

By the end of the retreat everyone could agree that we became closer to each other and formed relationships with people that we had never spoken to. I am very grateful for this opportunity and am thankful for the teachers for making this experience possible.

Tahlia Gee
Year 11
Outlook Retreat

Year 11 Retreat was such an enjoyable experience. My group was located at the Outlook, Boonah, 40 kms west of Beaudesert.
We were lucky enough to have the scenic rim situated all around us, making not only a beautiful atmosphere to relax in but making Mr O’Shea’s photography look even more picturesque. 
One of the hardest things to do is to move outside your comfort zone, but I believe retreat helped me to do this. I made connections with people in my grade that I barely knew before retreat, supporting our Year 11 theme, ‘inclusivity encourages connection’.
Each day we did countless connecting activities with our fellow peers and teachers. And although I loved all the activities, the one best memory I will take away from my retreat is definitely the fire pit night we had on the first day. That the sky that night showcased the lunar eclipse, blood moon and super moon along with Jupiter shining bright and endless shooting stars. We lay on the grass, close to the fire watching the sky with soft music playing in the background. 
A huge thanks to Ms Richardson, Mr O’Shea, Ms Pearce, and Mr Cousins for accompanying us and sharing this incredible experience with our group. Also a big thank you to Mr Carroll and Ms Richardson again for their organisation of the Retreats. I honestly can’t wait to do it again next year!
Hannah Yates
Year 11

Mount Tamborine Retreat

As a part of the Mount Tamborine Year 11 retreat group, myself and 41 of my peers were able to enjoy the Gold Coast hinterland for three days and two nights.

Apart from the great scenery and even better food, the experience was a fitting way for us to retreat from the normalities of our schooling lives, taking the time to relax, reflect and remember who we are. With the help of the teachers present, students engaged in numerous activities focused on building teamwork and unity. The mood was convivial, and it was great to work and converse with my peers, some of which I previously knew little about. Free time saw the group play with sporting equipment, from vortexes to frisbees, where we once more formed a stronger bond with each other.
The experience was great. Engaging in the activities — from our op shop themed dress up, to date night, and talking about our sacred items — allowed me to explore myself and learn so much about the diverse backgrounds we all come from. I have now noticed first-hand the communitas now apparent amongst the cohort, with the retreat gifting students the ability to form new, lasting connections.
I, as well as my peers from the Mount Tamborine retreat, have made and will continue to make, lasting memories and friendships with each other.
Nicholas Ranson
Year 11

Midginbill Hill Retreat

Midginbill Hill, in the middle of nowhere with no service.

At first, we disliked the disconnection from the internet, however, after a couple of hours we realised all the connection we needed was within our retreat group. The lack of interaction with the outside world allowed for relationships between us all to enhance and we really got to delve into each other's stories and personal backgrounds.

The way in which people were willing to open up and be vulnerable in front of the cohort was truly inspiring and encouraging. Through this joint effort in removing our protective shells and uncovering our past eliminated any sort of social hierarchy and gave everyone a sense of belonging and unity.

The experiences and memories we made in Midginbill Hill were very special and will hold a place in all our hearts forever.
Corey Nolan
Year 11

Year 10 Key Dates

  • Thursday 17 June - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Monday 26 July - Year 11 2022 Subject Information Evening
  • Monday 2 August - Year 10 SET Plan Interviews
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Thursday 25 November - Year 10 Twilight Cruise
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9 Key Dates

  • Tuesday 15 June - Year 9 Maths Exam
  • Monday 9 August - Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Thursday 12 August - Year 8 & 9 Science Night
  • Friday 29 October - Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary excursion
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards 
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8 7
Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8 Key Dates

  • Monday 9 August - Year 9 2022 Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Thursday 12 August - Year 8 & 9 Science Night
  • Friday 8 October - Year 8 Reflection Day
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7
Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 7 Key Dates

  • Monday 23 August - Year 8 2022 Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Friday 10 September - Currumbin Sanctuary In-school visit
  • Monday 8 November - Year 7 Immunisations #2
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7


Marymount College Careers Expo – Attendance Records Tumble

Despite a chill in the air, hundreds of eager students and their parents turned out and took advantage of the highest quality career guidance provided by any high school in the country at last weeks’ event.  

A wide array of expert exhibitors made themselves available and provided invaluable advice throughout the evening.  Many thanks are in order, particularly to our students for bringing along their inquisitive minds, and to their parents for supporting them every step of the way. 

A special mention also goes to our Year 12 Student Ambassadors who provided support and hospitality to our exhibitors so capably throughout the evening:

Mia Britton
Tilly Busby
Sasha Jones                       
Demi Lockett
Mydas McBurney            
Mya Mitchell     
Bailey Sewell     
Sophia Sweeny
Liam Wildman

Year 12 Student Portfolio Update Reminder

Just a reminder that our current Year 12 students will be the first to receive their Student Portfolio upon graduation later this year.  

Students have been involved in this program over the past three years, with records of achievements throughout their senior journey being collected and stored safely within the Marymount College Careers Centre throughout this time.

This term, we encourage our Year 12 Students to either collect their Student Portfolio for updating at home or to simply submit their certificates/awards directly to the Careers Centre, so that we can ensure all information is kept safe and be well prepared for graduation. 

We look forward to contributing to the Graduation Ceremony and presenting these very impressive documents to each individual.

Griffith University Guests Trimester 2 – Last Call

GUESTS At-School is an excellent opportunity for motivated senior high school students to experience Griffith University by undertaking up to two courses (subjects) while completing Years 11 and 12.

With study options in the sciences, courses align with the senior school curriculum and can provide credit transfer toward related Griffith degrees. For further information visit or see the Marymount College Careers Centre today.

Note: Only those students who are on top of their school work will be permitted to apply. Excellent time management is a must. 

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Experience Day - Wednesday 30 June 2021

Would you like a taste of uni life before you enrol to study at ACU?  

Join the free Experience ACU activities which are tailored to your study area of interest, and will provide an insight into life as a uni student. Explore the Brisbane campus, talk to current students and experience student life including:
  • participate in hands-on workshops related to your degree of choice
  • meet staff and current students
  • explore the campus
  • learn about industries and careers
  • get helpful tips on preparing for university
  • soak up the campus atmosphere.
Choose a workshop from a range of study areas, which may include nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, education, physiotherapy, psychology, sports and exercise science and lots more. Choose from business and IT, criminology, philosophy, theology and arts webinars.  For further details and to register visit

ACU is an excellent option for those school leavers who think/know they will need some assistance throughout their university journey.

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) - Guarantee

Applications for 2022’s ACU Guarantee are now open!  

ACU Guarantee provides current Year 12 students with the opportunity to be offered a spot within their chosen degree, prior to the end of the school year.  Applications are taken via the ACU Guarantee portal  Offers may be made as early as July 2021.  See the Marymount College Careers Centre for further details.

Queensland TAFE 2022 Direct Entry Program

TAFE Queensland offers practical diploma courses, commencing Semester 1, 2022.  

Choose from a large range of diploma courses.  Note that a diploma level qualification enables individuals to undertake advanced skills or paraprofessional work or a pathway to further study.  To secure a direct entry, complete the online for at or see the Marymount College Careers Centre. 

Southern Cross University Star Early Offer Program

Take the stress out of Year 12 with a STAR Early Offer.  

The STAR program allows students to secure a place in a Southern Cross University degree before Year 12 results are even released. It’s designed to remove some of the pressure from Year 12 and gives a pathway directly into university study that is not based solely on Year 12 results.
Three program levels provide students with an array of degree options as follows:

Star Platinum

Students who qualify at this level may gain entry into any Southern Cross University undergraduate degree.  *Excluding only the Bachelor of Midwifery

STAR Entry

Students who qualify at this level of the program have access to most Southern Cross University degrees, excluding Midwifery, Education, Engineering, and Law. 

STAR Pathway

This level of the program provides an access point to students who, for whatever reason, may not have gained the academic outcome they had hoped for but still aim for university study.  Students can be recommended into either Preparing for Success (PSP), Transition to Uni (TU) or a relevant Diploma. Upon successful completion, students can then commence study in a Southern Cross course.

Applications are online and now open until Friday 10 September 2021 and should take no more than five minutes to complete.  Visit for further details or see the Marymount College Careers Centre.

SCU is an excellent option for those school leavers who think/know they will need some assistance throughout their university journey.

Bond University – Early Offer Program

Current Year 12 students can be assessed now for a guaranteed offer for 2022 entry conditional on the completion of Year 12.  

Applications will be assessed based on their first semester Year 12 results and meeting any subject prerequisite requirements for this program.  To learn more, visit

Riviera Australia Apprentice Program Information Night

Riviera Australia will be hosting their annual Apprentice Program Information Night on Tuesday, 22 June 2021.  

Any Year 11/12 students (plus parents) who would be interested in becoming a School Based Apprentice/Full Time Apprentice for 2022 should attend.  The evening is scheduled to commence at 5.30pm sharp.

Current trades on offer include:

•    Cert III in Polymer Processing (Composite Tech)
•    Cert III in Electrotechnology (pre-requisite Cert II in Electrotechnology)
•    Cert III in Timber and Composites Machining
•    Cert III in Marine Craft Construction
•    Cert III in Cabinetmaking
•    Cert III in Engineering – Diesel Fitting
•    Cert III in Upholstery
•    Cert III in Warehouse Operations

To RSVP, contact Keira Shanks by Friday 11 June 2021 via email or phone 0421 925 537.

The University of Queensland Visit Student Feedback

Last Tuesday 12 senior students to the St Lucia UQ Campus.

We spent the day listening in on lectures about career paths that interest us. Around campus we met new people, made new friendships and got to experience all that the University of Queensland had to offer. 
This experience not only gave us an insight onto the life of a university student, but also what university is like in your career choice. We all enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend for people who are interested in furthering their studies are at highly profound university. 

Bailey Miles
Year 12

Careers Expo Thank you

A massive shout out to Leesa Lutze and Terri Webster, our Career Guidance Officers, for their tireless work in preparing and running this event.

The feedback we have received from exhibitors, students, parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Without Leesa and Terri, none of this would have been possible.

Thank you also to these staff who gave up their evening to assist at the event: Bianna Huxley, Trena Steele, Vivian Savage, Hannah Richardson, Dolores Maitland and Edwin Pereira  What a great way to celebrate Marymount’s 25th Careers Expo!!!

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET

Year 9 Business Tommerups Farm Excursion

Last week, Mr Rowe and Miss Hutchinson’s Year 9 Economics and Business classes visited Tommerups Dairy Farm to explore their outstanding business model as well as experience life on a dairy farm.

The students are studying an introduction to economics unit, focused on markets and models as well as globalisation. Sixth generation farmers Kay and Dave explained how they have pivoted from supplying milk and cream to large Co-Op’s and are now targeting niche markets with their Butter, Ice Cream, eggs and meat. They also provide a farmhouse which is over 100 years old to people who typically want to escape the busy city life.

Highlights for our students included watching the Jersey Cows being milked, feeding the pig, playing with the chickens and cuddling the sheep.

Students will utilise all the new information obtained from the field in their exam this term.

Simon Rezo
Business Coordinator

Year 7 Science ‘Space Missions to Planets of the Solar System” Competition

Our solar system consists of our star, the Sun, and everything bound to it by gravity — the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, dwarf planets such as Pluto, dozens of moons and millions of asteroids, comets, and meteoroids.

Human beings have studied our solar system for thousands of years, but it was only in the last few centuries that scientists started to really figure out how things work. The era of robotic exploration—sending spacecraft beyond Earth to explore other planets—is only a little more than 55 years old. More than 250 robotic spacecraft—and 24 humans—have ventured into space since we first began exploring beyond Earth’s atmosphere in 1958 (NASA, online).


Mercury  |  Venus  |   Mars  |  Jupiter  |  Saturn  |  Uranus | Neptune |  Pluto  
  • Do you love Science?
  • Do you like to learn about Space?
  • Do prizes excite you?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this competition is for you!


To allow Year 7s the chance to explore the world of science and be part of the National Science Week 2021 by using their research skills to gather information about one of the many missions sent to explore the planets of our Solar System.

  1. If interested in taking part, please email Mrs Steele in G105.
  2. Choose one of the Solar System Space Missions and research about it.
  3. Use your researched information to write a Newspaper article containing as much of the following information as you can find:
  • What is the planet and mission chosen and why?
  • What did we know about the chosen planet before the mission?
  • What were the questions scientists wanted to answer about the chosen planet?
  • What has this mission taught us about the chosen planet?
  • Are there questions that have not been answered?
  • Are there other missions planned to explore this planet?
  • Make sure you research reputable websites to obtain your facts. Use pictures to illustrate your article.All entries are due in by Monday 2 August (Week 4).
Winners will be announced in the newsletter and presented at Year 7 Assembly.

Treena Steele
Science Coordinator

Mathematics Competition – Education Perfect

To coincide with the Education Perfect Maths Champs EP are running Regional Maths Competitions so that we can compete with secondary schools in our local area.

This will be held for QLD schools between Monday 7 June from 4:00pm to Monday 14 June 2021 4:00pm. All students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 have been given an opportunity to access the competition in their class this past week.
The competitive element threaded through EP inspires students to engage, giving them a chance for revision and helping refine their understanding of concepts taught in each year level.
All students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 need to do, is go to the competitions section (see image below) in their student zone and begin answering questions.
Let's give other schools in Queensland a little competition and boost engagement in Maths amongst our students at Marymount College!
Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics

Year 8 STEM SparkLab Exhibition

In Week 5 our Year 8 STEM class embarked on a trip to the SparkLab Exhibition at Queensland Museum.

This allowed students to explore interactive exhibits and discover how science, technology, engineering and maths affect our everyday world.
Upon arriving our focus was turned to our own world. We saw how matter moves, behaves and changes. Students were shocked when they got hands-on with a giant plasma ball as they saw giant sparks of electricity touch their fingertips. By exploring Earth’s place in the wider universe, they were able to see how this impacts our world and daily lives.
Students then had to ask themselves how they perceive our world. They were able to experiment with light and sound as they questioned, tested and discovered how we all see and hear the world differently. Their individual perceptions were then compared to others in the group by collaborating to create a shadow story. This was done with multiple coloured shadows or by leaving a shadow behind and freezing it.

We then wondered how can we change our world? By exploring forces, energy, structures, and using our imaginations to design and build or find solutions to challenges, we were able to see the impact these changes can have. Students had some very successful attempts at designing and building their own flying machines. They then observed how their aircraft moves through the air and tested out their designs in a flight test. Most I observed were sharing their thinking with others and collaborating on new ideas to experience how we can cleverly use forces to give us an advantage. I really enjoyed getting to see the budding enthusiasm of Marymount’s own potential engineers.

Daniel Cousins
Year 8 STEM Teacher

You are invited to a hospitality class dinner on Wednesday 16 June held in the Marymount Restaurant.

The dinner includes a three-course meal for $30 per person with drinks included (pay on the night). Please book your table using the link:  LA MAKOS BOOKING LINK

David Grant 
Head of Hospitality

The Arts@Marymount College
Where Education and the Arts create world-ready students.

Marymount Drama Showcase

The Drama Department has been extremely busy over the last several months.

We entered three plays into the Gold Coast Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) and it is now time to celebrate all of our student’s hard work!
On Friday 18 June, Marymount will showcase all three plays in our school theatrette. The night begins at 6:30pm and concludes at approximately 8:30pm.

This free event is a wonderful night as we rejoice in the camaraderie built amongst these students, as well as celebrating the Arts. Most students have been rehearsing their plays for several months and, teachers and students alike, have given up many afternoons, Sundays and even holidays to perfect their plays.
All parents, friends and supporters of live theatre are invited to be a part of the audience.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Melanie Howe
Drama Coordinator

Gold Coast Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival


Intermediate play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The results for the Intermediate section of the Gold Coast Secondary Schools' Drama Festival' were outstanding. ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream' ­­­­­­directed by Tamara Sharpe and assisted by Kara Mallory, took out one of the top awards - Most Outstanding Comedy!
The hard work of the students was also exceptionally well received with 11 students receiving a Highly Commended actor certificate. Those students were: Porsha Cush, Josie Hamilton, Brock Kraljevic, Luke Ticehurst, Olivia Edwards, Chloe O’Connor, Chloe Logan, Fred Hawken, Rylan Purnell-Webb, Cooper Ryan and Jasper McFadden-Hummel.  
  • Rylan Purnell-Webb also took out most Outstanding Actor in a supporting role.
  • Porsha Cush and Josie Hamilton also received most Outstanding Actor awards.
Congratulations to the beautiful students who were so joyous and supportive of each other.
Tamara Sharpe
Drama Teacher

Senior play – Engine

The senior play performed their play Engine in the Gold Coast Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival last weekend, and we are extremely proud of their performance.

It was a hard-hitting play that dealt with the themes of safe teenage driving and grief within a family. The students in the cast were Willow Howe, Mia Gilbert, Miles Ellis-Skinner, Bodhi Richardson, Braedan Torrisi, Tom Knowles, Jessie Emert, Charlotte Threlfall, Brylea Bartsch, Hannah Yates, Caitlin Marshall, Belinda Macpherson,

Chloe Rubb
Year 12
Mia Gilbert and Bodhi Richardson, as well as the entire ensemble, were awarded highly commended certificates. Special congratulations must also go to Mia who was awarded an Outstanding Actor trophy. Only 5 for the entire section were awarded. Congratulations to all involved!
Melanie Howe
Drama Coordinator

Year 8 Media Arts

This term the Year 8 Media class have been learning about genre codes and conventions.

They have been investigating the visual cues that determine the genre of a film. Genre is common to film and literary texts and is a great way of introducing students to textual analysis. To analyse a film, you have to understand genre. How an audience responds and views these genre films are based on expectations of the narrative structure, conventions and character representations. The best part of this unit after learning how to analyse a genre convention in film is actually creating a genre scene using those conventions!

Through creating and producing Western and Suspense scenes, students have learnt to collaborate, problem-solve and creatively think about how to film particular shots that will edit together to create the correct genre expectations for their audience.  

Year 9 Media Arts

This term the Year 9 Media students have been filming their Superhero film trailers after exploring and analysing representations in Superhero films.

Media’s representations communicate behavioural norms for both males and females and have potential to affect behaviours and attitudes.

When you think about it, the purpose of stories is to make a variety of audiences empathise with the protagonists and in turn, empathise with the people around them.

So, what is the importance of studying Superhero Movies you may ask?
  • Superhero movies have grown in popularity, especially in recent years, and attract a large number of viewers and usually the top 30 grossing films of all time are superhero movies. 
  • Superhero films are action-oriented and often depict individuals with extraordinary powers, technology, or skills who combat often equally extraordinary evildoers. 
  • Essentially, superheroes serve as exemplars and their depiction may communicate ideas about a wide range of societal norms and values, including those relating to masculinity and femininity and ethnicity.
  • Children view superheroes as role models because of traits (e.g., appearance) or skills (e.g., weapons, violence) the characters possess which contribute to expectations and perceptions of gender roles. Messages about gender and race are communicated in both the quantity and qualities of male and female characters. As well as different ethnic characters.
This unit has provided opportunities for students to analyse representations in the media and how those representations are constructed. They have also explored the representations that are missing on our screen. Students gained an understanding of how important diversity in the media and on our screens is, as it provides different perspectives and allows all members of society to ‘see themselves on screen. 

Lorena Connor
Head of Arts/Media Art Coordinator


M-Fest is a low-stress environment that gives the opportunity to all students to perform for a constantly changing audience.

After an unfortunate hiatus in 2020 due to circumstances out of our control, we were extremely excited to bring back the tradition this year and hold M-Fest in week 7! We had musicians ranging from grade 7 to grade 12, playing solo on the piano, singing beautiful ballads, or performing in bands and choirs. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the week and helped make it so much fun for everyone. A special mention to Mr Faughey, Ms Young, Ms Clark, Mr Mitchelson, the music captains, the cultural captains and all our fantastic performers, for putting in so much work behind the scenes.
It was an extremely successful week filled with incredible talent, providing students with the chance to gain live performing experience and to show off what they can do in front of their peers. The audiences were insane, covering almost the entire P+F courtyard, surpassing past years with our biggest turnout yet.

The spirit of Marymount was alive and well. Overall, it was an amazing week, and we are looking forward to the second M-Fest of 2021, which will be held later in the year.
Isabella Dean
Music Captain


The Visual Art staff recently had the opportunity to attend the opening of the new Gold Coast City Art Gallery at HOTA and it was spectacular to say the least.

Like many creative endeavours, the building’s design has created some controversy, but art has that ability to engage and confront. It was a wonderful evening, and our attendance was made possible through Councillor Pauline Young who has always been a strong supporter of the arts particularly at Marymount College where she has been Convenor of the Marymount Art Show many times.

It is wonderful that the Gold Coast now has a major public gallery, and the benefits will flow through to our students who will no longer have to do the three-hour round trip to Brisbane to experience world-class art exhibitions.

It was also great to see one of our past art students Claudia De Salvo included in the opening show “Solid Gold”. I would encourage all parents and students to take the opportunity to visit this wonderful new gallery.

Steve O’Keefe
Visual Art Coordinator

Year 8 Pop Art

These clay pieces were created by Year 8 during Term 1 as part of our Pop Art Unit.

They were inspired by popular culture from 2020, each student chose their own consumer product on which to base their clay sculpture. We really enjoyed making these ceramic sculptures and had a lot of fun creating our own pop art pieces.
Flo Rounsefell
Year 8 Visual Art Student

Meet Holly Britton our Visual Art Captain for 2021

Starting at Marymount college in Year 9 I was a very nervous student and always used art as my getaway place to calm my nerves and allow me to create things that reflect me.

Through my years at Marymount art has allowed me to make friends and allowed me to fully establish my roots in our school community. Art has been my hobby and strongest subject since I began school and was something that improved my confidence greatly. I express my love of the environment in each one of my pieces. Art gives me an opportunity for self-expression and growth that will help me evolve into someone who is excited about new opportunities and my future, no matter how scary it is. Going for Art Captain was definitely a hard thing to do but the reward outweighed the risk and with great excitement I got it! I am thrilled to have earned this position and look forward to continuing the year in this role.

Holly Britton
Year 12 Visual Art Captain

Australian Olympic Swimming Trials

Mikayla Bird (Year 8) and Lewis Treggiden (Year 12) are in Adelaide preparing to take on the best swimmers in Australia at the Australian Olympic Swimming Trials starting Saturday 12 June until Thursday 17 June. We wish them both good luck and hope they can produce their personal best times in all their events!

Outstanding Sporting Results

Max Hudson and Mason Field competed for South Coast in the Queensland Schools State AFL Championships in Mackay. Their team won all their games, including the Grand Final, and are state champs in the 13-15year age group. Congratulations Max and Mason!

Max Robertson competed for South Coast in the Queensland Schools Rugby Union Championships in Brisbane. Max was named Man of the Match in the drawn Grand Final, and his team are joint state champs in the 17-18yr age group! Congratulations Max!

Congratulations to Finn Knowles, Harry Piaud and Kai Stroud on being selected in the Futsal Queensland South Coast Team, to participate at the 2021 National School Championships. The tournament will take place in Brisbane in September 2021. Well done boys!

Ethan Callaghan had an impressive season in the surf and pool this year. He was selected for the Inter Branch team for SLS and the Inter-State team to represent the Queensland Cyclones. He also qualified for Nationals in swimming and competed in the 400m freestyle.
At Aussies, for SLS he qualified for all the finals in team events. He came 3rd in the final of the board rescue and top 6 in the other events. Well done on a great season Ethan!

South Coast Representatives

Congratulations to Luke White (Year 9) & Wynesian Patelesio-Faamausili (Year 8) on their selection in the South Coast Rugby Union team to compete at the upcoming State Championships in Brisbane. We wish you both all the best as you take on the best in the State!

Congratulations to Mikayla Bird (swimming), Mason Field (AFL), Charli Greedy (swimming), Max Hudson (AFL), Camryn Mathison (hockey), Max Robertson (rugby union) and Lewis Treggiden (swimming) on their selection in the Queensland School Sport teams for 2021. Unfortunately, they won’t get to compete at the Australian Championships because School Sport Australia has cancelled all national events for 2021, however they are still recognised as a State Representative for 2021. 

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader

AFL Update

Congratulations to Mason Field and Max Hudson who recently represented the South Coast in the U15 AFL State Championships in Mackay.

The South Coast team made it through the carnival undefeated with Mason and Max also being named in the Queensland team. What an awesome effort! Unfortunately, there will be no interstate competition this year due to Covid. These boys have helped to make our Marymount AFL teams highly competitive in the Schools Q Cup currently being played out.
The Open Girls play this week on Monday (14/6) at Ormeau AFC. Both the Junior Girls and Boys will be participating on Monday Week 10 (21/6) at the same venue. The Open Boys have successfully made it through to the next round and will compete early next term. These teams are well prepared, and we wish them well at this next stage.
Bomber Larkin

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. 

Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.

Media Consent

Marymount College collects media consent from parents as their child commences at the College.

This level of consent remains in place whilst the child is enrolled at Marymount College. Parents or guardians can check what level of consent they have provided for their child via the Parent Portal > My Students section.

To change the level of media consent you have provided for your child, email the Student Administration Office via and ask for the form to be resent to you.

Opti-MINDS 2021

The Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge is an inclusive team challenge which EMPOWERS participants to THINK, CREATE & COMMUNICATE. Opti-MINDS is a creative problem-solving event for teams of participants from Preschool to Adult within 4 divisions.

It is run by Opti-MINDS Incorporated on a non-profit basis.
They are required to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following categories:
  • Language Literature
  • Media Communication
  • Science Engineering
  • Social Sciences
The Opti-MINDS Challenge is an opportunity for all those with a passion for learning & problem solving to showcase their skills & talents in an exciting, vibrant & public way.

Opti-MINDS provides for the demand for sophisticated, educational & motivational opportunities. The rapidly increasing & widespread involvement of thousands of participants throughout Queensland & internationally demonstrates that Opti-MINDS is not only a valuable & worthwhile investment in the education of our citizens but is also an integral part of our collective future.

The Opti-MINDS process mirrors what successful businesses practise.


Teams of 6-8 students of a similar age:
  • Are required to work together on a Long-Term Challenge for up to six weeks without assistance from anyone outside the team. Participants are encouraged to explore possibilities & experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution.
  • Develop creative & original ways to communicate this solution to others, working within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex Challenge criteria & the deadlines of The Challenge Day.
  • Present the product of their ideas – their Challenge solution – to a panel of judges & an audience on Challenge Day. They have 10 minutes in which to present & must do so in a 3 x 3 metre (Approx.) performance area. NB: This does not apply to the new Media Communication Category.
  • Participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Opti-MINDS Day. This Challenge requires a rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think effectively, creatively, & well-developed group cooperation skills.
  • Judges for both the Long Term & the Spontaneous Challenges are professionals chosen from all areas of education, the arts & industry. They are thoroughly trained to enable them to assess the creative performance & technical aspects of the presentation.
 Gold Coast Challenge Day Sunday 22 August 2021at Coombabah State High School. 
If you are interested in participating in the 2021 Opti-MINDS challenge, please contact the Learning Support Centre.
Lauren Mitchell
Learning Support Coordinator

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