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Monday 04 November 2019 
Principal Chris Noonan, 2018 Dux Matilda Teitzel, Jackson Lake, P&F President Grace McLintock
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Awards Night
The Annual Awards Night celebrated student achievement across all areas of endeavour in 2019. A reprise of the College Musical, Legally Blonde, opened proceedings, which were about presenting Year Level Awards before closing with College Outstanding and Major Awards for the year.
Year level awards were presented for Academic Excellence and Academic Proficiency. Recognition of College Co-Curricular Involvement and Achievement followed each Year Level Award presentation. Recognition of numerous Outstanding Sport, Cultural and Cocurricular Achievements followed the Year 12 Year level Awards. Short video clips were interspersed, featuring particular year levels, the arts and sport, our major events and celebrations.
The evening culminated with the College Outstanding Awards and Major Awards, with a real sense of appreciation for the significance of the achievements and the talent, application and character required of those receiving awards. Congratulations to all students presented awards on the night. Congratulations to those who have received significant awards and/or who have achieved ‘personal bests' throughout the year whether recognised or only known to you and your family. Parents and staff know that while the symbolism of awards is needed in our community, it’s the growth of each child that is our purpose. Our appreciation to the team responsible for producing Awards Night: Mr Shaw, Ms O’Malley, Mr Francis, Ms Campbell, Mrs Harrison, Ms Delves, Mrs Maitland, Mrs Howe, Ms Press, Mr Faughey, Mr Hamilton, Mr Callaghan, Heads and Assistant Heads of Year and the many staff who worked backstage.
Finally, my appreciation to parents, families, students and staff for your wonderful support of Marymount College throughout 2019 and joining us for Awards Night.     
Final College Assembly for Year 12
We mark the final day of timetabled lessons for Year 12 with a College Farewell Assembly for the seniors each year. It’s intended as a College Assembly, much like any assembly we have throughout the year, except the College Captains for the following year replace the current year College Captains as the MCs. The order of business is, as usual for assemblies, Prayer, Principal’s Address followed by the business for the Assembly. For the Farewell Assembly, this business is an address by the STAC Reps for each Year Level, an address by the Head and Assistant Head of Year 12, an address by the College Captains and Vice-Captains for the year and then a ceremonial farewell, including confetti cannons and standing ovation as the seniors leave.
We hadn’t initially thought that parents might attend, yet many now do. Over the short time we have had this assembly, the students have elevated it to a moving celebration. The seniors really appreciate it and have turned it into their expression of appreciation to the students they have led and to the staff of the College. The STAC Reps presentations and the Senior Captains’ responses were thoughtful and heartfelt. Not surprising, as they regularly meet with and plan pastoral activities together through the year. This year’s ‘legacy gift’ was an impressive House Competition Leaders’ Display Board which will ensure the current status of the annual House Competition is on display. It’s a terrific idea and our initial thinking is that it be placed in the SAO student entrance corridor.
The seniors Graduation Mass (10:00am Mercy Church) and Dinner (7:00pm GC Convention Centre are on Thursday 14 November.
What a Great Fete
Thank you to our Fete Convenors, Melissa Hickling and Leigh Sullivan. As the Fete approached we attended meetings, understood our responsibilities, made our preparations—deals with others who would help each of us with our work—and reported back to the next Fete meeting. While the Fete Convenors, Melissa Hickling and Leigh Sullivan, trusted us all, they were running ‘defence’, attending to requests we made or concerns we raised. We knew we had this cover. The grounds staff from the College and Primary school were magnificent. The staff of the College and Primary school—Tracey, Tonia, Karen, Rena, Carol, Mark and others—were magnificent. The Stall Convenors, well, they made the Fete! Twenty-six volunteers who said, ‘Yes, I’ll run a stall. Tell me what I have to do.’ The volunteers who helped them too. Thanks to each one of you and Marymount Primary Principal, Brendan Creevey. Thanks to all our sponsors—Bank of QLD Palm Beach, Your Wealth Corporation, Gold Coast Orthodontists, and Sizzler Mermaid Beach—and families and students for volunteering and for donations, including scratchies, water and soft drinks.
People attending the fete were very happy to be there and generous in their spending. We are confident in the likely financial success—anticipating a net result of $40,000 when final costs are cleared—but the community experience of the Fete was great reward for every volunteer and staff member on the day.
Chris Noonan
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Marymount Spring Fete

The day dawned on October 19, bright, sunny and full of promise, for our biennial combined schools Spring Fete.

From 6:00am the College oval was flooded with volunteers—the many hands making light work of setting up for the day. The rides started pouring in, convenors arrived to set up their stalls and Melissa and I started to relax, as everything appeared to be on track. Then, the storm clouds gathered, the heavens opened, and it was flashbacks to the 2017 Fete!! Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the sun broke through, shining down on our Marymount community as everyone enjoyed the rides, the stalls and the fabulous food on offer. The entertainment was top notch and a wonderful reflection of our talented students.

Sincere thanks to the Fete Committee, parents, staff and students, who all joined forces to make the day possible, and to the Marymount Community for showing their support by attending!
Leigh Sullivan and Melissa Hickling
Fete Convenors


Calendar Dates

Week 04


Year 12 Exam Block (4-15/11)


6:00pm Media Night (Library)



1:20pm Recreational Sport


Remembrance Day Ceremony

Week 06

MONDAY 11/11


7:00am STAC Breakfast
6:00pm VET Induction (Library)
6:00pm P&F AGM (Meeting Room)



10:00am Year 12 Graduation Mass (MMM Church)
1:20pm Recreational Sports
7:00pm Year 12 Graduation Dinner (Convention Centre)

FRIDAY 15/11


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Religious Life of the College

View Year 12 Final Assembly photos on Facebook

Farewell Assembly

Awards Night on last Wednesday evening was a wonderful celebration of the many students’ achievements of the past year and was followed on Friday, by the Year 12 Farewell Assembly which is always a poignant moment, not only for the Year 12 cohort but also for the whole school community. Saying farewell is not easy. However, connectedness and appreciation for the College community reverberated eloquently through the speeches of all the STAC representatives from Year 7 to the Year 12 Student Leaders. Staff, students and parents could only have been brimming with pride to have been present for this time. We keep the Year 12s in our thoughts and prayers over these coming days as they complete their exams and move towards Graduation on 14 November. 

The Graduation Mass will commence at 10:00am on Thursday 14 November at Mary, Mother of Mercy Church.

Year 7 Parish Connect Mass

Year 7 students and their families are invited to attend the Connect Mass on 24 November at 10:00am.  All families will receive an email invitation this week. The Connect Mass is an opportunity for students and families to meet other members of the Burleigh Parish Community of which we are all part of. It is hoped that many families will attend  so please put this date on your calendar. Also, Sunday 24 November is the feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the Church year. Padre Morgan Batt has invited all those attending the Mass to wear a happy shirt to mark this special day. 

Catholic Mission Appeal

October was  Catholic Mission Appeal month and the College focused on raising funds for Sister Stan’s Nazareth House  and School  in Ghana which cares for around one hundred  disabled children. The month was topped off on Odd Socks Day which was promoted and most ably run by the Interact Group. The student’s enthusiasm and generosity have resulted in about $1500 for Catholic Mission. 

Dolores Maitland

Social Justice

Odd Sock Day

Last Friday students and staff were encouraged to wear their craziest socks for the day - a vivid display of clashing colours and patterns adorned many feet. The student’s gold coin donation also entered them into the Golden Sock Hunt. The clue was deciphered, and the treasure eagerly sought. Congratulations to the winners; Brandon Mayne and Toby Matchett both from 7KG.
In 2019, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pope Benedict XV's Apostolic Letter Maximum Illud, Pope Francis announced the Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019. Marymount College and our Interact Club accepted the challenge by increasing awareness of Catholic Mission through our support of Odd Sock Day.
Catholic Mission works with communities around the world to bring the fullness of life to all people through a range of crucial projects. A core part of the work of Catholic Mission is the development and sustenance of children in some of the poorest communities around the world.
In particular, Mrs Maitland has made us aware of Sister Stan in Ghana who has dedicated the last decade to running the Nazareth Home for God’s Children in the Diocese of Yendi, a haven where children are given shelter, nutritious meals, healthcare and education as well as unconditional love. Our fundraising efforts will help Sister Stan to continue her work.
It was a wonderful day displaying the Marymount community spirit that we are well known for. Thank you to all students and staff that donated and especially to all Interact members for your help in advertising and organising the day. It was a huge success raising an impressive $761.65.
Yvonne Crowley
Interact Facilitator

Senior Curriculum

Marymount College High Achiever's Award - Vinh Nguyen | Marymount College Best All Rounder - Max Mallory
Awards Night

It is apparent that Marymount College has mastered the art of highlighting the academic success of our students through its annual Awards Night ceremony.

I say this with humility and with the knowledge that I mean, by Marymount College, the multitude of personnel, interested parties, processes and both internal and external supporters who collectively presented that very professional event. Many weeks of planning, involving dozens of staff members, refined decision making, technical elegance and broader community representation, culminated in yet again another successful presentation of a very personal face of students representing both academic and other prowess that was the life of Marymount College 2019. I have passed on the very many thanks and congratulations that have come my way from parents, students and community representatives alike to all who were involved. The photographic images on the College website say more that I can. Academic awardees, we are proud of the way we were collectively able to highlight your academic achievements on the night. Again, congratulations to each and every one of you – from the first time subject award recipient to the College Dux; from the Musical ensemble performer to the sporting champions.

End of Semester Exams

We wish our final OP cohort, the Year 12s, the best of luck as they embark on their last round of assessment during this week’s exam block. I look forward to joining them in their upcoming graduation ceremony. Given it is the first time through the system, we will be releasing the Year 11 exam block this week, in readiness to the mock exam schedule of two hour plus exams in Term IV 2020. This will be in week 8 this year. Year 10 will also have exams in week 8, but classes will run as normal during this period.

Year 11 2020 Subject Offers

This cohort will also receive the offer of subject choices for their Year 11 2020 Senior school program this week. Parents will be asked to respond, accepting the offer, or requesting subject changes, where it is possible to do so.
Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Year 11 News

Junior Council

The final Junior Council meeting was held last week heralding the completion of a two-year representation of Marymount College by Year 11s Thomas Browne and Jordan Walsh.

They were joined by Year 10 representatives Luke Kendon and Sophia Sweeny who will continue in their roles next year. A further two students from the current Year 9 level will combine with them to participate in the program next year.
Our sincere thanks to Thomas and Jordan for being part of the leadership and civic project which provides young people with opportunities to learn about the function of a council. It continues to give students a voice to express their interests and concerns in relation to many topical concepts including multiculturalism and the environment. During the year our students listened to inspiring guest speakers, participated in workshops and had the chance to engage in a range of activities broadening their awareness of our Gold Coast community.
Irene Scott
Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 9 News

Year 9 Personal Development Day

Recently, Kendi visited our school to talk to us about how we see ourselves and our future.
He started off with an activity to make us think about where and how we belong – ‘Sit down if you don’t belong in this country’ and ‘Stand up if anyone within your family is a part of the ANZACs’. 

We talked about how we might react in certain situations.  He also told us real-life stories based on three scenarios, which made a big impression on all of us.

What stood out the most for me was an activity where Kendi pointed out two separate corners of the Doyle Centre—the far left equalled zero and the far-right equalled ten.  We rated our opinion or reaction to certain questions and stood along that scale.  It was interesting seeing where people stood, especially for questions involving school such as how positive we were about our future careers. 
Grace Ivens
Year 9 Insider

Year 9s had a moving and inspirational Personal Development day.

The day showed us what is immediately before us and what is ahead of us—that we are going to be Seniors next year, and that it won’t be easy. We learned about our impulses, and not to act on them too quickly. We were shown that negative words can be powerful and could stop us from reaching our potential, and that not reaching that same goal we thought we would reach is ok. But most importantly, we need to talk about our stress and feelings to someone we trust, because we can bottle it all up and might not know how to cope.
All of these helpful tips have put Year 9s into a positive frame of mind and we are geared up for what future is ahead of us.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider

Geography News

Hypothetical Proposal: What should happen to the Marymount Forest?

During Term 3, Year 8 Geography classes have been evaluating a hypothetical proposal on whether to develop the Marymount Forest site, adjacent to the ovals and Bunnings. This is a real-world problem and proposal, which mirrors the real sale a number of years ago, and development of the current Bunnings site on what was Marymount land.

As part of this, they have completed a report surrounding the problem. In this report booklet, two proposals are outlined and evaluated in regards to what decision should be made on the Marymount forest: Proposal One is to replace the forest with a shopping centre with an indoor sports centre. Proposal Two is to keep the forest as is and pay money to maintain it. 

Students have a hard decision on their hands, looking at the surrounding area notably conducting multiple field sketches of the site, and studying the data in order to make the best decision.

Class 8.7, Mr Fitzgerald’s class really enjoyed the sketching and fieldwork, as the following photos indicate.

Garrett Fitzgerald
Humanities Teacher

Science News

RACI Titration National Results

On August 31, two Marymount teams went to Queensland University to compete in the national RACI titration competition. By the end of the competition, our Year 11 team emerged victorious, placing first for the venue— Queensland— and 10th overall in Australia; a massive achievement to say the least; with our Year 12 team placing 22nd overall (6th in Queensland). Throughout our time, we had great experiences not only practicing and competing but getting to know those in our group. We would like to give a massive thanks to all the people supporting us, but most of all Mrs Webster and our laboratory technician, Mrs Leu for spending their time helping us prepare for the competition. A thank you also to Mr Waite for driving the bus for both competitions. We are definitely looking forward to next year’s competition and hope to surpass our achievements.

Lachlan Nesdale
Year 11 RACI Nationalist

Marymount College has a long history in the RACI titration competition. This year, we had six teams (18 students) initially enter to the regionals of the competition which took place at Griffith University. The six teams did Marymount extremely proud with students receiving excellent results.

The Science Department and whole College would like to congratulate the following students who were successful in making it to the very prestigious national competition on their massive achievement:

Year 11: Lachlan Nesdale, Cameron Saliba and Vinh Nguyen
Year 12: Conall Crowley, William Galvin and Jackson Lake

It has been a pleasure watching the students evolve at practice week in, week out, and improve over the months and I am so extremely proud your endeavours! Next year our Year 11s will have even more experience and we will hope to bring that to the 2020 competition. I am looking forward to the preparation already! (Read the full report on College website)

Erica Boake
Titration Coach

STAQ Science Competition

34 of our Science night entries were taken to St Lucia on 5 October to be entered in the STAQ science competition against other entries from the state.

This year the competition was fierce with the most entries ever received from a large number of schools. Marymount College walked away with 25 prizes which is a mammoth effort.
Congratulations to all the prize winners. A special congratulations to Porsha Cush for receiving an extra bursary prize from the Australian Society of Biochemistry for her project on Biodegradation of styrofoam by mealworms.

Year 8
Halle Wiblen 1st
Michael Browne 1st
Porsha Cush 1st
Jed Stratton 2nd
Tom Isaacs 3rd
Zoe Willis 3rd
Ethan Marriott HC
Indee McDonald HC
Jack Ross HC
Mikayla Hopkins HC
Sameer Khavaja HC

Year 9
Holly Favot 1st
Jaden Wood 2nd
Kyan Jackson 2nd
Daria Misic 2nd
Montana Robertson 3rd
Tristan Robinson-Goullette 3rd
Sienna O'Connor 3rd
Mikayla Cameron 3rd
Max Tanaka HC
Caitlin Marshall HC
Liam Ryan HC
Olivia Ferguson HC
Kate Buchanan HC
Shae McGregor HC
Kristina Baker
Assistant Head of Science

CSIRO Innovation to Market Academy, Canberra

During the second week of the school holidays, I was invited to attend the inaugural CSIRO Innovation to Market Bootcamp as 1 of 18 students countrywide. The camp was aimed around innovation and entrepreneurship to develop business experience and allow networking with other like-minded students. The all-expenses-paid trip was down in Canberra with the ThinkPlace team and mentors from CSIRO who helped us through the day to day content.
Prior to the camp, all students had to come up with a solution to help achieve the 2030 World Sustainability Goals. Five of the ideas were then selected to be worked on in small teams of 3-4 students, with mine being one of them. We learnt how to use teamwork to develop an idea into a marketable product including product design and prototyping, interviewing potential customers with an open mindset, developing a business model and how to establish Intellectual Property rights.
By the end of the week, all teams had to pitch their idea in front of a board of judges and 40 other people from CSIRO and ThinkPlace. My team ended up winning this with the idea I had put forward before the beginning of the camp. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend future camps for anyone who is interested in STEM innovations and entrepreneurship.
Jared Crowley
Year 10

Visual Art News

Melbourne Art Trip 2019

From the 11-13 October, a group of Year 10, 11 and 12 Art students – alongside the College Art teachers Mr Stephen O’Keefe, Ms Bernadette Gair, Ms Jo Nairn and Ms Jenny Lems – spent their weekend taking in the rich artistic culture of Melbourne. 

While the feat of waking up at 4:00am to catch a 6:00am flight seemed insurmountable, in hindsight I would say that it was all worth it. From the second we landed in Melbourne, I found myself fascinated by the diverse metropolis and its bustling streets. Our group stayed in The Village Melbourne, which offered a homely atmosphere to unwind after long days of walking around the city. We also went out for group dinners at Italian and Chinese restaurants, where we got to know each other over delicious food. 

We had the privilege of meeting two esteemed artists in practice, Jennifer Whitten and Nic Plowman, who offered us valuable knowledge in colour theory and communicating personal meaning through art respectively. Both Jennifer and Nic shared their experiences in the art world with us and their passion for what they do; it was very interesting to hear how a practicing artist works and lives. 

Alongside meeting some of the professionals, we had the opportunity to view the insane street art within Melbourne’s alleyways and buildings. Seeing the layering of street artists’ work over many years was really intriguing and was the highlight of my trip, personally. After roaming through many arcades, shopping districts, cafes and business hubs, we made our way to the National Gallery of Victoria and the Ian Potter Centre, where we observed national and international works varying from modern to traditional to ancient art. 

Altogether, the trip was an extremely rewarding experience; I feel as though I have learnt many things that I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. I’d like to thank the Art department and the school for making this trip a reality. 

Madeline Hore
Year 11
Visit College website for more photos and full report

Media News

Year 10 Media Hollywood Scene Remake

This term the Year 10 Media class have been working on remaking a Hollywood scene shot for shot.

What was discovered were the skills and talent of Joel Bowen who had taken time to recreate the props from Ghostbusters and even 3D printed the Slimmer!  

It has been wonderful to see the Media students collaborate and enjoy remaking the various Hollywood scenes. You will be able to view the talents of all Marymount Media students at our Media Awards night next Tuesday in the Marymount Library from 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start. Hope to see you there.

Lorena Vine
Head of Arts & Media

Dance News

Marymount College in the Spotlight

Last Friday night, our Year 10-12 dancers performed with 750 other students from 20 Gold Coast schools, at Danc’eD in the Spotlight at HOTA. Year 12’s Eliza Rohanna and Bryn Larkin compered the show to a packed-out audience.
The Gold Coast’s biggest concert spectacular, Danc’eD in the Spotlight is not only unique but it is also the largest dance festival of its kind in Queensland.
Danc’eD in the Spotlight is a not-for-profit, community event featuring performances by primary and secondary students from 20 State, Catholic and Independent schools on the Gold Coast.  It aims to provide a window on the diversity and quality of dance education in our region and create cooperative alliances between schools and students within the Gold Coast district. 
For many years, Danc’eD in the Spotlight has encouraged tens of thousands of Gold Coast students to dance their way across HOTA’s stage in a professional, but non-competitive, atmosphere. Free workshops, combined school routines and a supportive focus allow Danc’eD in the Spotlight to showcase the powerful role that dance, as a performing art, plays in the education of our children.
On the previous two Sundays, Hayley Illsley and Isabella Reid from Year 12 Dance participated in a combined schools’ item rehearsal to open the show. This was a wonderful and unique opportunity for students from all over the Gold Coast to work together in a spirit of teamwork and artistic expression with renowned choreographer, Michael Hughes.
Marymount College was proud, once again, to celebrate the value of the performing arts in Queensland’s school curriculum. Be sure to come along next year to view the 19th year of this festival and support Marymount College’s core dance program.
Shona Press
Dance Coordinator

Careers & Vocational Education


The Careers Centre Team were pleased to be joined for lunch by our Leaderships Team, our Year 12 Tutor teachers and representatives from Southern Cross University, Bond University and Qld Tafe, and our Year 12 “Early Bird” students who have already secured an offer for further studies in 2020. Congratulations to each of these students.


Students interested in completing units out of the Hairdressing, Barbering, Pottery & Flowers (Horticulture) trades as well as complete their White Card are encouraged to enrol in this course.
The program will be valued over $1000, but will be completely free of charge for all students entering into Year 10 in 2020.
The program will commence the week beginning 4 February 2020 and delivered one day a week during Term 1 (day to be confirmed). Details to follow.  Positions will be allocated on a first-in, first-served basis.
To register, click here

The Australian Paramedical College based in Burleigh is opening its doors to their state-of-the-art training facility, where students will be given the opportunity to speak to clinical educators and trainers about pathways their courses offer. 
DATE/TIME: Saturday 9 November (10.00am – 2.00pm)
VENUE: Level 1/20 Kortum Drive Burleigh
For further details, visit or email

Prestige Service Training are offering graduating Year 12 students the opportunity to complete a free 12 week course (3 days classroom/120 hours work placement) in either Southport or Beenleigh locations.  The Certificate III in Individual Support will provide a healthy start with Prestige Health and Wellness.  The course starts on Monday 13 January 2020 and for further details, contact (via email) or phone 5667 7224.

A high-end boutique hairdressing salon in Varsity Lakes has a vacancy for a School-Based Apprentice. The successful applicant must be able to work late night on either Wednesday or Thursday and work on Saturdays.  For further details and to apply contact Michelle via or 55758218 alternatively see the Marymount College Careers Centre.

This course offers instruction on how to apply first aid in a variety of situations.  The facilitator of this course is a highly experienced emergency care Veterinary Nurse and it is offered on:
DATE:  Saturday 9 November (9.00am – 12.30pm)
VENUE: TAFE Southport Campus
COST:  $95.00
For further details, call 1300 308 233 or visit

Do you require your RSA Certificate?  Aurora Training Institute is conducting group training with experienced industry professionals as follows:
DATE:  Thursday 7 November 2019 (6.00pm-9.00pm)
VENUE: Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial”, 340 Scottsdale Drive Robina
COST:  $50.00
RSVP by Friday 1 November by contacting or phone 1300 936 864.

The Career Training Institute of Australia is offering a 3 day Eco Tourism program on Moreton Island or a 3 day Indigenous Cultural Awareness program both providing a Certificate II qualification and crediting 4 QCE points during January.  For further details, visit and to register contact Delma Smith via email:

If a student has not studied a prerequisite subject in Year 12, they have the option of completing a bridging course over the summer holidays.  For further details, visit
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information

Sports Update

Elly Petersen (Year 7) has been selected as a member of the Golf Australia Queensland team to compete at the 2019 Australian Schools 15 Years and Under Golf Championship to be held in Sydney at the beginning of December. Congratulations Elly and Good Luck at the Championships!
Cairns hosted the Queensland State Schools Track & Field Championships from the 19-22 October. Five of our students made the trip up to Cairns to compete. Of those five, the following finished in the top 10 in their events:
Caitlin Lythgo – 2nd 16 Yr 400m, 4th 16 Yr 200m
Shae Rooney – 5th 16 Yr 3000m, 7th 16 Yr 1500m
Molly Sewell – 4th 14 Yr 3000m, 5th 14 Yr 1500m
Congratulations girls on your outstanding performances!
Last Tuesday we celebrated the sporting achievements of our students over the past 12 months. With over 80 students and 20 staff enjoying a Subway lunch while we presented our sports award winners for 2019. Students received awards for South Coast team representation, State and National team selections along with our sporting teams presenting awards for performances at All Schools, QISSN and other co-curricular competitions. Congratulations to all the award recipients and we look forward to celebrating again next year.

Last Wednesday we ACHPER Queensland held their annual Women In Sport Breakfast where they recognise outstanding sporting achievements by girls in the last 12 months. Year 11 student Ellie Beer received a highly commended award for her performances and was selected as one of three finalists for the 2019 Queensland Schoolgirl Athlete of the Year – narrowly missing out on the win. Year 8 student Molly Sewell received a commended award for her performances. Congratulations to both Ellie & Molly.
Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:

Trent Balym
Sport - Program Leader


The 2019 Champion Basketball School of Queensland tournament brought with it quite a few highs and lows for our Boys’ team.
Our preparations began well with a great squad of guys turning up to trial for the 2019 team. We hit some hurdles coming into our last few weeks with some late withdrawals and a total team-changing injury to Evan Madden, who unfortunately broke his ankle. Our final group of talented young men were:  Elijah Gear, Jay Husarek, Daniel Mallos, Jaqel Behan, Isaak Maurer, Nicholas Tyson, Thomas Browne, Sam McCarthy, Thomas Nicholson and Cooper Hatton.
I would like to say Thank you to all the parents and students for coming along to support the team at a variety of games; your positivity and generosity did not go unnoticed by the boys.
It has been such a privilege taking such a lovely, kind, caring thoughtful group of young men away for this tournament. Getting to know each of them so much better in a different setting, playing a game they, and I, love has been lots of fun. They all represented the College, their families and themselves with the highest standard of character, both on and off the court and I am proud of each and every one of them.
We did finish the tournament on a high announcing the players’ and coaches’ Players’ Player award—the player with the most votes being Isaak Maurer of Year 11.
Another year over for our tournament, but it wasn’t long before the questions and planning began with regard to what’s happening next year. I love the boys’ enthusiasm and dedication to keeping the strength of Marymount College’s basketball representation alive and I look forward to what 2020 will bring with the returning students.
Thanks again for supporting the 2019 Marymount Makos Basketball team.
Jodi Hamilton
Boys Basketball Coach

After a number of years without a team, 2019 saw Marymount re-establish a girls’ Basketball side. With both Junior representative players and Senior girls eager to play, we went through the State qualifying tournament. With mixed results, we ended up beating Kings College in our last game to proceed to the State championships. Unfortunately, because of other sporting commitments and activities, we were forced to make changes for the State championships.

The girls performed admirably over the 4 days, with their defence quite strong. With our lack of size and then an injury to our captain, Hannah Mitchell, our offence was not as strong. It was, however, pleasing to see a great improvement by the whole team over the season.  The attitude and effort shown by the girls in every game were outstanding.

A special thank you to Natalia Mayes (graduated in 2017) who volunteered to coach the girls. The team consisted of Zara Brosnan, Taylor Bruce, Dior Brzezinski, Lilly Burns, Star Cookson-Nicolaou, Charlie Cummings, Molly Koschel, Hannah Mitchell, Kiara Wright & Zara Nunan.
Nigel Ward
Girls Basketball Coach

Rugby 7s

Marymount was incredibly well represented at the Q7 All Schools Rugby 7s tournament at South Pine Sports club.

We were represented by the Open Boys, Open Girls and Under 15 Boys. The Open girls grew in confidence every game and scored some wonderful tries over the two days. The Open boys had a stellar Day 1, topping the pool after going through undefeated. They then won the QF on the second day against Mitchelton SHS. They were unfortunately beaten in the Semi-final 12-7 to North Lakes, followed by a loss to Sunshine Coast Grammar School in the playoff for third. It was a fantastic result for these boys who have developed enormously after weeks of training and preparation. For many of our Open Boys and Girls team, it was one last chance to represent the College before graduation and they made the most of the opportunity. Our Under 15 Boys had a similar road to the Open Boys, winning all their pool games to top their pool. They then beat Miami SHS in the QF followed by a tough loss to Sunshine Coast Grammar School 20-14. They were then able to win the 3rd place playoff 31-24, which is our best ever finish at this tournament. The students represented the College with pride and played the game in a great spirit.

Simon Rezo, Kim Smith, Nigel Ward & Hannah Richardson.


Student Withdrawal: If a family makes a decision to withdraw a student from the College, one full term’s notice is requested in writing to the Principal of the College. If the requested notice is not given, up to one full term fees and levies may be charged in lieu of notice. Your financial commitment is an important part of the life of the College and we thank you for your support and involvement.
Extended Absence:
School attendance is an emerging concern. Consequently, the College Attendance SMART Goal for each student is 90% attendance for 2019. 

For a student to meet this target, they need to maintain an attendance rate above 96% for most of the year. This may assist to ensure that requests for extended absence (for family holiday/event, sport etc) doesn’t take their attendance rate below the SMART Goal target.

Requests for extended student absence must be made by a parent, in writing, two weeks in advance to the Principal.

Please advise:
  • Student Name
  • Year Level
  • Dates requested
  • Number of school days to be missed
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