Saturday 21 August 2021 


As we met with the Academic Coordinators on Monday it was clear. There’s a tiredness. It’s there at the end of each day. The school empties quicker than usual.

Clearly the adults are feeling it. I think the students must feel it. I’ve been getting home earlier. There’s still work to be done. It’s just to get the mask off. That’s why we must be grateful to the teachers and students. They’re wearing masks and getting on. The teachers aren’t over teaching. The students are respectful, cooperative, and working steadily. The 'tigers and villians' amongst them, apologise when challenged. They know when they play up that it’s hard for everyone.
Our goal is to complete the coursework. Complete the Term. Try to make sure our students learn enough that they will recall the work, with a quick revision, next year – and they will. That’s my message today. Teachers and student at school are getting on with school. They understand the situation. They’re doing what’s important. They are setting foundations on which students will build, next term and next year.

Thank you, parents, for your faith in us, for supporting your daughters and sons, and for holding things together in your families.

It’s so important to recognise that, the simplicity of understanding the time we are living through and responding with patience, understanding and gratitude, is the secret to keeping perspective and living through this time.

I had gone to the Academic Coordinators meeting on Monday prepared to drive through an important and demanding school improvement process for the last week of Term 3. I must be learning. I was gentle/cautious. Before the end of school the next day I made the call and said to the School Improvement Team:

"We need to look out for teacher well-being, for student well-being”.

They responded well. They understood. The three-day school improvement process of speaking with many teachers, with students and parents has been moved to early Term 1 2022. I thanked them for their understanding.

We the 15

This week we enrolled a student for 2022 with a disability. Advertising of ‘We the 15’ began today. It’s about the 15% with a disability.

We live with the 15(%) every day. How many do we not see? It’s a topical subject with the Para-Olympics about to begin. It challenges us to be consciously conscience of the world we are in and the circumstances of others. The events in Afghanistan, as the Americans and Australians finally departed, starkly illustrated the horror of the misfortune of living in Afghanistan. Disability is perhaps different because those with disabilities rise to meet it where they can. ‘We the 15’ advertising invites us to ‘look and see’ and ‘listen and understand’. “Grant that I may not so much seek to be understood, as to understand, to be loved as to love” is the message of the advertising. It's really well done.

A Happy Note 

Last newsletter I wrote of the outstanding ‘on field’ results of the OZTAG Teams in the abandoned carnival on the Sunshine Coast. Here’s an email from a hotel proprietor who accommodated our students. It’s just beautiful, something we’ve almost begun to take for granted.
Sir, a quick email to say what a pleasure it was to host your Oztag team & supporting teachers recently. Was very sorry they were achieving their goals, being top of the table, only to be cancelled without the finals.  A shame, however, I mention as the lads were very decent about such a disappointment. 

You may not realise, but many motels are reluctant to take sporting groups based on the 3 D’s of guest accommodation – dirty/damage /drama.  

May I say how polite and well behaved your young men were plus the teachers supervising them were conscious & respectful.  They are very welcome back!

Mr Geyer was extremely professional & easy to liaise with.
You should be very proud of both groups representing your school as they did. 

Dianna M

Owner + Mum of 3
Moffat Beach Motel

It only takes one or two to misbehave for a different result, yet the message of today’s newsletter piece is ”be grateful”, show us this every day. There’s so much in life to be grateful for and our students show us this every day.

Chris Noonan
As we give thanks today for the slight easing of our Covid restrictions, we pray for our friends and relatives beyond Queensland who are in lockdown and will continue to be for a lot longer. Best to be thankful for small mercies. 

Year 8 Parish Connect Mass postponed

With the uncertainties we’re living with at the moment, our Year 8 Connect Mass which would have been on Sunday 22 August was automatically cancelled.

This Mass is an opportunity to meet other people in the Burleigh Parish as well as other families who have children in Year 8. Another date will be chosen and parents will be notified well in advance. The Year 7 Connect Mass is on the calendar for 28 November. 

Marymount Day

Plans for Marymount Day are tentatively in preparation.

This event is always eagerly anticipated by Marymount Primary and the College. Our annual food collection for the local St de Paul Chapter has begun with each PC group having their own basket to fill. This tradition goes back many years and replaced an earlier tradition of bringing flowers for the liturgy. All classes have a list of particular food items which need replenishing in the store. The local St Vincent de Paul Chapter receives many calls for help from families each week and, in these times, the number has multiplied significantly. A basket will be left at Main Office for anyone who would like to make a donation.  The massed baskets being carried out at the end of the liturgy, from both schools, make a formidable sight on Marymount Day.

Welcome Fr Jack Ho

Marymount College is delighted to welcome Fr Jack Ho following his appointment to Burleigh Parish recently.

We look forward to having Father Jack involved in the life of the College as time goes on. Just as he was about to say “Hello” a couple of weeks ago, everything was called off  due to the lockdown, so to begin again, see below for a message from Fr Jack introducing himself and sharing some of his story so far. 

Dolores Maitland
Dear College Community,
Greetings! My name is Fr Jack. I am the new Associate Pastor of our Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish.

My role in the parish is to work alongside Fr Morgan our Parish Priest, and one of my areas of ministry is specifically to accompany our Marymount College and Marymount Primary School.
Here’s a little bit about myself. I was born in Taiwan and left home to move to Australia at the age of 12 as an overseas student. Over the years I've settled in this beautiful sunburnt land which I now call home. I first arrived in Sydney and completed high school there before moving to Brisbane in 2003 to study music education. In 2014, after rewarding (and very different!) careers in education and in management of services in diplomatic missions, I entered Holy Spirit Seminary to begin the next chapter of my life. 
I was ordained a Priest by Archbishop Mark Coleridge at St Stephen's Cathedral on 29 June this year. During the past few years, I've served in the parishes of Regents Park and Ipswich and then in Chermside West and Wavell Heights as a Deacon. Over the years of Seminary formation, I've been inspired by a model of priesthood I now strive towards - a ministry that is with the people and in the midst of the people. So far I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful families in our parish, and I'm excited to soon be joining the Marymount Family! 
Ministering to our school communities is a particular interest of mine! I look forward to being part of the day to day life of our school communities in the near future. If you see me around, please come and say hello and no doubt we’ll be able to share each other’s stories and journeys. I look forward to walking alongside you as we discover faith and life together.

Fr Jack

Interact News

Last Friday, the Interact Club donated $552 each to Rosie’s and Caritas Australia. 

This money was raised throughout Term 2 from several fundraisers including Zooper Dooper selling after Sport on Thursdays, the Mother’s Day stall and funds from Term 1 stalls including St Patrick's Day face painting and Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Another $500 donation was also made to East Timor from funds raised in Term 1.

The Interact club members and mentors, including myself, are extremely proud of our achievements.  We are looking forward to raising more money throughout Term 3 and 4 to help those in need and are excited to further develop and expand our fundraising goals within the club.

Tom Isaacs
Year 10 Insider

Tour de Kids 

This year, the Interact members are looking forward to participating in the Starlight Foundation Tour de Kids fundraiser.

The Tour de Kids runs for the month of September, and the aim is to ride your bicycle as many kilometres as possible over the period and receive sponsorship for riding. 

Starlight Children’s Foundation is an amazing not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of children in hospitals, and remote communities all over Australia. The fundraiser is a great way to get some exercise (within Covid restrictions, of course), while making an impact on the lives of unwell children. 

With our success in the Starlight Super Swim earlier this year—where Interact raised over $5850—we look forward to making an even bigger donation this time around.

Please contact Izzy at if you are interested in joining us to brighten up the lives of sick kids all over Australia.

Josie Hamilton
Year 9 Insider

Online Safety

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We wanted to make you aware of a great resource regarding online safety through the eSafety website.

eSafety is running free online webinars on online sexual harassment and image-based abuse on Tuesday 24 August, Tuesday 7 September, and Thursday 9 September.

We would highly encourage you to register for one of these webinars. The rest of the eSafety website also has great resources.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

Kind regards,

Maddie, Ange, Heather
Guidance Counsellors

Stay home if you are unwell

It is essential that staff and students do not come to school if they are unwell

The Chief Health Officer directions are: 

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild, must get tested.
Symptoms include:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Other symptoms people may experience include muscle or joint pain, and loss of appetite.
To find your nearest testing clinic, please visit our website linked below, or contact your local hospital, or call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84). 
We are now at the ‘business end’ of Term 3 and senior students are well into revision, assignment submissions and exam preparation.

Year 12

The Year 12s commence a series of General subject Mock exams at the end of Week 8.

The schedule can be located here: Year 12 Mock Exams schedule. Students are well aware of the shutdown days and the days they are to addend school during this period – especially for Marymount Day on Friday 10 September (Week 9).

Feedback will commence in Week 10 so again, attendance at school is vital.

Due to the adjusted date for the Brisbane Exhibition Day now falling in the External exam period, there will be an adjustment to the schedule of these exams. This will be published in plenty of time. The External Exams commence on Monday of Week 4, Term IV – Monday 24 October.

Year 11

Year 11 students will be involved in end of Unit 2 exams during Week 10.

The schedule can be located here: Year 10 / 11 Week 10 schedule. There are no shutdown days for Year 11 students and therefore they attend school every day.

Year 11 students commence their Year 12 studies at the start of Term 4, moving into Unit 3 studies. Many of the General subjects will have their very first Internal Assessment completed by the end of the year. An important time ahead for these students!

Year 10

There are exams for Core subjects in Year 10 in Week 10.

The schedule can be located here: Year 10 / 11 Week 10 schedule.

Special Consideration

I remind parents of the need to process a formal application for Special Consideration for any student who misses exams or requires an extension for assignment submission.

Special Consideration—Year 10
Special Consideration —Year 11 & 12

The links to these forms are above and are always available on the Parent Portal. We are a little more flexible with requests in Year 10 but appreciate it when parents can process supporting documentation and the like. Naturally, under the current pandemic circumstances, there is a level of flexibility we can also apply to Senior students in Years 11 and 12. 

Good luck to all students working towards their end of term assessment requirements. 

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum    


Year 12 Key Dates

  • Wednesday 1 September - Year 12 Mock Exams commence
  • Monday 13 September - Year 12 Mock Exams finish
  • Friday 22 October - Year 12 Farewell Assembly
  • Monday 25 October - Year 12 External Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Tuesday 16 November - Graduation Liturgy
  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Formal 
Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11 Key Dates

  • Monday 13 September - Year 11 Unit 2 Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11, 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 29 November - Year 12 2022 Leaders Camp
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10 & 11
Matt Carroll and Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Thursday 25 November - Year 10 Twilight Cruise
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9 Key Dates

  • Friday 29 October - Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary excursion
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards 
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8 7
The Year 9 cohort has been travelling quite well considering the changes at school due to Covid 19.

It has not been easy wearing masks, but students have complied with Queensland Government requests and worn masks throughout the day. The students have continued to work hard which was extremely evident in their science night projects. Both Mr Geyer and I were so proud of the work that the students submitted.

Marymount Day Baskets

The next important day on the Marymount calendar is Marymount Day on Friday of Week 9.

Every year the students are asked to donate tinned food or essential items for those less fortunate. Year 9 has been asked to bring in tins of peas, corn, carrot, mixed vegetables and essential items of toilet paper and soap (bars & body wash).

Every pastoral class has a basket in their classroom, and we ask that students start bringing in these items as soon as possible. 
I urge all Year 9s to take part in giving as, "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."


We continue to see that some students are taking their phones and smart devices to class.

I encourage you to have conversations with your son/daughter about their phone and get into the habit of checking their screen time. We know that phones (especially social media and social media apps such as Tik Tok) can steal our time. It can feel like we are only on our phones for minimal time but in fact, it can turn into hours with the ‘endless scroll’ function. This can mean that students are falling behind in homework and hours of screen time can have adverse effects on our sleep. Please work hard at keeping an eye on your son/daughter’s phone use and creating rules around where the phone can be used (not in the bedroom). 

We aim to empower young people to be the master of their phones – not a slave to them. This takes work from both parents and educators.

Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8 Key Dates

  • Friday 8 October - Year 8 Reflection Day
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7
Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 7 Key Dates

  • Monday 23 August - Year 8 2022 Subject Selection Online Opens 
  • Friday 10 September - Currumbin Sanctuary In-school visit
  • Monday 8 November - Year 7 Immunisations #2
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7



We are mindful of the disruption to the University Open Day schedule caused by the snap lockdown earlier this term. 

To compensate for this and in follow up to the QTAC Zoom session as well as the “How to Navigate the QTAC Guide” presentation by Mr Hamilton and Mr Ward, we have arranged for four major institutions to visit the campus during the lunch breaks, in the Year 12 Area, during Week 8 on the following days:
  • Bond University & Queensland TAFE  Monday 30 August 2021 (12.30pm – 1.15pm)
  • Griffith University  Tuesday 31 August 2021 (12.30pm – 1.15pm)
  • Southern Cross University Wednesday 1 September 2021 (12.30 – 1.15)
One-on-one guidance will be provided by representatives of these institutions to Year 12 students via 10 minute sessions designed primarily to finalise their QTAC application. 

Students are invited to speak with one or all of the representatives over the three days.  Should students require further support, they are welcome to visit the Marymount College Careers Centre (Mon-Fri 8.00am – 4.00pm).


An opportunity currently exists in conjunction with the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary including a Certificate II Horticulture qualification. 

Students involved will benefit from “hands on” experience and have the opportunity to make a difference in the local community at this iconic attraction.  This free course will be delivered one day/week over 3 terms with a possible commencement date of either Term 4 2021 or Term 1 2022 (TBA).  For further details and to register your interest, contact the Marymount Careers Centre.      


Are you wanting to work in fashion and learn about clothing production? 

Aleeda Australia at Burleigh Heads are currently recruiting for Clothing Production Assistants.  A number of casual and part-time positions (including traineeships) are available with duties including sewing, printing, cutting and design. For further details visit the Marymount Careers Centre, and interested students can register at


Students who are interested in gaining certainty about their future studies at Griffith University are invited to apply for the Early Offer Guarantee, where students can receive an offer before they receive their ATAR or non ATAR results. 

Under this scheme, offers will be issued on Friday 19 November 2021.  FURTHER DETAILS


USC’s Early Offer Guarantee program enables Year 12 students to receive an early and guaranteed place at USC as early of this month (August).  FURTHER DETAILS 


At ADFA, you don’t just get a degree, you graduate with a guaranteed career as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force. 

Experience the ADFA Virtual Open Day which is being held from 4.30pm on Saturday 21 August 2021.  Tune in on Facebook Live and ask a panel of experts all your ADFA questions.


Aviation Australia are offering one day tours of their facilities including the opportunity to learn more about the role of a Cabin Crew Member, practicing opening aircraft doors, descending down aircraft slides into a pool with real aircraft rafts. 

To register, students should firstly gain permission from their parents/caregivers, and then send an email outlining their interest to Mr Hamilton.  NOTE: The cost is $100 per student.

Year 9 Religion Minecraft Challenge

Last semester some Year 9 Religion classes partook in a Minecraft challenge to design and build a religious building, such as a Church, Mosque or Synagogue.

Students utilised their knowledge about Christianity and other faiths to create well designed and appropriate Religious buildings. Students had to research, use their prior knowledge, work together  in teams as well as be creative to construct their building.

This has also developed skills around: teamwork, communication, coding, use of technology, collaboration, planning and construction.

Congratulations to:
  • 1st Place: Pascalle Foster
  • 2nd Place: Nathaniel Fong – for a Shinto Temple
  • 3rd Place: Ashtyn Merrotsy and Charlie Smith
  • Best Design: Skyela Beatson
  • Best Team Work: Grace Jackson and Josie Hamilton
  • Highly Commended: Kyla McFarlane and Ruby Allen 
 Well done to all the entries.

Garrett Fitzgerald
Humanities and Religion Teacher

Year 8 & 9 Science Competition

After 8 weeks of hard work, Science night was upon us.

Students from Years 8 & 9 had been working tirelessly on their major science projects. Their entries had to fit into one of the following categories:
  • Scientific Investigation
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Classified Collection
  • Environmental Action Project
  • Science Communication.
All entries were required to have a scientific report & journal.
Due to the hard work of not only the students but also the teaching staff, there was once again a showcase of high calibre impressive projects submitted, making the job for the judging panels very difficult. After a lot of collaboration, the winners were chosen. 
All prize winners will now go onto the next level to be part of the STAQ Science Competition. 
Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions this year we could not invite the parents to attend or do our usual Science activities and demonstrations. However, we were grateful that we could set up the projects to judge and give the students the opportunity to view the projects. 

The award presentation was done via teams. Photos of projects and award winners has been emailed to students and parents, and can be accessed via the Green tab below.

Year 8 Winners

Scientific Investigation:    
  • Runner-up    Lily Cohen    Earthquake proof building
  • Winner    Harry Campbell    How does air pressure in a soccer ball affect distance travelled
Engineering & Technology:    
  • Runner-up    Luke Ross     Mirrored solar panel
  • Runner-up    Jesse Wiblen     Hydraulics
  • Winner    Isabella Kerr    Impact force monitor           
Classified Collection:   
  • Runner-up    Ava Gordon    Collection of Australian native plants
  • Winner    Summer Carroll    Plants in Burleigh waters & safety risks to our pets            
Environmental Action Project:  
  • Winner    Addison O'Connor    Sea Kelp farm            
Communicating Science:     
  • Runner-up    Kady Mills    Build a body
  •  Winner    Ben Marr    The solar system            
  • Runner-up    Lana Le     Rain sensing clothes-line
  • Winner    Lucy Cohen    Twin fin remodeled

Year 9 Winners

Scientific Investigation    
  • Runner-up    Ben Cervenak    Best sound proofing material
  • Winner    Jem Nolan    Soap box vs match box            
Engineering & Technology    
  • Runner-up    Alexis Smyth    Hydraulic table
  • Engineering & Technology    Winner    Millar Brosnan-Ball    Infra-red roller
Classified Collection    
  • Runner-up    Phillip Coastes    Insect collection
  • Winner    Teagan McAuliffe    How plants adapt to the environment            
Environmental Action Project    
  • Winner    Poppy Mackenzie    Fast fashion vs environment            
Communicating Science     
  • Runner-up    Mya Grabowski    Alzheimer's disease
  • Runner-up    Stephanie Josey    Would I lie to you?
  • Winner    Pascalle Foster    How stress affects teenage students' sleep           
  •  Runner-up    Josie Hamilton    The effect of chicken manure on plant growth
  • Winner    Ruby Allen    Marymount melaleuca forest

Year 7 Competition  

A Year 7 Science competition was run to allow Year 7 students the chance to explore the world of science by using their research skills to gather information about one of the space missions to planets of the solar system.

They had to choose a specific planet and mission to research. and develop a newspaper article.
Congratulations to the following winners: 
  • 1st Place Orlando Fitzpatrick for his newspaper article on Messenger 2 mission to Mercury
  • 2nd Place Terrell Jensen for her newspaper article on the Curiosity rover mission to Mars
  • 3rd Place Anais Taylor for her newspaper article on Mariner 9 mission to Mars

Science Trivia Competition

To celebrate National Science Week the Science Department ran a Science Trivia Competition during lunch.  

On Tuesday 17 August Years 7,8 and 9 student teams participated in three rounds of questions and some fun rounds of heads and tails to win prizes. This ended in a three-way tie that had to be decided by a tie-breaker round.

Well done to our first-place winners Year 9 Boys Micah Dawson, Dane Fraser, Max Hudson, and Joseph Ryan. Congratulations also goes to our runner-up Year 9 girls Olivia Heritage, Olivia Keating, Alice Lythgo and Tobey Connors.

On Friday 20 August Year 10, 11, and 12 students also participate in three gruelling rounds of science questions.

Well done to our first-place winners Luana Amerena, Sarah Tynan, Tess Mc Cabe, Lucy Fisher, Congratulations also goes to our sound place winners Tom Isaacs, Ethan Callaghan, Douglas Cowan, William Nguyen.

A big congratulations to all involved.

Kristina Baker
Head of Science

Trena Steele
Science Coordinator

Visual Art

Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice have just completed a unit called “Out There”, this investigated Public art and required the students to design, create and display a surfboard.

The boards were cut from Marine plywood and the students worked on them over a term. Usually, they are displayed as a Pop-Up exhibition at Burleigh, but due to Covid, we decided to hold our exhibition right here at school on the Franciscan Lawn. 

Jo Nairn
Visual Art Teacher

Book Week

Next week is Book Week!  

The theme this year is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

So travelling through time to gain insight into the past, present, future and alternate!
Over the last year the judges have been reading all the newly published books and creating, firstly, a Notables listing over the categories of Older readers, Younger readers, Early Childhood, Picture Book, New Illustrator and Non-fiction; and, secondly, a Shortlist of 6 from each of the categories.  This Friday, the winners and runners-up will be announced.

 We look forward to finding out which will be the Books of the Year.

Our Book Week competition, with a chance to win a $25 voucher, is a quiz covering a few decades, but not too hard! Winners will be drawn on 3 September. Entry forms at the display.

Premiers Reading Challenge

The Challenge’s final date is next Friday – after 15 weeks of reading!  

Congratulations to all those who have been busy and I hope you have all read at least 15 books, in various media as well as genre!  Reading Records need to be handed in either on Thursday or, by the latest, Monday 30 August so that details may be entered online and the totals sent off to the organizers.  Hopefully, masks will be gone and we can celebrate more easily after it’s all signed and sealed and we have some certificates to give out to participants.


Thanks to all those who have made prompt returns!  

3D printer & Makerspace

Whilst our Makerspace program has slowed down we have been making use of the Makerspace 3D printer with lots of the Digi-tech and Coding Club members perfecting their skills in designing 3D prints that won’t fall over.  

A lot of iteration, learning and precision comes into it – and patience – especially when you don’t have much time and want to make a present for a teacher who is leaving!  Thanks to Jess for getting this going and assisting students. It’s also great to see students helping students.  

Watch out for more colours to print the final perfect builds with!

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader

2021 Early School Leavers survey

The Queensland Government is seeking the support of the school community for the annual survey of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who left school in 2020, before completing Year 12.

This short, confidential survey collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school. The results of the survey help provide valuable information to improve services available to school leavers in the future. 

Between August and September, these school leavers can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate. 

Thank you for your support of Next Step post-school destination surveys in 2021.
For more information, visit or telephone toll free on 1800 068 587.

Media Consent

Marymount College collects media consent from parents as their child commences at the College.

This level of consent remains in place whilst the child is enrolled at Marymount College. Parents or guardians can check what level of consent they have provided for their child via the Parent Portal > My Students section.

To change the level of media consent you have provided for your child, email the Student Administration Office via and ask for the form to be resent to you.

Uniform Shop


Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready for your child to come and collect. Pickup available Monday - Thursday.

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. 

Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.
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