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Friday 18 October 2019 

Ticket Sellers' $50 Voucher Prizes

Enter your child's PC Class and Name in the field provided to enter the incentive prize draw of $50 Robina Town Centre Gift Voucher. One entry for every 5 tickets purchased. Student must be in attendance to collect this prize or we will redraw for the prize winner. Finishes Week 10.
Buy Art Union Tickets NOW
FETE Saturday 19 October 11:00am-5:00pm 

Our appreciation to all for ensuring good preparation for the Fete. The first committee meeting was in March and over 25 stall convenors attended the final meeting on Monday.  Convenors Melissa Hickling and Leigh Sullivan have brought things together well over the final weeks of Term 3 and these first weeks of Term 4. Sponsors have been generous, stall convenors have shown initiative and donations by students/families have been ongoing through these final days. While pre-sales for the Art Union have not been as high as in previous years, we are looking for a strong turnout of generous families to ensure another successful community event that yields a fair return for the effort of so many. 

Senior Leadership Team 2020 

Congratulations to the following students on their election as the Student Leadership Team next year.  They are part of a very capable Year 11 cohort and we are confident that the Seniors of 2020 will lead the College well next year. 

COLLEGE CAPTAINS: Harrison Dean & Sophie Roiter
COLLEGE VICE CAPTAINS: Thomas Browne & Halle Geyer
ACADEMIC CAPTAINS: Pierce Greffe & Carly Griffith
CULTURAL CAPTAINS: Seamus Harrison & Jennaye McLintock
SPIRITUAL CAPTAINS: Emily Crilly & Harrie Van Den Broek
SPORT CAPTAINS: Ellie Beer & Corbin Zahn
ALLAMBEE CAPTAINS: Ariann Kirwan & Cameron Saliba
BULIMAH CAPTAINS: Jamey Reihana & Gabriel Sobczyk
KATANDRA CAPTAINS: Sefo Lo Tam & Lily Sella
PATANGA CAPTAINS:Ashleigh Allred & Lensa Lo Tam
AGCC Premiership Presentation 

Our appreciation to our STAC representatives who represented our 2019 AGCC Premiership Teams at the Presentation of Premiership Awards at LORDS College Pimpama on Wednesday.  The STAC Reps received these awards on behalf of the College AGCC Premier teams for their year level. Congratulations to our premiership teams and appreciation to the STAC reps:

Year 7: Lucy Tyson, Archer Matchett 
Year 8: Ben Edwards, Portia Cush 
Year 9: Max Tanaka, Charli Ackerman
Year 10: Luke Kendon, Mia Britton
Year 11: Harrison Dean, Sophie Roiter
Year 12: Bryn Larkin, Mia Kelly

The College made a strong commitment to the AGCC interschool competition again this year.  As a result we won 25 premierships in semester one and 18 in semester two. Full details in Mr Balym’s sport report. 

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Week 03


MONDAY 21/10

Student Free Day


Whole School Assembly
Year 7 2021 Enrolment Interviews


Gold Coast Junior Council
6:00pm Senior Art Exhibition


12:30pm College Sport Awards
1:20pm Recreational Sport

FRIDAY 25/10

Year 12 Biology Excursion

Week 04

MONDAY 28/10



7:00pm Awards Night


1:20pm Recreational Sports
3:00pm Year 10-12 Music Excursion


Year 12 Farewell Assembly




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Religious Life of the College

Rosary and Catholic Mission

As October is the month of the Rosary and Catholic Mission month, all Pastoral classes have been invited to pray a decade of the Rosary at least once each week offering it for the World Missions. In doing so we are joining with other schools throughout the Archdiocese and responding to Pope Francis’s exhortation to pray the Rosary at this time. Catholic Mission has some colourful Rosary beads for sale at the moment and I’m delighted to say the second order of one hundred is on its way. 

Rosary beads are a most emblematic object whose name comes from the Latin for a garland of roses and are used to focus the mind in reciting the prayers devoted to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. 

The Catholic Mission Appeal for 2019 is focusing on Ghana, Africa. Earlier this year the College enjoyed a brief visit from Sister Stan whose Nazareth Home for God’s Children is one of the places which will benefit from this year’s appeal. The children are abandoned by their families because they have been born sick or deformed and are believed to be “bad omens”.  Twins are also taboo. Sister Stan has given a home and sanctuary to more than one hundred children and aims to educate the villagers to accept that these children are created in the image and likeness of God. 
Sister Stan is asking Australians to help her meet the needs of these children such as building a school and medical clinic. Receiving an education will equip many of the children to earn a living as they get older and a clinic would reduce the chance of children dying as they journey to the nearest hospital which presently takes about 90 minutes along poor roads. 

Odd Sock Day
The College will hold the annual fundraising Oddsock Day in week 3.

Peer to Peer Ministry
13 Year 9 and 10 students spent Tuesday helping facilitate the Year 6 Formation Day at Marymount Primary School. The students did an excellent job working with small groups of Primary students as they engaged in a variety of activities on the theme of “Be a 5th Gospel. You are the now .”

Year 8 Sunday Connect Mass
Year 8 students and their families are invited to join the Parish for their Connect Mass this coming Sunday. 
It is hoped that a good number will attend. So far this year attendance at the Connect Mass has been disappointingly low.    

Dolores Maitland


Welcome Back to Term 4

It has been wonderful to hear holiday stories and adventures from our students. They returned with smiling faces, energy and enthusiasm. Over the coming week, students will revisit their goals of Term 3, evaluate and set new goals for the final term of the year. 

At Marymount, we work hard to create an environment of acceptance and belonging. Our classrooms encourage students to engage and connect authentically with learning and their peers. Academic performance and achievement is higher when students feel heard and know that their contribution matters. Belonging reduces poor behavioural choices, mental health difficulties and promotes resilience.

Key factors that impact largely on school belonging include supportive parents and peers, positive relationships with teachers, self-efficacy and adaptability. More importantly, students have said when they feel academically and socially supported, cared for, respected and articulated a belief that they are capable (high expectations) their sense of belonging rises. 

The College Pastoral Program works hard to provide activities and reflection that promotes positive characteristics like optimism, resilience and self-efficacy. In a world of electronic devices, instant gratification, less social interaction and family time, all which contribute to a sense of disconnection, it is increasingly important schools help our young people feel connected and valued. In addition, we ask parents to continue modelling positive attitudes towards school by valuing their child’s attendance, academic successes and social skills. 

Uniform Reminders

It has become apparent that the length of some of our girl’s skirts is not appropriate. This may be due to a growth spurt or rolling of the skirt. The skirt is not to be shorter than 10cm above the knee. Please discuss this with your child and make adjustments if required. Similarly, some of our boys have outgrown their formal shirts – they no longer have enough length to properly tuck it into their shorts. If this is the case a new shirt will need to be purchased. Thank you for your ongoing support in helping our young people make good choices around wearing the College uniform correctly. The uniform gives our students a sense of belonging and when worn correctly, creates a positive identity for our school in the community. This benefits all who attend Marymount College. 

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head & Assistant Head of Year 7

Senior Curriculum

Year 12 

The end of normal class time is fast approaching for the Year 12s (Friday of Week 4). Their final exam block will be published no later than Friday of Week 3. 

Year 11

This is a very busy period for us under the new system! Firstly, students have until the end of Week 3 to request changes to General subjects. After that, they must remain in the subject for the remainder of the Unit. This week we will publish results (only) for all Unit 2 General subjects. This will be an electronic copy only. At the end of the semester, students will receive a Semester report with these and all other data for all subjects, pastoral comments, etc. As students in General subjects will also have completed a full Term of Unit 3 subjects, parents will also receive an interim report based on Unit 3 outcomes along with the Semester report. (The format of this interim report will mirror the standard Term 1 Interim report published each year.) There will be an Exam Block in all of Week 8. This is likely to be a quite full schedule. There will be a number of 2 hour plus exams – mirroring the External Exams in a year’s time. For Applied and VET subjects there will be exams and competency catch-up days. It is likely most of the exam period will be a ‘shut down’ period, with exam block privileges extended to students. However, students should expect attendance in some form right up until the last day of the term (Friday 29 November.)

Year 10

As our full school timetable takes shape for 2020, we are now in a position to offer Year 10 students their Yr 11 2020 subject choices. This will be sent electronically to parents. You will be asked to respond with an acceptance of the 6 subject offering across 6 Lines, or request subject changes. Of course, there are restrictions on line places and class sizes, Elective subject clashes and so on, when it comes to requesting subject changes. Requests are processed in chronological order. 

Awards Night

Our very significant event, where we celebrate all student academic and other achievements, is approaching - Wednesday 30 October 7:00pm. Parents will receive a letter telling them of students who are receiving a significant achievement, and not only an academic subject award, inviting them to attend especially for this.  All students will be permitted to wear their sports uniform to school on Wednesday 30 Oct, so that Award winners can be ready and very presentable to be on stage for their award.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Social Justice

Rosies Friends on the Street

Rosie’s was an amazing unexpected experience for us all!
On Tuesday 15 October Marcel Marghescu, Bradley Eggeling, Ben Knowles, and Aaron Tait went to volunteer at Rosie’s with Ms Mullaly. We arrived at 6:20pm to the little kitchen on the corner of Hicks and Davenport, spent thirty minutes preparing food and loading Rosie’s van. We then drove to St. Vincent’s Church, set up the tables and chairs, and began to serve the forty people who were waiting.
There were many moments that left us speechless. There was a little girl who is ten years old, who goes with her Mum, every night to Rosie’s. She is in school but often cannot be taken by her Mum. She was not going to get to school on Wednesday as her Mum would not be able to take her, so another person volunteered to take her. We were serenaded by a New Zealand man with a beautiful voice. He sang three songs to us…Midnight Special, You Are My Sunshine, and Country Road. We all stood and had goosebumps as he had the most amazing voice and could really play his old guitar.
The most unexpected realisation for all of us was that there is such a sense of community between the people that require the services of Rosies. They have so little in term of everyday needs and were so grateful for the food and beverages we provided. More importantly, they really all knew each other and were very social and supportive of everyone there.
We have decided as a group that this is something we cannot do only once and we will go again next year. If you are not sure about volunteering, please talk to one of us. It is definitely a worthwhile experience.
Marcel Marghescu, Bradley Eggeling, Ben Knowles & Aaron Tait
Year 11

Year 11 News

Welcome back to our Year 11s for what will be a jam-packed finish to 2019. We hope the holidays provided the chance for relaxation and rejuvenation as they have already hit the ground running.

Unit 3 Begins

Term 4 sees the commencement of Unit 3 in General subjects, which signals the beginning of work that will count towards the ATAR score at the end of 2020. All students have been encouraged to put into place note taking, summary and revision strategies discussed during last term’s Elevate sessions, to enable them to organise and retain the content being delivered now. This is crucial as it will be required knowledge at the end of 2020 for the external exams. The common theme all year has been to emphasise time management and organisational skills to allow them to perform at the level they are capable. We wish our students luck as they embark on their academic pursuits.

 Student Leadership

A whole school assembly was convened to present eight candidates vying for College leadership – a male and female Captain and Vice-Captain. The school community including many parents, family members and friends witnessed a magnificent display of talent, understanding, courage and compassion. The students’ belief in the values of what drives Marymount College was clearly illustrated through their speeches: accepting responsibility, setting standards, working as a team, extending a helping hand, respecting others and being prepared to stand up for what matters. Following the presentation of speeches and interviews with Administration staff, the full complement of the 2020 student leadership team was announced. Congratulations to Harrison Dean and Sophie Roiter - College Captains, Thomas Browne and Halle Geyer – College Vice-Captains. We extend our congratulations to all members of the leadership team and look forward to working with them on an exciting and rewarding journey next year.

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness: Road Safety Education Excursion

Friday of Week 2 saw the cohort engage in a full-day excursion to Southport where the importance of behaviours in vehicles, both as the driver and as a passenger, were discussed. Given the fact that many of our 11s have recently attained their P-plates, with the rest to follow suit in the near future, the timing of this information was considered ideal. The key message was that concentration is of the utmost importance at all times when behind the wheel, and that both the driver and the passengers have roles to play regarding the safety of everyone within their vehicles, as well as the safety of those around them. We hope the information discussed on the day enables our students to be responsible drivers on the road.

Student Drivers

A reminder that any students who are driving their own vehicles to school are required to complete a Driver Agreement Contract which outlines details of the vehicle(s) they are driving, who their passengers will be, and explains the expectations of all drivers on the College premises. These documents are available at the Year 11 office and need to be completed and returned to the Heads of Year 11 asap.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 7 News

Year 7 Personal Development Day

On the last week of Term 3, the Year 7s were provided the opportunity to partake in a Personal Development Day.

The College uses Personal Development days to withdraw the students from their ordinary classes, and help their development pastorally. Utilising Periods 1 – 4, the Year 7s were split into three groups and rotated through three guest speakers/activities. The first of these were two Police Officers who chatted to the students about the growing concerns around Cyber Safety, and how they, as young people, need to be safe online. The next presentation was by the College Counsellors, who presented to the students about Stress and Anxiety Management, including a meditation session. Finally, the third activity was the Year 7s writing a letter to their Year 12 self, which they will open at Graduation in Year 12. This involved writing their hopes and dreams between now and 2024.

The Year 7s thoroughly enjoyed the day, and from conversations between students on the day, each of them took something from each speaker/activity. The PD Day culminated in a Year Level BBQ during Period 4.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head & Assistant Head of Year 7

Dance News

Zac Brazenas Workshop

Our dancers were thrilled Zac Brazenas could fit in a workshop before jetting back to LA at the end of last term.

It has been exceptional for our students to have a mentor of such calibre providing regular classes to develop technique and performance skill this year.
As well as dancing for many of pop’s biggest stars including Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, J Lo, Katy Perry and Celine Dion, Zac was in Pink’s Walk Me Home video in March.
Zac’s warm support for his former school is always inspiring and exciting for our dancers. We can’t wait until his next masterclass.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator

Digital Technologies News

QUT Internship - Waste Free World from Monstrous Hybrids

While everyone else was on holidays, Pierce G (year 11) was attending an internship at the Queensland University of Technology.  

Staying at the university’s accommodation, he worked with a team of interns and professors to research their topic of eliminating waste in the carpet recycling process.  The research culminated in a presentation on Friday for family and friends.

Other topics included:
•    eSports Video Game Development
•    I Know What You Streamed Next Summer
•    Breaking Bones
•    Mars 2020 Rover Mission
•    Robot Arm Vision.

Work Experience News

Tara MacDonald (Year 11) participated in work experience over the holidays at Gilmore Space, researching in the area of commercial launching of satellites into orbit. Gilmore Space has just received $150 million in funding to support NASA’s future lunar and Mars missions. Fantastic opportunity and great to see such initiative by another STEM student with a promising future.

Flynn McCooke  (Year 12) travelled far away to Canberra to attend a work experience session at the Australian Signals Directorate – our defence agency for international cybersecurity. During the week students identified security intrusions, email compromises, web vulnerabilities, encryption, robotics and programming.  Of course, he couldn’t tell us any details, but that’s the life of a defence analyst.

Well worthwhile experience to see how our secret squirrels monitor international cyber traffic and threats.

World of Drones Congress

During the holidays, Mrs Mathers attended the World of Drones Congress to learn more about global applications and research in the field.  

Singapore is being mapped for drone delivery by an Australian team, a Gold Coast business is partnering with Amazon AI to identify and spot sharks and now crocodiles to alert swimmers and farmers are using drones for precision agriculture.  Exciting developments and presentations by over 20 countries.

Design a Drone Hackathon

Halle Wiblen, Lucyana Gabriel (Year 8) and Luke Kendon (Year 10) travelled up to Brisbane during the holidays to compete in a Hackathon at QUT as part of the World of Drones Congress.

The challenge involved designing a drone solution for a problem in the world, finishing in a pitch to the judges.  Judges included Victor (aka the Drone Singer) from Oregon University as well as doctors from Adelaide University.

Congratulations must be extended to these three who held themselves up admirably against senior students (with facial hair!) from grammar schools.  After their first Hackathon, they are hungry to win in 2020 – well done!

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies

Careers & Vocational Education


Approximately 60 of our Year 12 students who have already established a placement offer (“Early Bird”) at University/TAFE for 2020 have been invited to attend a FREE luncheon to celebrate their efforts with our Leadership Team, our Year 12 Tutor teachers, and representatives from relevant institutions (Southern Cross University/Bond University/TAFE). 
DATE: Tuesday 29 October 2019
TIME: 12.30pm (Lunch on The Green between the Administration Building and the Library)
RSVP: Ms Leesa Lutze ( as soon as possible
Students have been emailed the details and are encouraged to attend to be presented with their certificate, and to take advantage of this opportunity to speak one-on-one with the Uni/TAFE representatives regarding admissions/course content/expenses etc.  Also enjoy a lovely Subway lunch on us…

Aurora Training Institute is conducting group training as follows:
DATE/TIME: Thursday 7 November 2019 (6.00pm – 9.00pm)
VENUE:  Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial” 340 Scottsdale Drive Robina  Q  4226
COST:  $50.00
CONTACT: or 1 300 936 864

Two positions are currently available in Burleigh for 1 x School Based Apprenticeship and 1 x Full Time Graphic Prepress Apprenticeship.  The roles involve developing visual concepts, editing artwork, manipulating computerised images etc.  For further details and to apply, contact the Marymount College Careers Centre.

Join one of Australia’s premier youth organisations…For Ages 12 – 18.  The Parent/Cadet Information Evening is scheduled for:
DATE/TIME: Tuesday 12 November 2019 (6.00pm)
VENUE:  Elanora State High School (Nineteenth Ave, Elanora)


November Information Sessions are scheduled as follows:
Defence Careers Information Session
DATE/TIME: Wednesday 6 November 2019 (6.00pm – 8.00pm)
VENUE:  Defence Force Recruiting Centre 14 Edgewater Court, Robina  4226
Army Reserves Information Session
DATE/TIME: Tuesday 23 November 2019 (6.00pm – 8.00pm)
VENUE: Defence Force Recruiting Centre, 14 Edgewater Court, Robina 4226
Navy Careers
DATE/TIME: Wednesday 30 October 2019 (6.00pm – 7.00pm)
VENUE:  Defence Force Recruiting Centre, 14 Edgewater Court, Robina 4226

Ever wondered what its like to be a Vet Nurse in a wildlife or domestic clinic.  The CWS 8 week course can provide the insight you are after.  For bookings for further information visit:
A local staffing agency is offering positions as part of their Merchandise Team working at the Gold Coast 600:
DATES: Friday 25 October/Saturday 26 October/Sunday 27 October
AGES:  Between 15-18 Years
APPLY: By emailing your resume to (please include the subject Merchandise Team – GC600.
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information

Sports Update


The hunt for Australia’s next Olympians is on!

Diving Australia is on the lookout for Australia’s next generation of athletes with our ‘Talent Search Day’ at Sleeman Sports Complex on Sunday 3 November.

Are you a Gymnast, Trampolinist or Acro performer? You might also be a great diver!

It’s a great initiative for kids who are looking to take up a sport that is fun, takes courage and is one of the Olympic Games’ most recognisable events.
There will be many Olympic athletes there on the day to meet the kids and show their Olympic medals too. NO DIVING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 

Who:  Boy and Girls aged 8yrs and up
What: Diving Testing Day
Where: Sleeman Sports Complex
When: Sunday November 3rd
Contact: Vyninka Arlow – 0401564035
Bookings Essential


Andrew Jones (Year 9) has been selected as a member of the Golf Australia Queensland team to compete at the 2019 Australian Schools 15 Years and Under Golf Championship to be held in Sydney at the beginning of December. Congratulations Andrew and Good Luck at the Championships!

During the recent school holidays, Zach Wren, QLD White team, and Max Robinson, QLD Maroon team played in the Northern Conference of the National U15 Rugby Union Championships. Zach’s team was undefeated in their pool games against QLD Maroon, QLD Blue, Western Australia and the National Indigenous side. Max’s team had wins against the National Indigenous Side and QLD Blue, but unfortunately lost to QLD White and Western Australia. 

As the winners of the Northern Conference, Zach’s team flew to Sydney for the National Gold Cup Final against NSW. In a very tough and close game, QLD, unfortunately, lost 10-20. 

Well done to both Zach & Max on your performances representing Queensland over the holidays!


Former student Julia Whale has continued her Muay Thai and Boxing career since graduating last year. Julia has so far had 8 Muay Thai and 1 Boxing bout and is still undefeated. She recently won the WKBF Queensland Title. Well done Julia and good luck in your future fights. 

Isabella van Wijk has just returned from the Netherlands where she competed in the Junior Singles and Trio categories at the FISAF (Federation of Sport Aerobics & Fitness) World Championships. Isabella did extremely well and finished 9th in the World in the individual and her Trio finished 4th. Awesome work Isabella!

Ellie Beer has competed at one of the biggest sporting events in 2019 – the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar. Ellie ran the third leg of the Australian Women’s 4 x 400m relay in heat 1. The team finished the heat in 5th place, just missing the final and their time has placed them 10th in the World. 
Now that Ellie has tasted the World stage, she is ready for bigger and better things in 2020 as she begins her preparation for the 2020 World Juniors and attempting to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Good Luck Ellie!

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Program Leader - Sports

Boys All Schools Touch

On Wednesday 9 October the Boys Touch Rugby teams journeyed to Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane to compete in the Queensland All Schools Touch Rugby Tournament.

The Junior boys had a perfect start with a 9-0 win against McGregor SHS. Unfortunately, they went down 0-5 in the second game against a very good Wellington Point and 2-10 against local school Cavendish Road.
Day 2 brought up another three tough games going down 3-6 to Sunshine Coast, 5-7 to Beenleigh, and 4-7 to Emmaus. Although these results didn't go our way our boys played a lot better in these games after slow starts, showing promise for future years.

Our Seniors played their first game on Friday defeating Xavier College 7-2 in a convincing win. The rain came down and after a quick warm-up, we were defeated 0-2 by St Laurence's College in a very close game.
Needing wins, Day 2 started well with a win against Grace Lutheran 8-0. Next was a close 2-4 loss against eventual finalists Cleveland SHS. An 8-2 win against Beerwah gave a mathematical chance of progressing with a good win in our final pool game. After a hard-fought game against Downlands College, we, unfortunately, went down 2-5. 
It was a great tournament for both groups of boys with many lessons learnt. 
Bring on 2020!

Michael Nesdale
Touch Football Coach

Girls All Schools Touch

Marymount has a rich history of participation and success at the carnival and the 2019 teams did justice to those who have come before them.

Two girls’ teams represented the College this year, the 15 Years and Open teams, and each equipped themselves with pride and exhibited the effort Marymount is known for. 

The 15 Years team, coached by Ms Hannah Richardson, tasted success and defeat in equal measure, finishing with 3 wins, 3 losses and a draw from their pool matches. This was a great result for the team given it contained a number of girls who were learning how to play the game at a high level. As their matches progressed, the girls continued to improve, and we are excited to see their development continue in the coming years. 

The Open Girls team had an outstanding carnival. Through their pool matches, they finished with 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, that loss coming to a team who would eventually contest the Grand Final of the division. These results were strong enough to progress to the final 16 of 64 teams in the division, a wonderful achievement and just reward for their commitment and dedication in the lead up to the tournament, as well as their camaraderie and teamwork during their games. Again, an improvement was evident through each and every game and it was wonderful to see the way the girls communicated with one another to enhance the performance of the team overall. In the Round of 16, they were beaten by the team who went on to only lose their semi-final by 1 to the eventual overall winners. 

Off the field, the girls from both sides were exemplary in their conduct, behaviour and attitude. They are to be congratulated on their efforts as players, and as ambassadors for the College.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ms Hannah Richardson for coaching the 15 years team, as well as for staying on and acting as Team Manager for the Open Girls. Thanks also to Mr Aaron Turner for being the Team Manager of the 15 girls, and to Mr Kris Symons for transporting the Open girls to the carnival and driving the 15 girls back.

Matt Carroll
Open Girls Coach

Rugby 7s

On Wednesday 9 October, Marymount was represented at the Reds Rugby 7s tournament at All Saints Anglican School.

Our representation was made up of Under 13 Girls, Under 13 Boys and our Open Boys team. Overall, the teams all had a ‘mixed bag’ of results, with an even number of wins and losses throughout the day. The Open Boys, coached by Mr Hamilton got better as the day went on. The highlight for them was a 3 try win over All Saints in the final game of the day. The Under 13 girls also progressed well as the day went on. Coached by Mrs Smith, their highlight was 5 tries to 3 win over Trinity Lutheran College. It was a steep learning curve for the girls, with many playing contact sport for the first time. The Under 13 Boys, coached by Mr Hurley, had 2 wins and 2 losses, looking very dangerous with the ball in hand. A huge highlight was seeing multiple try scorers and the boys playing so well as a team.

We now look forward to continuing our preparations for the All Schools 7s tournament on the 26 & 27 October.

Simon Rezo
Rugby Coach



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