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Friday 06 September 2019 
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Marymount Spring Fete

Currently, we have filled 61 of the 355 volunteer hours required to run the fete on Saturday 19 October. It is hoped that all families will volunteer for a 1-hour shift. Registration is online at  - You choose the time and stall and simply add your name and email.
Donations: We are asking every year level at the College and Primary school to bring items in for the Fete. Please see flyers further in this newsletter for details.
Art Union: Sales are strong for the raffle. 1st prize is $6000, 2nd prize $2500 Overseas travel, 3rd prize $1500 Harvey Norman Voucher. Enter via or with cash using the envelopes distributed in classrooms earlier this term.
Rides Pass: Purchase online before 11 October to receive a $10 discount on Unlimited rides passes. 

Candidates for College Leadership 2020 

It was a privilege to hear the 32 candidates for election to the Student Leadership Team for 2020 address their peers prior to voting on Thursday 29 August. They spoke with humility, passion and courage and each was rewarded with the attention of their peers and fulsome appreciation when they finished speaking. This current Year 11 class will be a strong senior group in 2020. 

Following voting and consideration of student and staff results 20 of the students go forward as the 2020 Senior Leadership Team. They are: 

Ashleigh Allred
Ellie Beer*
Emily Crilly
Halle Geyer*
Carly Griffith*
Ariann Kirwan
Jennaye McLintock
Jamey Reihana
Sophie Roiter*
Lily Sella
Tom Browne*
Harrison Dean*
Pierce Greffe*
Seamus Harrison*
Lensa Lo Tam
Sefo Lo Tam
Cameron Saliba
Gabriel Sobczyk
Harrie Van Den Broek
Corbin Zahn

They received very firm support from both students and staff. Eight students* will be further considered for College Captains and College Vice-Captains. They will each address the College Assembly when school resumes for Term 4 on 8 October. They will also be interviewed by a panel of members of the College Leadership Team with Mr Matt Carroll and Mrs Irene Scott stepping in for Mr Geoff Browne, to determine the College Captains and Vice-Captains. The remaining 16 student leaders will be offered appointments to the various Captains’ roles based on their applications and the considerations of the panel. 

Marymount Day Celebration 

Our students enjoyed a great day celebrating Mary’s Birthday and Marymount Day today.  The liturgy in the morning ending with students in full voice as the Marymount Pastoral Group hampers were presented to the Parish St Vincent de Paul Society.  President, Bob Bricknall thanked students for their efforts.  He explained how much it helped the SVDP to support families in need. 

Student leaders for 2020 were announced after recess before the students went to Trivia Games, Ball Games and Hip Hop.  They enjoyed a BBQ lunch in their year groups and we thank the grounds staff and the year level pastoral teams for their contribution. 

A Concert/Talent Quest provided entertainment ranging from the talented to the foolhardy.  Students and staff enjoyed it all and we thank the performers for their talent and confidence and the judges who put in their own efforts to add to the fun. 

Congratulations to the 2019 Seniors and all who contributed to celebrating our wonderful school, its happy students and generous staff, made possible by humble, considerate and generous people 51 years ago.  May we be worthy of these good people every day we come to Marymount and make our contributions as staff, students and parents. 

Griffith University GC Science Competition Awards 

Our appreciation to all teachers, parents and students behind the strong representation by our entrants in the 2019 GU Competition. Our 37 entrants were projects presented at our College Science Night. 25 student projects were acknowledged at the Competition Awards Evening on 29 August and numerous first, second and third placings were achieved by our Year 8 and 9 students. As a result, Marymount was awarded the best overall Middle Years School.  This is the ninth time in 9 years since first entering, that Marymount has received this award.  We commend our College Science teachers, Mr Chris Murphy (Head of Science) and Mrs Kristina Baker (Assistant Head of Science) on the continued success of our students. 

NAPLAN Results 

We are pleased to report our 2019 Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN results continue the very positive outcomes of recent years. Our students in both year levels have achieved results above the Queensland State average across all areas. These outcomes have been achieved with very high participation rates, which reflect our commitment to NAPLAN testing.  The use of the results is an important part of our internal monitoring. We will continue to focus teaching and learning at the College on the traditional disciplines of Religious Education, English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Technology, Arts and Languages and attend to NAPLAN preparation without compromising the richness of this faculty approach to high school education.

  Year 7 Year 9
School mean State Mean School Mean State Mean
Reading 561 545 589 576
Writing 519 504 564 535
Spelling 553 544 587 580
Grammar & Punctuation 553 542 577 573
Numeracy 576 550 593 589

QCS Test Completed 

Our OP eligible Year 12 students completed the four Queensland Core Skills Tests on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Students not sitting the test were required to attend their regular classes. We commend the students for their effort and application throughout the year and for the purposeful approach to the tests over the two days. The QCS results determine scaling parameters for the students’ subject results and the calculation of OPs. These results will not be known until late November.  Now, the best and most important thing for OP eligible students to do is to focus on achieving the best level of achievement and the highest rank order position possible in each subject they study. Thank you to Mr Nigel Ward, the Year 12 QCS preparation team and Pastoral Team for the great support and encouragement of our Seniors. 

Year 12 Hospitality Dinner 

It seems too early to be saying it, yet Thursday evening was the final Year 12 Hospitality Dinner for guests for this year.  It was the second dinner for this term and the fifth one for the year. They have proven very popular and Thursday’s dinner was no exception. Over 40 guests enjoyed excellent meals, prompt service and the relaxed atmosphere of a community gathering. Well done Mr Grant and thank you, Anthony Barnaba, Elise Bourke, Chelsea Charlton, Pia Long, Mitchell Taylor, Olivia Thompson, Amelia Kay, Angela Williams and Olivia Williams for a wonderful evening.  

Chris Noonan

Ticket Sellers' $50 Voucher Prizes

Enter your child's PC Class and Name in the field provided to enter the incentive prize draw of $50 Robina Town Centre Gift Voucher. One entry for every 5 tickets purchased. Student must be in attendance to collect this prize or we will redraw for the prize winner. Finishes Week 10.


Calendar Dates

Week 09




Year 12 Exam Block (until 20/09)
6:00pm P&F Meeting



AGCC Finals

FRIDAY 13/09

Year 11 Exams begin
5:00pm-6:15pm Rugby League Presentation


3:30pm-6:30pm College Reunion

Week 10

MONDAY 16/09

Year 9 & 10 In Class exams




No Sport - lessons: Friday A p5 & 6

FRIDAY 20/09

Last day Term 3
Year 11 Unit 2 Completed

Did you graduate Year 12 in 1979, 1989, 1999, or 2009?

(or Year 10 in 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007)

Gather your crew for an afternoon of catching up and renewing old friendships.

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019
Time: 3:30pm-6:30pm
BOOK NOW for Reunion

Senior Curriculum

Year 12 QCS

It definitely felt like the end of an era for the Year 12s OP system, as the students attended their two days of Core Skills Testing. Their 600 word extended Writing Task (2 hours to complete) has a theme students respond to (along with stimulus material). The theme this year was quite an apt one: "What next...?" Just for fun: one unit from the Multiple Choice papers (50 questions each paper in 1 1/2 hours) was on the topic of our original Australian currency (pounds and pence). A link to the questions is attached here.  Baby Boomers, in particular, will enjoy completing these tasks, and reminisce about threepenny pieces in Mum's Christmas pudding! We congratulate the students on the effort they put in over these two days, it was a testament to their character. A very big congratulations to Mr Ward and his team for thoroughly preparing his students. 

Year 11 & 12 Exam Schedules

The Exam Schedules for Year 11 (General ATAR subjects) and Year 12 have been published now. We wish all students well as they move into their study, revision and practice time prior to these important assessment tasks.

Year 10 Exams

Year 10 students will all take part in whole cohort RE (Tuesday 17 Sept) and English exams (Monday 16 Sept). The English exams are part of an initiative instigated by our local Catholic school cluster. The exams are identical across three schools and will be run at the same time. Cross marking, moderation and consultation will take place across the three schools. This is a great initiative by our English faculty. Good luck to all Senior students completing assessment over the next 3 weeks.)
Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Religious Life of the College

Sacramental Program 2020

The next Sacramental Preparation program for young people (Year 4 schooling and upwards) who have received the Sacrament of Baptism, will commence in Lent 2020.

There has been a revision of the Parish practice for Sacramental preparation. In 2020, preparation for the Sacraments of Penance, Confirmation and First Holy Communion will be contained within one (1) calendar year.
Enrolment and Parent Information Sessions will be held on Wednesday 19 February 2020, at 9.30am or 5.30pm, and enrolments for preparation and celebration of three Sacraments during 2020 will only be accepted on this date. Any enquiries, please contact Angela Williams, Sacramental Coordinator or phone the Parish Office 5572 5433.

Dolores Maitland

IMPORTANT: The Brisbane Catholic Education Media Consent Form is changing

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) and Marymount College are committed to protecting the image of all students. An important way that we undertake this is by asking you for consent about your child’s image. 

Definitions that appear on our BCE Media Consent Form have changed:
BCE Community only     Your School Community (limited consent)
BCE and Wider Community     Public (broad consent)
N/A    None
(no consent)
A new definition. A student WILL NOT be photographed, videoed or recorded in any circumstance, other than their student ID photograph. They will not be included in formal class photos.

This afternoon all parents will receive an electronic version of the new Media Consent Form, including the definitions that have been provided to the school for your child/ren.

Please review, acknowledge, and if you wish, alter your child/ren’s consent. 

Each year, we will remind you of the consent and provide you with the opportunity to review and amend. Of course, consent may be altered at any time by contacting our school.

Please complete your review by Friday 20 September. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College. 

Year 10 News

One in All

As we approach the busiest time of the term, it is important to stay firm in our commitment to ‘One in all in’ our goal for 2019.  This commitment involves attendance, uniform, interactions with staff and students and being present at key Marymount Community events. This week on Friday we have Marymount Day. This is a celebration of our great school, featuring a morning liturgy, cohort BBQ’s and cake, activities and a talent show. This is a compulsory school day for all students, and an excellent opportunity to have fun with friends, chat with teachers and enjoy the festivities. 

A special thanks to all the teachers as well as PC and STAC representatives that joined us for our STAC Cup – Musical chairs event last Thursday. The students were victorious for the second year in a row. Well done!

‘Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today’ – Malcom X
Ten things that require zero talent – being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra, being prepared

Belinda Faulks & Chris Sikora
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11 (acting)

Photos by Year 10 Insider Ashlin McCabe

Write a Book in a Day

Last week, Marymount students from all years participated in the Write-A-Book-In-A-Day competition.

In teams of up to ten, students were instructed to write and illustrate a full children’s book, which had to include specific words and characters as criteria, all on their own.
Though difficult, the competition allowed students to practice teamwork, as well as learn how to work efficiently under a strict time limit. At the end of the day, the students and teachers shared pizzas and sodas, celebrating all their hard work and effort.
All the teams that participated in the day did well, working together to create books that will be sent out to entertain children in hospitals all across Australia.
A special thank you to all the teachers who gave us this opportunity and made it possible (and also who provided the pizzas!).
Charo Palenzuela
Year 11 Insider

Students were allowed 12 hours to write and illustrate a story for the children in hospitals all across Australia.

The stories had to be based around characters, settings, objects and problems that were chosen at random and provided to each team by the competition organisers, The Kids’ Cancer Project.
The characters chosen for my team were a chiropractor and a butcher, whom my team named Becky and Chad. Beck and Chad set off on an amazing journey to try and become the greatest astronauts alive. After being rejected, Chad and Becky wander away with their hopes and dreams crushed but soon stumble upon a secret organisation. After joining the Secret Association for Rejected Astronauts, also known as S.A.R.A, Becky and Chad soon find themselves on a magical journey to the moon. The story is filled with fun and adventure and, through the development of Becky and Chad’s relationship, shows the true meaning of friendship.
My team had an absolute blast and I would definitely recommend joining in on the fun next year.  Write a Book in a Day taught us how to work as a team and it was a really valuable experience overall.
Indee McDonald
Year 7 Insider

The ARTicle

21st Century Life Skills

As students evaluate their subject choices for next year, I think is it is worthwhile to stop and consider how studying the creative arts can enhance our student’s potential. 

A fellow Arts teacher shared a link with me recently to an article in the Washington Post written by Valerie Strauss which highlights six key 21St-century life skills students gain from studying creative arts-based subjects.
  1. The Arts Don’t Focus on Right and Wrong. 
    Participation in the Arts opens up our mind to the possibility that the world is full of colour and there is more than one way to achieve a goal. When the pressure of needing to find the right answer is removed, it becomes easier to take a risk and try – and trying is the only way to succeed.
  2. The Arts are Inherently Creative. 
    The desire to employ creative people is not unique to Apple. The most successful companies assemble teams of people who are able to see the big picture, to make connections and to predict market trends. Even in a fiercely competitive job market, these skills will always be in demand. In Arts education, children are constantly being asked to try new things and think of alternatives. This kind of thinking goes a long way toward developing the essential success skill of creativity.
  3. The Emphasis on Practice.
     In the Arts, it is understood that you will not be able to learn paint, play an instrument or be an incredible dancer overnight. Developing these skills takes effort and hours of practice. The Arts environment encourages persistence through challenges towards mastery, a skill very much needed to thrive in the 21st century.
  4. The Focus on Feedback and Critique. 
    Feedback is a constant part of the learning process in the Arts. This helps children understand that feedback should not be taken personally, but that it is meant to challenge them to push beyond what they think they are capable of achieving. A good Arts teacher’s critique is specific; it tells the student what works, what does not, and what they can do to improve. If we are used to seeing feedback as fuel for improvement, our natural reaction when receiving feedback will not be to make excuses but to ask for more feedback about how we can improve our performance.
  5. The Moment of Success. 
    Each discipline within the Arts has its own method of performance or presentation – an art exhibit, a play, a dance show etc. This gives children a sense of accomplishment after all of their effort and practice. This acknowledgement translates into a strong boost of confidence and enhances their drive to continue learning and improving. They have experienced a moment of success and when that happens, they are typically motivated to seek even more success.
  6. The Coping Mechanisms for Handling Stress. 
    Dancing, painting or playing the piano can be a great stress reliever. These activities help us let out our frustrations and express ourselves without needing to use words.
Steve O’Keefe
Visual Art Coordinator
DANCE AUDITIONS: For 2020/2021 Extension Dance Program & Certificate III in Dance Sunday 15 September 2019 - Email for bookings

Business News

Tommerup’s Dairy Farm

Recently, Year 9 Business classes visited the Tommerup’s Dairy Farm situated just south of Beaudesert.

This 6th generation dairy farm supplies quality milk to Norco, whilst offering tourist attractions and stays for visitors. Students had the opportunity to see a different lifestyle, and note the vast economic aspects of running a dairy farm. Being a dairy farm, students were able to observe milking cows and the process in which they are milked. Additionally, the owners explained the negative impacts of globalisation on this small business. Their day-to-day operation of the farm is constantly limited by competition from other farms, but more importantly, the intense drought south Queensland is currently experiencing. Learning this, the students were also able to see alternative sources of income the farmers have turned to: production of butter, halloumi, and introducing farm stays, and other events for tourists to enjoy.

While seeing the cows get milked, we had the opportunity to ask numerous questions surrounding how the farm runs. Questions as such have raised awareness among the students, about how the effects of competition and drought have really impacted the farm. We were able to learn many new components of operating a small business, but more importantly, find ways to help our local farmers. Students regarded the day as “enjoyable and enlightening”, learning that by purchasing branded milk from Norco and raising awareness among the community, farms such as the Tommerup’s Dairy Farm can continue to operate.
Nick Ranson
Year 9 Business & Economics student

Science News

Planetarium and Botanic Gardens

On 21 August, Year 7 went on an educational Science excursion to the Planetarium and Botanic Gardens.

Both filled the students with knowledge about space and botany. During their time in the Planetarium, students learnt many facts about planets, stars, moons, orbits, seasons and the Milky Way. This was beneficial because the students were learning about this in the classroom.
Next they walked around the Botanic Garden where they learn about plants, animals and the climates they live in. This filled the students with pre knowledge for their learning unit next term.
Overall the students enjoyed their time on Mount Coot-ha and would recommend it to future students.

Indiana Locke
Year 7 Insider
This term we have been studying outer space, so going to the Planetarium was a great way not only to extend our knowledge and learn new things but also to revise things that we have already learnt.

In Term 4 we will all be learning about Biology so visiting the Botanic Gardens was an awesome way to become excited about it.
My favourite parts of the day were the SkyDome, where a 3D presentation was displayed, and seeing different plants that I have never even heard about in the Botanic Gardens.
If I had the chance I would definitely go back as it was so much fun!
Carys Garrett-Jones
Year 7 insider
Eager for an adventure, all the Year 7 students gathered together on a Wednesday morning, ready to embark on an eye-opening experience at Brisbane’s Planetarium.

All through the term, we’d learnt about Astronomy and physics in space by studying celestial bodies, before creating our very own telescopes. However, it was only when we had visited the Space Dome, in the Planetarium, that we truly saw the amazing atmosphere outside of Earth. We travelled through our galaxy viewing our solar system, the Black Hole and even some crazy constellations. It was an incredible day…
Ruby Allen,
Year 7 Insider

Photos by Year 7 Insiders Teagan McAuliffe & Jorja Sondergeld

Mathematics News

Year 10 & 11 students selecting Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in 2020

Scientific Calculator Direct Online Ordering

ALL orders are to be placed by Sunday 22 September 2019

Any orders after this date will pay full price and will incur a $14.95 delivery charge.

The calculator has a 2 Year Repair / Replacement Warranty except, Broken Screens, they void your warranty instantly. No refunds if you change your mind or choose an incorrect product.

1 x TI84PLUSCE-Colour Screen - Valued @$215.00
1 x FREE PADDED CASE- Valued @$8.95
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1 x ADAPTOR Charges the calculator from the wall socket quicker than the USB on your computer.
COST: $10.00 gst inclusive Valued @$14.95
1 x TIRECHARGE-New Charges the calculator from the wall socket quicker than the via the USB on your computer.
COST: $18.00 gst inclusive
  1. Go to:
  2. School ID Code is: MARYMTCOLLQLD enter this above the ORANGE login in button on the Home Page.
  3. Ensure you enter school ID code first to get the full discount & Free delivery.
  4. Select the calculator & accessories you require then go to the checkout & pay with credit or debit card. Your 2 Year Warranty starts when the calculator arrives at the school.
  5.  Your order will be sent to the school and you will be notified when to collect your calculator from the College Bookshop after Monday the 21st January 2019.
If you have any queries please call Danielle Haley on 1800 998 424 or email:

Careers & Vocational Education

Bond Uni – Test Drive A University Class (School Holiday Schedule)

Year 12 students can experience university life first-hand these school holidays (20 September – 7 October)!  They join a class of their choice in an area they are passionate about and get all their questions answered by the experts.  With more than 100 classes to choose from, they can observe what happens in an undergraduate level program, experiencing Bonds small class sizes, practical and personalised learning, and student support for themselves.  Test Drive classes are available across study areas including:
  • Architecture and Built Environment
  • Business and Commerce
  • Communication and Creative Media
  • Health Science and Medicine
  • Humanities and Global Studies
  • Law
  • Psychology and Social Sciences
  • Academic Pathways – Bond University College
Students can view the schedule and register via the event bright link:  For further details, visit the Marymount College Careers Centre.
USA College Testing Pathways Program – TSS (The Southport School)

The USA Pathways Program at The Southport School welcomes students from all neighbouring schools to take advantage of the College USA testing opportunities.  In addition to offering the SAT and ACT entrance tests for Year 12 students, the international accreditation also encompasses the PSAT which is a standardised test directed at both Year 10 and Year 11 students who have aspirations of completing Year 12 here in Australia before heading on to college in the USA via a sporting scholarship and/or academic pathway.  For further details, contact Ms Helen McCleary  on P: 5531 9865 or E:
Gold Coast Defence Careers Information Sessions

On Monday 30 September (9.30am – 2.00pm), Gold Coast Defence Force Recruiting will be hosting the STEM Activities Day for Year 10-12 students.  Bookings are essential at
Attend the School To Service Information Session and explore the opportunities available and hear from ADF members about how you can experience world-class military training, gain new skills, enjoy a great lifestyle and make friends for life – All while getting paid.  Held on Monday 2 September (6.00pm - 8.00pm).  RSVP to
The Australian Defence Force Academy Information Session is being held on Tuesday 10 September (6.00pm – 8.00pm) and students can find out about the world-class education and university lifestyle offered at ADFA.  To RSVP contact
Also the Women In Defence Information Session where students can speak with current serving Women in the Australian Defence Force and learn about opportunities in the Navy, Army or Airforce.  Held on Thursday 12 September (6.00pm – 8.00pm).  RSVP by contacting
Sae Study Day
SAE Bryon Bay is once again offering an exclusive one-day workshop event in the October holidays for students to expand their skills and work on inspiring creative projects in the fields of Animation, Audio, Design, Film or Games.  SAE Study for a Day is being held on Saturday 19 October (9.00am – 4.00pm).  This event is open to anyone aged 15+ years.  Cost is $35.00 and to register, visit
Gold Coast Trades College – 2020 Courses

Plunge into a career in the automotive industry!  Successfully complete this nationally accredited pre-trade qualification.  This course is designed to give you an insight into the Automotive sector. 
Come and join GCTC’s first-ever Surfboard Shaping Cert I in Construction course.  Learn all the skills you need to kickstart a career in the surf industry.
Start your career in Civil Construction.  If you prefer a more hands on approach to learning, this course if for you.  Student gain skills and knowledge in: Hand and Power Tools, Small Plant & Equipment, Work Safely at Heights, Confined Spaces and basic scaffolding.
Enrol today by emailing: or call 5669 9000.
JMC Academy School Holiday Workshops

A range of introductory workshops are being offered during the September/October school holidays.  These workshops are a great opportunity to check out the JMC Academy campus while getting a taste of what studying your passion with Australia’s leading Creative Industries provider is like.  Workshops include:
  • Character & Life Drawing Workshop
  • Digital TV Studio Workshop
  • Discover Visual Communication
  • Filmmaking Workshop
  • Electronic Music Production Workshop
  • Digital Sculpture & Character Workshop
  • Perform, Record + Create Music Workshop
  • Recording A Band Workshop
  • The Exciting World of Event Management
For further details, visit or see the Marymount College Careers Centre.
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship Opportunities

Sports Update

Queensland Team Selection
Max Robertson (Year 10) & Zach Wren (Year 9) have continued their amazing form on the Rugby field by being selected in the Queensland Junior Gold Cup teams. Max has been named in the backs for the Maroon team, while Zach has been named in the forwards for the White team. Both teams will play in the Northern Conference in Brisbane in an attempt to make the National finals to be played in Sydney. Good luck boys!
Outstanding Student Result - Jordan Birtwistle

Jordan Birtwistle competed for the U19 Australian team for the International Va’a Federation World Long Distance Outrigger Canoe racing two weeks ago which was held in Mooloolaba. He steered his team while they fought hard against the second-placed Californians to finish in third place in the world. Congratulations to Jordan!
Outstanding Student Result - Max Hudson

Congratulations to Max Hudson who recently played for the Queensland Blaze in the National Under 12 AFL competition in Mandurah. Max played in the important Centre-Half Back and Midfield positions for the Blaze and was instrumental in helping his team to wins against NT, NSW, TAS, ACT and SA. The team finished the carnival in 4th place! Well Done Max. 

Marymount College Sport Awards

In term 4 we are holding our first ever sports awards to recognise outstanding performances in school sport for the previous twelve months. The awards will be presented in term 4, so will take into account all results from term 4 2018 – term 3 2019. 
All students have been emailed a nomination information booklet. Students need to complete the nomination form in the booklet and return it to Mr Balym’s office by the end of term 3 if they wish to be considered for an award.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:

Trent Balym
Program Leader


Gold Sponsors

Donations Required

Preloved Clothing Stall

Clean, good condition, wearable items for the Spring Fte Preloved clothing Stall, can be dropped off on Fridays 8:00am-9:00am outside the Doyle Centre or in the tub in SAO anytime.

Can you assist our fundraising by providing items for the Cent Auction?

We are seeking gift packs, vouchers for dinners, accommodation, health & beauty products, homewares, toys, novelty items. Items can be dropped into the College or Primary office. 
Silver Sponsors
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 Burleigh Heads Hotel | Imperial Pacific Coaches | Travel Associates


A series of traffic changes will occur on the M1 northbound near Exit 85 next week.
This notification provides all the details about those changes including a map. 

If you require any further information about these changes, please contact the project by phoning 1800 571 817 or email
Project Community Relations Team 
Pacific Motorway (M1) – Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes upgrade
P 1800 571 817 | E
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