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Friday 23 August 2019 

Marymount Spring Fete

Saturday 19 October 11:00am – 5:00pm 

  1. A call out to all students to tell families and friends to go online and purchase $5 Art Union tickets (5 for $20 or 10 for $35) to win $6,000 cash, $2,500 international travel or $1,500 in electrical goods. 
  2. A call out to all who can't attend the Fete on Saturday 19/10 to donate via the Art Union, to contribute to the financial success for the P&F Fete Committee and the change to win a major prize.
  3. A call out to students to be ready to bring in soft drinks (Year 7 & 8), water (Year 9 & 10), scratchies (Year 11 & 12) in week 9 & 10 (after you have brought goods for the Marymount Day St Vincent de Paul hampers).
  4. A call out to parents and friends to volunteer to help on the day of the Fete (set up & pull down, various stalls.) Sign up link below.

The Fete Committee, led by Melissa Hickling and Adrienne Cannard were delighted by the support of convenors who attended Monday’s meeting.  Please support the Marymount Fete by your labour, your donations and/or buying Art Union, ride tickets or from the many stalls on 19 October. 

Special thanks to our Gold Sponsors:  Bank of QLD - Palm Beach, Gold Coast Orthondists, My Wealth, and Sizzler - Mermaid Beach. Silver Sponsors: Fat Chicken, My First Gym. 

Buy Art Union Tickets NOW
Volunteer to assist at the Spring Fete NOW

Congratulations Jackson 

Jackson Lake was the National winner of The Plain English Speaking Competition Final in Brisbane on 12 August. Teachers, Sue Hurley and Jane Dwyer, represented the College to support Jackson and Jodie Lake on the day.  Jackson’s achievement was increasingly possible as he improved remarkably through debating and public speaking. Sue Hurley and the debating coaches with Bill Bruce, the College Public Speaking Coach were continually rewarded by Jackson’s sharp mind and application. As we congratulate Jackson, we thank Bill Bruce, in particular, and Sue Hurley, Jane Dwyer, and those teachers and students, who have helped Jackson to become the formidable speaker he is. 

Student Leadership 2020 

We wish the 32 Year 11 students, who have put themselves forward for Student Leadership in 2020 the composure and confidence necessary next Thursday morning, as they address the Year 11 Assembly and teaching staff.  Following their speeches, students and staff will vote to determine the candidates for Student Leadership in 2020.  This process for determining the candidate for consideration as College Captains, Vice-Captains and Academic, Spiritual, Cultural, Sporting and House Captains will be finalised this term.  Appointments to particular captaincy roles will be made in the first week of Term 4. We are delighted with the calibre of candidates under consideration. 

Edogawa Gakuen Student Sayonara Party 

Last Friday we farewelled our Japanese Students Exchange visitors with the Sayonara Party. Their visit, Friday evening’s farewell and the experience of host families contributed to the sense of our shared humanity. Our nationality does not divide us. We are the same. Host families who generously open their homes and share the exchange experience with our visitors know this after the exchange. Yet they knew it, perhaps to a lesser extent, when they first offered to host one of our Japanese visitors. We thank the host families for their leadership and generosity. 

Teacher Professional Development 

Following Parent/Teacher Interviews, Science Night and Year 11 Subject Information Night in the early weeks of term, teachers were again working late this week with a staff meeting on Monday and a Twilight Professional Development Evening on Tuesday. The focus was on teaching and learning. It began with a Review & Response process on Monday with teachers discussing and planning how to respond more effectively to individual students’ needs. On Tuesday there was a much fuller program beginning with a reflection on the BCE and the College Vision Statements. Differentiation and students needs received further attention. Presentation on changes to Junior (Year 7-9) syllabus delivery, modes of assessment and processes for ensuring consistency of teacher judgements by a faculty teacher—in the light of the new Senior Assessment System—was well received.  Finally, the process for digital submissions of assignments, which also encourages authenticity of student work, enabled teachers to better understand how this process can be used to help students develop their capacity to create their own high-quality assignment work from their research efforts.  All presentations for these sessions were by College teachers and Middle Leaders as we learnt from one another. We thank the presenters and staff for their professional commitment.

Brisbane Catholic Education Vision Statement  

Brisbane Catholic Education’s Vision is to be:
A faith-filled learning community creating a better future 
enlivened by 
celebrating our Catholic culture 
inspiring a love of learning 
cultivating a connected community 
nurturing a professional workforce 
embracing change and continuing improvement. 

College teachers have considered this BCE Vision and our College Vision. We found strong alignment with our Mission and Vision and that we need to revise how we have written these. 

Marymount College Vision (summary) 

  • to be instruments of peace, love, faith, light, joy (rather than hate, injury, doubt, darkness, sadness) 
  • to console, understand, love 
  • (rather than be concerned about being consoled, understood, loved) 
  • to give and pardon 

Marymount College Mission 

to be a Catholic educational community 
committed to lifelong life-living learning 
within a supportive school environment 
where Gospel values are reflected in all aspects of College life 
inspired by the person and vision of Jesus 
the examples of Mary and St Francis of Assisi 

Our teachers are quite happy that our Vision and Mission name' why' we are here and ‘who’ we are as a school.  We will look to feedback from teachers, students and parents in 2020 to inform changes to more clearly express our 'why' and 'who', ensure alignment with the BCE Vision and continue to inspire/challenge use to be faithful to our purpose and industry.

Chris Noonan

Ticket Sellers' 4 x $50 Voucher Prizes

First draw of the Ticket Sellers prize of $50 Robina Town Centre Gift Voucher will be Tuesday 27 August. Ticket sellers must be in attendance to collect this prize or we will redraw for the prize winner.


Calendar Dates

Week 07



9:45am While School Assembly






Week 08



QCS Test Day 1
Non-QCS student Career Coaching


QCS Test Day 2
Non-QCS Student Career Coaching


AGCC Semi Finals


Did you graduate Year 12 in 1979, 1989, 1999, or 2009?

(or Year 10 in 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007)

Gather your crew for an afternoon of catching up and renewing old friendships.

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019
Time: 3:30pm-6:30pm

Senior Curriculum

Term 3 Exam Schedules

The end of Term III will see Years 10, 11 and 12 involved in exam schedules.

Year 12, under the OP system will maintain Exam Block with non-school attendance Shutdown privileges extended to them. Year 12 exams commence on Tuesday 10 September, Week 9 and run until the end of Term.

Year 10 exams will run without shutdown privileges. Classes will continue while the schedule runs from Monday, 16 September, Week 10 as required. Classes run through until the last day, Friday 20 September.

As there are a large number of Unit 2 General subject exams for Year 11 there will be a mix of both shutdown and non-shut down days. The exam schedule will commence one day earlier than nominated in the calendar; commencing on Friday 13 September, Week 9. The limited shutdown days will be very clearly nominated and published to students and parents in the coming weeks.

Year 11 General Subjects
A milestone was reached last week for Year 11 General subjects. Under the new QCE system, with external exams at the end of Unit 4, teachers have had to formulate, produce and upload completed internal assessment tasks (3 for each General subject.) The first two of these were successfully uploaded into the new online Endorsement system. They will now be reviewed and endorsed for use in Unit 3, commencing (at our College) in term IV, 2019. It has been most encouraging to review the 30 subjects and nearly 60 internal assessment tasks and gain a very deep sense of the high calibre teaching, learning and associated assessment which is about to get under way. I again congratulate and thank all our academic Middle leaders and their faculty teachers who have embarked on this new and exciting way of ‘doing business’ – with so much collaboration, networking, internal moderation, along with the creativity and expert thinking to create what will no doubt prove to be most rewarding teaching and learning experiences. We look forward to receiving the endorsement advice back from the QCAA.
Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Junior Curriculum

Attention all Year 7 and 8 students

A great opportunity to receive assistance with homework or assignments is going to be provided by the Year 11 Peer Support tutors. Tutoring will commence weekly on a Monday Lunch starting Monday week 7.
Students can come in and work independently or can use the opportunity to gain constructive feedback on assignments or to grasp some concept they haven’t wrapped their head around yet. No matter what the level of question is, the students should know it is a place where they can ask it.
Implementing this program during lunchtime hours will give students a bit more time for study, especially those who otherwise don’t have much time outside of school to get work done. Not only will this program help the students academically, but socially it will be beneficial as students from the junior school will be able to make connections with students from the senior school.
All the Year 11 mentors are raring to lend a helping hand week in and week out. Best of luck!

Conall Crowley & Yasmin Dickinson
Academic Captains

Religious Life of the College

Feast of the Assumption

On Thursday 15 August, the Feast of the Assumption, Year 12 and Year 7 students joined the Parish community for Mass in Mary Mother of Mercy Church. The feast celebrates the centuries old belief that, at death, Mary Mother of Jesus, entered completely into full life with God. Although there is no scriptural basis for this belief, Pope Pius X declared this an official teaching of the Catholic Church in 1950. 

The beautiful singing of the College Choir with Ms Jodie Young and accompanied by Mr Paul Faughey on the organ made this Mass especially memorable. We are also most appreciative of the several students who took on Ministry roles in the Mass, serving, reading and as Extraordinary  Ministers of the Eucharist.

Year 10 Parish Connect Mass

Year 10s and their families were invited to attend the 5.30pm Connect Mass on Sunday last. It was also an opportunity to meet  Father Jacob and the Parish Youth Minister, Darcy Rogers, both of whom who were recently appointed to the parish. 

Year 9 Reflection Day

All Year 8 students will travel to Bond University on Tuesday 27 August for their Reflection Day. Please note this is a compulsory activity for all students. Parents/carers have already been notified by electronic mail. 

Marymount Day Donations

All PC classes are currently bringing food donations for the Marymount Day baskets. The food will be given to the Burleigh St Vincent de Paul Conference for distribution locally. 

Dolores Maitland

Year 11 News

Week 6 already and there’s been plenty happening in the realm of Year 11.

Student Leadership Process

We congratulate 32 of our students on applying to be a member of the 2020 Marymount Student Leadership Team. Their courage in being willing to put themselves forward to be considered is admirable. Regardless of the end result, we are proud of each of them and already consider each and every one of them as leaders in the cohort, as well as the College community.

The candidates will deliver a speech to the cohort next Thursday morning, after which the cohort will vote for who they want to represent them. After assessing their view of the candidates, the staff of the College will also engage in a voting process. We wish all of them the very best of luck!

Elevate roll out

The study skills program delivered by Elevate Education, commenced last week with a visit from 8 presenters, who ran through an introduction to the program with our Pastoral groups. The tips and strategies outlined were both beneficial and achievable. Follow up lessons will be delivered by our Pastoral team, to assist the students in consolidating their study skills to maximise their academic performance. We encourage parents and caregivers to discuss the program with their students to find out more. 

Marymount Day Donations

Year 11s have been asked to contribute the following items as part of the overall donation that will be given to St. Vincent de Paul on Marymount Day: vegemite, cheese spread, tinned spaghetti, honey, canned vegetables, tinned baked beans. We thank those who have already supplied goods and encourage all students to be generous in helping to make someone else’s life easier.


On Wednesday, the Year 11s challenged the teachers to a game of Dodgeball as part of the annual STAC Cup. The game was played in an excellent spirit, with both sides giving their all but in the best of 3 series, the students came out on top 2-1. Our congratulations go to the students. The overall score in the STAC Cup is now 1-1. The students can rest assured the staff will lick their wounds and come back bigger and better for the next round!

Upcoming Exams

As the term progresses, it is an opportune time to remind parents and caregivers of the upcoming exams for Year 11s. The exam block timetable is being finalised and will be distributed to students in due course. All students should be working hard both in the classroom, and at home, to ensure they are setting themselves up to be as prepared as possible for these exams and hopefully achieve the results they are capable of. During this time, we encourage the students to look after themselves by eating and sleeping well, and we thank parents and caregivers for their continued support of the 11s as they undertake these preparations.
Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 News

Term 3 has provided numerous opportunities for Year 10 students to thrive in the Marymount community.

Recent events have seen students complete their SET Plan interviews, Career Planning, learn about Respectful Relationships within the Pastoral program and Peer-Peer ministry with Year 5-6 students from Marymount Primary.
Welcome Mr Michael Nesdale - Assistant Head of Year 10 (acting)

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr Michael Nesdale to the Year 10 Team as Assistant Head of Year 10 (acting). I will be Acting as Head of Year 10 for the remainder of this Term.  Ms Shona Press has also taken over as the 10BD Pastoral Tutor. We thank Mr Tim Rowe for all his work in Semester 1. The students have appreciated your assistance and humour.

'One In, All In'
Our Year 10 goal for this year is ‘One in, all in’, as we aspire to attend school events and celebrations, and work together to make our cohort a welcoming, caring and engaged community. In addition to attendance, Year 10s have shown continued improvement in wearing their uniform with pride and keeping our area tidy. A reminder for students to adhere to the mobile phone policy and arrive to school on time.

Merit Awards 

Congratulations to all students who have recently received merit awards for excellence in their chosen subject areas. I encourage all students to aim to complete work to their best ability, with a renewed focus on their learning, as you pave the way to your future careers.
Upcoming events for Year 10:
  • STAC Cup – Musical Chairs Thursday 29 August

Belinda Faulks
Head of Year 10 (Acting)

Year 7 News

Year 7s have started the third term extremely well.

They have adapted to new timetables and new elective classes with ease. They should be applauded on their uniform, as well as their classroom etiquette.

Year 11 Peer Mentors 

The Year 11 Peer Mentors are beginning a new homework/assignment assistance initiative for the Year 7 students. This new program will launch next week, with Year 11 Peer Mentors making themselves available during Monday lunchtimes, in J201. They are hoping to assist Year 7s with any support they require with their schoolwork. This will become a valuable service toward the end of the term when there is a steady increase of homework, assignments and exams.

Year 7 Personal Development Day

Finally, at the end of this Term a Year 7 Personal Development Day is scheduled. The exact date and timetable for this day are being finalised in the coming weeks. The Personal Development Day is a day where the Year 7s are excused from classes and are able to reflect upon themselves, their relationships and how they are travelling so far in their High School journey. It includes Guest Speakers, a Letter to their Future Self, and a Year Level BBQ.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head & Assistant Head of Year 7

Music News

QCMF Success!

Last Sunday, Top Deck - Marymount's Funk band - performed at The Queensland Catholic Music Festival (QCMF) at Villanova College in Brisbane. 

Top Deck’s lead vocalists, Shaylee and Gabriella, were accompanied by Cameron on drums, Harry and Chris on guitar, Harrison on the keyboard, Riley on bass guitar, Sam on the saxophone and Cory on the trumpet. Together we played a medley of songs including Signed, Sealed, Delivered, 9 to 5 and Blame it on the Boogie. 

We competed against several other Catholic colleges from around the state and won Gold! This was my second year performing with Top Deck at QCMF and it will go down as one of the most rewarding experiences at Marymount. QCMF gives our band the opportunity to showcase everything we have been working on throughout the year. As a band, we practise every Friday morning before school, and it is well worth it when we get to perform at such a high level. I’d like to thank everyone in Top Deck for their contribution to the band and to our mentor, Andrew Mitchelson, who takes time out of his day to lead us to success!
Chris Barrett
Year 12 Top Deck member

Dance News

Dance Eisteddfod Update

Congratulations to more than 60 of our Year 7-12s for their lovely performances at the Beenleigh Quota and Gold Coast Eisteddfods over that past two weeks.

August has been such a busy month with students working very hard to perfect dance routines and it is very exciting to announce the following results: 

Quota Beenleigh Eisteddfod 
First Place Year 8/9 Bollywood 
First Place Junior Extension lyrical
Highly Commended Senior Extension jazz 
Highly Commended Senior Extension contemporary 

Gold Coast Eisteddfod
Second Place- Year 11/12 Dance lyrical 
Very Highly Commended- Senior Extension contemporary  
Highly Commended- Senior Extension lyrical
Highly Commended- Senior Extension jazz 
Highly Commended- Year 11/12 hip hop

Once again, our dancers represented Marymount College extremely well. They are rightly proud of their efforts as well as the commitment to the hard work that goes into the preparation of these performances.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator
From the second semester of Year 8, students get the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives.

Marymount College students are fortunate enough to have Dance as a subject choice and to have Ms Press to guide us. We are only halfway through Term 3 and already the Year 8 Dance students have been provided many significant opportunities. 

Firstly, Andrea Lam (Drea), the director of Dance Masala– the largest Bollywood company in Queensland – helped our class to learn a Bollywood routine in two weeks. This was an incredible experience as she pushed us out of our comfort zones and challenged our skills to pick up choreography quickly. 

Soon after, we competed in what was most students’ first ever dance eisteddfod. This day at Beenleigh’s QUOTA Eisteddfod was filled with laughter and fun but was ultimately an experience that taught us all to be more organised and to work together, as a team. Along with six Year 9 Junior Extension students, we came out on top with a surprising First Place, beating an incredible musical theatre routine. 

The following week we competed in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. This competition was as fun and unforgettable as Beenleigh. Gold Coast Eisteddfod provided us with a challenge—more competitors, more schools and bigger sections. We improved on our patterns, accuracy and energy, and the adjudicator complimented us on our presentation, timing and elevation to award us Honours. 

Marymount Dance is a wonderful experience and it would definitely be recommended for all those with any interest in the creative, fitness or theory elements of this performing art. It must also be remembered that none of this would ever be possible without Ms Press running rehearsals, organising costumes, giving corrections and providing us with these incredible opportunities.

Luana Taylor
Year 8 Insider
AUDITIONS: For 2020/2021 Extension Dance Program & Certificate III in Dance Sunday 15 September 2019 - Email for bookings

The ARTicle

Year 10

Our talented Year 10 students have recently completed a painting unit called “My dreams, my nightmares” based on Surrealism. The challenge was to create an effective composition using bizarre and unexpected imagery while still using realistic figurative painting techniques.

Year 11

The Year 11 Visual Art students are currently working on their “Art as Code” unit and an aspect of the course involves creating their own abstract landscape. Last week they had the opportunity to try some “plein air” drawing responding to our own onsite forest which is a wonderful resource for our students.  

Steve O'Keefe
Visual Art Coordinator
View more pictures on

Mathematics News

Mathematics B Coffee Experiment

When making coffee, do you put your milk in before or after the boiled water? 

Over the past week, both Mathematics B classes undertook data collection to analysis the concept of Newtons Law of Cooling. In the task, we were set a role as advisors to the franchise owners for Coast Coffee.  Our aim was to investigate and find the optimum time to add milk to a cup of coffee to ensure the customer receives the hottest cup possible. 

During Maths - over a cuppa coffee, cake and cookies - we tested a variety of cups with thermometers and timing devices, to determine which combination held the heat the best over 20 minutes. Using the optimum cup, we then tested three different ways of making a cup of coffee; 

1. Coffee with hot water added (as the controlled), 
2. Coffee then milk then hot water added, 
3. Coffee then hot water then milk added. 

Stay tuned for after the reports are written to reveal which method will keep your cup of coffee the hottest. This discovery could definitely enhance your everyday life!

As a cohort, it was thoroughly enjoyed to close up the textbooks, run a practical experiment, and being treated to cake and cookies while still engaging in the practical side of maths. 

Thank you to the Maths Department for providing a lovely assortment of food and to the Hospitality Department (especially Mr Grant) for organising the facilities.

Conall Crowley
Academic Captain

Year 10 & 11 students selecting Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in 2020

Scientific Calculator Direct Online Ordering

ALL orders are to be placed by Sunday 6 January 2019
Any orders after this date will pay full price and will incur a $14.95 delivery charge.

The calculator has a 2 Year Repair / Replacement Warranty except, Broken Screens, they void your warranty instantly. No refunds if you change your mind or choose an incorrect product.

1 x TI84PLUSCE-Colour Screen - Valued @$215.00
1 x FREE PADDED CASE- Valued @$8.95
1 x FREE Delivery - Valued @$14.95
COST: $185.00 gst inclusive
1 x ADAPTOR Charges the calculator from the wall socket quicker than the USB on your computer.
COST: $10.00 gst inclusive Valued @$14.95
1 x TIRECHARGE-New Charges the calculator from the wall socket quicker than the via the USB on your computer.
COST: $18.00 gst inclusive
  1. Go to:
  2. School ID Code is: MARYMTCOLLQLD enter this above the ORANGE login in button on the Home Page.
  3. Ensure you enter school ID code first to get the full discount & Free delivery.
  4. Select the calculator & accessories you require then go to the checkout & pay with credit or debit card. Your 2 Year Warranty starts when the calculator arrives at the school.
  5.  Your order will be sent to the school and you will be notified when to collect your calculator from the College Bookshop after Monday the 21st January 2019.
If you have any queries please call Danielle Haley on 1800 998 424 or email:

Library & Resource Centre

Book Week!

‘Reading is my Secret Power’ but did you know that some amongst our Marymount staff have other Super Secret Powers like playing 6 instruments or speaking 4 languages? Did you know that teaching your children we have a World Triathlon champion and an ex-wrestler in the classroom?
Students have been matching up staff with Super Secret Powers as well as working out which Superhero was who, and which book character did what in other quizzes.  We’ve had a good response.  The photo booth has been popular – we’ve discovered who might want to be a Superhero, and with Library staff wandering around in Superhero capes and t-shirts, we hope that students have realised we do like a bit of fun too!

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC officially closes today – August 23, and so all reading logs should be brought back to the Library to be entered into the state-wide log to reveal, in November, how many books children in Queensland read in total. That’s when participants will also receive their certificates.
Over the years I’ve realised that we have more readers in the school population than we think. Some do keep it secret from their peers as reading books, especially, is not always regarded as ‘cool.’ But I hope that with the PRC, we will empower our 7-9s to be proud of being readers and encourage them to use their not-so-secret ‘power’ to flourish and grow. To enjoy reading a book, informative website or newspaper, will help our children to grow up to be creative, imaginative, informed and discerning adults, ready to take on the world!

Please ask your participating child to hand in the reading log asap.   

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Public Speaking News

National Champion 

College Captain, Jackson Lake, is to be congratulated on a truly magnificent achievement. In Brisbane last week, he won the Australian Final of the Plain English Speaking Award, the most prestigious public speaking competition in the world. He is the third Marymount student to win the National Final, following on from the success of Tim Rawlings in 2001 and Ayla Beaufils in 2013. Only three students from other Queensland schools have won the title since the competition began in 1972.
As a result of his achievement, Jackson received $5000, to enable him to travel to London in May next year to represent Australia in the 2020 International Final of the Plain English Speaking Award. It is estimated that there will be entrants from over 50 countries, including many where English is not the native language.
Jackson is an extremely talented, hard-working student, who thoroughly deserves his success. Well done, Jackson! We know that you will do us proud in London next year.
Bill Bruce
Public Speaking Coach

Careers & Vocational Education

Ccusa Lunch Time Visit

Camp Counsellors USA will be visiting the Year 12 lunch area on Monday 2 September from 12.30pm.  They will be providing details to students interested in working at Summer Camps in the USA as part of their GAP year activities.  Visit for further details on what they offer.
Southern Cross University Head-Start Program 2020

 Applications for Southern Cross University’s Head-Start program are now open.  Students who are currently in Year 10 or 11 are encouraged to apply now to start in 2020.  On completion of the program and Year 12 studies, students will have a guaranteed offer into a Southern Cross University degree.  Courses include:
  • Communication in Organisations
  • Biology
  • Australian Legal System
  • Visual Communication and Design
  • Processes and Philosophy of Engineering
For more information and to apply, visit or visit the Marymount College Careers Centre.
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate

Do you require your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate?  Aurora Training Institute is conducting group training session which may suit you as follows:
DATE: Thursday 29 August 2019
TIME: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
VENUE: Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial” 340 Scottsdale Drive, Robina
COST: $50.00
RSVP: Contact or 1300 936 864 today
Gold Coast Orthodontist

Gold Coast Orthodontists are looking for a Year 11 or 12 student who is interested in the dental/orthodontic industry and can work afternoon shifts, 2 to 3 days a week (3 hours shifts 3.30pm to 6.30pm) and school holidays undertaking sterilisation duties with a view to a traineeship as a Dental Assistant in 2020.  Student with their own transport will be at an advantage.  To apply, send your resume to
Information/recruitment night school-based traineeships Angus & Coote/Goldmark/Prouds the Jewellers

Hear about the exciting traineeships and qualification (Certificate III Business) offered with the JPL Group (Angus and Coote, Goldmark and Prouds the Jewellers).  For Year 10 & 11 students ONLY
DATE: Wednesday 28 August 2019
TIME: 4.00pm – 5.30pm (Parent briefing 5.15pm)
VENUE: Prestige Service Training, Level 4, Building 3G “Southport Central” 27 Garden Street, Southport
RSVP: Via Link
Star Casino – Culinary Excellence School-Based Apprenticeship Program

New School-Based Apprenticeship positions in Commercial Cookery have become available to students wishing to start their career as a Chef with Star Casino (Broadbeach).  A passion for food is a must for this high-end venue.  For more information contact Icon Training Academy on 1300 426 626 or email
Dreamworld – School-Based Traineeship Positions Available

A School-Based Traineeship is a fun & Energetic way for Year 10 and 11 students to gain a Certificate III Business for FREE.  Successful applicants will receive a minimum of 7.5 hours of paid work each week.  For further details and to apply, visit the Marymount College Careers Centre or email
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship Opportunities

Sports Update

Outstanding Student Result

Ashleigh and Caitlin Allred did very well at the recent Australian Pool Rescue Championships:

Ashleigh came away with 3 medals:
1st line throw; 2nd obstacle relay; 3rd 200m obstacle race
Younger sister Caitlin outdid her older sister by coming away with 5 medals:
1st obstacle relay; 2nd 25m brick carry; 2nd 100m obstacle race; 2nd brick carry relay; 2nd medley relay

Congratulations girls on your fantastic results!
Outstanding Student Result

Isabella van Wijk competed in the FISAF (Federation of Sport Aerobics & Fitness) Australian Titles recently held in Brisbane. Isabella won the Australian Title for Individual Junior International Female and her trio won the Australian Title for International Junior Female Trio. She has now been selected onto the Australian Team to represent Australia in Singles and Trio categories at the upcoming FISAF World Championships to be held in October in the Netherlands. Congratulations and Good Luck Isabella!
Outstanding Student Result

Students Max Robertson (Yr10) and Zach Wren (Yr9) were both members of the 15yr South Coast Regional Rugby Union Team that competed at the State School Championships in Toowoomba from Thursday to Sunday. Their team went undefeated over the four days, including a nail-biting 15-14 win in the final against Capricornia. Congratulations Max & Zach!
Outstanding Student Result 

Congratulations to Isabella Davidson on being selected to officiate as a Match Official at the recently completed School Sport Australia National 12s Rugby League Championships that were held at Langlands Park. It is great to see our students not only perform on the sporting field as competitors but to give back and officiate as well. Well done Isabella!
Queensland Team Selection
Congratulations to Bailey Sewell on his selection in the Queensland School Sport U15 Schoolboys Cricket Team to participate in the Cricket Exchange v NSW being held in Maroochydore at the end of September. Good luck Bailey!

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Term 4 Sport Selections

The term 4 sport selections have been open since 9am Monday 19th of August. Please check your emails for how the selections were to be made. At the time of print, there are only just over 650 of 1000+ students that have made selections. Some of the more popular ones did fill very quickly, but there are still places in nearly all options. Please check with your child if they have made their selections and help them to do it if they haven’t. 
Trent Balym
Program Leader


Gold Sponsors

Donations Required

Can you assist our fundraising by providing items for the Cent Auction?

We are seeking gift packs, vouchers for dinners, accommodation, health & beauty products, homewares, toys, novelty items. Items can be dropped into the College or Primary office. 
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors
Friend Sponsors
Gold Coast Smiles | Burleigh Heads Hotel | Imperial Pacific Coaches | Travel Associates

Parish News

Archdiocese Invitation

This is an invitation to everyone in the Archdiocese of Brisbane to join in the Living Laudato Si’ Initiative. 

During the Season of Creation 2019, every parish, school and agency across the Archdiocese of Brisbane is invited to make a commitment to dive deeper into Pope Francis’ call for us to care for our common home. In Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical letter, Laudato Si’ - On Care for our Common Home, the Pope invites us to hear the call to ecological conversion and to take action. There are so many ecological problems in south-east Queensland, in our region and around the world. Our care is urgently needed! As individuals, parishes, schools and agencies, we need to increase our efforts to better care for creation so that we live Laudato Si’.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge has invited Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, Archbishop of Suva, Fiji, and President of the Oceania Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences to come to the Archdiocese of Brisbane and speak at a series of events beginning on Sunday 1 September, marking the beginning of the Season of Creation. At 12noon on Sunday 1 September Archbishop Chong, Archbishop Coleridge and Bishop Ken Howell will concelebrate at the Cathedral of St Stephen on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. The Mass of Creation will mark the launch the Living Laudato Si’ initiative for the Archdiocese.

You are invited to come to the following events with Archbishop Chong.

The Mass of Creation will be followed by a BYO picnic on the grounds of the Cathedral of St Stephen. Please bring a picnic blanket and your keep cups for coffee from the van.
Evensong to Celebrate the Season of Creation, an ecumenical event at St John’s Anglican Cathedral, 373 Ann St, Brisbane, Sunday 1 September (6pm)
An on-line Oceania Dialogue hosted by the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) on Zoom with participants from across Oceania, Monday 2 September, (10am – 11am)
A Laudato Si’ Formation and Dialogue event for Archdiocesan staff and volunteers, featuring a keynote by Archbishop Chong, in the Hanly Room at the Francis Rush Centre (next to the Cathedral), Monday 2 September (11:30am – 2:30pm)
A public Laudato Si’ Formation and Dialogue event featuring keynote from Archbishop Chong, ‘Laudato Si' in Oceania - Climate Change & Integral Ecology’, Gaudete Centre, ACU, Banyo, Monday 2 September (6pm – 8pm)
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