Friday 27 November 2020 

Senior Formal 19 November Marymount College 

Year 10 Academic Awards were presented 8:50am-9:40am on Thursday 19 November. At that time, final preparations for the Senior Formal were underway on the Franciscan Lawn. We knew that like everyone else, the Year 10s were excited about that. Arrivals on the red carpet and promenading along the white picketed fence pathway were set for 5:30pm that evening. The excitement had been building since Wednesday morning when the wooden floor—the foundation—for the marquee was laid. 

In the Doyle Centre, the Year 10s looked ready for a Year 10 Assembly, rather than an Awards Presentation—not particularly keen—as they slumped in their seats. Although, those in the front three rows were a bit more interested because they were getting an Award. 

We told the Year 10s to sit up. We said, “You’re the Seniors of 2022. We expect you to rise to that—to imagine what’s possible.” We said, “Tonight, the Senior Formal will start at 5:30pm with arrivals on the Franciscan Lawn and everyone’s excited because they never imagined the Franciscan Lawn could be more than just a lawn.” With a marquee, a white picket fence, a red carpet, flood lights and a stage for a band everyone was excited, everyone wanted to help, everyone wanted it to be a great success! Imagination can have a powerful effect on people. 

Everyone imagined how good the Formal might be when they saw the floor being laid and the marquee going up. It transformed the place and how we thought about what was happening. Marymount was doing this for its Seniors of 2020 and everyone ‘owned it’. We wanted the best for our Seniors—every single one of us—and it was. 

FORMAL 2020: Arrivals
FORMAL 2020: Red Carpet Stream

Our thanks to the community … 

When the original venue for the Formal became unavailable due to COVID, the parents of Seniors on the P&F (Grace, Dawn, Nicole and Fiona, Ross) asked for it to be held at the College. We weren’t sure until Jan Delves and Karen Harrison did some fact-finding and established the plan for it to happen. A small committee, led by Matt Carroll and Irene Scott met with Jan and Karen. Ultimately, over 50 staff contributed directly—in both large and small ways—and made it happen. We thank them for their work, the extra value so many brought to what they did and for the general good will that prevailed throughout. 

Year 10 2020 Academic Awards 

When the Year 10s thought about preparations for the Formal, that everyone wants the best for them now and that everyone will want the best for them when they are the Seniors of 2022, the 2020 Year 10 Awards Presentation came to life. The Year 10s have risen to the challenges of this year, returning to school after lock down and working to achieve pre-requisites for Year 11 subjects.  Some struggled, as we struggled with some boys’ mullet hair styles and some girls’ jewellery and make-up, yet most got the job done and others excelled. They move on to Year 11 in 2021 and will be another fine Senior Leadership group in 2022. We are confident of that as we acknowledge their perseverance throughout the year and congratulate those receiving awards. 

Outstanding Awards
  • Enterprise and Innovation Award—Andrew Jones
  • ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award—Nicholas Ranson
  • ADF Long Tan Future Innovators Award—Cahill Wharton

Year 10 Academic Excellence & Proficiency Awardees

  • Lakota Aldridge Science
  • Ryan Allen—Short Course Numeracy
  • Angela Balk—Economics and Business
  • Kate Buchanan—Religion
  • Keira Cafe—Religion
  • Erin Clarke—Advanced Sports Program - Netball
  • Clara Cramer—Religion
  • Jessica Eaton—History
  • Miles Ellis-Skinner—English
  • Holly Favot—Dance, Religion, Design & Technologies (Food & Fibre Production), Design and Technologies (Food Specialisations)
  • Olivia Ferguson—Design and Technologies (Food Specialisations) , English, Science
  • Abbey Fields—Religion
  • Jarah Frogley—Health and Physical Education
  • Shaylee Gear—General Mathematics
  • Tahlia Gee—Religion
  • Kate Glancy—Academic Proficiency
  • Grace Granville—Advanced Sports Program - OZ Tag
  • Charli Greedy—Design and Technologies (Food Specialisations)
  • Andre Groves—Media Arts
  • Charlotte Guest—Essential Mathematics
  • Robert Heaton—Design and Technologies (Engineering Principles and Systems)
  • Jack Isaacs—Civics and Citizenship, Design and Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Science
  • Kyan Jackson—History
  • Ruby Kasdaglis—English, History
  • Lily-Rose Kolc—Health and Physical Education
  • Caitlin Marshall—English, History, Elective History, Mathematical Methods
  • Olivia Marshall—English, Health and Physical Education
  • Chelsea Mccarthy—General Mathematics
  • Remi Mclellan—Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, English, History
  • Loren Middleton—Academic Proficiency
  • Daria Misic—Academic Proficiency
  • Lucy Nesbitt—Visual Arts
  • Corey Nolan—History, Health and Physical Education, Music
  • Zara Nunan—History, Japanese, Science
  • Benjamin O'Shea—Design and Technologies (Engineering Principles and Systems)
  • Lily Puffett—Economics and Business, Science
  • Luke Rached—Design & Technologies (Materials & Technologies)
  • Nicholas Ranson—Digital Technologies, Economics, English, History, Health and Physical Education, Mathematical Methods, Religion, Science
  • Linda Restaino—Certificate III in Dance
  • Bodhi Richardson—Academic Proficiency
  • Charlie Ricketts—History
  • Lana Robilliard—English, Japanese, Science
  • Taylor Robinson—Drama, Religion
  • Tristan Robinson-Goullet—Academic Proficiency
  • Liam Ryan—Academic Proficiency
  • Sophia Sanders—Academic Proficiency
  • Alexandra Scott—General Mathematics
  • Jake Smyth—Design and Technologies (Engineering Principles and Systems)
  • Benjamin Suddes—Health and Physical Education, Advanced Sports Program - AFL
  • Makishi Tanaka—Design & Technologies (Materials & Technologies), History, Mathematical Methods, Science
  • Charlotte Threlfall—Civics and Citizenship, Drama, Religion
  • Alexander Troy—Academic Proficiency
  • Peri Turner—Visual Arts
  • Caitlin Wallis—Economics and Business
  • Cahill Wharton—Academic Proficiency
  • Keely Whatman —General Mathematics
  • Zachary Wren—Advanced Sports Program - Rugby League

School Year Closes 

This past fortnight began with the Senior Awards Night on Friday evening 13 November and the Dance Showcase on the Sunday evening. Year 12 External Exams were finalised on Tuesday 17 November. A beautiful Graduation Liturgy followed in the evening with Padre Morgan presiding. The Senior Formal on Thursday 19 November celebrated the success of our Seniors of 2020, and with the mighty collective effort required, also became a celebration of who we are as a Catholic school where people come together and achieve great things. 

This week Year 11s have had block exams as they reach the mid-point of Unit 3. In a ‘The King is dead, long live the King moment’ they received their 2021 Senior jerseys as the week began. Planning—for staffing, the 2021 calendar, Stage 1 of the Master Plan and school improvement for 2021—was being finalised. 

Next week we welcome our Year 7 2021 students for their Orientation day on Monday. The 2021 Student leadership Camp for the College Captains will be run over Monday and Tuesday. Formal classes will conclude Thursday for Years 7 to 9 with a Liturgy and Year 7, 8, & 9 2020 Awards Assembly in the morning followed by Year Level activities in the afternoon to close the year. Students are not required to attend school on Friday.

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Mon 30 Nov

Year 7 2021 Orientation Day
Senior Leaders Conference

Thu 3 Dec

End of Year Liturgy
Year 7 - 9 Academic Awards Ceremony

Fri 4 Dec

Students are not required to attend
Staff Liturgy

Tue 19 Jan

Staff Professional Development
8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Textbook Collection/Uniform & Bookshop Open

Wed 20 Jan

Staff Professional Development
8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Textbook Collection/Uniform & Bookshop Open

Thu 21 Jan

Staff Professional Development
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Textbook Collection/Uniform & Bookshop Open
View the College calendar in the Parent Portal or BCE Connect App

Social Justice

Helping Edwin with the raffle tickets gave me a good feeling.

I was happy to help as I knew I was helping people that are in need, especially with COVID-19 coming in at the start of the year. At lunchtime I was planning to play with my mates, having a break from Science class, but when Edwin asked for my help I accepted.

I remembered a saying that my dad had told me, “For the grace of God, there go I.”

To me this saying reminds me how lucky I am and that there are still people out there who need help. When I was selling the raffle tickets some people said no, but I didn’t care for I knew that what I was doing was for a great cause. Every day I always think of the things that lots of people in world need and realise how lucky I am. Every day I am grateful for the opportunities that I get and the mistakes I learn from them.           

Biko Lo Tam
Year 7

Interact Club

2020 has proven that Interact is more than just fundraising, it is about like-minded people with a shared vision continually working together to make the community better.

We are privileged to have one another as Interact Club members to continue the legacy of the Franciscans and keeps their values of compassion and hope alive at Marymount. We look forward to working with our team of motivated and inspirational Club members.

Isabella Dean and Brendan Doyle
President and Vice President 2021
As 2020 brought new challenges and opened our eyes to a new normal, the Interact Club adapted and thrived in success this year. A new fundraiser called dubbed “Tuesday Tie Day” proved successful involving the whole school community. It was a huge success and helped raise money for St Vincent De Paul. Furthermore, many new ideas were discussed including a fundraiser to donate money to the Mary Mackillop Foundation and potentially developing an association with the refugee schools. The Interact Club flourished in 2020 with the annual and new fundraisers and the prospect of many new ideas to explore in 2021.

Tom Isaacs
Interact ran an ‘Interact Quarantine Art Competition’ to boost morale and involvement within the school after isolation. The competition was inclusive, and all students could participate.  The competition sought entries with a theme of anything that the student felt represented Marymount College and its correlation to time during COVID-19.  As a Club, we were thrilled by all the varying entries. They ranged from drawings to collages to fashion accessories and showcased all the wonderful artistic talent from Marymount College students. We hope that in the coming year we may arrange a similar activity.
I would highly recommend you get involved next year!

Halle Wiblen
Although 2020 presented us with a once unfathomable challenge, the work of Interact never ceased. A great achievement was the backpack drive. With the combined donations of our College and Interact community, we are beyond pleased to have donated 28 backpacks to charities including Rosies. On the Sports Carnival days of this year, Interactors sold Zooper Doopers to students making it a resounding success. As the conclusion of our year approaches, Interact collectively has envisaged ways by which we can influence our community; particularly our local community.
2020 — a year of challenges and heightened loneliness — would be particularly difficult for the elderly, care home residents. With this in mind, we created a number of Christmas cards that will soon be delivered to our local Ozanam Villa residents. Though simple, this gesture will be incomparable for the residents. Amid this year, the Interact Club has adapted to the ever-changing world dutifully; numerous projects were carried out in spite of challenges. We celebrate our successes! Above all, we, as the Interact Board, prepare for 2021; a year of charity, goals and aspirations!

Porsha Cush
International Director
With 2020 separating families and halting many of Interact’s community-based events, we’ve had to adapt in order to keep positive spirits in this challenging time. Unfortunately, circumstances have meant that we have been unable to visit our beloved residents at Ozanam Villa throughout the year. Despite this, we all had a passion to show the residents we cared and together, our Club created a number of videos – including trivia, a showcase of talented musicians and lots of heartfelt messages – to share our support for the residents. Joy was definitely brought to many faces through this new way of communication and our mission of brightening some extremally isolating days was thus complete. In such uncertain times we can only hope that next year, we’ll be able to visit Ozanam Villa and once again, create some very special bonds.

Ruby Allan
National Director
The pillars that form the foundations of our Interact Club are ones that I admire. As we are primarily devoted to social justice, we will grow the strong sense of community involvement so pivotal within our College. The satisfaction of applying ourselves to benefit others is so worthwhile. Next year will open possibilities that as a team, we can harness and encourage others to join us.

Nicholas Ranson
Local Director
Interact’s helping hands have reached far into the community this year; but their aspirations for next year reach even further. Among the usual bake sales and selling of Zooper Doopers, 2021 could host gems such as a trivia night and a collaboration with Miami High. We would also love to see a comeback from the 2019 hit of the odd sock hunt too! Interact is also planning to set up a social media page, to keep the community up to date on our activities.

Josie Hamilton
Social Director
Thank you - Interact Club

We thank our Rotary liaison Anthony Zirilli for organising and presenting badges to our Club Board members for 2021. The future is limitless in our capacity to grow ideas and consistently help others as demonstrated in the Board members’ comments.

As the year draws to a close, we take this opportunity to thank all our Club members for their enthusiastic involvement: making cards, writing greetings, creating entertaining videos, hosting an art competition, selling items to fundraise, collecting items to benefit others, cycling to support a cause, arranging Tuesday Tie Day and Socktober.
Your support is incredibly valued; you have helped us to help others.
We wish you all, a joyous and loving Christmas and a rewarding year ahead!
Stay safe and well.
Irene Scott
on behalf of Mentors - Kanae Aki, Yvonne Crowley and Belinda Faulks

On a personal note, as I take leave next year, my profound thanks to the Board and my fellow mentors. Our strength has been our teamwork – in sharing ideals, commitment and passion to make a difference. Your beautiful gift is greatly appreciated, and your earnest sentiments will always be in my heart.

Irene Scott


Senior Curriculum

Class of 2020

A brief reflection here on the graduating class of 2020.

What a delight it was to be part of their graduation and formal celebrations. This group will always be remembered for their resilience and their creativity in reinventing themselves and working through this extraordinary year. The new Year 7 in High School cohort; the first ATAR cohort; they had it all. We look forward with some anticipation to them receiving their Senior Certificate and ATAR results on December 19.

Year 11

Parents of Year 11 will receive two reports in the coming days. A full Semester report for all subjects and with all comments will report on the Unit 2 Semester subjects, whether General, Applied or VET. This is the normal, 5 point scale A – E (except competency-based VET subjects.

Parents will also receive an interim report on the Unit 3 work (Year 12 course) which commenced at the start of Term 4. This will report in the language of:

  • well above expected level
  • above-expected level
  • at expected level
  • below expected level
  • well-below expected level
It is an early indicator of how students are travelling in the combined Unit 3 & 4 units of Year 12. There are no comments on this report. A final reminder here regarding the slight chance that, if there has been an increasing imbalance of core class group sizes (as students move in and out of subjects over the year) we will look at making a few small adjustments to students’ places in core subjects. No student will be offered any different subject, either elective or core. There are no absolutes regarding which teachers students had in year 11 / 2020 and those they will have in Year 12 in 2021.

We are still processing a very small number of subject change requests for Year 11 2021. Many are due to students now achieving the benchmark prerequisite standards, and can thus move into General subjects, etc. Congratulations to these students on this achievement. A final reminder here that we will look at balancing up class group sizes (and perhaps gender splits) in core subjects across the Lines. Any changes will not impact in any way on students’ current choices.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Arts & Media

Media Night of Excellence!

On Wednesday 11 November, students, friends and College staff gathered to view the high-quality productions of Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Media students.

The library was converted into a cinema and provided an intimate atmosphere for all to take in the hard work of students, who had to contend with many challenges associated with COVID restrictions in order to bring their visions to life on the big screen.

As film teachers, Ms Beth O’Malley, Ms Tamara Sharpe and myself understand that in order to create a production there are many skills and processes that students need to go through. It is not only about making a film but an experience. A problem-solving experience, a family co-operation experience, a collaboration experience, working out the big picture experience and sometimes a frustrating experience. However, the experience of perseverance, patience and dedication rewards you with an outcome students, teachers and parents/caregivers can be proud of. There is nothing more rewarding for a Media teacher than seeing all of our students’ hard work culminate into shared laughter, wonder and meaningful messages that our students’ Media productions delivered on last Wednesday night. It was great to witness the respect the Senior Media students had for the Junior productions and vice versa. To see the Year 8 and 9 students in awe of what they were capable of achieving as they progress through the year levels studying media was very satisfying.

It was a pleasure to have Carina Serong, last year’s recipient of the Ken Lee Award for Outstanding Achievement in Media, return to present the awards to all of the current Media students this year. Carina provided an inspiring overview of her time as a Media student at Marymount and how her hard work and passion lead her to receiving a scholarship to Bond University, studying Film and Television. This will now become a new tradition for Media Night, bringing back the previous year recipient of the Ken Lee Award, to provide the current students with an idea of where Media Studies can lead you in the future. No matter where that future lies.

It gave us great pleasure to witness Mr Noonan present this year’s Ken Lee Award for Outstanding Achievement in Media to Year 12 students Lensa Lo Tam and Claire Peacock, in recognition for their hard work and high academic success in Film, Television and New Media. Congratulations, both of you!! Amazing accomplishment.

We also recognise Year 11 student, Brylea Bartsch, for being selected as one of the final 18 student films for the Bond University Film & Television Awards (BUFTA). You are able to watch fabulous music video - Easy with this link: where you are able to vote for Brylea in the BUFTA People’s Choice Award.

Ms Beth O’Malley and I are passionate Media teachers who see the passion reflected within our students. Media Night was a wonderful success and we thank our students for their dedication and hard work, their family and friends for acting, driving them around and supporting them and finally, for Mr Chris Noonan for supporting Media and the Arts in the College.

Thank you so much to Ms Tamara Sharpe for taking all of the photos for us. Thank you to the lovely Marymount Groundsmen who always help set everything up year after year with a smile. Thank you, Mrs Karen Harrison, for organising all of our professional certificates. I appreciate all of the individuals who make this night possible. Sorry if I have missed someone.

One last thing, to our Year 12 Film students, thank you for the pleasure of teaching you. We have seen you grow up and mature and we will miss you. However, know that no matter what path you take, you all have the potential to achieve and make your own success. Take care and God Bless.

Lorena Vine and Beth O’Malley
Head of Arts & Media and Media Teacher

Media Night of Excellence Awardees

Year 8 Genre Film Highly Commended
Nicholas Veivers
Lucas Munoz Aghemio
Chloe O'Connor
Kai Mevissen

Year 8 Genre Film Media Excellence Award
Giancarlo Falcetta

Year 9 Suspense SceneBest Actor in a leading role
Gabriella Pegler

Year 9 Suspense SceneBest Supporting Actor
Luke Ticehurst

Year 9 Suspense Scene—Best Cinematography
Neve Tomkins

Year 9 Suspense Scene—Best Foley Recording
Jed Stratton

Year 10 Remake Scene—Highly Commended
Tyler Hudson
Bailey Bronson

Year 10 Remake Scene—Media Excellence Award
Andre Groves

Year 10 Youtube Video—Highly Commended
Peri Turner

Year 10 Youtube Video—Media Excellence Award
Andre Groves

Year 10 Media Style Production—Highly Commended
Ellie Paterakis
Braedan Torrisi
Montana Gottlicher
Year 10 Media Style Production—Media Excellence Award
Peri Turner

Year 11 Foundation Production—Highly Commended
Nicholas Graham
Denver Mulqueen
Sami Ticehurst
Harry Keegan

Year 11 Foundation Production—Media Excellence Award
Brylea Bartsch
Lilly Mendoza

Year 11 Media Arts in Practice—Best Scene Re-creation
Harry Keegan

Year 11 Media Arts in Practice—Best Scene Re-Cut Trailer
Jamie Farrugia

Year 12 Short Film—Highly Commended
Chelsea Berezwick
Will O’Brien
Trinity Rawle

Year 12 Short Film—Media Excellence Award
Lensa Lo Tam
Sefo Lo Tam
Madeline Hore
Claire Peacock

Ken Lee Award for Outstanding Media Excellence
Lensa Lo Tam
Claire Peacock

Dance Showcase

Congratulations to our Dance students from Year 7-12 for an outstanding performance in the Doyle Centre on Sunday 15 November.

From jazz, to lyrical, to hip hop—it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase performances developed through classwork and also for this year’s competitions.
The families and friends in the packed, COVID-safe audience just loved seeing their children shine on stage. Our dancers, once again, thoroughly enjoyed performing and working as a team.
A massive thank you to Ms Jo Nairn who spent the afternoon taking photos of the dress rehearsal, and the Drama Department with Ms Tamara Sharpe, Ms Deanne Seigle-Buyat and Mrs Mel Howe organising backstage, sound and lighting. Thank you also to Mr Chris Larkin, Mrs Beth O’Malley, Mrs Karen Harrison, Mrs Anne Kirwan and Ms Marg Bowers for all of their invaluable assistance in organising the many aspects involved.
This was a perfect send-off for our dedicated, talented Year 12s in their final performance as Marymount students, with most starting their journey six years ago in the college dance team.
Congratulations to all of our junior and senior dancers—we are very proud of you.
Shona Press
Dance Academic Coordinator


Year 12 Japanese Dinner

Year 12 Japanese class was out celebrating 6 years of learning Japanese, experiencing its culture hands-on! It was a lovely night with even better companies!! They have gone through so much, but they always did it with a big smile on their face. I'm so proud of the young adults they have become, and I'll miss them all.

Kanae Aki
Languages Coordinator


Agricultural Science Christmas gift 2020

With the Christmas season around the corner, the Agricultural Science class have decided to put our hard work towards a good cause and grant an ‘Ag Christmas Present’ to the less fortunate.

Throughout the course of the year, the class have used the school gardens and hydroponic systems to grow a variety of produce such as herbs, lettuce and tomatoes, while also raising chicks. These have been sold and funds have been raised to help us spread peace and goodwill around the world.
One of our gifts obtained through World Vision is a goat and two chickens for two families in Zambia. This program allows us to supply these families with a substantial source of eggs, milk and protein for only $110. Through raising our own chicks, we understand the impact that this can have on a community and the significance of our present to the family that receive it.  
Each year the Ag class supports the education of a disadvantaged youth from Asia or the Pacific. This is done through the SVDP ‘Assist a Student’ Program. We are privileged to know that education can be the key to emerging from poverty.
Finally, through Oxfam we have supported a community in Bangladesh to gain easy access to drinking water. This region is prone to natural disasters and climate change, which makes finding safe and clean water very unreliable. Oxfam has made clean water accessible to in a small community including people with disabilities. We have learned that even in Australia, clean water is becoming a rare and valuable resource.
These past two years Mr Larkin has not only taught us Agriculture, but he has also taught us the value of helping others less fortunate than us through the different programs that our Ag classes support every year. I know that we will always remember the lessons that he has instilled in us and I wish all the best for him and the year 12 Agricultural Science class as we all move forward into the future.
Demi Bellis and Gaby Kirwan
12 Agricultural Science students - 2020


Who Dunit?  A crime-solving exercise using AI.
Usually we think of computers and robots when people mention digital technologies, but this week students used the technology as a forensic tool.
Using AI (or artificial intelligence) the digital technologies year 8 extension class attempted to find the identity of the villain, who left one clue …. handwriting.
Could the students ‘teach’ the AI to recognise each suspect’s handwriting, thus finding the criminal?   It certainly looked like it.

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies

Code Club

This term has been an exciting one for our Marymount Code Club chapter as it saw us resume our dearly missed weekly meetings.

Mrs Mathers and I have been very happy to see many established members rejoin us whilst welcoming some new ones too. Awarding badges to our members at the rate we have has been very impressive and our members are to be congratulated for the amount of effort that has gone into furthering their knowledge. It is a highlight of my week to catch up with students on a Tuesday afternoon and see what exciting technology-related projects they have been working on. Before we reformed it was decided that we would elect a student-led council to assist our captains to help further develop the Marymount chapter.

Below the four students who were elected by our chapter as council members for 2021 will introduce themselves. They have proven themselves to be approachable, hard working and knowledgeable individuals that with their involvement I know our chapter will benefit greatly from. 

Daniel Cousins
Code Club Captain
Halle Wiblen
I am a Year 9 student that has been elected to be a part of the Code Club Council for 2021. I have been a member of Code Club since it was founded, and I am currently an eagle ranking member of the club. I have been interested in coding since fourth grade when my teacher introduced a basic coding program called ‘Scratch and I have loved it ever since. I love all aspects of Digital Technology and working with the different topics within coding. I particularly like coding with python and HTML and playing around with Micro-Bits. Currently, I am working on 3D modelling and animation in my elective digital technologies class which I have found especially fascinating. I aim for the remainder of this year and all next year, to help improve this club so it is as enjoyable and fun as possible. 
Jappy Tantengco
Hey there, I am a Falcon ranking member of Code Club. I am in Year 9 and one of the Code Club council members for 2021. I have been in Code Club since pre-season when it was called Makerspace. I joined the club because I am interested in coding since the day I fell into coding when my mum brought me to the Robina Library and made a monkey catching game on scratch. As soon as I did that, I just wanted to know more. As time went by, I made it here to this day. I know many advanced programming languages like, Python, HTML, and many others. I hope as being a council member, I can improve this club. 
William Nguyen
Hello, I am a Year 9 student and one of the four Code Club Council members of 2021. I have been part of Code Club since it began at Marymount. Now I am an eagle ranking member and I have become familiar with Scratch, Python, Micro-Bit, Robotics, web design, graphic design, 3d design and 3d printing. I am very passionate about coding. I first started programming in Year 5 in simple block code and in year 8 I joined code club to broaden my coding skills. As a member of the code club council, I hope to grow Code Club by broadening our range of learning opportunities and spread my knowledge with other keen coders. If you have an interest in coding, I encourage you to join, no matter your skill level or experience. 

Lucian Grioli 
Hello I am in Year 11 and a Code Council member for 2020 to 2021. I have been in Code Club from the beginning and will go through to the end of my education at Marymount College. My specialties are in python, animation, photoshop, game creation and all things chatbots. From this, I have become an eagle ranking member. For me, it all started with scratch making the solar system that moment I fell in love with the math and creative element with coding. I hope to influence younger coder and teach a new skill to broaden horizons into a brighter future. I would recommend anyone to join code club being analytical, creative, or somewhere in between. 

Code Club Council Featured Projects

This week at Code Club, weas the Code Club Councilhave decided to spotlight two of numerous amazing projects that have been created by two exceedingly talented Code Club members:
Firstly, we would like to introduce Hayley Gravina (Year 8) who has created a website for her own online business. Inspired by the latest viral game “Among Us,” she has created varying brands of “Among Us” themed stickers. Created only a month ago, Hayley has already sold over 40 stickers and made $80 in profit. She began with just creating stickers for her friends until she realized there was a huge supply and demand of the product. From there, she created a website to allow a larger percentage of customers to be exposed to her product, hopefully resulting in increased sales. If you are interested, please contact Hayley Gravina ( to purchase her product. 

Secondly, we would like to showcase a project that Lucyana Gabriel (Year 9) has programmed; a Lego parkour course on Unity. Unity is program that is a mixture of basic animation and programming to create a simple yet powerful platform for game design. She has combined her knowledge of Blender (a 3D animation program) to create various Lego characters and from there, she has used various game elements to create a highly quality and enjoyable game. 
We are very impressed and proud of what everyone has created over the last couple of weeks and cannot wait for next year so we can continue to showcase fabulous projects from our highly skilled Code Club members. We wish all our members a safe and enjoyable holidays.

Daniel Cousins
Code Club Captain

Vocational Education & Careers


2020 Year 10 and 11 students who have recently received awards/certificates or have gained qualifications are reminded to submit the documentation to the Careers Centre where it will be stored safely within their Student Portfolio and presented in its entirety upon graduation.  A reminder also that any acknowledgement of achievements (First Aid, Bronze Medallion, White Card, RSA) received over the summer break can be submitted upon return to school in the new year.  

UQ’s Queensland Mathematics Summer School (QMSS) introduces students to the beauty of advanced mathematical ideas and new ways of thinking.  Hosted by UQ’s School of Mathematics and Physics each January, this multi-day non-residential program is open to talented students who are going to Year 11 and have chosen to study Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Visit: Queensland Mathematics Summer School - Future Students - The University of Queensland (


 TAFE Qld on the Gold Coast is hosting their Online Open Day where information for all courses on offer in 2021 will be featured.  The event will run from Wednesday 13 January through to Friday 15 January as follows:
LIVE SESSIONS   Thursday 14 January 2021
10:00am – 11:00am Business, Early Childhood, Education and Hospitality
12:00pm – 1:00pm Trades (including Beauty, Barbering and Hairdressing)
2:00pm – 3:00pm Creative (including ICT, Information and Networking)
4:00pm – 5:00pm Health and Nursing (including Community Services, Sport and Fitness)
Visit: for further details.


Gold Coast Trades College currently has employers looking to hire 1st Year Tiling apprentices on the Southern end of the Coast, and a Carpentry apprentice based on at Northern end of the Coast.  A Drivers Licence and vehicle is required for both.  To apply, forward a resume and cover letter to


Campus Tours – Students can tour the campuses every Friday at 10.30am with their friends and family (up to 3 members per group booking).  Bookings can be made at
Frequently Unasked Questions Live Event (Students Edition) – A virtual event for Year 12 students to have their unasked questions answered by current Griffith students is being held on Friday 9 December (5.30pm – 6.15).  Students can register at
Didn’t study the right level of English at high school and want to study at Griffith?  The English Enhancement course is perfect for students who are planning to commence study at Griffith University in 2021 and need to boost their Year 12 Essential English to meet Griffith’s English Subject prerequisite.  Visit


AFL SportReady currently has an exciting position available for someone wanting to pursue a career in the School sports industry.  The position is located at Somerset College (full-time 38 hours per week) and will study for an accredited qualification – Certificate III Sport and Recreation.  Note:  Applicants must have reliable transportation to and from work and must be willing to attain a WWCC (Blue Card).  Applications close on Friday 4 December (at 5pm)Click here for further details


Students can discover what’s possible at UQ during the ATAR Online Advice event which is being held on Sunday 20 December 2020.  Students can chat one-on-one to Student Advisers and get a personalised plan for the future whether their ATAR rank is what they were expecting or not.  Visit


Students who have questions after they receive their ATAR can join QUT for the Real Decisions online webinars covering admissions pathways and ordering preferences.  They will hear from real students about their experiences and can ask questions about study and life at QUT.  Real Decisions is on Saturday 19 December, with sessions at 12.00 noon and 1.00pm. Visit:
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities

Year Levels

Year 12

Year 12 Farewell

And they’re done! A truly incredible year has come to an end for our seniors, and it was fitting that after all they have been through, we were blessed with two memorable events to conclude their time here at Marymount.
The Graduation Liturgy was celebrated on Tuesday night. A last-minute easing of restrictions allowed it to take place in the Doyle Centre, which was transformed into a truly sacred space. With proud parents and caregivers in attendance, the class of 2020 entered across the stage and took part in a moving liturgy which celebrated this significant milestone in their lives. We had the pleasure of Padre presiding, and each student received an individual blessing from him, as well as blessings from their Pastoral teachers, all teachers in attendance, and finally the gathered community. These blessings wish them well on their journey as they go forth from our care and encourage them to be true to the values we have helped to instil in them.
On Thursday night, the Senior Formal was held and what a night it was! The Franciscan Lawn underwent a makeover the likes of which has never been seen at the College before. A beautiful marquee, resplendent with fairy lights, was erected and the College driveway became the drop-off point for the red carpet arrivals. Under glorious skies, and with parents again in attendance, the Year 12 students turned up in style, looking incredible. A quick interview for the live stream allowed significant others at home and abroad to be a part of the action. With family photos taken, it was time for the seniors to reflect on the year that was, and to let their hair down in celebration of having made it through. This night was thoroughly deserved by the Class of 2020 and they danced the night away to the live band.
Neither of these events could have gone ahead without significant planning and preparations and without an army of staff volunteers. We are truly blessed to work in a place where so many give so much out of the goodness of their hearts and we offer our sincere gratitude to each and every one of them.
And so, the end of the journey has been reached by the Year 12s. We thank them for their contributions to the Marymount community and hope they look back fondly on their time here. They will always be part of the Marymount family and we wish them well as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.
Matt Carroll and Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12
On a personal note, as I take leave and step down as Assistant Head, my sincere thanks to the many students whose dreams and aspirations I have had the privilege to share; to those who entrusted and allowed me to guide them through turbulent times; and those who continually brought joy through their selfless devotion to making the world a better place.

To the many Pastoral teachers and staff who have aided me in my duties, thank you for your continuous contribution towards making each student feel a valued member of our community. My years with Mr Kevin Cornor (now HOY 10) and in recent times with Mr Matt Carroll have afforded me opportunities for professional growth and the realisation of many projects. I am truly blessed. Thank you.

Irene Scott
Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11

Year 11 students have sat their first set of exams as Year 12 students.

They have been working hard, revising and preparing. Hopefully, each individual was able to produce their best. Results will be reported on in 2021. The reports received this term are for their completed Year 11 work.


As the year draws to a close could I ask that families note any uniform purchases or adjustments that may be required over the break for their child in 2021. In particular length of girls’ skirts and boys’ shirts. Our hope (and expectation) is for the Year 12 cohort to begin 2021 looking smart and adhering to the College uniform policy. This includes a college navy school bag and appropriate haircut.
As most of the cohort end the school year on Friday, our 20 College Leaders for 2021 are gathering at Hastings Point for a two-day leadership camp in Week 9. It is a valuable experience of teamwork, cohesion and cooperation. Senior Administration and Padre Morgan will be joining the group to celebrate Mass and share a meal. 
It has been a crazy and challenging year.  COVID-19 resulted in online learning, adjusted events and different ways of doing things. We take the opportunity to thank Isabella Dean and Will Ross for representing and competently leading the cohort at fortnightly STAC meetings. Thank you to our generous pastoral representatives who were the voices of each PC Class. We appreciate the efforts and dedication of our pastoral and subject teachers. Finally, thank you to Year 11 and the parent community for working with us and being flexible.
To all, Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy and restful break. We look forward to working with you in 2021.

Cathy Cooper and Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10


2020 is the 35th year of the Caltex Best All Rounder Award. Over the past three decades, it has been presented to thousands of outstanding high school students around Australia.

As a nationally recognised award, Charli Greedy 10PJ joins an illustrious group of high achievers, for excellence in their studies, on the sports field and for their work in the community.

The Year 10 cohort commends Charli on her achievement.

Kevin Cornor and Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 10 Personal Development Day

On Thursday during Week 7, the Year 10s took part in a Personal Development Day.  
The first activity in Period 2 was to have the College Counsellors, Angela and Maddie, talk to us about many topics concerning teenagers, including anxiety and how to handle it and recognising the signs of depression and the best methods of managing it.
During Periods 3 and 4 we started ‘The Battle of The Sexes’ by playing trivia in our Pastoral classes in small groups of 2-4, girls and boys.  To finish the games off, we had games of ‘Golden Child’ by having each class play Boys vs Girls. Two classes, 10BD and 10PI, had to have a shoot-off as the boys and girls tied.
We ended PD Day off by awarding ‘The Battle of The Sexes’ trophy to the winning team, the boys. Mrs Faulks said that it had been 3 years since a boys’ team had won. She also handed out gifts to the Year 10 STAC and PC representatives, including myself.
Grace Ivens
Year 10 Insider

Year 9

Although 2020 has been a very different year to any other year, there have been many positives.

The Year 9s are finishing the year well – with many students receiving merit awards at the last assembly. Some major awards were given to students who have shown their hard work in mathematics or within the community.
Congratulations must go to Chiara and Sofia Martini and Halle Wiblen who won awards for the state Menga Maths competition.
Also, Hayley Goldsworthy and Halle Wiblen received a certificate and small gift from Catholic Mission for speaking at Parish Masses recently.
Laptop & Textbook return

The students will return their laptops and chargers on Monday of Week 9 (unless they are buying them). They will also return all the school textbooks on the same day. We ask that if students are going to be away that they organise to do this with the Heads of Year.
Final Year 9 Assembly

Yesterday in Period 2 the Year 9 cohort had their final assembly. It was wonderful to watch the Year 9 video made by STAC rep Luana Taylor. The students loved watching all the events from 2020 – with the highlight being the performance by Mr Geyer and Mr Browne. The students had also voted for winners of some fun awards.

The winners were:
Most likely to be Prime minister—Porsha Cush
Best Female Athlete—Molly Sewell
Best Male Athlete—Mason Field
Most Likely to be Tik Tok Famous—Alex Davidson
Most Likely to Brighten up your day—Slade Shinners
Quiet Achiever—Will Nguyen
Most likely to make you laugh—Molly Capie & Alex Davidson
Best Haircut 2020—Jesse Wheeler
Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize—Halle Wiblen
Most Likely to be Famous—Angelina Loeber
Kind to Everyone Award—Harry Saliba & Porsha Cush
Most likely to be a music superstar—Angelina Loeber & Gabby Pegler
Best All-Rounder—Sienna Jones
The Next Great Artist—Lola Jenkins & Lily Levison
Congratulations to all these students.
We thank all the Year 9s for making 2020 such a memorable year. You have been a fantastic cohort. Always remember to knock on our door and say hello in 2021. We wish you well in your senior years at Marymount. May God bless you and may the spirit of Mary be with you and your family this Christmas.
Nicky Browne and Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8

Thank you to our PC and STAC Representatives for 2020

Congratulations to our 16 Pastoral Reps and two STAC reps for 2020, it has been a difficult year, but we have made it through. Thank you for role modelling behaviour, attendance and how to wear our College uniform with pride. We wish you all the best with your future leadership aspirations and look forward to 2024 where some of you may even be school captain.
8 AA Will Sweeny, Charlie Smith
8 AB Hendrik Coulam, Ashtyn Merrostsy
8 BD Carys Garrett-Jones, Blake Taylor
8 BE Seth Walker, Charlie Walsh
8 KG Nick Cogo, Alyson Stimson
8 KH Charlie Sewell, Lucy Tyson
8 PI Josie Hamilton, Byron McDonald
8 PJ Giancarlo Falcetta, Bronte Parker

2020 STAC Representatives Indy Locke and Cooper Ryan
Thank you to our Year 8 Pastoral Care teachers for 2020

A huge thank you must go to our thirteen Pastoral Care teachers of Year 8 for 2020. A year of change, online learning, assemblies, PC lessons and walking the journey of year 8 with all our young men and women. We literally could not do it without you, and on behalf of Peter and myself a sincere thank you for look forward to working with you in 2021.
Tania Garner, Ian Brown, Rachel Carey, Brett Smith, Rachel Evens, Rachel Lethbridge, Kanae Aki, Chelsea Bouck, Tracey Sewell, Joy Baird, Tia King, Michael Nesdale and Colleen Organ.
A heart felt thank you to all Year 8 students, for being your authentic selves, believe in yourself and ask for support when you need it. As Mr Carroll and myself are always here to help no matter, what grade you are in, take care and stay safe.

Peter Carroll and Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8


Library & Resource Centre

After an incredibly busy couple of weeks, with a full library of students working and then printing off their assignments, we are now in the lucky position to accommodate Year 11s on exam study and just a few students finishing off their work.  It’s a pleasant end to the year.
Eager students may still borrow for over the holidays, but they might also like to try the ebooks online via the Moodle Library page.  Our catalogue holds details of our physical stock, but there are many other items–for younger children, too–easily accessible using the Sora app. Merry Reading!
Thank you to all those who have returned their books – we expect to find a few as lockers are cleared and students move to their new year group area. 
Here’s wishing you all a Happy Christmas from the Library staff – Cathie McCosker, Jessica Lewis, Wendy Meni and myself.
Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Student Protection Contacts

If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral


2021 Interschool Sport Choices
Permission and selections for next year’s AGCC interschool sport competition will be sent out to parents. Please complete this slip if you have not already done so. Please discuss with your child what option they would like to do and make the selection for them.
Boys: Basketball, Indoor Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball
Girls: Futsal, Netball, Oztag, Tennis
Mixed: Touch Football

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader
CLICK HERE to register for Tuckshop shifts in 2021


Burleigh Heads Parish Social Justice Group

Social Justice issues are pressing in today's society with low employment rates, competitive rental markets unreachable by the average income earner, animal justice, or euthanasia proposed bill.

Come along and add your social justice concerns to our lovely Social Justice Group. Third Tuesday of each month 6:30pm - 8:00pm at the Board Room of our Beautiful Mother of Mercy Church. Just turn up or call Carrie Kelly 0427602417.

November Remembrance Mass for the Irish Community 

You are invited to come and join with other members of our Irish and Irish-Australian Community in praying for the peaceful repose of your deceased relatives and friends at a November Remembrance Mass, which will take place on Sunday 29 November at 11.00am in Guardian Angels Church, Scarborough Street, Southport. The Celebrant will be Fr John Maher. 

Tea/coffee will be served afterwards – an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends.  

Because of COVID restrictions on numbers attending, attendees are asked to indicate their intention to be present - so please contact Joe Thompson on 0407 410 041 and advise him if you are coming. 

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