Sunday 18 October 2020 

College Student Leaders 2021 

Following nominations, candidates’ speeches, Year 11 student voting and staff voting, we arrived at the twenty College Student Leadership Team for 2021 at the end of Term 3. Eight of these students were selected to go forward as candidates for College Captains and Vice-captains. They addressed the Senior School Assembly (Years 10, 11 & 12) on Monday. Interviews with the College Leadership Team followed. 

Consequently, we are pleased to announce the 2021 Student Leaders. 

College Captains Aston Bai
Demi Lockett
College Vice Captains Bailey Sewell
Sophia Sweeny
Academic Captain Brayden Field 
Lucy Fisher
Cultural Captain Will Ross
Mia Sims
Spirit Captains Mydas McBurney
Isabella Dean
Sport Captains Lewis Treggiden
Maile Rickard
Allambee Captains Sasha Jones    
Willow Howe
Bulimah Captains Tom Nicholson
Mya Mitchell
Katandra Captains Aiden Bulkley
Mia Britton
Patanga Captains Liam Wildman
Matilda Busby

We congratulate these students. They are outstanding examples of the calibre of students in their year group. They are a credit to their families and we are proud to have them and their peers as Year 11 students. We know they will continue to develop and emerge as a strong senior group to lead Marymount College in 2021. 

Co-curricular Life of the School

Recent weeks have continued to see staff and students taking co-curricular opportunities. It involves a fair bit of work, pre-planning, developing COVID-safe plans and getting approvals. It always requires more time and more staff. Yet they get it done. There's been:

  • All Schools Touch Football Carnival
  • Basketball Tournament
  • BCE Minecraft Competition
  • Certificate III in Hospitality visit to Tangalooma Island
  • College Track & Field Carnival
  • Gold Cost STAQ Science Competition
  • Rugby League Training
  • Starbound Dance competition
  • Vicki Wilson Netball State Finals
  • Year 8 & 9 Reflection Days
  • Year 8 Rocket Science QUT Excursion
  • Year 12 Trivia NIght

Our appreciation to the many staff who have risen to the challenges required to enable the life of the school to go on. Photos follow in this newsletter.

College Parents & Friends 

We need your assistance. 

The College Parents and Friends are a small group. They share a view that the College should be well run. They believe there should be open and honest accountability. Finally, they agree that lifelong, life-giving learning and a sense of God are critical to success and happiness for their children. 

You can help us to ensure Marymount continues to thrive. Your understanding of how the College operates will lead to your input influencing Senior College Leadership, policy and decision making. Please consider joining the College Parents & Friends Association.  

Typically, each year the P & F has a small number of long-term members and a small number of one to 3 year members. We meet for just over an hour, eight times—twice each term. We manage the P & F levy, making allocations to support the College and to help with student representative costs. 

Being a member, for one year or six years, is a way to understand your child’s school, to contribute to College leadership, the understanding of the needs of College families and assist in the steady improvement over time of a very good school. Consider attending the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 10 November at 6:00pm. 

Contact the Principal, Chris Noonan on 5586 1003 or the President Grace McLintock at for more information if you want to join us.  

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Mon Oct 05
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tue Oct 06
Week 1A
First Day Term 4
Leadership Speeches

Thu Oct 08
Year 12 Safer Schoolies Talk
Recreational Sport

Fri Oct 09
Yr 8 Reflection Day
Mon Oct 12
Week 2B
Leadership Speeches Assembly

Tue Oct 13
CANCELLED: Principal's Tours
P and F Meeting (6.00pm)
College Track and Field Carnival

Thu Oct 15
Recreational Sport

Fri Oct 16
Cancelled: Year 11 RYDA Day
Year 9 Reflection Day
View the College calendar in the Parent Portal or BCE Connect App

Deputy Principal

A reminder that there are markings placed on the streets leading into the school carpark which clearly indicate the designated lanes for bus entry as well as set down and pick up. We ask parents to adhere to these markings to ensure the safety of our students and for less traffic congestion.

Parents should not use the bus lane to pick up or drop off their child.

Please note - Treetops Shopping Centre and the industrial complex across the road from the College are designated school carpark. Cars that use that area to drop off or pick up students can be fined for doing so.  

Students who ride a bike to school are required to have a chain and lock for security. No bike should be left outside the bike cage and should be secured at all times.

The College rules regarding travel and conduct when travelling to and from school are as follows:
  • No skateboards are allowed
  • Students riding bikes will obey all traffic laws which include wearing a helmet
  • Students should not ride their bikes in the school premises and bikes to be locked in school bike racks upon arrival
  • There is no eating on buses, no littering on buses and no throwing of rubbish from buses
  • Students must follow the Department of Transport guidelines for bus travel including the payment of fares
  • Students are to crossroads at designated crossings or at traffic lights. Students are to obey the signals and not to cross the road against the lights.
Students and parents are reminded that students are to travel directly to and from school. 
Please take note of these points as the safety of your child is of great importance.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal


In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will gain a better understanding into some of the more complex issues relating to raising boys.
This month on SchoolTV - Raising Boys 

Many parents will attest to the fact that most boys are active, loud, rambunctious and prone to rough play, but this should not affect how a parent acts towards their son. Be careful not to pigeon-hole your son into sex-specific behaviours or gender roles. The male brain is distinctly differently in its development. A boy’s physical maturity is often at odds with his mental and brain development.

Societal beliefs about how to raise boys can sometimes influence their adult carers. Although we are not determined by our biology, it is a factor. It is important to support boys in their natural tendencies and nurture their strengths and abilities. Teach them the skills they need for their future and to develop a healthy identity. It is important for boys to have a role model they can connect with and acknowledge who they are. One of the most important determinants for a boy’s development is how secure they feel growing up.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will gain a better understanding into some of the more complex issues relating to raising boys. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Click this link for this month's edition 

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Senior Curriculum

Year 10

Year 11 2021 Subject request changes are being processed. These were due in last term. The process becomes complicated when there are constant changes to class sizes, as student elect to go out of one class and into any other. Some class groups remain full; some have a small number of places remaining. Some will likely never be filled. Practical subjects, especially VET subjects,  have smaller class sizes due to WHS restrictions; these usually fill first.

Requests are also checked for the student meeting the minimum standard prerequisite in those particular subjects. Heads of Department are checking if these standards have now been met, since Term 3 results are now available. Changes cannot be made until these checks are completed. Where we have successfully made the change request, we will soon commence sending the student a copy of their timetable listed classes directly out of the Timetabler system. This email does not go to parents, unfortunately. Please ignore the line listings for core subjects (English, Maths and Religion subjects). These are constantly being adjusted to gain a balance and to allow for elective subject changing across the various lines. Students will still always receive their exact choice of subjects, but not necessarily on the currently listed Lines.

Year 11

Year 11 2020 General subject change requests have now been finalized and the due date has passed.

Students must now remain in these classes for the remainder of their course, across Unit 3 & 4, as it is not possible to commence a course of work in Unit 4 only. Applied subjects and VET subject operate on the normal Semester timetable and changing occurs at the end of the Semester.

Year 12

It appears all is in readiness for the Year 12 General subject External exams commencing in Week 4. All exams will be run in the Doyle. Students are to line up in the Year 12 area 15 minutes prior to the start of the exams (8:30am for morning exams and 12:15pm for afternoon exams.) All school rules apply during exam shutdown period; including uniform expectations and behaviour. Students risk not being allowed to enter the exam room if they are contravening school rules.

We encouraged Year 12 students this week to keep their focus on study and revision, to remain calm and confident, and to attack the papers in earnest, working hard all the way to the end of the testing period. We have also informed VET students that rules around competency still apply and that the shutdown period for exams is a privilege we extend and can and will revoke if there are outstanding assessment tasks, especially VET competencies or other academic or behavioural issues. We wish all the year 12 cohort the very best in their final weeks of schooling.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Junior Curriculum

It has been pleasing to see how well Year 7-9 students have settled back into term four, and I encourage all students to keep up the effort until the end of term.  Please find below an update on assessment, electives and our end of year awards ceremony.

As the end of the term and year gets closer, I would like to remind students to check the assessment calendar and ensure they are working towards meeting assessment deadlines.  Students can view the assessment calendar from their student portal and parents can view the calendar on the Parent Portal.
This term we are implementing a new policy in regard to making up missed tests/exams.  If a student is absent for a test/exam, they will be required to sit it on a Thursday afternoon during sport time, or in special circumstances an alternative time can be negotiated with me.  As normal policy students will require a note from home explaining their absence or a doctor’s certificate.  This change is required to ensure we have staff available to supervise make up tests.
Electives 2021

We are close to finalising electives for Year 8 -10 in 2021 and hope to have the information out to parents by the end of week 3.
Awards Ceremony

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Awards night for Year 7-9 students will be held on Thursday 3 December and will be for students only.  The ceremony will be recorded and made available for parents to view later in the day.

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Religious Education

The Alternative

Discover an alternative way of living. Discover an alternative community. Discover something more on your Friday night. The Alternative is more than a youth group, it’s a movement. Launching this Friday night on the 9th of October for Yr 10-12's! Bring a friend, bring a skateboard to chill with your crew and make sure to register with the details
Darcy Rogers
Youth Minister
Anniversary of Cannonisation of St Mary MacKillop

Saturday 17 October is the 10th Anniversary of the canonisation of St Mary MacKillop, and the Sisters of St Joseph have sent an invitation to all of us to join them in Courage Hour, a one hour vigil of peace and prayer to “wrap our world in courage”.  Mary Mackillop lived her life with enormous courage and at a time when Mary and the sisters’ very existance was threatened  she exhorted them to “Take fresh courage”. Follow this link below for further details.
Liturgies, Retreats and Reflection Days

Amidst the disruption to many of the best laid plans  for 2020, our students have not been deprived of their Retreats and Reflection Days, our liturgies to celebrate Our Lady Help of Christians and Marymount Day have been celebrated and we’re now preparing for the Year 12 Graduation Liturgy.

With the Year 8 and 9 students having  their Reflection Days and the College Athletics carnival in the  past two weeks, the joy and fun which is a hallmark of these days reminds of the simple need to step back, reflect and spend quality time with each other. The students and pastoral teachers  of Years 8 and 9 all enjoyed  a truly spiritually  energising and refreshing day with Michael Fitzpatrick. To the seasoned teacher’s eye it is  wonderful to observe Michael at his work with 200+ young people who enter the space lost in their own moments with their friends, selfconscious and apprehensive and arriving at a point where they are comfortable, genuinely reflective  and present to the moment. Joy oh joy!  As always, thank you Michael for your marvellous work. It was also great to have Fr Jacob present with us for some of the day.
Catholic Mission Month

October is Catholic Mission Month and this year’s focus is Cambodia, in particular the work of Bishop Kike at the Arrupe Centre. Bishop Kike, a Jesuit, has been looking after the Church in the Battambang province of north west Cambodia for the past 20 years. The Arrupe Centre supports many young people an families who have been victims of land mine explosions. This weekend, seven of our student volunteer Catholic Mission Ambassadors will present this year’s appeal at Parish Masses. Some Year 6 primary students are also involved. All of them are to be commended for their commitment and enthusiasm for  this task and I’m sure that Burleigh Parishioners will be touched by their youthful enthusiasm.
The College Interact group will spearhead the College’s Odd Sock Day fundraiser for the Catholic Mission Appeal this coming week. The P&F Courtyard is already sprouting clotheslines of colourful ODD SOCKS, some of which I know are archival pieces form past students!! The main message is to say thank you for  donations to the 2019  Appeal, PRAY  for the successful work of Catholic Mission and reflect, and  DONATE. 
“As we celebrate this moment, may St Mary of the Cross MacKillop wrap her love around our hearts whispering to us to ‘Take Fresh Courage’.” Sr Monica Cavanagh

Dolores Maitland

Year 8 Reflection Day

The Year 8 Reflection day was an amazing experience.

Firstly, Michael Fitzpatrick was a great speaker; he knew how to draw your attention and keep you focused. Personally, my favourite part of the day was the middle session. During this time, people volunteered to go up to the front and sing!

Olivia Heritage
Year 8 Insider

The highlight of the day for me was walking around and finding a person who I hadn’t met or spoken to already and doing fun activities together. I really stepped out of my comfort zone.  I did this by being confident and knowing that everyone was in the same boat and each of us felt uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Olivia Keating
Year 8 Insider
We had three different partners throughout the day and had to learn more about each one of them. I don’t normally go out of my way to meet new people, so it was interesting. I found out things about my peers which I had never known before. Even though this day pushed many, including myself, out of their comfort zone, it was worthwhile learning more about our cohort.

Holly McLintock
Year 8 Insider


Arts & Media


Starbound Dance Competition
Marymount shines at Starbound! On the last day of school in Term 3, all of our dance teams were so excited to compete at the Starbound Entertainers’ Festival. Our Years 7-12 students were thrilled to be back on a stage—in costume, under lights and in front of a live audience. Routines from the start of the year were remounted and rehearsed while new class dances were finalised with finesse. The videos of Marymount’s items that were sent to all of the families involved, as well as the adjudicator’s audio critiques, confirmed that our dancers put on an excellent display and presented entertaining and dramatic performances.
Congratulations to all of our dancers for their wonderful teamwork and the following awards:
1st Place Senior Extension Lyrical: Yr 7-9 (Piece by Piece)
1st Place Senior Extension Jazz: Yr 10-12 (Hush Hush)
2nd Place Year 9 Dance Contemporary (Strong)
2nd Place Junior Extension Funk (Night of your Life)
3rd Place Senior Extension Jazz (Janet Jackson Mix)
3rd Place Junior Extension Contemporary (Feel It Still)
Very Highly Commended Year 11/12 Dance (Next to You)
Very Highly Commended Year 8 Dance (Reggaeton)
Our dancers from Years 7-12 represented Marymount College so proudly and even more importantly than these great results, they worked very hard and were cooperative and supportive of each other and the other competitors, during the long competition.
Student Report- Year 8 Dance 
Yasim Coronado, an outstanding dance teacher, visited Marymount over 4 weeks in Term 3 to teach a dance to Year 8 students at Marymount College. It has been amazing to learn how different cultures (in this case Cubans) dance and also their clothing and performance outfits for their styles.
Yasim taught us a reggaeton-styled dance, to a remix of two different Black Eyed Peas songs. Reggaeton is similar to hip-hop, with mixes of salsa in it also. We were fortunate enough to have him visit us three times to choreograph a dance and finalise it. We competed with this dance at Starbound in September and was awarded Very Highly Commended. Yasim is a fantastic dancer as he dances with confidence and rhythm. It was wonderful working with him and learning more about the reggaeton style of dance.

Lucy Tyson
Year 8 Dance Reporter
Farewell Year 12 Dance Students
Class of 2020’s Year 12s have been wonderful leaders and impressive mentors for younger students in the dance faculty this year. As well as being committed to their own school work, they have helped run the Junior Extension Dance Team, assisted with auditions of primary students and helped organise younger dancers at the latest competition.
For six years, these Year 12s have been involved in the Dance Department in dynamic ways—class workshops, years of showcases, countless excursions, annual eisteddfods—and now they have given their final performance representing Marymount at a competition. They have faithfully followed in the footsteps of past generations of our college’s Senior Dance students who have provided good role models for our younger performers to look up to. Congratulations, Class of 2020 Dance; we are proud of you.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator
Farewell Year 12 Dance Students
Class of 2020’s Year 12s have been wonderful leaders and impressive mentors for younger students in the dance faculty this year. As well as being committed to their own school work, they have helped run the Junior Extension Dance Team, assisted with auditions of primary students and helped organise younger dancers at the latest competition.
For six years, these Year 12s have been involved in the Dance Department in dynamic ways—class workshops, years of showcases, countless excursions, annual eisteddfods—and now they have given their final performance representing Marymount at a competition. They have faithfully followed in the footsteps of past generations of our College’s Senior Dance students who have provided good role models for our younger performers to look up to. Congratulations, Class of 2020 Dance; we are proud of you.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator


Year 8 Media

This week in our media class we have been learning about different genres, film techniques and editing. The past fortnight we have enjoyed dressing up and building on our film knowledge and awareness in the Thriller and Western genres. Our teacher Mrs Vine has taught us many things that we will be able to use in upcoming years in media arts. She helps us with our filming techniques such as different ways to film and angles to film at to make the clips edit together to the best of its potential. This past week has been amazing learning many elements about filming genre scenes and editing techniques. Thank you miss.
Archer Matchett 
Year 8 Media Student



On Wednesday this week, the Year 12 Economics class was visited by formerMarymount student, Adam Miliszewski from Cervus Private Wealth.

As the owner of a company concerning accounting, stockbroking, and financial management, Adam enlightened us about the practicality of taking such a career path, and what it is like being inside the finance world on a day-to-day basis. 
He provided us with plenty of knowledge and advice; from University pathways, to the ins and outs of running a company, and even about having a healthy attitude and mindset, Adam was extremely engaging and insightful. The Year 12 Economics class is very grateful that Adam took the time out to share his ideas and experiences with us.
Corbin Zahn
Year 12 Economics Student


Gold Coast Schools Science Competition

The Gold Coast Schools Science Competition is in its 34th year and is the largest Science Competition of its kind in the country.

It aims to raise the profile of STEM in our community and encourages students to demonstrate their STEM abilities by entering a project into one of six categories. The competition is the largest of its type in Queensland competition is fierce with over 400 entries received most years.
Unfortunately, due to COVID we didn’t hold our annual Science night here at the College in which winners usually go on to the competition. However, students were given the opportunity to still take part in making a project for the Gold coast schools science competition during their own time with support from teachers.
Congratulations to the 11 students who took part creating high quality, imaginative and ingenious entries for the 2020 Science Competition.  

Year 7 and 8 Division

Engineering & Technology Projects 
  • 1st place: Ruby Allen, Harnessing the sun to keep children safe
  • 1st place: Isabella Brown & Isabella Ker, Mission to the Moon
  • 2nd place: Lucy Cohen & Tara Sullivan, Lunar Mission: A Race to Space
  • 3rd place: Gaia Caveglia, Lunar Mission
Scientific Investigations
  • 1st place: Mya Grabowski, Energy efficiency of a bouncy ball
  • 2nd place: Lucia Walsh, Effect of exercise on heart rate
  • 3rd place: Charlie Smith, Conservation of energy in a bounce
Year 9 and 10 Division

Classified Collections
  • Highly Commended: Sofia Martini, Australian native leaves
Scientific Investigations
  • Highly Commended: Halle Wiblen, Testing insulators
All entries will now go on the STAQ science competition, we wish all our students well.
We would also like to congratulate Marymount College on again being awarded the OVERALL MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER! It is a testament to the continued dedication of our staff that enables our school to continually shine as leaders in STEM in the South East Region.

Kristina Baker
Head of Science (acting)



Over 400 Teams submitted, with over 2000 students participating from 35 different BCE schools to bring us a variety of different learning experiences. from the First Fleet to the Islands of Tonga, Renewable Energy, Filled with Interactive learning, Impressive coding, and creative builds.
To all who participated, Congratulations.

Code Club


After their tremendous efforts last term, it is with great pride I can write that both our Marymount teams have been victorious in the 2020 BCE Minecraft competition.

Our Year 7 team took out the best build category with their amazing build of Mount Olympus. Our Year 9 team has won all three categories; best build, best activity and best video in their age level with their build of time travel through Australian history. What an outstanding feat! To congratulate them on their efforts these students will have the opportunity to take part in a Winners Day in Week 4 that has been organized by BCE. During this day the teams will participate in a number of Minecraft related e-sport timed build challenges, treasure hunts and parkour courses. You can check out our college’s entries and some of the amazing builds from other schools we were up against below.

BCE Minecraft Video 1

In Week 3 this term our Marymount Code Club chapter will resume its Tuesday after school meetings after what has been quite a long time operating only online. If any students are interested in joining the club, you can still do so by getting in touch with myself or Mrs Mathers. Our members are very excited to be joining their peers again for project building, gaming and socializing. I look forward to getting the team back together in person.

Daniel Cousins
Technology Teacher

Vocational Education & Careers

TAFE Direct Entry 2021

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who have successfully secured Direct Entry into the course of their choice at Queensland TAFE to commence in 2021:
Student Course
Mackenzie Lenihan Certificate III in Animal Studies & Certificate IV in Vet Nursing
Ildiko Kuchar Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Nick Tyson Diploma of Hospitality Management
Ben Cameron Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)
Bridie Edgar Diploma of Nursing
Gabrielle Ivens Certificate III in Education Support

Well done and all the best for your studies in 2021.


Integrity 20’20 & Beyond seeks to understand this remarkable moment in time and illuminate the path to future possibilities. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are invited to take part on Thursday 22 October where top minds will delve into issues ranging from “the way out” of pandemic to the future of humans in space.  More information and to register


Griffiths Sports College plays a vital role in fostering students who are also elite athletes, helping them devote time to training and competition while they complete their tertiary studies.  The Sports College integrates sporting and academic aspirations and supports over 550 student athletes successfully balance the high demands of elite sport and university life each year.  Any elite athletes considering study in 2021 should contact or click here for more information.


Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who have successfully secured an early offer into a Bachelor program at Bond University for 2021:
Student Course
Ashleigh Allred Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Jasmyn Glegg Bachelor of Health Sciences
Jessica Tucker Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Laws
Jordan Walsh Bachelor of Health Sciences
Kayla Page Bachelor of Business
Cameron Saliba Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
Chanelle Atanyakul Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Ellie Beer Bachelor of Sport Management
Harrison Dean Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
Jennaye McLintock Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Kael Shepheard Bachelor of Commerce
Maddison O’Donnell Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Ned Williams Bachelor of Commerce
Pierce Greffe Bachelor of Actuarial Science
Seamus Harrison Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
Sophie Roiter Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Sanaha Nolan Bachelor of Film and Television
Tayla Willis Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Zareen Fitch Bachelor of Laws

We would like to congratulate each of these students for securing an early offer and we wish you all the best for 2021.

  • Gold Coast Fresh Meat Centre (Burleigh) are offering an Apprentice Butcher position. 
  • Bridg Land Fin Lay Accounting (Burleigh) are looking for a 12 month full time trainee.
  • Hacq Hair Artistry (Currumbin) are recruiting a year 12 school leaver to commence a 1st Year Apprenticeship.
Detailed information on each of these positions has been emailed to students.  Should further details be required, please feel free to contact the Marymount College Careers Centre.
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities

Library & Resource Centre


I’m glad to say that the Library is now able to celebrate Book Week next week, postponed from August, and also is starting up a Makerspace again, after a long break! 
We are always here to help students with their research assignments and remind Seniors, especially, to use the Library Moodle page to access databases for study and research.   

Book Week

This year’s theme is Curious Creatures and Wild Minds. We never want to stop children from being curious, in fact, we encourage it! And their wild and creative minds can enjoy what there is on offer at Marymount to help them through their future.

Students are encouraged into the Library next week, to see which books have made the grade and become CBCA Book of the Year 2020.  Our celebrations will be tampered down, but students can still have fun guessing some curious and wild facts about some of the Marymount staff.  And with a $30 gift voucher as a prize for the person with most correct answers, I’m sure we’ll have lots of interest.
Makerspace NEWS!

The Makerspace is back!! 
The Week 3 Activity is Curious Creatures and Wild Things – Pipe cleaner creatures and Wild bookmarks to fit in with Book Week and we’ll have Halloween activities too
Makerspace Takeaway Service!

Students are still welcome to come and take an activity away with them in a paper bag – Please see Library staff for more details of what’s available.
Don’t forget to check out the Makerspace link on the Library Moodle page. There are plenty of DIY activities and projects to choose from and, on the whole, they use easily accessible, everyday materials to make.  The Makerspace Padlet is regularly updated so keep going back to find more fun things to do!
Premier’s Reading Challenge

The number of books each of our PRC participants read was entered and uploaded to the PRC website at the end of August. 

In Queensland, 161,000 children were involved, from Early Childhood to Year 9, with the number of books read being over 2.23 million!  That’s just under an average of 14 books read across the 15 weeks the Challenge was open.  How many parents can say they did that!!    

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Libriarian

Student Protection Contacts

If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral

Year Levels

Year 12

Year 12 Awards, Graduation, Formal Update

Senior Awards Night 6:00pm-7:30pm Friday 13 November

These presentations for Year 10, 11 & 12 students will be held in the Doyle Centre. Parents and students will be invited. Limited places will be available. Consequently, there will be one parent place for each student receiving an award. Students receiving a major award will be notified and able to invite a second family member. We will hold a ballot for parents of Year 12 students for any spaces still available after bookings close. 

Graduation Liturgy and Graduation 6:00pm-7:30pm Tuesday 17 November

The Liturgy and Graduation will be held in the Marymount Primary School Shelter. This is classified as a covered open area. It will allow Year 12 students and up to two family members per student. Parents and students will receive an invitation.

Formal 5:30pm-11:00pm Thursday 19 November

COVID-safe planning for the Formal continues. We are planning to enable parents to be able to view arrivals and have a professional photo with their child. The announcement by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk that dancing at school formals is now permitted is great news. Seniors and parents will receive further information shortly.

Heads of Year 12 Update

The final term is upon us, and time in classes is rapidly diminishing. It is an exciting time for our Year 12 students, and we are embracing the buzz around the group. This buzz contains a mixture of anticipation of what is to come, mixed with a healthy dose of trepidation for what the external exams will bring, and topped off with the opposing emotions of joy and sadness that a significant chapter of their lives is wrapping up. During this time, we thank parents and caregivers for their continued support of their senior students and assure them that we as staff, will continue to watch over them while they are in our care.

In all ways, we will be encouraging the Year 12 students to finish well by ensuring they leave with their reputations both as individuals and as a cohort, firmly intact. We are very proud of the way they have conducted themselves during their time at the College and look forward to them leaving in a manner that befits their standing in our community.

There may be a short time left, but there are plenty of significant events to come. We look forward to celebrating these events with the students, and hopefully the parents as well.

Upcoming Events Reminders

Farewell Assembly  Friday October 23
External Exams  Monday October 26 -Tuesday November 17
Awards Night  Friday November 13
Graduation Liturgy  Tuesday November 17
Formal  Thursday November 19

As always, if we can be of any assistance, we encourage parents and caregivers to contact us at the College.

Matt Carroll and Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 8

QLD Mental Health Week – October 10 to 18

Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress and also your general outlook on life. Having a healthy sense of mental wellbeing has many benefits. It lifts your mood, promotes resilience in difficult situations and helps you get the most out of life. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or how you’re feeling – taking a few moments for yourself each day will help you be a happier and more resilient you.

What is the theme for 2020?

The theme is ‘Take Time — for Mental Health’. When we take time to look after our mental health we are able to improve our resilience and better cope with the everyday stresses of life. We each have our own wellbeing journey. Something that works for most people may not work for you, and that’s okay. Exploring wellbeing, using the six Building Blocks as our guide, can help us decide what makes us feel good and what we’d rather not do.
Communicating with your Heads of Year 8 – We are here to help

Peter and I wanted to remind Year 8 students and their families, that our door (or email if you are shy) is always open to listen to any concerns you may have. No concern is too big or too small if it is affecting a child and their wellbeing. In recent times, students been involved in incidents that built up due to frustration or being upset and have then reacted in a negative way. If we (Heads of Year or teachers) know there is a problem, we can work with our College support network to help any student, work through their concern and come out with a positive outcome.

Year 8 Reflection Day – Friday 9 October

The Year 8 cohort was treated to a day of singing, sharing stories of important symbols in their life, reflecting on friendship and being kind to one another. Mr Michael Fitzpatrick has had a long history facilitating reflection days at Marymount College since 1988 Michael has had an amazing connection with students, staff and our Catholic vision. We thank the 207 students who attended and had a wonderful time connecting as a group, and we encourage any student who missed out, to come connect with your group in 2021.

Comments made by Year 8 students when reflecting about the day:

“The day helped me learn things about other students I did not know before”, “I did not know she could sing that well, wow!” “I was impressed how he could show the courage to get up in front of a group and truly be himself.”

Year 8 Science Super Stars – Science Night

A huge congratulations to our Year 8 Super Science superstars, Science Night was cancelled this year, but still, a few keen students submitted projects to the Griffith Science Competition. We were up against some steep competition but were able to come out on top and win the overall Middle School Award. Thank you to Mrs Kristina Baker and Mrs Trena Steele for putting in the extra time to provide this opportunity for our lovely students.

Year 8 results:
Ruby Allen (Engineering) 1st place
Mya Grabowski (Investigation) 1st place
Lucia Walsh (Investigation) 2nd place
Charlie Smith (Investigation) 3rd place
Peter Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head & Assistant Head of Year 8

IT Support


2020 Athletics Carnival - Eye in the Sky
College Track & Field Carnival
After delays due to Covid and rain, we finally were able to hold our Track & Field Carnival on Tuesday 13 October at the College. It was a great day with many students competing to earn points for their house in not only the traditional track & field events, but also in novelty events like egg & spoon races and quoits.
Across the carnival we had 8 records broken. Congratulations to our record breakers on your fantastic performances on the day – special mention to Molly Sewell and Caitlin Lythgo who both broke records that had stood since the 1980’s!
13yr Girls 1500m 5:20.58 M Dick 2010 Pascalle Foster 5:15.97
13yr Girls 800m 2:33.91 C Banner 2012 Pascalle Foster 2:31.00
15yr Girls 1500m 5:06.70 L Ripley 2003 Molly Sewell 4:48.00
15yr Girls 800m 2:29.90 M Dalton 1983 Molly Sewell 2:23.36
Open Girls 800m 2:36.50 M Dick 2014 Shae Rooney 2:32.89
Open Girls 400m 1:05.20 T Eastaughffe 1984 Caitlin Lythgo 1:01.89
15yr Girls Shot Put 9.65m G Freese 2014 Livvy Devonport 10.21m
12yr Boys High Jump
1.30m N Williams 2015
1.30m L Treggiden 2016
1.30m T Cervenak 2017
Noah Davis 1.36m
12yr Summer Carroll – 80pts Luke Ross – 72pts
13yr Pascalle Foster – 104pts Max Robilliard – 61pts
14yr Seren Seaton – 34pts Mason Field – 82pts
15yr Molly Sewell – 117pts Noah Baggerson-Myers – 46pts
16yr Mya Mitchell – 84pts Henry Mellick – 94pts
Open Jade Vicelich – 86pts Brayden Field – 82pts
1st Bulimah 1658
2nd Katandra 1325
3rd Patanga 1302
4th Allambee 1205
Congratulations to all our age champions and to Bulimah on taking out the overall champion house for 2020!
Queensland Short Course Swimming Championships
On the holidays, Cooper Lynch participated in the Queensland State Swimming Short Course Championships 2020. He finished Top 10 in all of his 8 events. 2nd 50m Butterfly; 5th 50m Freestyle; 6th 100m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly; 7th 200m Freestyle, 200m Breaststroke; 8th 200m IM; 10th 100m IM. Well done Cooper, good luck for the upcoming swimming season!
Queensland State Pool Rescue Championships
At the end of last term, Corbin Zahn competed at the Burpengary Aquatic Centre in the Queensland State Pool Rescue Championships. He competed in 11 events and won 10 medals! His results were:
1st U17 Male 100m Manikin Tow
1st U17/19 Male 4x50m Obstacle Relay 
1st U17 Male Line Throw
1st U19 Male Line Throw
1st U17/19 Male Medley Relay
2nd U17 Male 50m Manikin Carry
2nd U17/19 Male 4x50m Manikin Relay
2nd Open Male 4x25m Manikin Relay
3rd U17 Male 100m Rescue Medley
3rd Open Male 4x50m Medley Relay

Unfortunately for Corbin COVID-19 has meant there is no Australian Championships, so he missed out on an opportunity to possibly represent Queensland in 2020. Congratulations on the great results Corbin and good luck for the upcoming surf lifesaving season!
Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader
Rugby League 

Marymount Primary and College girls and boys at the weekly voluntary rugby league training session on Wednesday this week.

Many thanks to teachers Kim Smith, Tegan Crawford, Brianna Huxley and Trena Steele for their help in running stations, and a huge thanks to Kara Mallory and Tim Rowe who prepared McMako (bacon and egg) Muffins for all participants.

Jason Hamilton
Rugby League Coordinator

All Schools Touch

Last weekend saw the annual Queensland All Schools Touch championships held at Whites Hill. This year, Marymount was represented by three teams: The 15 Girls, Open Girls and Open Boys.
All three teams acquitted themselves with pride, exhibiting the characteristics we aim to instil in all of our students, those of commitment, determination, positivity and a sense of fair play. From the way the students were attired, to their attitude and conduct both on and off the field, we are extremely proud of all of the students who represented our College at this huge tournament.
Each team had some very impressive results, but as always, schools are placed in pools and much of the likelihood of progressing beyond the pool stage is who you get grouped with. This year, all three teams found themselves with tough opposition and were unsuccessful in moving beyond the pool stage. In no way does that diminish the performance of our teams or our players. The results for each team are listed below:
15 Girls:
Marymount V  Bribie Island  Win 4-2
Marymount V Cleveland Loss 1-6
Marymount V Fairholme Loss 0-4
Marymount V Mary Mackillop Win 11-0
Marymount V Miami Loss 1-5
Marymount V Pimpama Win 6-1
Marymount V Woodridge Draw 4-4
Open Girls:
Marymount V  Rock Girls Grammar  Win 4-3
Marymount V Beenleigh  Win 12-2
Marymount V Lourdes Hill  Loss 2-4
Marymount V St Eugene College  Win 7-0
Marymount V St. Saviour’s College  Win 8-3
Marymount V St. Paul’s Win 5-2
Marymount V Cleveland Loss 2-5
Open Boys:
Marymount V  Ambrose Treaty  Win 8-1
Marymount V Beenleigh  Win 8-5
Marymount V Clairvaux Mackillop  Win 6-2
Marymount V St Mary’s  Loss 2-6
Marymount V Shalom  Loss 4-7
Marymount V Gladstone  Loss 2-3
Marymount V TCC  Loss 1-10
A big thank you to the following staff who assisted with the teams:
15 Girls
Coach- Bianca Zorn
Managers- Hannah Richardson and Kris Symons
Open Boys
Coach- Michael Nesdale
Manager- Chris Sikora
Open Girls
Managers- Aaron Turner and Hannah Richardson
Until next year!
Matt Carroll
Open Girls Coach

COVID Safe Protocols

The safety and wellbeing of staff and students remain our highest priority and Marymount College will maintain the following protocols to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus:
  • regular handwashing and hand sanitizing (gel-in and gel-out of classrooms/activities)
  • increased cleaning of school classrooms, particularly high frequency touch points including water fountains or bubblers
  • regular cleaning of shared equipment and materials
  • children who are unwell will be isolated and parents/carers asked to collect from school
  • adults are required to maintain 1.5m physical distancing measures
  • Students are required to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing measures from adults
  • Students are required to allow teachers distance to pass and to enter classrooms
  • Students are to take their seat in class, and not move about the class without permission of the teacher
  • Parent and visitor access to school grounds will be restricted.
Australian Health Protection Principles Committee guidelines do not include a requirement for physical distancing for students. Nevertheless, we will continue to remind them to maintain high personal hygiene standards and respect for personal space with their peers.
If your child develops cold or flu like symptoms, please:
  • keep your child at home
  • avoid contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging
  • see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
  • seek medical advice if your child has other underlying medical conditions
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms.
Further advice and information about the coronavirus is available on the Queensland Government Health and Federal Government Health websites.
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