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Friday 31 May 2019 

Athletics Carnival Contests and Fun

While our top athletes rose to the challenge, producing outstanding contests in track and field, 900 students enjoyed a beautiful sunny autumn day in house colours, with coloured hair and, for quite a few, in fancy dress. Cooperation and respect were the order of the day. Our appreciation to Head of Sport, Trent Balym, for his organisation of the day; to the grounds Staff for marking fields, setting up and packing down; to David Grant, Rachel Evans, Jane Greffe and Pippa Marr for catering; to staff for being referees, track and field marshalls, judges, time keepers, recorders, announcers, photographers, first aid officers and general supervisors; and finally, and importantly, to the students who made the day such a successful community day.

Marymount College 50 Year Anniversary Mass on 6/5/18: Sr Josephine Rush, Padre Morgan Batt, Sr Patricia Cordwell, Sr Marguerite O'Brien, Sr Catherine White, Sr Elizabeth Prendergast, Bishop Ken Howell, Sr Clara Condon, Sr Rita Johnston

Sister Clara 1930 To 2019

Sister Clara was the Superior, of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MFSIC), who committed the Franciscan Sisters to the founding of Marymount College in 1968. She lived in the convent on campus for four years. The convent was demolished in December 2013, along with the original Marymount buildings on the area that is now the Franciscan Lawns, between the MacKillop Buildings and the Franciscan Centre. Sister Clara, along with Sister Catherine, Provincial of the MFSIC, Sister Rita, Sister Josephine and Sister Margaurite joined us throughout last year’s 50th celebrations of the founding of the College. We will miss her gentle presence at the College, where she attended a number of times for College events each year, over the past ten years. Sister Rita has promised to continue to visit and has promised to join us for Marymount Day later this year. Mrs Maitland, College Captains, Eliza Rohana and Jackson Lake and I travelled to the Little Flower Church at Kedron for Sister Clara’s funeral on Monday. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord. May she rest in peace.

Applications for Year 7 – 2021

While some interviews are scheduled to finalise Year 7, 2020 on Tuesday 4 June, most interviews will be for Year 7, 2021. Apply now for enrolment for Year 7, 2021. Further interviews will be scheduled in August.

Enrol for Year 7 2021 Now

Year 8 Night of Living History 10 June

This will be another good night for students, parents and staff. The classwork, commitment and attention to detail that goes into the Year 8 students’ preparation demands the great roll up it receives each year. The students appreciate parents and teachers who get into the spirit of the night to interview them as the character they are on the night. They are told to stay ‘in character’ and they do a fantastic job.

P&F Meeting 11 June

These meetings are held in the College Administration Meeting Room. Grace McLintock, President, runs a tight meeting and all parents are welcome as the P&F discuss matters of concern to parents, approve P&F business and hear from the Principal or from Senior Administration Staff.

Year 11 Unit 1 General Subject Results

For Year 11s studying General Subjects, Unit 1 concluded on 24 May. For those studying Applied Subjects and Certificate Courses, Unit 1 will conclude at the end of Term 2, 28 June. General Subject Unit 1 results will be communicated to parents and students shortly. This advice of results is needed now, particularly where a student is struggling with a subject, as Unit 2 has begun and changes of subject need to be done as soon as practically possible. Note that the Year 11 End Semester One Report will be the usual full report and include Unit 1 General, Applied and Certificate subjects/courses completed in Semester One. 

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Week 7



M Fest Week
Whole School Assembly


1:00pm Year 7 2021 Enrolment Interviews
3:30pm Year 10-12 Drama Excursion (Romeo & Juliette)


10:30am QISSN Fundraising BBQ


Sport Trials


Rosies Have a Heart Day

Week 8


Year 9 Reflection Day (Bond Uni)
6:45pm Year 8 Night of Living History


P&F Meeting


10:30am QISSRL BBQ


Sport Trials


Year 9 Business Excursion (Tommerups Farm)

Deputy Principal


Early Departure

In the event that students need to leave school early please see the College policy below. We will not use the intercom system to call into classrooms and disrupt learning to call students out of class.
Marymount College Procedure for Early Departure:
  1. Bring a letter from your parent/guardian explaining why you need to leave early
  2. Have your Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year sign the letter during PC
  3. Advise the class teacher that you will need to leave early and show them your note
  4. Immediately prior to departure report to SAO. Hand in your note and sign out using the ALLE attendance computers
Parents should not arrive at school without prior warning to collect their children. Classes will not be disrupted by the use of the intercom system. Parents will need to wait until there is a break in classes.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Junior Curriculum

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019). Further information is available on the College website.

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Senior Curriculum

Year 12

The Year 12 Exam Block shutdown schedule is currently being finalised. The first nominated day of exams was a calendar date of Wednesday 19 June. However, this is not required and will be a normal day of school and classes. There is a QCS practice test included and this is a compulsory test for all OP-eligible students. 

Year 11

We herald in the first completion of Unit 1 General subjects under the New QCE (ATAR) system this week. Year 11 students attended Retreat this week and then Unit 2 subjects commence in Week 7.

Subject Changes: Year 11 students have been advised that the option to request subject changes is now open to them for three weeks – the usual arrangement for Senior subject changing. They will have up until the end of Week 8 to formalise these requests through the Subject Change Request form available from SAO. They are required to gain signed support from both previous and new teacher/HOD, as well as parents, so they have been assured that their choice to move is the correct one. Please do not request changes via email. The request is not automatically approved and places must be available in the new subject. The non-academic Applied subjects and VET courses run on a Semester basis. Students remain in these subjects until the end of the Semester. If they choose a VET course it would most likely be studied off-campus on one day of the week and may incur full fees, if they are already enrolled in VET subjects. 

Exams: Most Year 11 exams are now complete for the Unit/Semester. Parents will receive notification of students’ academic achievements in General subjects ahead of the Semester report being published at the end of the Semester (Week 10). This may assist in the decision to change General subjects, or not. The full, academic report with results for all subjects and all results will be published at the same time as all other year level Semester based subjects. 

Year 10

A Year 10 Exam schedule was published this week. There is no shutdown and all normal subject classes proceed as normal during these exams.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum
College Mass

Last Wednesday we celebrated Mass together in the Doyle Centre as a school community. Padre Morgan’s homily was about “Where are you?” in regard to powerful topics such as bullying, recycling and assisting others. 
I was extremely honoured to hold a special role singing in the choir and leading the entire school in some great hymns; some we did know and others we did not. Some of the Year levels had had the opportunity to practice these new hymns prior to the Mass. 
This was a thoroughly enjoyable Mass for all. 

Ben Crilly
Year 12 Insider and Choir member

We all, as a school, gathered in the Doyle Centre for something that we all share, a love with God. We received the holy body of Christ and sang with the choir which was very enjoyable.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider and Choir member

The choir, Mrs Young and Mr Faughey were responsible for the music at the Mass. The choir sang songs including “Every Single Piece Matters” and “10,000 Reasons.” Fr Padre Morgan spoke the homily from the book of Genesis. Six different people gave the prayers of the faithful and the priest conducted the Eucharist where everyone in the school either took communion or was given a blessing.

Grace Ivens 
Year 9 Insider

Social Justice

Rosies Friends on the Street

On 21 May, I made a journey to my first Rosie’s experience. My four experienced companions Yasmin, Erin, Jackson and Conall, together with Mrs Hurley guided me through the night.

Arriving at the kitchen and preparing the food, I was trying to imagine how this night would unfold. I had no experience with how these organisations worked, other than seeing them on television and movies. Travelling in the van to our meeting spot, I was expecting it to be a dull soup kitchen kind of vibe.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was such a surprise to see the joy these people had to see the vans pull up and the food roll out. It felt so good to give these people food for the night. However, the most fulfilling part of the experience was to converse with the people and hear the stories. Their stories gave me a whole new way of looking at the world. What I was most surprised about was how much these people made me laugh. I was there to cheer them up, but it felt more like they were cheering me up more. After packing up the vans and heading back to the base I felt a strong sense of pride in my actions and more love in my heart. 

Chase Garrett
Year 12 


Term 2, for Interact, has already been a huge success and we are very proud and grateful.

Through Interact we have had fun, bonded as a community and raised money for those less fortunate. Last term, we raised over $350 for Caritas and this term we supported the charity organization ‘Rosies.’ In Australia, 5.6 million people, (one in four of us) are lonely almost all of the time or on a regular basis.  Many of us, in fact around 66%, seek friendship as a remedy to loneliness. Rosies reaches out to and assists those most in need, those people who are lonely, abandoned and marginalised within our communities.

Mother's Day Stall

Our first fundraiser for this term was a Mother’s Day Stall. If we tried to name all of the special things our mothers do for us the list would be endless. They do so much for us with no expectation of return. Interact created Cup-ulents (succulents in a teacup) to show our mothers our appreciation for all that they do. Your generosity for mums was also generosity to the underprivileged through the Rosies organisation. Through the purchasing of Cup-ulents, Interact raised $365 for the charity. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr Larkin, as he aided in the nurturing of the plants, alongside students in his Year 12 Agricultural Studies class. Nikita - one of Interact’s board members - led this creative project, ensuring all the Marymount mothers received a special gift.

Ozanam Villa Visit
Alongside the Cup-ulents, Interact members visited Ozanam Villa, which is a Burleigh Heads retirement village. We played a game of trivia, shared stories with one another, and serenaded the residents with some live music. As we left, we gave them a departing gift – a card with some Interact Mother’s Day wishes, and a few of their very own Cup-ulents.

Officeworks BBQ Fundraiser 

On the 25 May, Interact held a fundraising barbecue at Officeworks in Burleigh to raise money for Rosie’s. We were incredibly grateful for the people who volunteered to help in the stand and to those who purchased items. We raised over $200.

Seascapes Art and Film Festival 

On the very same weekend, Rotary Burleigh Heads ran the Seascapes Art and Film Festival.  For those who don’t know, Interact is a junior arm of Rotary.  Indee McDonald and Halle Wiblen had entered the Rotary short film contest and Indee also entered a painting into the silent auction. The short film was a silent film that encouraged others to Be Kind and to join Rotary to make a difference.  They were surprised and delighted to win this category and would encourage others to enter next year. Indee also sold her painting. As part of the film festival, it was enjoyable for them to watch their film along with the other entries, as well as view all the amazing art work. It was great to see so much talent on the Gold Coast, view what other people had done and compare. We would highly recommend that more students participate next year.

Thank you
Interact would like to take a moment in gratitude and express our deep thanks to every Marymount student, teacher and staff member who have supported and donated generously to the different fundraisers held to date. By contributing to these fundraisers, you have made a difference. You are helping our community to become a better place as well as providing aid to those less fortunate. We are trying our best to ‘Be the Inspiration’ and make small, yet powerful changes. I hope you will continue to make the change with us.
Halle Wiblen, Year 8 and Jackson Lake, Year 12
Interact Public Relations Directors

Care & Concern - Burleigh Heads

We are currently looking for volunteers to schedule drivers for our clients who need to be driven to their medical appointments.
For further information please call Diane Taylor 0438 877 059


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Once you download the App, search Marymount College and make a favourite. 

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Year 11 News

Unit 1 Review 

Week 6 marks the end of the first unit of the new ATAR system for the Year 11 students. 
The new system and the beginning of Senior school has been challenging – but at the same time rewarding. 

At the start of the year some of my subjects felt almost impossible to keep track of. However, now, as the year has progressed and with the help of my teachers, they have all proved themselves to be engaging learning experiences. 

Harrison Dean
Year 11 Insider

I have found the Senior curriculum challenging this year, because the subjects have had some difficult assessment and the exams were hard. 

The subjects that I have found challenging are Religion & Ethics and Essential Maths. The subjects that I have found enjoyable, however, are Visual Arts In Practice and Aquatic Practices. They have really interesting activities and both of my teachers are really proud of what I have done for Term 1 and Semester 1. I do feel supported by my teachers. Unit 1 was a challenge, working through the first and second terms as a Senior student in Year 11. 

Brian Briski
Year 11 Insider

More Year 11 News

Year 10 News

Year 10 students at the Gold Coast Careers Festival on Thursday 16/5/19. Photos: Ashlin McCabe
The Year 10 Careers Expo provided students with a myriad of career pathway opportunities and allowed them to have a closer look into their possible futures. 

Students from all different schools on the Gold Coast were able to come together and have a fun day with different stalls offering different and exciting activities. 
TAFE set out a range of happenings that drew in students from all corners of the expo to either have their hair turned into a trendy rainbow dream or get hands-on and try making a pencil case. I personally came out with a purple and pink bun that was shinier than the crown jewels of England and I loved it. The ADF also pulled in a lot of attention showcasing the many opportunities and luxuries that come with serving your country, including the Air Force which is my own preference. 
Students agreed that the day was well spent exploring the worlds of each career and munching on the favourable food stalls of all kinds.

Ashlin McCabe
Year 10 Insider

Year 10 Portfolios

Congratulations to Year 10 Students who have made an excellent start to gathering content for inclusion to their student portfolios over the past two weeks.

This will be an ongoing process throughout their senior schooling journey that we look forward to supporting them through. Remember students can access their portfolio anytime and we will be providing regular reminders regarding keeping them current.  Students who have yet to receive or return theirs to the Careers Centre should make urgent contact by dropping in. 

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET
More Year 10 News

Year 7, 8 & 9 News

Junior Social Night

On June 14 the movies will be coming to Marymount for years 7, 8, and 9. For a double screening and snag from the barbecue, $5 will get you a great night with friends. You’ve voted and the results are in, Surf’s Up and Ghostbusters will be coming to the big screen (Doyle Centre). So cosy up, bring some pyjamas and blankets, and a few extra dollars to purchase popcorn if you feel a little more peckish. Maybe even grab a hot choccy too!
Tickets will be released very shortly; you won’t miss out. All money raised will go towards the Year 12 College gift, so your support is greatly appreciated. Grab all your friends and come in for a night at the movies!

Jackson Lake
Year 9 Insider

Year 9 News

Year 9 STEM Futures Day - Griffith University

This day has a focus on STEM Careers and includes specialist panels made up of industry, post graduate students and alumni talking to students about their careers, why they love what they do and how they got to where they are.  The Gold Coast Campus STEM day is set for Thursday 27 June 2019.  For further information and register visit:
More Year 9 News

Media News

Year 9 Movie World Excursion

On 8 May, Year 9 Media class went on an excursion to Movie World.  

We saw the Aquaman exhibition which included a display of the costumes, props and scenery significant to the creation of the movie. It was amazing to see the amount of thought and detail that had gone into the simplest things such as books, newspaper clippings and the costumes. 
Overall, it was a good experience that was very fun and beneficial for our class.

Lana Robilliard
Year 9 Insider

Humanities News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This week, Year 8 students will have finalised their Humanities research notes, paragraphs and bibliography for submission during the first lesson of Week 7. Students will spend Week 7 preparing for the night both in class and at home. A check-list has been provided above to guide student progress. The size of the display board for each student is 120 cm wide and 120 cm long (though backdrop cloth can fall to the floor). 

For Week 8 Monday 10 June during the day

On Monday 10 June (Week 8), your Year 8 son or daughter will bring with them to school all the items needed to set up their display during the day. They should bring their display items to the Doyle Centre Gym when they arrive at school Monday morning and leave them in an area under the sign for their class. Any valuable items or edible giveaways should be brought with you and set up on the night. Students will come dressed in their costume on the night. 

Classes will be setting up their displays during class time on Monday in the following lessons:
Period 1:     8HIS8 Ms Stephenson and 8HIS3 Ms Mullins (during RE lesson)
Period 2:     8HIS4 Mrs Sewell
Period 3:     8HIS2 Ms Stephenson and 8HIS7 Mr Fitzgerald
Period 5:     8HIS6 Mr Rezo and 8HIS5 Ms King (during RE lesson)
Period 6:     8HIS1 Ms Stephenson and 8HIS9 Ms Lidbetter

Remember to bring to school in the morning:

    A banner or name sign for your historical person
    Any photos/images/posters/quotes/props
    Fabric/cardboard/ paper for use as your backdrop
    Old sheet/tablecloth/length of material for the desk
    At least 6 questions in a suitable container
    Any giveaways in a suitable container (bring valuable items and edible items on the night)
    Dressmaker pins – with coloured heads and tacks 

Night of Living History - Monday 10 June
Students meet in theatrette at 6:45pm for 7:00pm start

Refreshments will be available beside the Doyle Centre steps from 6.30: Sausage sizzle, drinks etc.

Students will gather in the theatrette at 6.45 pm prior to processing onto the stage once all guests have entered the Doyle Centre. Students with valuable or edible items for their display may arrive no earlier than 6.30 and go into the Doyle quickly to drop these items off. The doors to the Doyle Centre will open for parents and guests promptly at 7:00 pm – please do not enter the Doyle Centre gym prior to this. 

The night will end at 8:15 pm. All displays will be dismantled at the end and all items taken home with the student. For reasons of safety, students are not allowed outside the Doyle Centre without parent supervision, so please collect your son or daughter from inside the Doyle Centre at the end of the evening. 

Looking forward to you joining us on the night.

Cheryl Fraser
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Night of Living History Weekly Schedule

Students will be completing a research task this term (weeks 1 – 7) and collecting items for their NOLH costume and display in weeks 3 – 7.

WEEK 6: Students taught how to write paragraphs, use in-text referencing and how to set out a bibliography  (see page 19 of the booklet). Three paragraphs are written in class time and for homework. Complete checklist on page 19 of the booklet.
WEEK 7: Task 2 NOLH Assignment due (completed research booklet with notes, paragraphs bibliography). The due date for individual classes will be advised by the class teacher.    
WEEK 7: 6 NOLH questions for display written in class. Continue for homework. 
WEEK 8: Monday 10 June - Night of Living History (students arrive 6:45pm for 7:00pm start

Hospitality News

Languages News

Host Families Required for students of Edogawa Toride High School Japan 27/7 to 11/8/19

  • One student per homestay for 15 nights and the payment will be $480 
  • ​Families are asked to provide all meals and friendly home for their student
  • Students will travel to and from school each day the same way as arranged for your own children (please provide transportation fee) 
  • The students are 15-17 years old
  • 24/7 Japanese/English support provided by ISS
  • All family members over the age of 18 will need Blue Cards (Volunteer, no cost) Please contact Ms Aki if you don’t have one. 
  • If you are hosting another Japanese student during the group’s stay, please refrain from becoming a host family for Edogawa Toride students. 
Please contact:
​Ms Kanae Aki (Japanese Teacher – to obtain a Host Family Application Form
Yoko Sugimoto (ISS – Study Tour Organiser) 3870-9114 /

Kanae Aki
Languages Coordinator
Yes I can host a Japanese Student

Mathematics News

MANGAHIGH Maths Challenge – Still on top of Queensland!

Congratulations to our MANGAHIGH Year 7 and 8 students for staying on top of the Leader Board for another fortnight! North Lakes State College is coming in second overall. The big question is can we hold them off for another 3 days 10 hours 24 minutes and 36 minutes to win the month of May?

The rankings for our Top 10 students still have a first and second place as Halle W and Jade S but others have changed positions! 

In medal points the winners to date are:
•    7AA who have 1573 medal points (Mr Spilsted)
•    8MAT2 who have 773 medal points (Mr T Carroll)

This week we feature Mrs Blackburn’s 8 Maths 3 winners and Mr Geyer’s 7PI Maths class.

Only a few more weeks to go! Who will be our Year 7 and 8 top students? What class will work together to get the most medal points? 

Australian Maths Trust Update

With just over a week to go some of the team decided to stay back after school and get ahead on the number of tasks completed in their workbooks. 

They were tackling the challenges with enthusiasm, diving into the wording of the questions for clues, and sketching diagrams to support their work.

William said “it’s an interesting experience working in a team to solve complex problems”.

Halle reports “it is so challenging I feel that I am using my skills in a different real life problems and that makes it fun!”

Keep up the great work in mathematics!

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics

Technology News

STEM Industry Visibility Day

Wednesday 7:30 am - 8:30 am Library

After the success of our International Women’s Day guest speakers, we have invited some more engineers from Boeing Defence down to address students in Years 10-12.

Speakers include electrical, mechatronic, mechanical and engineers, all of whom hold highest levels of security clearances, working within the aeronautical field.  

Interested students can pass their names on to their Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths teacher for permission forms to be issued.  Students and their guardians are invited to the library on Wednesday 5 June from 7:30am to 8:30 am.

The morning’s presentation will be followed by an excursion later in June to Boeing Wacol Test facility, Boeing Amberley Base, and the Boeing business hub in Brisbane.
Students will be selected, via a writing task, for the privilege to attend.
Highlights of the trip:

Boeing City – work with communications systems that the Boeing has designed for deployment as a part of Australian defence.
Amberly RAAF Base – Meet an aerospace engineer and get close up with Super Hornets, Growlers, and possibly the C-17. Talk to a Weapons Technologist who serves for the Australian military as an employee of Boeing.
Wacol – Visit the facilities that test all the equipment, enter a -5 degree cooling chamber, and a heat chamber, see a demo of engineering software used in environmental testing.

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technology

Science News

Year 12 Marine Science Field Study

This term, Year 12 Marine Science students are focused on learning about the ecology and significance of mangrove ecosystems. 

Students have developed their own research questions and methodology to investigate various aspects of the mangrove ecosystem forming an Extended Research Report. They are focused on investigating biotic and abiotic factors within the mangrove ecosystem at Tallebudgera Creek. 

This research project is helping students build scientific research skills and learn about the importance of mangroves in the marine environment.  
Ashleigh Hart and Olivia Thompson  
Year 12
Agricultural Science: The Calves are here!

Careers & Vocational Education

Marymount College Careers Expo - Parent Contribution

We encourage as many College parents/caregivers as possible to come along and provide guidance in their area of expertise.  Whether you are a nurse, builder, vet, firefighter, business operator, or personal trainer, we would welcome you along to provide information to those who might be interested in your profession.  No public speaking is required.  Just one-on-one chats within a casual, comfortable environment.  The event is Tuesday 30 July (Term 3/Week 9) from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the Doyle Centre. Support, resources and refreshments are provided.  Please contact Ms Leesa Lutze for further information -

2019 SAE Backstage Pass Scholarship

SAE is proud to offer a limited number of partial scholarships valued at $5,000.00 to high-achieving applicants looking to make it big in areas of animation, audio, design, film, games or web and mobile.  Get exclusive access to all the info at:  Note that applications close 31 October 2019.

2019 After the Siren Workshop

Griffith University, together with Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Excellence Centre are offering this FREE program designed to offer student-athletes in Years 11-12 the unique opportunity to learn first hand about life as an elite athlete, from a range of current industry professionals, to assist in preparing for a successful life on and off the sport field.  The Gold Coast workshop will be conducted at the Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Excellence Centre on Tuesday 30 July 2019.  For further details and to register, visit the Marymount College Careers Centre.

Australian Cyber Security Centre - Holiday Work Experience Program

Applications are now open to Students in Year 11 or 12 who are showing exceptional aptitude in programming and have a keen interest in ICT, cybersecurity and engineering may be interested in this opportunity.  The program is run over a 5 day period during the school holidays at the Australian Cyber Security Centre in Canberra.  For further details see the Marymount College Careers Centre or visit

Certificate II in Automotive - Schools Program - All Trades Queensland

All Trades Queensland is now offering a Certificate II in Automotive to commence Term 3 (Friday 26 July) to be delivered over 20 weeks (each Friday).  For further details, contact the Marymount College Careers Centre or visit

Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp

Defence Force Recruiting are holding a residential camp over from 8-11 July at TS Endeavour, the Navy Cadets Training facility located within HMAS Cairns.  This is a fantastic opportunity for young women considering a career in Trades (flight costs are not included).  Applications close on Sunday 9 June 2019.  For further information contact the Marymount College Careers Centre or visit:

Airways Aviation Education - Information Session

Airways Aviation Education (AAE) next to Coolangatta airport will be holding Aviation Student/Parent Information Sessions on Wednesday 12 June 2019 from 5.45pm – 6.30pm at their Hangar 51, Lores Bonney Circuit Bilinga location.  For further details see the Marymount College Careers Centre or visit
More Careers and VET Information
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship Opportunities


AGCC Interschool Sport Semester 1

Last week saw Marymount field teams in 33 of the 41 AGCC finals for the Semester 1 competition. Of the 33 finals we competed in, Marymount teams were victorious in 25! Congratulations to the following teams on winning your premiership for Semester 1:

AFL Yr 9/10 – Marymount Sky
Basketball Yr 9 – Marymount Blue
Basketball Yr 10 – Marymount Blue
Basketball Yr 11/12 A Division – Marymount Blue
Basketball Yr 11/12 B Division – Marymount Teal
Touch Football Yr 7 A Division – Marymount Sky
Touch Football Yr 7 B Division – Marymount White
Touch Football Yr 8 – Marymount Blue
Touch Football Yr 10 – Marymount Sky
Touch Football Yr 11/12 – Marymount Blue
Volleyball Yr 9/10 – Marymount White
Volleyball Yr11/12 A Division – Marymount Blue

Futsal Yr 7/8/9 – Marymount Blue
Indoor Cricket Yr 10/11/12 – Marymount Blue
Netball Yr 7 B Division – Marymount Sky
Netball Yr 8 – Marymount Blue
Netball Yr 9 – Marymount Blue
Netball Yr 10 – Marymount Sky
Netball Yr 11/12 – Marymount Sky
Oztag Yr 7 A Division – Marymount Blue
Oztag Yr 7 B Division – Marymount Aqua
Oztag Yr 8 – Marymount Blue
Oztag Yr 9 A Division – Marymount Sky
Oztag Yr 11/12 – Marymount Sky
Tennis Yr 9/10 – Marymount Aqua

South Coast Representatives

Congratulations to the following students on your selection in the South Coast teams to compete at upcoming State Championships:
Sophie DEVINE – Hockey
Camryn MATHISON – Hockey

We wish you all the best as you take on the best in the State.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

College Track & Field Carnival

Our Annual Track & Field carnival was held on Friday 24th May here at the College. It was a great day with many students competing to earn points for their house in not only the traditional track & field events, but also in novelty events like tug-of-war and sack races. 

Across the carnival we had 5 records broken and 2 records set in new events. Congratulations to our record breakers on your great performances:

Shae ROONEY – 16yr Girls 1500m – 5:11.18 secs. Old record 5:19.70 M Fitzgerald (1993)
Jemma STOKES – Open Girls Shot Put – 10.20m. Old record 10.11m A Baverstock (2007)
Ellie BEER – 16yr Girls Triple Jump – 10.37m. Old record 10.19m F Bruhn (1977)
Hayley GRAVINA – 12yr Girls Shot Put – 6.88m. Old record 6.74m A Threlfall (2015)
Max HUDSON – 12yr Boys Shot Put – 9.36m. Old record 9.19m X Patelesio-Faamausili (2016)

Pascalle FOSTER – 12yr Girls 1500m – 5:58.81
Preston DAU – 12yr Boys 1500m – 5:39.49
12yr Pascalle FOSTER – 90pts Dillon HOWELL – 90pts
13yr Millar BROSNAN-BALL – 64pts Mason FIELD – 115pts
14yr Livvy DEVONPORT – 129pts Shaun RILEY – 96pts
15yr Mya MITCHELL – 84pts Henry MELLICK – 114pts
16yr Caitlin LYTHGO – 103pts Luke KENDON – 99pts
Open Angela WILLIAMS – 137.5 pts Luke FRASER – 130pts
1st PATANGA 2862
2nd BULIMAH 2750
3rd ALLAMBEE 2705.5
4th KATANDRA 2549.5

Trent Balym
Program Leader - Sport
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Athletics Carnival

The events I participated in during the day were Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Long jump, Triple jump and the fun Sack races. 

My house is Bulimah and I wore a blue Hawaiian shirt with flower patterns, a blue Hawaiian skirt, a blue flower necklace and a pair of blue shoes. My favourite costumes of the day were all of the Year 12 students and the other students wearing interesting costumes. The highlight of the day was seeing a lot of students and teachers wearing colours and costumes to represent and support their house. The Athletics Carnival is one of the fun days during the year when there are many exciting activities going on during the day. 

Briana Briski
Year 11 Insider

The sports carnival was filled with fun events from running to Sack races. Spending the day with my friends was one of my main highlights. The costumes that were worn were very creative and fun and I especially liked the Simson’s family.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider

The Athletics Carnival at Marymount is a great experience. Enjoyable and fun coupled with team spirit, excessive competitiveness and unique costumes, there is something in it for everyone.
I thought I had dressed all out when I came with a green tutu, a green shirt, green gloves, green necklace and even green hair but I was outshined by many amazing costumes and in awe of the effort our students put into their school spirit. There were fairies, ping-pong players, sumo wrestlers and even the Simpsons with their yellow body paint.
I loved hanging out with my friends and supporting and cheering on my team, Patanga. For me and my friends, there was much merriment and excitement when participating in the novelty events as well as the 100-metre sprint.

 Halle Wiblen
Year 8 Insider

AFL News – AFLQS Cup

Both the boys Junior and Senior AFL teams had resounding wins in their recent zone championship games held at Ormeau AFC.

Canterbury College and Ormeau Woods SHS were no match to the teamwork and skill of Marymount College. Assistant Coach, Seth Walker 7BE, helped to mastermind a game plan that saw the Junior boys defeat a much bigger opposition. Led by Taine Dawson, Taz Kerr and Lachy Edgar, the Junior boys showed good control moving the ball by hand and foot. It was great to witness the huge contribution of the much smaller Year 7s who did not shy away from the contest.

The Senior boys played a very one-sided game with their opponents only able to score one behind. Co Captains Liam Howe and Bryn Larkin have managed to lead this team through to the qualifying finals for the first time. These games will be played on 8 August against the winners of the Northern Rivers zone, Mt St Patrick’s College for the Juniors and Lindisfarne for the Seniors. Well done to Coaches Carroll and Francis for leading the boys.

On Monday the Junior girls team competed for their chance to play finals football but were beaten by Varsity who will now go on. Kophie Woolf and Milla Fergason rotated ruck duties all day keeping the team united despite having never played before. For many in the girls, this was their first AFL experience. Chanel was a pocket rocket, delivered some hard tackles and showed a great kicking style.  Caitlin has just started playing outside of school, and was all over the ball, creating space and not scared to tackle.Coach Berryman was impressed with the high standard of competition and is looking forward to more opportunities for these girls.

Go Marymount!
Bomber Larkin

1st XIII Rugby League

With the naming of the 2019 Confraternity Shield carnival team imminent our boys have been striving to perform at their best.

The boys have been training well which has translated into mostly pleasing results in the weekly Wednesday night Titans Cup competition. Results so far have seen victories over Keebra Park SHS, Aquinas College and Beenleigh SHS – in a return match after a loss in the third round. It is pleasing to see the depth we have developed in our Open squad which allows Marymount to field full 1st and 2nd XIII sides each week.

This week’s match was a good test for the top side as they had to prove they had learnt important lessons from the earlier Beenleigh SHS loss. Belief in each other and our systems resulted in a sound victory.
Apart from the boys’ performance on the training and playing fields we are most pleased with their performance in class and involvement in other aspects of College life (eg: the hugely successful musical). The Marymount College Rugby League program places a huge importance on each boy’s behaviour, attitude and progress across their subjects.

Many thanks to our Parent Support Group, under the management of Mrs Kara Mallory, who are providing BBQ help and food for most of our teams post game – something the boys really look forward to. Please keep those protein balls… coming.

Season 2019 has seen the exciting development of our girls' rugby league squad who now play each week on Wednesday night at Helensvale. Well done to these girls and thanks to Mrs Smith for heading this up.
Next Wednesday will see a break for our Open teams due to the Year 11 Retreat (these will be played the following week, 5th June, at 4.30 and 5.30pm at Mudgeeraba JRLFC). The Year 7/8 and 9/10 boys teams will play next week at Mudgeeraba (4.30 and 5.30pm) and would love your support. We look forward to seeing the numbers of supporters increase for all teams as we move towards the semi-finals (Week 8) and grand finals (Week 9).
Good luck to all of our teams over the next few weeks.
Up the Makos!!!

Mr Hamilton/Mr Geyer
1st XIII Coaches


Thank you to our first GOLD sponsor, Bank of Queensland (Palm Beach) - another Marymount family who passionately support our school.

Visit their Facebook page for details of the products and services on offer.  

Contact Trent Williams to discuss how Bank of QLD - Pam Beach can assist you.
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Ph: (07) 5569 8411 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Marymount Spring Fete is a fun, exciting and eagerly anticipated biennial event on the local community calendar.

The Fete delivers stalls and attractions from all over the Gold Coast and provides entertainment and rides which cater for all age groups. The Fete also encourages the students of Marymount College and Marymount Primary School to participate and showcase their musical and dance talents through stage performances during the day.

The P&F Associations of Marymount College and Marymount Primary are working together to raise funds for both schools. The campuses have a combined student population of around 2200 and are supported by a large parent body and community members of the Burleigh Heads Parish. Given this, the 2019 Marymount Spring Fete will provide an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses seeking to promote their goods and/or services.

Whether you'd like to be a major sponsor, or simply donate a prize, equipment or entertainment to support our Fete fundraising, we are grateful for your assistance and always acknowledge the efforts of those that support us. Click here to sponsor or for more information.​​
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