Monday 20 September 2021 

Celebrating Who We Are

We celebrated Marymount Day last Friday, the 10th of September. We always do this close to the 8th of September, the Feast of the nativity of Mary—her birthday.

The Parish community named Marymount because it is on a hill and because devotion to Mary was so strong in 1968. Today we recognise Mary as the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of Mercy, the exemplary mother and a person who said ‘Yes’ to God.

It was fitting that when other religious orders were unable to assist in 1968, the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception said ‘Yes’ and Sister Mary Patricia MFIC became the founding Principal. The Franciscan motto My God and My AllDeus Meus Et Omnia—echoes Mary’s ‘Yes’ to God. It also echoes all parents ‘Yes’ to loving their children into fullness of life. That is, to life where their head and heart and hands are for the peace, love, understanding and forgiveness we aspire to when we pray The Peace Prayer

We love celebrating our faith, hope and love that is inspired by Jesus and his mother, Mary, every Marymount Day.

Senior Leadership Process for 2022

We announced the following students as the College Student Leadership Team for 2022 on Marymount Day. 

The 20 students are:
Charli Ackerman * Lucas Berezwick
Jessica Eaton Taine Dawson
Milla Ferguson Lachlan Edgar
Charli Greedy Jack Isaacs *
Caitlin Marshall Corey Nolan
Josie McCabe Nicholas Ranson *
Lily Puffett * Jaxon Rodgers
Charlie Ricketts Max Tanaka *
Charlotte Threlfall * Jasper Williams
Keely Whatman * Zachary Wren *

This team was determined by student and staff voting following student nominations and staff validation of nominations. The students indicated * are candidates for the College Captains and Vice-Captains. They will speak to the College Assembly when school resumes for Term 4. They will also be interviewed by the College Leadership Team. Following consideration of each candidate’s original nomination, their student and staff votes, speeches and interviews, the College Captains and Vice-Captains will be determined. Roles for each member of the College Student Leadership Team will also be determined at this time. We congratulate these students and all who put themselves forward for consideration. They are a reflection of the love and commitment our families provide every day, for their children, as they have loved them into life.

School Improvement Review

Our appreciation to all who ensure an authentic 2021 school Improvement Review from Tuesday to Thursday this week.

This includes the Reviewers, Teachers, School Officers, Students and the Parents who met with the Reviewers. The busy program organised by Jan Delves, Monique Lethbridge, Karen Harrison and the commitment of the College Leadership Team, ensured a successful process.

The Findings and Recommendations of the Review will inform planning for 2022 during Term 4 this year and subsequently. The imperative is to ensure healthy learning and growth for every learner every day. Marymount is a very good school, and the aim is to not just maintain that, but to take opportunities to make it better. That’s what the Team’s recommendations have targeted. These will be published in the Annual College Report 2021 when they have been finalised.

Chris Noonan

Peace Prayer of St Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy. 
O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
"Getting vaccinated is a simple yet profound way to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable."     Pope Francis
Monday 4 October
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 5 October
First Day Term 4

Wednesday 6 October

Thursday 7 October
Recreational Sport Begins

Friday 8 October
Monday 11 October

Tuesday 12 October
Year 8 Reflection Day (Bond Uni)
6:00pm P&F Meeting

Wednesday 13 October
6:00pm Year 11 2022 VET Induction Night

Thursday 14 October
Year 9 RSE Day
Recreational Sport 

Friday 15 October

Marymount Day

This poem by Madeleine L’Engle is imagining Mary speaking about Joseph, her spouse. 

It was from Joseph first I learned 
of love. Like me he was dismayed. 
How easily he could have turned 
me from his house; but, unafraid,
 he put me not away from him 
(O God-sent angel, pray for him). 
Thus through his love was Love obeyed. 

The Child’s first cry came like a bell: 
God’s Word aloud, God’s Word in deed. 
The angel spoke: so it befell,
 and Joseph with me in my need. 
O Child whose father came from heaven, 
to you another gift was given, 
your earthly father chosen well. 

With Joseph I was always warmed
 and cherished. Even in the stable 
I knew that I would not be harmed. 
And, though above the angels swarmed,
 man’s love it was that made me able
 to bear God’s love, wild, formidable, 
to bear God’s will, through me performed.

Marymount Day, on Friday last, provided everyone with the opportunity to pause and breathe in Spring in the middle of Year 12 and Year 11 Exams and all the other end of term demands on teachers and students alike.

For the second year running our Marymount Day liturgy was planned around COVID restrictions and the threat of sudden lockdown possibilities. When it became apparent that the chances of the Primary School and College celebrating together appeared remote. It was decided that our liturgy would be celebrated in the Primary classrooms and in the College PC groups, it would be the same liturgy, celebrated by all, at the same time, and whilst representatives of classes from both schools attended the parish 10:00am Mass.

In this Year of St Joseph, the Holy Family was our focus. The theme of St Joseph was that of the father figure of the Holy Family and a strong, quiet man who loved and supported his family. In Mary and Joseph, we see examples of simple and faithful lives lived well. They listened to God and lived a good life as an ordinary family in their time. This is an example for us. 
Another major feature of the liturgy is the blessing of the annual food collection for the Burleigh St Vincent de Paul chapter which has taken place in both schools throughout August in  Pastoral Class groups. The outstanding generosity of the wider College community is reflected in the huge amount of donations received. Last year’s collection has been solely relied on to respond to local needy families right up until Marymount Day. The members had just begun to purchase food to meet their needs. 

Last Friday saw the delivery of 148 stacked high baskets. The food items were stacked on the shelves in the store by a group of Year 11 and 12 students. As the students heard during the liturgy....receiving this food in the moment of great need could be the only gesture of kindness recipients might receive.

Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the food collection. 

Sincere thanks to those who worked to create the liturgy at all stages including
  • Padre Morgan Batt and Father Jack Ho for the recorded homily. 
  • Mrs Karen Harrison for making posters, stickers and booklet, Ms Susan Cokely for SWAY.
  • Ms Jodie Young, Mr Peter Shaw  recordings of Ave Maia and College Song 
  • Mrs Mel Howe and Ms Shona Press, Portia Cush and Dance Troupe for the dramatization of  St Joseph poem 
  • Ms Tina O Keefe, College and Primary Mob students for Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners 
  •  Mr Edwin Pereira, Campus Minister
  • Thank you to Olivia Edwards, Year 10 student video maker and  Grace Ollerenhaw, Year 8, singer, College 1st 13 football players for moving and storing food donations.
  • College Groundsmen, Matt, Brett, Greg & Wayne.
  • And finally  Ms Bernadette Christiansen,  APRE Marymount Primary School.

Year 6 Formation Day & Catholic Mission Ambassadors Training

Two important lots of training took place this past week.

One group of Year 9 and 10 volunteers to co-facilitate the upcoming Year 6 Formation Day next term and an impressive number of students who have volunteered to be Ambassadors for Catholic Mission at Parish Masses over the weekend of 23/24 October. The 2021 focus country is Thailand, in particular for providing early childhood and primary education facilities.

Rosies Friends on the Street

Rosies volunteers will be back on the street early next term. 

It is always a privilege to work with student volunteers and witness their youthful enthusiasm for their tasks and more so,  the absolute joy they bring to parishioners just for being there.

Year 8 Reflection Day

Year 8 Reflection Day will be held on 12 October at Bond University. The day will be facilitated by M Michael Fitzpatrick.

May I wish everyone a very safe, refreshing and well-earned break.

Dolores Maitland

Stay home if you are unwell

It is essential that staff and students do not come to school if they are unwell

The Chief Health Officer directions are: 

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild, must get tested.
Symptoms include:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Other symptoms people may experience include muscle or joint pain, and loss of appetite.
To find your nearest testing clinic, please visit our website linked below, or contact your local hospital, or call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84). 

SPECIAL REPORT: The Wellbeing Barometer

SchoolTV has been supporting families and schools for quite some time now by providing guidance and information to help alleviate some of the challenges faced by young people, especially during the pandemic. Over recent months, many people have been impacted and it has proven to be a difficult time for some more than others.

However, irrespective of whether your family has experienced many lockdowns or not, the social, economic and psychological impacts over the coming months remain uncertain. There is substantial evidence to show that mental health concerns are on the rise, especially in relation to our young people who may require some extra support. Parents will need to play a vital role in providing this support, helping their kids reframe their worries and focus more on the things they can control in their life. Ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of our young people is important for many reasons, one of which is the direct impact it can have on educational outcomes.

In this Special Report, we are seeking parent participation through a short survey. The survey is designed to assist the school to provide a barometer on the state of wellbeing within the community. The information gathered will assist in focussing on the key issues affecting students and discovering where further assistance may be required.

We encourage all parents and carers to spend a few moments to complete the survey. This will help with understanding the nature and extent of your concerns and determine how best to support our community.

Please reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If this raises any concerns for you, a loved one or the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help.

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

The eSafety parent resources page has short videos summarising our webinars.

The video for ‘eSafety’s parent and carer guide to online sexual harassment and image-based abuse’ is now available to watch.  This video shows parents and carers how to support their children when they’re dealing with issues like pressure to send nudes or online sexual harassment. It also covers how you can make a report about the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

Did you know October is Mental Health Awareness Month?

To support the month, eSafety is running a series of webinars for parents and carers to help young people to take care of their mental health when they're online.

To keep up to date with eSafety advice, resources and webinar registration details, I encourage you to sign up to newsletter and visit Twitter and Facebook pages.


Autism Hub

Please find below the upcoming Autism Hub free webinars for families of children with Autism.

Please note these webinars are scheduled for the first few weeks of T4 2021. The webinars are facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Participants will be emailed a calendar invite with the webinar link on the day of the scheduled webinar. 

Parent webinars:

Social narratives for supporting unexpected change
Understanding sensory processing
Using evidence-based strategies for school activities
Selecting evidence-based practices
Supporting executive functioning
Supporting anxiety
Using self-management strategies

School Leaver Employment Supports – BUSY Ability

Do you know a student with an injury, illness or disability that will need help transitioning from school to a job?

Then this session is for you! School Leaver Employment Supports Information webinar for Parents and Students, 6:00pm Tuesday 21 September 2021.

Year 11 2022

Subject offers for Year 11 2022 have been emailed to parents.

You have two options:
  1. Accept the subjects offered: print and sign the form and return to SAO next term
  2. Request subject changes: complete and sign the form and return to SAO next term
Please speak to your son/daughter before returning this form. 

Year 12 Mock Exams

These exams are about assessing what students currently know and how well they can write, calculate, explore, problem-solve, extrapolate, etc on this knowledge—at this point in time.

The feedback on this—delivered early in Term 4, if not in Week 10 this term—is the key to success. However, it is important to know that, in a few individual cases, the Mock exam result may be used to assist us in fine-tuning calculations for the Awards ceremony coming up in Term 4. Results for all Year 12 subjects from the three internal assessments (IA1, IA2, IA3) will be used to rank students. However, if a further result is needed to separate two or more students, it will be their Mock exam result that is used in the calculation.

Applications for Special Consideration

I remind families here of the three different formal processes for students wanting to claim exceptional circumstances that may have impacted their ability to access the curriculum and/or the assessment opportunities fairly and equitably.

These are:
  • Principal Approved AARA application—the Special Consideration process regularly used in our school
  • QCAA approved AARA application—a more complex request system for more complex situations, involving Student, Medical and school statements
  • EAS—a QTAC equivalent process, used for making requests of adjustments to the ATAR calculation. Website at the school, QCAA and QTAC will contain details and access to the forms for any of these.
Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum


Congratulations to students for the effort they have put into their studies during this busy term.  It has been pleasing to see the progress students are making across their subjects.  

Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT-M & PAT-R)

Over the last two weeks students in Year 7 to 10 have completed the Progressive Achievement Tests for Numeracy and Reading Comprehension.  

This data is collected once a year to analyse the learning growth of students in numeracy and reading.  Next term class teachers will use this information along with other assessment to find the areas students need to work on.

Year 8 & 9 2021 Elective allocations

The timetabling team is progressing with the allocation of electives for 2022 and this will continue in Term 4 during Weeks 1 & 2.  

Once complete elective allocations will be emailed to students and parents, and there will be an opportunity to request changes

I would like to wish all our families a restful and joyful break from school routines and I look forward to seeing the return of students in Term 4.

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Year 12 Key Dates

  • Friday 8 October - Formal payment due
  • Friday 15 October - Year 12 Farewell Assembly
  • Thursday 21 October - Year 12 Last Day
  • Monday 25 October - Year 12 External Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Tuesday 16 November - Graduation Liturgy
  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Formal 

Donations and Marymount Day

Year 12 were invited to donate either money or food items for the less fortunate on our doorstep for Marymount Day.

The goal was to fill several baskets per PC Class. Their generosity ensured we met our goal. Caring for the homeless and the poor is everyone’s responsibility. Pope Francis spoke passionately about this when he stated: “True charity requires courage: let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need.” Year 12 have been challenged to be co-responsible. It is a win-win situation. We contribute according to our possibilities, and we receive according to our need. We all give, and we all receive.
Marymount Day was a huge success. The Year 12 theme “what I want to be when I grow up” was well received. Mia Sims and Will Ross were excellent motivators and leaders on the day, well supported by the Year 12 Leadership Team and Year 12.

ATAR Year 12 Students

For our ATAR students Mock Exam results are being returned, feedback is being shared and external exams are coming up.  It is not the time for ‘tuning out’.

We have explained that hard work and time dedicated to daily revision is required from now until the end of the External Exams. The upcoming break is not a holiday for our ATAR Year 12 students.

ATAR Year 12 students need to:
  1. Create a calm study environment and routine: a quiet, calm space with natural light and fresh air to help with concentrate.  A routine can help students feel prepared, stay on top of their study, and reduce their stress levels.
  2. Set clear goals for the External Exams: This will help with staying focused, MOTIVATED and reduce stress. All students should know what mark they are entering the External Exams on for all their subjects.
  3. Eat right: healthy food choices that will fuel the body and mind. Teenagers often turn to energy drinks to stay awake and alert during study sessions. Did you know that the effects of caffeine can last up to six hours and can reduce total sleep time by one hour?
  4. Monitor sleep: Teenagers need good quality sleep to function properly - go to bed and wake up at the same time each day and get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
  5. Have study-life balance: Maintain some balance during the study and assessment period. Engage in regular exercise, take time out to do things with friends, all of which can help reduce anxiety. Avoid working unless it is a stress relief.
  6. Revise and Study. Practise, practise, practise. “Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination” - F. Dodson

Non-ATAR Year 12 Students

We encourage you to:
  • During the holiday break pursue work experience in your area of vocational choice.
  • Volunteer your skills for a day or week over the holidays – you never know what opportunities this could create.
  • Work towards your career goal.
  • Ensure ALL competencies for your certificates and diplomas are completed by the due dates – are you on track for success?


Students should all have access to their QCAA student learning account.

We encourage Year 12 students to check they have this access. It is through this account that one can track their progress and ensure all their results are up to date before graduation. 

In December, to receive the ATAR, students will need to have registered on the ATAR portal.

We have taken the Year 12s through this process. If students have not done this or need assistance, they can visit our Head of Year 12 Office or the Careers Centre.
Once registered on the ATAR portal, students can begin their QTAC application. The initial cost of the application is $46. This cost includes the ability to change their preferences up to three times. We encourage students to be starting this process now. Career’s Centre and Year 12 Office can give assistance where needed.

If students are applying for a practical course that requires an interview or portfolio submission, they may need to lodge early applications and register for interview/auditions.

Scholarship opportunities have been emailed to students this term. Students are asked to regularly check emails for specific details because some of these scholarship programs can provide thousands of dollars’ worth of financial aid towards university study.

End of Year dates and Events

Year 12 students and their families will receive a letter from College Principal: Mr Chris Noonan via email 4.00pm Friday afternoon.

The letter outlines events and dates for Year 12 and College expectations around end of year celebrations. We ask families discuss the details of this letter.
Please note that the formal payment of $185 is due by 8 October.  Should you require assistance to manage the Formal cost, please contact the Finance Department .  

Preparation for External Exams

External assessment resources
To support Year 12 students undertaking external assessment for General subjects, the QCAA has updated its online resources: Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11, 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 29 November - Year 12 2022 Leaders Camp
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10 & 11

2022 Student Leadership Team

Following a rigorous application process, the 20 students who will form the 2022 Student Leadership team were announced on Marymount Day.

We offer our congratulations to the 20, whilst also acknowledging the 23 students who were courageous enough to put themselves forward to be considered but who missed out on gaining a place in the team.

We wish these students all the best of luck as they prepare for their speeches to the whole school and interviews with the College Leadership Team on the first day back next term.

End of Unit 2

As Term 3 draws to a close, students studying General subjects have finished Unit 2 with a series of exams.

It was pleasing to see them approach these with a mature attitude and we hope their effort matches their result. On return to school next term, Unit 3 will begin in General subjects. This marks the beginning of their academic work which will count towards their ATAR calculations and as such, the 11s need to ensure they return with a committed, dedicated approach to their studies. To assist in returning in this manner, we hope all of the 11s enjoy a rest over the break.

Matt Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Thursday 25 November - Year 10 Twilight Cruise CANCELLED
  • Friday 26 November - Year 11 2022 Peer Support Training
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10
Year 8 and 9 Girls Touch Football vs Staff this Thursday 16 September.

Year 9 Key Dates

  • Friday 29 October - Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary excursion
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards 
  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8 7
Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8 Key Dates

  • Tuesday 12 October - Year 8 Reflection Day (Change of Date)
  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 & 8 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7
Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 7 Key Dates

  • Monday 8 November - Year 7 Immunisations #2
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 & 8 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7



Ever wanted to know what it is like to walk in the shoes of a vet nurse?  

Here is your chance to see a veterinary hospital in action and get an insight into the importance of the role.

Wednesday 6 October 2021 (8 week evening course)

Alternatively, if you’re interested in providing emergency care for sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife in your community?  Become a wildlife warrior with the condensed weekend course: 

Saturday 16 and Sunday 7 October 2021
Further details and to register. An age requirement applies for both: 14 years and over with parent consent.  


Hairhouse Warehouse (Burleigh) are currently seeking an apprentice hairdresser and will consider a Year 12 school-based apprentice which would transition into full time upon graduation from school.  To apply, forward your resume and cover letter to Debbie at


Aurora Training Institute are offering the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) qualification for only $50.00:

DATE: Thursday 23 September 2021
TIME: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Phone: 1 300 936 864 or Email: for further details and to register.


Are you a Year 11 student interested in mathematics?  

QUT are inviting talented high school students to the QUT Gardens Point Campus for a four-day mathematics summer school from Monday 17 January – Thursday 20 January 2020.  

Through a series of lectures and computer practicals taught by staff from QUT’s School of Mathematical Sciences, students will explore mathematics concepts and examples relevant to real-world applications.  Applications close on Monday 18 October.
COST: $90.00 (including morning/afternoon teas and lunches)  Further details and to register.


The Griffith Sports College exists to support elite athletes through their tertiary studies.  

Our team work one-on-one with students and directly with academic staff to provide athletes with flexibility and support.  Scholarships are now open for 2022.  Applications for the Griffith Sports Excellence Scholarship close at 4.00pm on Monday 1 November 2021.  For further details contact or phone 5552 8552.


Applications are now open for motivated Year 11 students who wish to study a university course while at school as part of the GUESTS program.

Year 11s can apply for the intake in either Trimester 3 2021 (for commencing early November) or Trimester 1 2022 (for commencing in March next year). Further Information


Applications are now open for fulltime hairdressing apprenticeships for 2022 with Stefan Hair Fashions.

Registrations for group interviews are taking place into October with successful applicants starting on a casual basis prior to Christmas as Salon Assistants.  Full-time apprenticeships commence in January 2022.  Register. 


This is a great opportunity for students who are considering a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers to learn more about Defence opportunities.  

At the STEM Careers Day, students will interact with current serving military personnel with backgrounds in trades and engineering whilst enjoying some fun, practical STEM activities including Virtual Reality and programming functioning Robots:

DATE:        Friday 24 September 2021
TIME:        9.00am – 2.00am 
Further details and to register.

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET

Book Week

Our Book Week celebrations culminated with the prize draw.  

Sean Spilsted won the $25 voucher, book and bookmark. Runners up were Misha Waters Horan and Emily Stanton  who each received a book and bookmark.  

Let’s hope next year we can have more fun without masks and social distancing!


Lockdowns and COVID hit our lunchtime Makerspace activities again this year, but we have still been offering Take-home bags of creative activities – things you can do at home and will see how next term pans out. Check out the Library Moodle page for the online Padlet webpage of ideas.

3D printing

As well as Digi Tech students using the Library 3D printer for their creations, Mrs Sheehan’s Design and Technologies Year 9 class have borrowed some space for installing two more printers to print their USB covers during their classes in the Library.  

The printers were originally in the M Block classrooms, which sadly are no more.  We’re happy to help out until next year when the buildings will be finished. Meanwhile, it’s great to have some creative ideas come to life in 3D!

Teacher Scholarship

One of our teachers and lover of libraries! Mr Garrett Fitzgerald, has been awarded the highly competitive  Brisbane Catholic Education EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) Scholarship for 2021 valued at $2000.

Garrett is about to finish his Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Bond University, maintaining an impressive 6 Distinction Grade Point Average, as well as being involved with student societies and activities on campus. He was also successful last year in receiving the same scholarship for $5000. The scholarship will be used to cover course costs. 

As the BCE Website states: 
"The purpose of this scholarship is to assist teachers and leaders to develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities in a range of priority areas…
 … with a focus on building the expertise and capabilities that teachers require to effectively support students with English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D). The TESOL core units examine how second languages are learned and what are effective ways to teach them."



Thanks for all the returned books over the last few days!  Please check that your childrens’ Library books from this term are returned promptly next term.  Having said that… we do encourage our readers to take home books for the holidays!   

Happy reading!

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Heading in the Right Direction

“Are we heading in the right direction?”—was the fertile question asked of students in our Religion Unit this term. Reflecting upon experiences, my peers and I were able to recognise if we were moving forward, in our relationships, our faith, and in our lives. 

Above all, this Unit highlighted the importance of conscience. Students now recognise that, through loyalty to conscience, together, we search for the right solution to moral problems. We recognise that to move forward we must adopt a correct conscience to reconcile. By studying scriptures, students learnt how God’s forgiveness is applicable to our own lives. Guided by Jesus’s example of limitless love, we must endeavour to always forgive others. With mercy, we must accept wrongdoings and move forward. 

The power of forgiveness in the face of tragedy is irrefutable. My peers and I now recognise this after learning of real-life stories from individuals in our community. Without doubt, these stories affirmed the real-life significance of God’s forgiveness; and showed how modelling God’s love can bring peace in hardship. Student, Chelsea Russell, highlighted how the story of the Abdullah family particularly resonated with her: “Their forgiveness in unimaginably devastating circumstances shows me that I am always capable of reconciling with another.” Beyond that, learning of the journey of reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians was deemed “eye-opening and valuable” by countless students. 

Significantly, this Unit reiterated God’s primary teaching: to love another without limits. Likewise, our capacity to forgive should be never-failing. My peers and I believe we are undeniably heading in the right direction. As we head towards a journey of forgiveness and unfailing love, we are moving forward in our lives as Jesus’ people. 

Porsha Cush
Year 10.6RE Insiders Reporter

Marymount Vineyard 

For over 10 years, Agricultural Science students from Marymount have visited the wine growing region of the Granite Belt.

Recently, as Spring was emerging, students were engaged in planting 60 vines at school, courtesy of Peter O’Reilly, CEO of the Queensland College of Wine Tourism, based in Stanthorpe.  Peter spoke to the students about the two grape varieties—Montepulciano (Italian Red) and Petit Manseng (French White)—both predicted to be better suited to higher humidity and higher temperatures as experienced on the Gold Coast. Peter then helped the Year 9 and 11 Ag students plant the vines and attach guards as protection. Special thanks to the Marymount Coollege grounds staff who installed the drip line irrigation and support wires. Successful vigneron Tony Komino of Kominos Wines at Ballandean has mentored this project from the beginning, providing valuable advice and support. 

The Marymount Vineyard is part of a much bigger research project that several schools are part of, whereby the Wine Industry is gathering data in preparation for eventual likely weather extremes due to climate change. This provides students with the opportunity to make their own learning a part of an exciting industry research program. 

Our cuttings were in dormancy at planting just three weeks ago but are now bursting with life. The task now is to train the vines, ensuring they get enough water and fertilizer. Year 11 Ag student Charli Ackerman said, “I’m looking forward to coming back to a school reunion and tasting the wine that I helped to get started”. It will be a few years before the wine making will begin. For now, it’s all about producing quality grapes.

Chris Larkin
Agricultural Science Teacher

The ARTicle

Thursday night in the final week of Term 3 proved to be very special for two of our senior art students, Hope Robertson and McKenzie Dowker.

The students became part of the first alumni of HOTA’s inaugural ENERGIES student art exhibition. ENERGIES has a 30 year history of showcasing the best final year senior work in our region.  

This year was different however, as 35 schools were only allowed to submit two artworks which went before a curatorial selection committee, from these only 29 works were chosen for the final exhibition.  To the credit of our two students Hope and McKenzie and their teacher Bernadette Gair, both their works were chosen and now hang in HOTA’s galleries in a very impressive exhibition.

Hope’s artwork, a textile-based sculpture, explores environmental issues effecting the Great Barrier Reef. McKenzie’s oil painting was an intense self portrait investigating identity. It is an impressive accomplishment to have your work exhibited in a major gallery like HOTA, something many artists do not achieve in a lifetime.

ENERGIES will run for nine weeks and I encourage all students and parents visit to visit this exhibition and see what our new major gold Coast Gallery has to offer.
Steve O’Keefe
Visual Art Coordinator   

Semester 2 AGCC Interschool Sport Premiers

Last Thursday we had teams in 21 of the finals of the AGCC semester two competition.

From the 21 finals, we came away with 18 premierships! Congratulations to the following teams for winning their Semester 2 premierships last Thursday:

Yr 7 & 8 Girls Basketball – Marymount White
Yr 9-12 Girls Basketball – Marymount Blue
Yr 7 Mixed Netball – Marymount Blue
Yr 9 Mixed Netball – Marymount Blue
Yr 10 Mixed Netball – Marymount White
Yr 11/12 Mixed Netball – Marymount Blue
Yr 7B Boys Oztag – Marymount White
Yr 8 Boys Oztag – Marymount Blue
Yr 10 Boys Oztag – Marymount Blue
Yr 11/12 Boys Oztag – Marymount Blue
Yr 7-9 Girls Soccer – Marymount Blue
Yr 10-12 Girls Soccer – Marymount White
Yr 7 Boys Tennis – Marymount Blue
Yr 8 Boys Tennis – Marymount Blue
Yr 11/12 Boys Tennis – Marymount Blue
Yr 7 Girls Touch Football – Marymount Blue
Yr 9 Girls Touch Football – Marymount Blue
Yr 8B Girls Volleyball – Marymount White

Term 4 Sports

We start our term 4 sport program in the first week back next term – Thursday 7 October.

Students in the following sports have been sent emails (and their parents as well) with information about the permission forms that need to be completed: Indoor Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Self Defence, SUP & Surfing Lessons. Please make sure you have the forms back before the Thursday. 

With the uncertainty around the borders, we have had to cancel the roller-skating option. All the students that were in roller-skating are now in their backup option and have received refunds. 

Senior Netball 2022

Any girls that turn 14 or older in 2022 can trial to be part of our senior netball program in 2022.

All students were sent an email with details to complete if they wish to be considered for the trial. Please make sure your daughter has checked her emails if she is interested.  

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to 

Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader


It has been a huge year of success for the Marymount College AFL teams.

The major tournament in the state is the AFL Schools Cup, and teams have been training since the beginning of the year. The competition involves a series of gala days which teams must win to progress to the next phase. In the last couple of weeks, all our teams squared off in Quarter Finals against AFL Schools of excellence.

Open Boys (Years 10-12)

For the first time in our history, we are through to the Semi-Finals of the Qld AFL Schools Cup.

Today the Open boys played their quarter-final against Narangba Valley SHS, who is an AFL school of excellence. We had several of our starting line-ups either not playing, or on reduced minutes and playing out of position due to their club grand finals being held this weekend, but we were hopeful of a good showing.
We jumped out of the blocks with a great first quarter netting us 3 goals and maintained a 2-3 goal buffer for most of the game. However, Narangba started to get on top in the second half and with 2 minutes left on the clock, we fell behind for the first time. But showing true Marymount grit, the boys picked themselves up off the canvas for a final thrust forward and Lucas Berezwick was able to collect a bouncing ball and curl home the matchwinner with 45 seconds left to play. 
Final scores were:
Marymount        Narangba
  6.5. 41                   5.8. 38
Next up we play the daunting task of PBC in the semi-final which is slated to be played in Week 1 of T4.

Junior Boys and Junior Girls

Both our Junior Boys and Junior Girls recorded comprehensive wins in their quarter finals. As with the Open Boys last week, these games were against AFL Schools of Excellence, but such is the talent at our College, we showed we were more than up to the standard. 

Junior Boys
MMT     def.   Pacific Pines
10.3.63.             4.7. 31
Junior Girls
MMT.        Def.   Sunshine Beach
13.15. 93.                 1.2. 8

This now means that from a competition that began with over 600 schools represented, our Open Boys, Junior Boys and Junior Girls are in the top 7 teams in QLD in their respective divisions, a phenomenal achievement. 
Early next term, the Junior Boys will face PBC in a semi-final, and the Junior Girls will face Woodcrest State College to see if we can advance to the prelims.

Open Girls

Unfortunately, our open girls team ran into a red-hot Kedron State High team who had many experienced AFL players in their ranks. Our girls played the game out and showed great pride in their performance but were outclassed on the day.
A huge thanks and congratulations to Jess Berryman and Hannah Richardson for coaching the Junior girls, to Cameron Francis for coaching the Open Girls and to Jack Mitchell and Chris Larkin for coaching the Junior boys.

We eagerly await the semi-finals in Week 1 next term.

Matt Carroll
Open Boys Coach

Rugby League Presentation Function

Last Friday afternoon saw the culmination of the 2022 Rugby League program.

After a very busy Marymount Day we were happy to welcome parents, sponsors and supporters to our annual Presentation Function where student achievements were recognised from their efforts in this year’s Titans’ Schools League/Karyn Murphy Cup and QISSRL – Confraternity Shield competitions.

It was a wonderful event where the contribution of sponsors, parents and non-playing students were also acknowledged including The Boys Choir, 100% training attendance and Primary School Student Coaches. Special mention this year went to Mrs Monica Zidar who steps down as the organiser of the MMCRL Parent Support Group. Monica’s work around fundraising (Bunnings BBQs), organising post-game meal rosters and organisation has been greatly appreciated. Anyone who would like to fill this void can contact Mr Hamilton to discuss the role.

Below is a list of boys/girls who received an award:

1st XIII Boys
Best Mako—Forward Jacob Follett    
Best Mako—Back Byron Wilson    
Best and Fairest—Mako Ethan Olive    
Most Improved—Mako Jack Browning

1st XIII Girls
Best Mako—Elle Sommerville
Best Mako—Zoe Riddell 
Best and Fairest—Lily Prendergast
Most Improved—Keely Harris

2nd XIII Boys
Best Mako—Jake Smyth
Best Mako—Jackson Rodgers
Best and Fairest—Billy Box  
Most Improved—Ben Radler

Year 9/10 Boys
Best Mako—Kyden Ring
Best Mako—Josh Trowbridge
Best and Fairest—Oscar Laffranchi 
Most Improved—Alex Davidson            

Year 9/10 Girls
Best Mako—Liberty Hoath
Best Mako—Sienna Jones
Best and Fairest—Jemima Price  
Most Improved—Hayley Sheather         

Year 7/8 Boys (Blue)
Best Mako—Ryder Abell
Best Mako—Hayden Riddell 
Best and Fairest—Jock Bruce  
Most Improved—Orlando Fitzpatrick

Year 7/8 Boys (White)
Best Mako—Jacob Russell 
Best Mako—Fynn Laffranchi
Best and Fairest—Noah Lynch 
Most Improved—Noah Moloney
Year 7/8 Girls
Best Mako—Marley Simmonds
Best Mako— Lacey Pedlow
Best and Fairest—Avalon Price  
Most Improved—Olivia McAllister

The Marymount With Spirt Award, which goes to a player who shines both in rugby league and around the College, was renamed this year in memory of Scott Casselle (House Captain and 1st XIII Captain 2013) who tragically passed away two weeks ago. The winners of the 2022 Scott Casselle With Spirit award are Lily-Rose Kolc and Sam McCallister (both Year 11 and Confraternity Shield players).

The future looks bright.

Up the Makos!!!

Jason Hamilton
Rugby League Coordinator

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.

Uniform Shop


Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready for your child to come and collect. Pickup available Monday - Thursday.

Media Consent

Marymount College collects media consent from parents as their child commences at the College.

This level of consent remains in place whilst the child is enrolled at Marymount College. Parents or guardians can check what level of consent they have provided for their child via the Parent Portal > My Students section.

To change the level of media consent you have provided for your child, email the Student Administration Office via and ask for the form to be resent to you.
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