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Friday 29 November 2019 

Thank you Mrs Annette McMahon 

Next Friday Mrs Annette McMahon retires after 41 years.  She has been a member of the College Staff since 1989 and Head of the Learning Support Centre since 1993. Annette was a Home Economics Teacher before becoming a Support Teacher – Inclusive Education where she worked closely with Marie Hansen over many years. 

A gathering of staff celebrated with Annette and her family as we paid tribute to her as the gentle soul, professional educator and gracious woman and colleague she has been.  Annette’s understanding, practical support for students and focus on their best interests was unwavering.  She was interested in their future beyond school and this was appreciated by the many parents she worked so closely with. Her appreciation of and respect for parents was also shared with her students and colleagues. 

As we thank Annette, we also acknowledge Tim and her daughters, Kristy, Caitlin and Stephanie (past Marymount College students) who shared Annette’s generosity with her Marymount family over 31 wonderful years. 

Industrial Action 

All are quietly relieved with the change to tensions in the current enterprise bargaining process between BCE and the QIEU.  The reinstatement of the 5 December excursions to Wet n Wild, Dreamworld and Sea World brought palpable joy to the students this week.  It also lighted everyone’s mood. As has been expressed in communication to parents, we hope that graciousness from both parties can lead to a resolution of matters in the coming days.  It won’t be over until both parties yield and understanding will be the key. 

Master Planning Committee 

In the final week of term, the College Master Planning Committee will meet with the architect.  We expect the architect to reveal some detail of emerging design concepts and structures.  Already, we include a new Industrial Design Building, a new Senior School Building with Home Economics, Hospitality and Early Child Care rooms and a new canteen.  There will be changes to the locations of the tennis courts and basketball courts.  The committee’s task will be to consider the proposals from all the perspectives of community members.  This feedback will inform subsequent work by the architect to finalise the Master Plan.  It will also begin to clarify immediate priorities among a number of competing needs identified by the 18 months of the planning process that began in mid-2018. 

Congratulations Carina

On Saturday night’s 24th Bond University Film & Television Awards Night (BUFTA), Carina Serong won the ‘Best Gold Coast Filmmakers Award’ for her documentary on her Nona ‘Mi Chiamo Maria, Mi Chiamo Carina’. Carina’s film documentary was well regarded and was nominated across many categories in the BUFTA Awards. Marymount College was also well represented at BUFTA, with three past Marymount film students—Reece Jackson, Eamon McDonagh and Sana Duveck-Smith—film crew members working on the BUFTA production for the evening.
Happy Christmas to All

Preparations for Christmas began early with the generosity of our male staff and their very successful Movember fundraising effort of over $4,000 for Men’s Health. Our students also began early, raising $1,500 for the St Vincent’s Bushfire fundraising appeal. Their generosity continues as students gather items for Christmas Hampers for the Burleigh Heads Chapter of St Vincent de Paul to distribute to local families in need. These hampers will be presented at our closing liturgy on Wednesday. Finally, perhaps the spirit of Christmas has helped provide a welcome reprieve, with the availability of staff for the Wet & Wild, Dream World and Sea World excursions. This celebration to close the year is welcomed by all, especially the students.
Finally, I know all staff join with me in thanking our students and their families for your support of the College in 2019; acknowledging the wonderful effort and achievements of our students; thanking the Yearbook production team and Mrs Karen Harrison and Mrs Janet Cartlidge for such a magnificent record of the year; and wishing all in our Marymount College Community a happy, holy and safe Christmas break.

Chris Noonan
Marymount Mokos have raised over $4000 for Men's Health. There is still time to donate if you would like to contribute via


Calendar Dates

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Week 01 2020

MONDAY 27/01

Australia Day Public Holiday


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First Day Year 8-11
House Meetings 

FRIDAY 31/01

College Swimming Carnival (Pizzey Park)


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Online Ordering for our Uniform Shop is coming in February 2020. 

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Julie Edds
Business Manager

Religious Education

The end of the year for many teachers is fraught with marking, reporting, planning, teaching classes right down to the last moments of the term , attending school functions and then ….saying farewell to students with whom they have spent  many important  hours of the past year or two or more, so much of our time in the company of young people. And now quietness descends more each day. So what have we been doing?

Life at the College is very full and never the same two days running, classes and exams ,reports , competitions, meetings, assemblies ,camps and excursions and Retreats, exhibitions , beginning liturgies and Graduation Mass , College Mass and Connect Mass and performances  and community days like Marymount Day or Have a Heart Day...and much more. 

Throughout all these days the centre of our mission is to live the Gospel values and be seen to do so, to live life to the full to share from our abundance with Mary Mother of Jesus and St Francis as our models. 

 The enormous generosity of the community is reflected in the donations we’ve sent to Project Compassion , Vinnies  Townsville Flood Appeal , Marymount Day food collection for Vinnies , Vinnies Sleepout for the Homeless, Catholic Mission , Rosies ( including  students and staff presence on the street ), socks and soup for local homeless and in the past week fundraising for BCE Appeal for Bushfire Victims and presently classes are making Christmas hampers for local families in need. This activity and awareness emanates from who we are in this Catholic school and is a way of life for us. 

Having had Sister Adina, who is visiting the Parish from Timor Leste, spent last week with us. It subtly sharpened awareness of the huge gap between our lives in the developed world and that of those who live in poverty we can’t really imagine. Sister Adina spent some time in the Home Ec /Hospitality Department observing the what and how in cooking and sewing classes.  Thank you, Mrs Pippa Marr, Ms Jane Greffe, Mrs Rachel Evans and Mrs Rachel Lethbridge for your assistance. She also spent some time at  Agricultural Science with Mr Chris Larkin learning some shortcuts re Hydroponics and food growing. She also taught Mr Larkin a few things too! 

Students’ unused exercise books, stationery and pens have been collected for sending to Timor Leste with the Parish collection of useful used goods. 

Last Friday, at the end of school,  a group of Interact students from Year 7 -11  visited Oznam Villas and spent a couple of hours in the company of some of the residents there -chatting , playing word games and trivia , singing popular Christmas songs and one of our rising stars, Shaylee Gear, beautifully singing some of her wide repertoire for a most appreciative audience. 

Whilst in RTC (Responsible Thinking Classroom) earlier this week, I  was drawn to some colourful Christmas cards decorating the desk and then witnessed some cards being personally delivered to Mrs Terri-Lea Johnson. Students at RTC are generally there for “not doing the right thing”. It is there they are supported to reflect on the situation and consider how they might change their behaviour for the better. The cards, hand made, carefully decorated and personally delivered said much the same thing in a variety of ways …Thank you, Miss, for being kind to me …

O ! what joy and hope in spades!!

May all our families be blessed with a very happy and holy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Dolores Maitland

Social Justice

Interact 2019

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our Boards of 2019 and newly elected for 2020.
To all our members – thank you - know you have made an impact!
To our mentors – Ms Aki, Mrs Crowley, Mrs Faulks, Mrs Mallory and Mr Rowe – thank you for your involvement, guidance, support and encouragement of the members throughout the year.
You have all worked courageously and generously to make a significant contribution this year.
Wishing everyone a most wonderful Christmas break. Stay safe.
We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!
Mrs Irene Scott - Facilitator

Our final visit for the year to Ozanam Villa once again touched the hearts of many.
Further expressions come from student members.

Being a part of the Marymount Interact club has been a truly amazing, eye-opening experience. I have learnt many new things, met many new people, and, over the years, we have become a family. It has taught me what it means to be selfless and kind. I’ve been allowed the opportunity to work for the greater good and, hopefully, change lives. I am so appreciative of the Interact club and everything it has given me, the friends I have made and the chance I have had to truly make a difference within the community. Isabella Dean – Club member - Year 10
As the Junior Public Relations Director this year and the Social Director for the upcoming year, I have really appreciated all I have been able to do through Interact. I have enjoyed being able to contribute towards the greater good for the benefit of others. I have loved all the fundraisers and activities Interact has achieved this year and I cannot wait to see what we do next. Halle Wiblen – Social Director - Year 8
Interact has made a huge impact on me as a person and given me priceless opportunities to serve for the good of others. It’s such a rewarding experience, assisting the community and lending a hand to those in need. I’m forever grateful for this Club, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. Ruby Allen – Local Director - Year 7
Interact was a great opportunity throughout the year to be amongst people who have a similar goal as yourself – helping those with differing needs. Rosies, St. Vinnies and Caritas are a few charities we have been fortunate enough to help throughout the year; as well as providing company and celebrating various occasions with the Ozanam Villa residents. Luana Taylor – Year 8
Being part of the Interact Club has been one of the most maturing phases of my life. Being part of the Club not only allows you to take part in making a difference but with the help of others we all learn together how we can begin changing the world. The mentors (teachers) guide us in the right direction, but in reality, it is the students who drive the Club to meet and often surpass our goals. Being a part of this Club has inspired and driven myself to achieve more, work harder and give back to the community. I owe a lot of my personal development and achievements this year particularly to the Club and my fellow members at is has truly changed my life for the better. Kael Shepheard – International and National Director – Year 11
It has been such a wonderful experience to be a Mentor for our Interact Club. It was uplifting to see the difference our amazing students have made in the lives of many, through their various contributions and dedication to serve others. Mrs Yvonne Crowley – Interact Mentor

Senior Curriculum

Year 12

As I write for the final time this year, I note some early release of Year 12 provisional data, which looks to be most affirming. It appears our final ever OP cohort will graduate with some pleasing results; apparently mirroring the recent trend in our overall results over the last few years. This looks to include OP results, high level of completion rates in vocational education certificates and significant success rates in achieving a QCE. My best wishes to all our graduating students.

Year 11

For our first-ever New QCE (ATAR) cohort, this has been a very busy period of assessing and reporting. Under this new system the General ATAR subject run on a different timeframe to the non-ATAR Applied and VET subjects. We, like all schools, have had to arrange more regular and alternate reporting processes in order to keep parents and students informed on the variety of subjects and results their children are progressing through. Every parent was sent an email this afternoon with an explanation to clarify these points.

Year 10

As we conclude work on the 2020 school timetable, I have been processing many Year 11 2020 subject change requests. A considerable number of students have worked hard to meet our prerequisite targets and have now earnt their place in ATAR and other subjects, in readiness for their two-year Senior program. This is proof for us that the Career planning, the SET Planning, the prerequisite standards and the targeted approach to more rigorous education demonstrate clearly our belief in Year 10 being a genuine transition year into Senior school. I look forward to working with this cohort as they continue into their Senior education in 2020.

Wishing all Senior students and their families a happy, holy and safe Christmas.
Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum


As the school year comes to a close, I wish all students and their families a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I look forward to returning in the New Year and working with the Marymount Community throughout 2020.
Could I ask that over the holiday period families take the time to check uniform requirements for the 2020 year. The College expects every student to have a school uniform that is well fitted, clean and in good condition. In particular, skirt length is to be no shorter than 10cm above the knee and boys require a shirt that has ample length for tucking in. The College navy backpack bag is the ONLY acceptable school bag and every student requires a College bucket hat.
We ask students return next year abiding to our Student Uniform Policy. Some other key reminders are:
  • Joggers require a grip sole and may be coloured. Slip on canvas, flat soled skate, ankle high basketball shoes are not permitted.
  • Hair is to be neat, clean and tidy. It cannot be cut or coloured in an unusual or extreme way, be shaved at less than a 3, have lines or patterns. Mullet haircuts are not permitted. When leaning forward the hair should not obscure the face.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven. Beards, goatees, moustaches, rat tails or long sideburns are not permitted. Boys are not permitted to have their hair tied back.
  • Girls’ hair should be tied back at the nape of the neck with a plain tie or blue or white ribbon. No patterned scrunchies/hair ties/ribbons are permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to wear make-up or false eyelashes. No jewellery is to be worn with the exception of a plain wristwatch, plain cross with an appropriate chain. Girls may wear one plain stud or sleeper in each lower ear lobe. Large jewelled studs or drop earrings are not permitted. Lip, eyebrow, tongue, mouth and other visible piercings, including those with clear studs, are not allowed. Visible tattoos are not permitted. Fingernails should be clean and presentable. Girls should not wear false nails of any kind. Nails should be free of coloured polish.
Full details of our College Uniform Policy 
It is wonderful to have the support of our families as we work together to see our young people wear a uniform with pride that contributes to a safe, disciplined and supportive learning environment. The College uniform fosters a strong sense of belonging, develops mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social difference, is sun smart and dress smart.

Cathy Cooper
Assistant Principal Pastoral (Acting)

Year 11 Update

It seems hard to believe that we are at the end of the year already but given the immense number of activities the Year 11s have been involved with this year, it is no surprise the time has flown by.
Adjustment to ATAR
For every incoming group of Year 11s, the adjustment to senior subjects is the biggest obstacle to their academic performance. This year, that adjustment went up a notch as the ATAR system was implemented for the first time in Queensland. Our students completed Units 1 and 2 over the course of the first three terms and began Unit 3 work during Term four. We congratulate the 11s on the way they approached their studies this year; their commitment and dedication was clear to see. We hope their results from the most recent assessment tasks reflect the effort they have put in and remind them that there is work they can do over the break to prepare themselves to hit the ground running next year. It should not be forgotten that the work they have completed already in Unit 3 will still be relevant in Term four next year when the external exams roll around.
Peer Support Completion
One of the most significant ways our cohort has contributed to the sense of community and belonging this year has been through the Peer Support program. Each Friday, upwards of 50 Year 11 students would split up and visit Year 7 Pastoral groups to assist with prayer, delivery of notices, and to establish relationships with the youngest members of our College community. Over the course of the year, it has been pleasing to see the commitment to the program, and the genuine enjoyment our Year 11s have displayed when visiting their junior counterparts. We thank all of our Peer Support students, as well as the Year 7 Pastoral team, for contributing to the success of the program and hope the friendships and bonds forged from the Friday morning get togethers continue into next year and inspire the Year 7s to put their hand up to be the Peer Support leaders when they get to Year 11.
2020 Student Leadership Conference
As we bid farewell to 2019, our attention has already turned to next year. Week 9 will see the twenty elected student leaders spend three days at Hastings Point to develop their leadership skills and to start planning for the events of 2020. This time spent together is extremely valuable to allow the leaders to learn how to best work as a team, to ask questions, and to get a jump start on what will surely be another huge year at Marymount.
Vote of Thanks
We wish to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated Year 11 Pastoral Team for all of their work in guiding our students throughout the year. Their role can be underplayed at times, but the Pastoral Teacher plays a role of fundamental importance in the overall wellbeing of our students. To our team: Mr Tim Rowe, Mrs Pippa Marr, Ms Paula Kennedy, Ms Jane Dwyer, Mr Garrett Fitzgerald, Ms Natalie Stephenson, Mr Chris Larkin and Ms Amy Anderson, we thank each and every one of you.
Happy Holidays
Finally, we would like to wish our Year 11 students and their parents, caregivers and families a very safe, happy and holy Christmas period. May the break bring rest, peace and joy to you all. We look forward to 2020 and the start of their final year of high school!
Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 Update

Business News

BuySmart Competition

The Office of Fair Trading runs the Buy Smart Competition, to enable our students to learn about marketplace issues and become more informed consumers.  This year, Marymount Year 8 business students entered the competition, with the goal of creating a project which connects with the prescribed target market, teenagers, and gives them the ability to:
  • Recognise and avoid scams
  • Improve your financial capability
  • Use your consumer rights when you need them.
As mentioned earlier in term 3, we had a wide array of outstanding submissions, including podcasts, websites, TikTok’s, videos and songs. We are delighted to report that two of our groups received distinctions for their work, which put them just outside of the top five place getters. William Nguyen and Lachlan Lake created a website on being an informed consumer, including tips to avoid being scammed. It was an outstanding creation, with a high level of professionalism and highly informative. A link to the website is:
Molly Sewell and Lilly Critchley created a scrapbook, with the theme of budgeting. The girls were incredibly creative in the way they presented their messages and tips for young teenagers, with the idea of ensuring that a % of your income is saved every time.
We are very proud of this result.
Simon Rezo
Head of Business

Humanities News

History & Geography

An amazing Year for 8.7

Throughout this year we have had the best experiences in History and Geography, that we could ever possibly have, with the best teacher Mr Fitzgerald. Throughout the year the main highlights we loved were: Term One learning about the crusades and looking back at how they live in the medieval times.
Term Two we looked at Medieval times and got to participate in the Night of Living History, which was an exciting experience.
Term Three we learnt about Civics and Citizenship and how it applies to our everyday life.
Finally, Term Four, was the best term to finish off the year. We learnt Geography which covered learning about plotting and drawing maps.
Sophie Mahoney and Kiara Bikneris
Year 8 Insiders

Science News

STEM Ambassadors

This year Griffith university offered schools the chance to nominate STEM ambassadors, for a specially recognised award for their contribution to Science in 2019.

The awards acknowledge and recognise the achievements of outstanding students and of science in South East Queensland by providing the Beverley and Jock McIlwain Award for Excellence in Science. Congratulations goes to Halle Wiblen and William Nguyen for receiving their awards due to their outstanding achievements in Science representing the College this year.

The photos above are of our STEM Cup teams Fergus Brazel, Douglas Cowan, Zane Frogley, Indee McDonald, William Nguyen, and Halle Wiblen at the STEM Cup Super Final today. At the time of this newsletter, results were not in.

Kristina Baker
Assistant Head of Science

Agricultural Science

Spreading Hope and Joy around the World
The Agricultural Science Department has cultivated various vegetables and herbs, including hydroponic lettuce, and raised chickens and calves throughout 2019. Alongside learning through hands-on experience, the sale of fresh produce grown from Marymount College’s very own gardens has helped raised money to donate to charities and help those in need.
All over the world, the ongoing water crisis is becoming a serious and dangerous issue. The lack of clean water means that hygiene and health is poor, and this results in greater levels of poverty. Some of our funds will contribute towards providing a solar-powered irrigation system for a community overseas. This will make a positive impact in the lives of many. 
We are quite lucky to have the resources and support to be able to get involved in agriculture like we do, but schools in other countries such as Timor Leste, aren’t as fortunate. With the money we’ve raised, over $50 worth of vegetable seeds (from Eden Seeds) has been purchased for a school community in Dili, so they can be healthy and self-sustaining. The children, with the help of Sr Adina (pictured), will gain skills and knowledge to provide for themselves and their families.
Last year, financial support was provided to a student in India through St Vinnies’ “Assist a Student” campaign so that they could study in University; Marymount Ag students have continued to do so this year and we wish Philawansuk Tariang good luck in his studies.
The charities we’ve aided have been making a huge difference in improving the living standards and lives of others around the world, and we are happy that we could help them do so.
Shalayne Smith
11AGS student and Insider

Careers & Vocational Education


The 2020 event is a little different in terms of timing.  Historically, held in Term 3, we are rescheduling to Term 2/Week 7 (Tuesday 2 June).  Additionally, there will be a slight change to the night format to commence slightly earlier at 5.30pm and wrapping up at 7.30pm.  Further reminders will be sent out early next year.

Applications for the January 2020 Student for a Semester Program are now open and will close on Thursday 5 December 2019.  This program is the perfect chance for ambitious Year 11 and 12 students to gain an authentic university experience.  Students who successfully pass their Student for a Semester subject may be able to receive credit towards their Bond Uni undergraduate degree.
The program fee is $250.00 which includes access to all facilities including the library and state-of-the-art Sports Centre.  A school reference will be required to support student applications.  For further details, visit, email or visit the Marymount College Careers Centre.


Defence are hosting several information sessions at the Defence Force Recruitment Centre located in Robina Town Centre (14 Edgewater Court) as follows:
12 December 6.00pm – 8.00pm Defence Careers
21 January 6.00pm – 8.00pm Army Reserves
23 January 6.00pm – 8.00pm Defence Careers
30 January 6.00pm – 8.00pm Leadership & Management
4 February 6.00pm – 8.00pm Defence Careers
14 February 3.00pm – 4.30pm Be Deadly Afternoon Tea
19 February 6.00pm – 8.00pm Gap Year
26 February 6.00pm – 8.00pm ADFA Information Session

For further details and to register, email: or phone 5569 3916.

Sports Update

Outstanding Sporting Result
Max Parton recently competed in the Queensland State All Styles Martial Arts Tournament held at Carrara Stadium. After several rounds of very tough fighting, he fought his way into the final bout to successfully be crowned the Queensland State age champion for 2019.
Max will travel to Melbourne to compete in the Australian All Styles Martial Arts Competition at the end of November after a busy year competing on the Queensland tournament circuit. Max has been training for 11 years at Kenshinkan Karate Dojo in Burleigh and has been a previous Australian All Styles age champion. Well done Max and good luck at the Australian titles!
Outstanding Sporting Result
Year 12 student Kasey Hatton started Refereeing basketball when he was just 12yrs old. He has worked his way up the ranks over the years, officiating at many State Championships, many Representative seasons, over all levels. Kasey has just been selected for the Australian School Championships being held in Melbourne, 2-6 December. He was one of 10 QLD referees chosen to officiate. Here is the write up given by Basketball Queensland:  
“A huge congratulations to Gold Coast Basketball Referee Kasey Hatton, for being selected as one of 10 QLD referees to attend the Zebra Tour being held in Melbourne from the 2-6 December. The Zebra Tour is a selected group of Referees from across Australia that officiate invitational divisions at the Australian Schools Championships. This is an amazing development opportunity for these keen referees to further enhance their refereeing career”.
Congratulations Kasey and we hope to see you progress through to refereeing the professional leagues one day.
Max Robertson (Year 10) was asked to play for the under 16s Gold Coast Cyclones team a couple of weekends ago in Brisbane. He played 3 games on Saturday and the final game on Sunday. Over the weekend the team was undefeated. Max scored 2 tries on Saturday and in the Sunday game against Samoa he scored a further two tries in their 19-7 victory. Well done Max!
Outstanding Sporting Result
Three Marymount boys have been selected for the U15 QLD Rugby Union 7’s squad. For Marymount to have 3 students in the squad is an amazing achievement and a reflection on the Marymount Rugby League and Union programs. To put this into context, only one TSS boy was selected and none from any other Gold Coast APS school to my knowledge.
The boys selected are: 
Zach Wren
Henry Mellick
Jaycriyzel Patelesio-Faamausili
They will be playing at the National Youth Rugby 7‘s Championships on the Sunshine Coast on 30 November.
Physiotherapist Partnership
I am pleased to announce that Back In Motion at Burleigh Waters has come on board as sponsor and partner to assist our sporting programs. The team from Back In Motion will be undertaking pre-season screenings of our athletes, assisting with developing exercise programs and hosting an injury prevention seminar. On top of this they are offering $20 off the first consultation for anyone affiliated with Marymount College. So if you or a family member or friend need a physio, give the team at Back In Motion a call on 56133115 and mention Marymount College to receive the discount.
College Swimming Carnival 2020
Next year we get off to a flying start with our College Swimming Carnival being held in the first week back on the Friday 31 January at Miami Aquatic Centre. Information will be emailed to parents in the first week back.

Enjoy the holiday period and come back ready to make a splash!

Trent Balym
Sport - Program Leader

2020 Super Schools Cup

Marymount College’s 2020 Super Schools Cup preparation is underway, with the boys enjoying some time with members of the Queensland Reds this afternoon. Alex Mafi, Feao Fotuaika and Tom Kibble took time out of their busy schedules to run some drills with the boys and pose for some photos at the end of the session. The boys took a lot from the session. Training continues on Tuesday afternoon next week.
Simon Rezo & Matt Hurley
Rugby Union Coaches


Student Withdrawal: If a family makes a decision to withdraw a student from the College, one full term’s notice is requested in writing to the Principal of the College. If the requested notice is not given, up to one full term fees and levies may be charged in lieu of notice. Your financial commitment is an important part of the life of the College and we thank you for your support and involvement.
Extended Absence:

Marymount College does not support the practice of scheduling holidays during term time and does not consider the taking of a holiday during term time an authorised explanation of absence from school.

School attendance is an emerging concern. Consequently, the College Attendance SMART Goal for each student is 90% attendance for 2019. 

For a student to meet this target, they need to maintain an attendance rate above 96% for most of the year. This may assist to ensure that requests for extended absence (for family holiday/event, sport etc) doesn’t take their attendance rate below the SMART Goal target.

All requests for extended student absence must be made by a parent, two weeks in advance to the Principal via the following method:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Select the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ icon
  3. Complete the online form
  4. You will receive an automatic email confirming your request has been received.
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