Friday 21 February 2020 
Opening Liturgy

Our Opening liturgy expressed our gratitude to God for all the gifts God has given Marymount College, its students, families and staff.

It was a liturgy of the word. It began with acknowledgement of God’s greatness and of our limitations. It continued with readings from the Old Testament and readings from the Gospel chosen because they point us towards the priorities, contribution and leadership required of us. In the homily, Padre Morgan spoke to us with encouragement, to be confident in ourselves, our school, our friends, our family and our faith. These are what anchor us and from which we can grow. Worry won't add to our life. He urged us to be generous and do our best, mindful of God’s love for us and all people.

Within the liturgy, we called forward and welcomed Year 7s and all new students and staff to the College this year, presented them with a Franciscan Tau and blessed them. They bring new life to our School. We promised to include these students in our school, as part of our year groups, pastoral classes and circles of friends.

Finally, we invested the Year 12 students as Student Leaders of the College for 2020. As part of this, they made their pledges. We also presented the Year 12 Student Leadership Team and the Senior Students with their leadership badges.

The liturgy closed with thanks to God and the College Song Deus Meus Et Omnia, which reminds us of the intentions of our College motto, My God and My All, that our love of God is reflected in the humility, peace, love and understanding we show to each other every day.  

Principal’s Awards for Semester Two 2019 Presented

My appreciation to the teachers who helped our students to do so well in 2019. Thanks also to Mr Peter Shaw, Mrs Katrina Nicholson and Ms Rachel Campbell for determining the Semester Two 2019  Principal’s Awards and organising the badges and certificates for Excellence in Achievement and certificates for Excellence in Effort. Finally, thanks to our Heads of Year and the Senior Admin staff who ensured presentations to students this past week. It’s been a very busy start for Year 12 students and they will be presented with their awards on Tuesday morning in the coming week. 

Parent Nights

We have enjoyed good to excellent attendance at the Parent Nights over the past three weeks. Parents need to attend for their sake. We are deeply committed to the formation of the children you entrust to us. These nights are to ensure we—parents, students and teachers—are working together, with trust and understanding, to shape our emerging adults for their future. We hope to see all parents at the Parent Nights to come:

Year 10     6:00pm-7:00pm Monday 24 February
Year 9       6:00pm-7:00pm Monday 2 March
Year 8       6:00pm-7:00pm Monday 9 March

College Goals 2020

Each year we commit to Annual Goals focused on 1. Building Faith, 2. Excellent Teaching and Learning and 3. Sustaining the Hope and Purpose of our efforts Into The Future.  Our professional development of staff this year seeks to support staff faith development and the delivery of Religious Education and Relationships and Sexuality Education. Our Master Planning seeks to ensure sustainability through stewardship of resources—buildings, recreation space and College ovals, and traffic management. However, the focus on teaching and learning remains central between these two priorities.

The Writing Analysis Task—WAT—has helped students to learn how to write with more control and purpose. The WAT has focussed teachers and established what collaborative effort by all staff can achieve (i.e. 90% of all Year 7 to 10 students able to write paragraphs and achieve at or above the benchmark in 2019). Not content with 'sound' writing, from 2020, the English and Humanities Faculties are leading to bring student writing to a higher level. The Program, Write That Essay, is being undertaken with Year 9, English, Humanities and Religion Teachers leading the way. At the same time, Ms Mallory Lowe (HOD-English), Ms Cheryl Fraser (HOD-Humanities) and other HODs and teachers will provide leadership to ensure the strategies for writing sentences and paragraphs are more widely adopted across each faculty, across the school into the future. All our teachers will be encouraged and supported to know and introduce elements of the Write That Essay strategies in their teaching. The implementation of these Strategies will be encouraged and supported over several years as we seek to build on the foundations established by the WAT.

In Mathematics, following trials in 2019, Ms Tanya Mullaly (HOD Mathematics) and the Faculty are introducing MangaHigh Maths to complement teaching and learning in Maths, and the use of Hot Maths for patterning and skill development. MangaHigh Maths is a game-based learning platform for primary and secondary school mathematics. It aims to motivate students to have an ‘I can do it attitude’—growth-mindset—towards Maths and uses skill development and 'play' to engage the students. Aimed at children 5-16 years old, MangaHigh covers all maths strands such as number, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and probability. We believe the MangaHigh targeted approach to the strands of maths and the ability for learners to routinely revisit areas of weakness/development is very important. It will increase their patterned responses, as well as their mathematical skill levels, and enhance students’ engagement and outcomes in Maths.

MFSIC Celebrate 90 Years in Australia

Mrs Dolores Maitland, Ms Bernadette Christensen (Marymount Primary School) and I will join the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception at The Little Flower Church at Kedron on Saturday to celebrate 90 Years of service in Australia. This happy occasion will be appreciated by all, following the passing, in 2019, of Sister Crea Gallagher (Sr Patricia, Marymount College founding Principal 1968-1970) and Sister Clara Condon (Provincial of MFICs when the College was founded, and later a member of the Convent at Marymount for many years). We expect to reunite with Sisters Josephine Rush, Marguerite O'Brien and Rita Johnston who taught at Marymount in the 1970s, along with current Provincial of the Order Sister Catherine White.

School Tours 25 February

School Tours (9:00am & 11:00am) for prospective parents this coming Tuesday are almost full. Places for students in 2021 are very, very tight and we expect to have a waiting list, following enrolment interviews on 10 March. This tightness for places is also very evident for Year 7, 2022 at this early stage. 

Lent, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday

Personal faith preparations for Easter begin with Ash Wednesday and the start of the Season of Lent in the coming week. Abstinence from meat (beast or fowl), are traditional practices for Ash Wednesday and all Fridays through Lent.  Fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (for older teenagers through to healthy sixty year olds) might include just one main meal and perhaps two smaller /half meals. Almsgiving is also encouraged. Gratitude and care for others, in our relative abundance, can help us to practice the compassion and love for our neighbour that Jesus’ called us to. A little discipline in our consumption just might raise our mindfulness. Going to bed earlier throughout the season of Lent may also help us to reduce consumption and increase mindfulness of Jesus’ call to love, be gracious and offer assistance to others.

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates



MONDAY 24/02

5:00pm Intermediate Netball (SCNA)
6:00pm Year 10 Information Evening


Shrove Tuesday
Principal's Tours
Senior Netball (Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium)


Ash Wednesday
10:30am Confraternity Fundraising BBQ 


AGCC Sports Round #1

FRIDAY 28/02

7:20am International Women's Day Event (Library)




5:00pm Intermediate Netball (SCNA)
6:00pm Year 9 Information Evening



Senior Netball (Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium)



Year 10 Reflection Day (Bond Uni)
10:30am QISSN Fundraising BBQ 
2:00pm Year 11/12 University Showcase



9:00am Year 7 Elevate
9:00am Year 12 Guest Speaker
AGCC Sports Round #2


Deputy Principal

Extended Student Absence

Marymount College does not support the practice of scheduling holidays during term time and does not consider the taking of a holiday during term time an authorised explanation of absence from school.

School attendance is an emerging concern. Consequently, the College Attendance SMART Goal for each student is 90% attendance for 2020. 

For a student to meet this target, they need to maintain an attendance rate above 96% for most of the year. This may assist to ensure that requests for extended absence (for family holiday/event, sport etc) doesn't take their attendance rate below the SMART Goal target.

All requests for extended student absence must be made by a parent, two weeks in advance.
  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Select the 'Application for Extended Leave' icon
  3. Complete the online form​​
Update your details via the Parent Portal

We request all parents please check and either confirm or update their details in the Parent Portal by Friday 28 February 2020.
  1. In the Parent Portal, click the My Details tab at the top of the page. You will see the details the school has stored about you.
  2. Check through the details carefully and if everything is accurate, click the Confirm Details button.
  3. If you need to change something, click the Make Changes button and change any information as required.
  4. Click Save when finished. You will see a message informing you of your request.
Please allow a few days for the school to process the changes. No further changes are possible until then.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Religious Life of the School

View more Opening Liturgy photos on College website
Opening Liturgy

Our Opening Liturgy asks God’s blessing on all of us as we embark on our journey into the 2020 school year, we welcome all new students and staff to the College community and we commission our Year 12 students and student leaders and express our hopes for them as the leaders of the College. 
All Year 7s and other new students and staff are gifted with the Tau, the symbol for all Franciscans. This T shaped cross has ancient origins, is the last letter of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet, it is mentioned in Ezekial and became important for Christians as a reminder of the cross of Jesus. St Francis was so taken with this symbol that he adopted it as his own signature and painted it on the walls and doors of his home. The Franciscan habit itself is shaped like a tau when the arms are stretched out. 
This little icon connects us with the story of Marymount College since its founding staff were The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception 52 years ago. Our College Prayer, The Peace Prayer of St Francis and our motto are also Franciscan. Deus Meus Et Omnia  -My Lord and My God, was the constant prayer of Francis. Our students pray and reflect on the aspirations of the Peace Prayer often and the song is replete with images directly connecting us with our faith, our story and our place that we may imitate the prayer of St Francis in our lives and become the best people we can be.
Find Your True North, the theme which our Year 12 Leaders adopted for this year, was at the heart of our Opening Liturgy today emanating from  Matthew’s Gospel in which Jesus asks us why we worry so much about clothes and what we wear and possessing things and what we look like and so on. He asks us to consider the birds and the flowers in the fields in all their beauty and how God provides for all of these and He reminds us of how much greater that  God’s love is for each of us...The 1st reading from Peter‘s letter encourages us to moral excellence and self-control, perseverance, brotherly kindness, Godliness and love. These sentiments echo the Peace Prayer completely. 
Thanks to Padre Morgan Batt for celebrating our liturgy with us today. Thanks to all staff, students and ancillary staff for their contribution and support for our liturgy.

Ash Wednesday
Lent is almost upon us once again. Student Leaders will attend 7.00am Mass at Mary Mother of Mercy on Wednesday morning and bring the blessed ashes down to school. They will then attend the various Year group gatherings, lead the Ash Wednesday liturgy with the students and distribute the ashes. 

Youth 2020 Plenary
Congratulations to the four Year 11 students who attended the Youth 2020 Plenary at Lourdes Hill College on Monday last. The students enjoyed the experience immensely and contributed to the discussions around the question asked of us all at this time,” How is God calling us to be a Christ centred church at this time in Australia”. Well done, Bailey Sewell, Isabella Dean, Sophia Sweeney and Brendan Doyle.

Relics of St Therese

For the first time in 18 years, the relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux, one of the most popular saints of modern times, have visited Australia on a four-month pilgrimage with her parents, Saints Louis and Zélie Martin. From February through May, the relics will travel through Queensland, New South Wales and ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. Some of our student leaders and football players provided a beautiful guard of honour and escorted the relics into the Mary, Mother of Mercy Church last week. We are very proud of the manner in which they carried out this important duty. 

Dolores Maitland

Rosies in Burleigh Heads

On February 20, Aaron Tait, Marcel Marghescu, Ben Knowles and Ms Mullaly did their second Rosie’s evening. This time we all went to the new service being provided in Burleigh Heads.

For an hour prior to departure we prepared fresh chicken, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, and cut-up fresh fruit for the patrons who use Rosies service. We were very impressed by the food that was donated to the venue. There were pastries and slice form the local bakery as well!

Our leaders, Tracy and Tom were very welcoming and soon realised we would just take over in the kitchen! We had a large group of volunteers, so it made the preparation fast in comparison to our evening last year at the Southport Rosie’s.

Upon arriving at the designated area our patrons were waiting. It was a very warm evening so many were anxiously awaiting a cold cordial or water. Arron served drinks while Marcel, Ben and Ms Mullaly served food. 

We talked heaps after all the serving was done. We met a guy who told us that he needed to save to get power steering in his old car and collecting cans really helped him. Another man had his two children with him, and the children loved to play games with the adults. We met a couple with a pet who was currently living out of their van. The conversation was easy

A highlight was also seeing the Orange Sky Laundry van working side by side with Rosie’s. Some of the patrons of Rosie’s were also using Orange Sky laundry services.

Again, we had a rewarding evening and felt very grateful for our own lives as we definitely have an easy life.

Ben Knowles, Arron Tait, and Marcel Marghescu

Burleigh Heads Parish Sacramental Program 2020

Rite of Christian Initiation of Teens – Communion and Confirmation for Teens

Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish offers a preparation program for College age students.  This program differs to that offered to the younger age group. 

The Parish will commence the Teen Program during Lent 2020, beginning with an Information Session to be held on Thursday 27 February at 3:30pm, at Mary, Mother of Mercy Church. The combined Sacraments will be celebrated on Sunday 31 May, at the 5:30pm Mass.

If you or your high schooler has expressed an interest in God, or Jesus, is asking questions about faith and meaning, or is desiring to be Confirmed and receive Communion, 
please contact the Parish Office 5576 6466, or email Angela Williams for further information regarding enrolment.  


Sun Safety

Being Sun-smart is a simple and effective way to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. In Queensland, the levels of Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) levels are high enough to damage skin all year round.  With this in mind, Marymount College realises the need to protect children’s skin and educate them about Sun Smart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of skin damage from exposure to the sun.
The purpose of the Sun Smart policy is to ensure that all students attending our College are protected from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year.

Please ensure that both you and your child are familiar with our School Sun Safe Policy which can be found on the College website under Policies.

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Valentine's Day

Below are excerpts from Insiders reports - read their full reports on the College website.

Sharing the love!

It was very entertaining to see the facial expressions of those receiving a rose, and often times you would hear a little giggle. Many people can’t wait to see what happens in 2021, and maybe I might be lucky and receive a rose myself! 

Hayley Goldsworthy 
Year 9 Insider

I feel a highlight of the day was watching the Year 12s dress up as Cupids and deliver roses in Pastoral Class.  Whilst the day was fun and themed with love, it is important to note that the Year 12s raised $885.95 for Caritas with their Cupid roles.

Halle Wiblen
Year 9 Insider

This Valentine’s Day my friends and I took a non-traditional approach in order to share some love. Each of us within our group sent and received a rose. We had the excitement of receiving a rose that was personally delivered to us during assembly, then also felt the joy that goes with sending something special and giving to a worthy cause like Project Compassion.  There was no “romance” to talk of but there was plenty of love and appreciation for each other.

Olivia Keating
Year 8 Insider

The atmosphere of the College was one of love, joy and explicit happiness. Valentine’s Day at Marymount was truly memorable, and it is beyond rewarding to know that our meaningful gestures of love were ensuring that other people among our community experienced pure happiness. 

Porsha Cush
Year 9 Insider

Year 12

In developing the Year 12 theme Find Your True North, our students embraced a significant aspect on the journey of their final year of schooling. They wrote: 

“Marymount College fosters the growth of students into young adults - instilling personal drive, encouraging individuality and providing guidance for future pathways…
Our theme aims to motivate individuals to seek out their passions and create goals for themselves – to find their direction in life…
Every one of us can… find our own True North – to dream, set goals and work hard to create a meaningful journey within our mind, heart and soul.”

As emphasised at the Information evening, we are truly proud of our cohort as we witness the foundations that have so obviously been laid for this group with regards to what is important, what they can achieve, and how they can get there. 

This year is really about helping the students to achieve their goals relating to what they want to do post-school, and if they don’t know what that is, it’s to help them leave as many doors open as possible and to allow them to discover where their passion truly lies.

There is an emphasis on their academic results, which makes sense given we are trying to leave those doors open, but it is also about consistently encouraging the students to get involved in as many experiences and opportunities as they can.

We thank members of our student leadership team for their insightful reports featured on the College website encapsulating the journey we have begun to Find Our True North. Below are excerpts from their reports. Read the full version on the College website.

College Captains – Harrison Dean and Sophie Roiter
As College Captains, our ultimate goal will always be to represent Marymount with respect and dignity, whilst working towards improving its amazing community.

Vice-Captains - Thomas Browne and Halle Geyer
We are both incredibly excited for the year ahead and the opportunities that are available to every Marymount student - if they wish to grab them. 

Cultural Captains – Seamus Harrison and Jennaye McLintock
Seamus and I wish to get more students involved with the cultural life of the College, through the inclusion of more students in extra-curricular activities that are plentiful at the College. 

Spiritual Captains – Harrie Van Den Broek and Emily Crilly
With the return of the Year 12 students on 29 January, this was also the start of a fresh chapter for the Year 7s and new students to our community. Harrie and I were fortunate enough to welcome them into our school and it was remarkable to see so many delighted faces

Sports Captains – Corbin Zahn and Ellie Beer
The year always begins with a morale boost through sport and 2020 was no different. The level of participation was imminent through the swimming event sign-ups and war cries, and this attitude refused to cease as the school headed to Palm Beach Currumbin pool the following day.

Allambee House Captains - Cameron Saliba and Ariann Kirwan
This year has already been a busy and eventful time, jammed packed with exciting new events led by the House Captains, beginning with the annual Swimming Carnival in the first week. It was made a priority by all House Captains to promote inter-house rivalry and competition whilst also increasing participation.

Bulimah House Captains – Gabriel Sobczyk and Jamey Reihana
Our vision and goal for this year is to create more House culture, spirit and involvement in the Bulimah House, and inspire healthy House rivalry. 

Katandra House Captains – Sefo Lo Tam and Lily Sella
A new decade has arrived and the possibility for stronger school involvement has never been greater. As Katandra Captains for 2020, our vision intends to raise House competition to new heights.

Patanga House Captains – Ashleigh Allred and Lensa Lo Tam
The year 2020 has brought with it the opportunity for great potential. The potential to get involved, the potential for success and the potential to ensure a memorable, enthusiastic environment to start the decade.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Heads of Year 12

Year 12 Retreat - Bornhoffen

From 5-7 February, Week 2, all the Year 12s went away on Retreat with our House groups. I am in blue “Bulimah” and my House went to Bornhoffen at Natural Bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland. 

The first highlight during Retreat was the bush walk that we did on the second day. It was a muddy and wet walk but we got to see the nice waterfalls at the end. The second highlight was reading the lovely letters from our families on a Thursday night—it was an emotional time for all of the Year 12s. The third highlight was being able to make more connections to other students and to the teachers that came with us. 

The theme of Retreat this year was “Hippies” and I was wearing a rainbow hippie shirt, rainbow hippie leggings, the Peace symbol necklace, heart sunglasses and my rose gold Nike slides!

Briana Briski
Year 12 Insider

Year 11

Setting Term 1 Goals

This week during the pastoral lesson our Year 11 students set SMART goals and steps to achieve them. Goal setting would be a good discussion to have this weekend in the family home. The goals have been recorded into the Student Record Book and will be reviewed at the conclusion of Term 1.

Our New Students and Families

We have a number of new students to our Year 11 introduced in our last newsletter. One of the many positive features of our school is the great sense of community we share. It is our prayer that all families, especially new students and parents, feel a strong sense of belonging at Marymount College as we learn, pray and grow together. 

STAC Leaders, 2020

It has been a pleasure to have begun working with an enthusiastic and keen group of Year 11s. This was illustrated in the many students who nominated for STAC consideration. Congratulations to Mia Britton and Will Ross who will represent the cohort this year.  A huge thank you to the cohort for the example you are setting to others in the classroom, the playground and in a range of co-curricular activities. Your involvement around the school has been very much appreciated. Keep building those bridges. 

Peer Support

Seventy Year 11 students are Peer Support leaders and have already begun to support our Year 7 students. This program will continue across the year and is a great leadership building opportunity for our senior students. They will grow in skills through mentoring, teaching and supporting their younger peers. Our Peer Support leaders received their badges on Friday, presented by Deputy Principal, Ms Vivian Savage. 


From the start of 2020, we have a focus on improving attendance rates at Marymount College. Students missing school has a significant impact on their learning and progress. I encourage parents to think carefully when planning holidays and take into account the impact it can have on their child’s education. This is particularly pertinent for students of Year 11 and 12. Support is available if students or their families need help getting to school frequently and on time. Email Ms Cathy Cooper on or Mr Nigel Ward on
Parents, pop onto the parent portal to track how your child’s attendance is going thus far in 2020.


Homework is set to consolidate classwork and is aimed to assist student performance. Students of Year 11 are expected to complete 1 - 2 hours per evening.  Parents are encouraged to assist by helping establish good study and homework routines at home. We look forward to working with our Year 11 families to help each student become better learners and the best people they can be. There is always the potential for growth. 

A Useful Resource for Parents:
A Useful Resource for Students – Our Young People:

Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Heads of Year 11

Year 10

Welcome to all our new and continuing students in the Year 10 cohort. It has been an excellent start to 2020. 

Year 10 Students participated well at the recent Marymount Swimming carnival. We appreciate your attendance and team spirit on the Day. 

Students were involved last week in the nomination and voting process for Class reps and STAC reps. Congratulations to all students. We look forward to working with you at our fortnight meetings, STAC meetings and school ventures. These positions of responsibility are well deserved and you should be very proud of this achievement. 

Upcoming events:

  • Year 10 Parent Information Evening – Monday 24 February 6:00pm Doyle Centre
  • Year 10 Reflection Day Week 6 – Wednesday 4 March Bond University


  • All students must have a bucket hat to be worn at Recess and Lunch breaks
  • Students are to ensure that they are adhering to the uniform policy, especially for hair, jewellery and makeup 
  • Ensure positive interactions with staff and students to build rapport
  • Every student must use the Marymount school bag
Quote of the week:

Recognise that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others – Shep Hyken
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Heads of Year 10

Year 9

It is wonderful to report that the Year 9s have had a great start to the year. They arrived back to school smartly dressed and ready to learn. We had 12 new students start this year and we welcome them and their families to Marymount. 

Many students attended the swimming carnival in Week 1 and although it was pretty hot, the students had a terrific time. We continue to encourage all students to attend all of the extra-curricula days that Marymount offers. The Year 12 motto states – “Find your true north”, and this can be done if we have a go at all life has to offer.

Year 9 STAC Representatives

Every year, each year level puts nominations forward for our Student Representative leaders. We had 22 students put their name forward to be the Year 9 STAC Rep for 2020. Last Thursday those 22 students gave a short speech to the cohort as to why they would make a great STAC Rep. All the speeches were heartfelt. The students then voted, and it is wonderful to announce that Lachlan Lake and Luana Taylor were chosen to represent the Year 9 Cohort for 2020. Earlier this week, the pastoral classes nominated two pastoral representatives from each class to work closely with Luana and Lachlan.

Congratulations and thank you to the following students: 

9AA – Jappy Tantengco & Tinka Fraser
9AB – Cody Buratowski & Angelique Ortado
9BD – Caden Scorcher & Eva Sobczyk
9BE – Charlotte Sly & Maddy Meehan
9KG – Zane Frogley & Lily Kinloch (Semester 1), Porsha Cush (Semester 2)
9KH – Jaden Covino & Jess Stenner
9PI – Slade Shinners & Caitlin Allred
9PJ – Sameer Khawaja & Gabriella Pegler

Write that Essay

The Year 9 cohort has been chosen to be involved in a writing program that is delivered across numerous subject areas. It enables the students to gain knowledge of how to become great writers. The program specifically teaches students different sentence and paragraph types. The program challenges the students to know that there is power in being able to write well. Many of the teachers also undertake training to be able to pass on these writing tools to the students. It is a wonderful opportunity for Year 9 students and will enable them to move towards the senior years with confidence in their writing.

Harmony Day

On Friday of Week 8 the Year 9s will run a cake stall to raise money for Caritas. As the colour for Harmony Day is orange – we will be asking for orange sweets. Orange ice cups will also be for sale. In the next few weeks, we will be asking the year 9 cohort to think about what they might be able to bring in to sell.

We encourage all Year 9s to continue working hard. The year level has started so well, and we know that this will continue.

Nicky Browne & Matt Geyer
Heads of Year 9

Year 8

Security of lockers

A gentle reminder to all students of the importance of locking your locker in between every class and at the end of the school day. School equipment, school laptops and personal items are the responsibility of each student and it is important that their locker is locked, and items are secure. Any student whose lock is not working, please come and see the Heads of Year as we are more than happy to help. 

Responsibility with Technology  

As our Year 8 students receive access to College laptops, mobile phones, school email and possibly social media we encourage families to have conversations around their sons and or daughters about protecting their passwords. Students should not be sharing their passwords with friends. It is the responsibility of the individual student, to the content that is either researched or sent from their devices. Whether it is an email being sent, sharing a video or logging on to social media, only the individual (and their parent) should have access to these passwords. Tik Tok, Instagram, Snap chat, Facebook the list goes on in world of social media and teenagers are wanting to engage with large amounts of people, but the reminder is for our Year 8 students to not share personal details, photos or videos especially to people they have not met, just so they can get another “follower” or “likes” on their account. Having regular open conversations with your sons and daughters about being safe online is crucial, in this instant gratification technology space. 

2019 Semester 2 Principals Awards

Congratulations to the students who have received a Principals Award for their academic effort in Semester 2, 2019. Any student who received an Academic Merit Award should have received not only a certificate but also an academic merit badge. Any student who is unsure if they were meant to receive a badge, please stop into the Heads of Year 8 Office.

Peter Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Heads of Year 8


Senior Curriculum

We have had a very busy but positive start to the year in the Senior school.

Parent Information Evenings

Addressing the student assemblies and the Parent Information Evenings has allowed us to assure our student and parent bodies that the important task of academic rigour and attention to forward planning, homework, retention via revision and so on, must commence immediately.
The presentations from the Year 12 and Year 11 evenings are now available on the College website.

Assessment Schedules

We have now published the assessment calendar, which populates individual students' subject and assessment load in both the student and parent portal.

Year 12

Year 12 students are being informed of their first provisional results in General subjects (IA1). QCAA have indicated this data will be posted on a QCAA parent and student portal but have not confirmed when this will be available.

Year 11

Year 11 students have settled well into their studies. Subject changes (for all students) have ceased and they have been told of the importance of achieving 'Satisfactory' results in all subjects, for the purposes of the QCE Certificate itself. They are aware of the shortened time frame of completing General subject Units 1 & 2, prior to starting Year 12 work in Term IV this year. Their initial work with the team from Elevate will assist some greatly here.

Year 10 

The Year 10 students have been informed of the importance of regular, planned study and in achieving the minimum standards in Semester I results, such that they meet prerequisites for the subjects they want to study in Year 11. Senior subject selection will be in Term III. 

We look forward to seeing parents at the Year 10 Information Evening at 6:00pm on Monday 24 February, where the focus will be on our Parent, Teacher and Student relationship and supporting your son/daughter.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Digital Technologies


Digital Solutions

Senior Digital Solutions students have been proposing mobile apps which use open data to improve people’s lives. Open data is an initiative where governments de-identify their data, making it public for all to use. They hope for innovation and creative solutions to evolve as a result.

The assignment required students to select at least one set of open data from either Federal or State governments and develop an innovative digital solution. Have a look at their innovative solutions using data from

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies
Cooper P
“NextGen Road”
Mapping routes for semi-trailers and high vehicles to help them avoid hitting bridges.
Finley R
“All Ability Locator”
Enabling users and carers to locate and plan ahead for disability parking spaces at sports centres, parks and shops.
James P
“Fish Stocks Locator”

Aimed at young adults who have a passion for fishing, to find particular species of fish in their area.
Nat P
“Online Bicycle Parking”

Directing the user towards bicycle parking and end-of-journey facilities for secure storage of their bike.
Lachlan N
“WW2 Points of Interest Finder QLD)

An app to allow Queenslanders and tourist to the area to locate and learn about historic war locations whilst exploring Queensland.
Daniel C

“Eat Safe Brisbane”
Enabling diners to check safety permits of eating venues
Mitchell T
“WIFI Bars”

Enables the user to find wi-fi networks as well as accessibility 
Dawson L
“Doggo Park”
Finding dog parks around the Gold Coast
Data set from, Dog Park Facilities,

Health & Physical Education

The school year has well and truly commenced, with students immersing themselves in new units of work.  I am very pleased with the student enthusiasm that has been demonstrated in both theory and practical lessons. I am looking forward to watching our future Sports Scientists, Nurses, Coaches and Physiotherapists excel throughout this year.
Marymount College is fortunate enough to have access to a 25-metre pool to assist with our practical teachings. Given we live in the “Sunshine State” here on the Gold Coast, it is imperative that our children are confident when it comes to basic water safety skills. The Royal Life Saving and Surf Life Saving Australia urge all Australians to learn swimming and lifesaving skills. I was astounded to read The National Drowning Report 2019 and discover that there were 64 drowning deaths across Queensland in 2018/2019, 8 of which were children aged between 5 and 17. These recent statistics further highlight the importance of teaching our students how to approach various water-based scenarios. For instance, students in Year 8 are currently participating in a unit of work called Wetball,
and although this game focuses on fundamental movement skills, one underlying purpose is to motivate students to develop strength and confidence in the water. Any opportunity to support your child’s skills in this area should be embraced and your support in ensuring they are prepared for these classes is greatly appreciated.
Across all year levels, I recommend that parents informally assess and support the development of their child's water competency — after all, water safety will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
Student tip of the week - Lewis Treggiden

Make sure to keep a balanced healthy diet at school and try not to skip breakfast because when the tank is full with healthy food students concentrate and perform better.
Cameron Francis 
Health & Physical Education Coordinator


Dinner Invitation

You are invited to a hospitality class dinner on Wednesday the 11 March held in the
Marymount Restaurant. $30 per person includes a three-course meal and drinks (pay on
the night).
Please RSVP to David Grant by the 6 March

David Grant
Hospitality Coordinator


Second-Hand Calculators

There are a few second-hand (only used for a few weeks) TI-84 Plus CE calculators that can be purchased for $150.00.
Please email if you are in need of a calculator.

Year 10-12 Mathematics

Become a ‘Mako Mathlete’ in 2020! 

Thank you to all teachers and students who attended our first session of tutorials. It was a massive success with Mrs Smith, Mrs Ward, Mr Gazal, Mr McVeigh, and Ms Mullaly tutoring out of five different classrooms! 

Be a ‘Mako Mathlete’ every Tuesday morning! Our next session is week 5, Term 1 from 7:30 am to pastoral. Exam block is only 5 Mako Mathlete sessions (5 weeks away) for the Year 12s! Week 5 teacher roster and classrooms is listed below.

Year 7-9 Mathematics

Get on board with MANGAHIGH to supplement what you are learning in your mathematics class.

This year in Year 7, 8 and 9 students will use an interactive website to increase their “working memory”. How does a website help us students do that? Here is an example that everyone can relate to.

In order to excel in sports, such as running, you will benefit from strong leg muscles and a powerful cardiovascular system. It follows that pursuing any activity that focuses on improving the capabilities of your legs, as well as your heart and lungs (e.g., weight training, cycling, swimming) will have a positive impact on your running times.

Is there an equivalent of the cardiovascular system in our brain that represents a similar fundamental basis for mental abilities? Research suggests that a theoretical construct called “working memory” is a prime candidate to take on that role. Working memory comprises our ability to hold information in our mind for a limited period of time and to do something with that information at the same time.
A good illustration of a task that involves working memory is mental math, such as solving 12 x 23. One way to solve this problem is to first calculate two intermediate results (10 x 23 = 230 and 2 x 23 = 46) and to add these two results in a second step (230 + 46 = 276). In order to solve such problems, we have to store the intermediate results, and we also have to manipulate the information we hold in our mind by multiplying and adding—thus, we engage our working memory.
Students at Marymount have been enjoying training their “working memory” and we have the results to prove it! Marymount students have taken over first place in the Queensland in MANGAHIGH.

The statistics on this mental training has students working for a total of 749 hours with 9111 medal points. Perhaps you have noticed that 78% of this effort has been made at home and 22% at school. In the upcoming weeks, these percentages will change, with more time being spent at home, as students become more independent in selecting their own tasks on the interactive website.

In the next newsletter we will report on the top 10 students and top classes in each year level.

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics


12 Marine Science Great Barrier Reef camp

Year 12 Marine Science students attended their camp at North Keppel Island last week. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef was an amazing experience, allowing them to not only collect all the necessary data for their Student Experiment but also to consolidate their understanding of coral reef concepts in general. For many students, this was their first trip to the reef and to be fully immersed in the culture of a GBR Island for three days built memories of a lifetime.
After a smooth overnight trip to Yeppoon, the students boarded the boat for North Keppel Island and the trip really began. The weather was beautiful, although a little hotter than we are used to, and the experiences outstanding. Our cabins were along the beachfront and the views spectacular. We circumnavigated the Keppel group and had the chance to snorkel several sites as well as reef walking and kayaking. In the evenings we learnt about the important role we play in the sustainability of the reef and also about the hidden creatures, plankton. During a night trawl, it was breath-taking to see these microscopic organisms light up with bioluminescence.
I would like to thank all those that supported this inaugural trip to the GBR and helped me to take it from a dream to a reality for our students – their appreciation was evident and fulsome. In particular, I would like to thank the staff from the North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre and Mr Jim Dick for his assistance on the camp.
Yvonne Crowley
Marine Science Teacher

Visual Art

Fairweather Art Group

The Fairweather Art Group is named after the innovative and eccentric artist Ian Fairweather who lived and worked in South East Queensland in the latter part of his career.

This is a voluntary activity held Wednesday afternoons and is an opportunity for all art students to stay back and work on school artworks, art assignments or do their own extension work. The art staff are available to supervise and assist but students should bring their own work. There are no formal art lessons, but teachers are in attendance to help students with their work. It is an excellent opportunity for students to extend themselves and work with like-minded fellow art students.

Parents of current Art students have received an Edsmart slip to give permission for students to attend. By giving permission students do not have to attend every week but can participate whenever they wish, one response covers the student for the year. Fairweather Art Group has been very popular with our art students and I encourage them to attend and make the most of the opportunity. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Steve O'Keefe
Visual Arts Coordinator


Library Lovers Day

Marymount Library started the new year off well by celebrating St Valentine’s Day with our ‘Blind date with a Book’ and ‘Speed-dating… with books!’  -  because February 14th is also Library Lover’s Day. 
The theme for Library Lovers' Day 2020 was ‘Uncover something new’.  Very pertinent for a Blind date!  Lots of students borrowed out a book without knowing what it was and entered into the draw for a $25 voucher.
A number of Year 7 classes came to the Library and had the opportunity to look at the different types of books available to them and make their pick to take home.
 Queensland School Libraries Week

To highlight the role of school libraries and librarians, we have continued to celebrate this week with Queensland School Libraries Week and the theme ‘School libraries build 20/20 vision’. Go to the QSLA web page
 or   and facebook to find out about how important your child’s library is to their education.
Overdue books

Email notices for overdue books will be sent out to parents and those students who haven’t returned their books after two weeks.  Remember – just pop your book in the Library letterbox inside the door or see us at the desk to renew.  “Thanks for listening” to those students who have renewed this week!   The Library is open from 8:00am to 3:30pm each day, including breaks and lunchtimes.

Careers and Vocational Education


Year 12 Students will be presented with the University Showcase on Wednesday 4 March from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Students will be given the opportunity to speak one-on-one with representatives from Griffith University, Southern Cross University, Bond University, University of Queensland, QUT, Queensland TAFE, and QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre). 


The annual Marymount College Careers Expo is undergoing a few significant changes this year in terms of timing and attendance.  The event has been rescheduled to Term 2 and will be held from 5.30pm - 7.30pm on Tuesday 2 June 2020. The event is compulsory for Year 10 students and has been specifically timed prior to senior subject selections.  This date is outside of Year 11/12 assessment periods and we highly recommend that senior students attend in preparation for post-high school transition.


Details of the Year 10 Work Experience program were sent home last week.  The program is compulsory, and no lessons will be offered during the week (Monday 15 June – Friday 19 June 2020).  Work Experience forms are to be submitted no later than Friday 3 April. 


DATE: Thursday 5 March 2020
TIME:4.00pm – 5.30pm
LOCATION: Sawrey Room, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, 28 Tomewin Street
The qualification offered is Certificate III in Business 


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is offering this course to help students learn the fundamentals of animal training,  training techniques and teaching desired behaviours. Age requirement is 14 years and over and requires parent permission:
DATES: Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March 2020 (9:00am – 4:00pm)
VENUE: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
COST: $325 including all learning material and food
For bookings, please visit


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Defence Force Recruiting is hosting the “I Can, You Can Luncheon”. This event is for young women (at least 16 years old) to network with current serving female Defence members to highlight and share insights into how these members have balanced their experiences with ADF lifestyle, study, family and work commitments.  
DATE: Sunday 8 March 2020 (10.00am – 1.00pm)
VENUE: RACV Royal Pines Resort

Griffith University will be hosting a Women in Aviation day on Friday 6 March 2020 at the Nathan Campus,  open to female students in Years 10-12.  This event is designed to encourage female students to study Aviation at a tertiary level who are interested in either becoming pilots, managers, aircraft safety inspectors/investigators, IT or engineers within the aviation industry. Students will participate in hands-on activities including a flight simulator trial and hear presentations from a variety of female industry speakers. Only a limited number of places are available, therefore interested students are required to submit a paragraph explaining their interest in attending to Mr Hamilton as soon as possible.

Currumbin RSL is now recruiting Hospitality and Administration superstars!  A number of positions are offered. For further details, attend the Recruitment Information Night:
DATE: Tuesday 25 February (5.00pm – 6.00pm)
VENUE: Currumbin RSL – Valleyside Room


Do you require your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate?  Aurora Training Institute is conducting group training as follows:
DATE: Thursday 27 February 2020 (6.00pm – 9.00pm)
VENUE: Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial” 340 Scottsdale Drive Robina  Q  4226
COST: $50.00

World Education Program (WEP) is an Australian not-for-profit student exchange organisation assisting hundreds of Australian high school students all around the world.  A variety of scholarship opportunities are available and further details will be available at the Gold Coast Information Session which is being held on Tuesday 3 March (7.00pm) at the Southport Community Centre. Visit

Visit Marymount College Careers Centre for further details on any of these activities.
Read more Careers Centre news on Parent Portal


Oceanic Swimming Carnival

On Monday 36 students represented the College at the Oceanic Swimming Carnival.

The Students, once again this year swam really well and achieved some great results. The College was successful in winning the trophies for the Champion Male High School, the Champion Female High School as well as the Overall Champion High School team. 25 students were selected to represent Oceanic District at the upcoming South Coast Regional Carnival. Millar Brosnan-Ball, Kai Allen, Lewis Treggiden and Ashleigh Allred had fantastic results culminating in being awarded age champions. Congratulations to all students and good luck to those competing at regionals.

Nigel Ward
Assistant Head of Year 11

Sport Report

Oceanic District & South Coast Regional Sport Trials 

Our school is a part of the Oceanic District when it comes to representative school sports. Students need to trial for and make the Oceanic District Team before they can go and trial for the South Coast Regional Teams and then on to the Queensland State School Teams.  

If you wish to trial for any of the sports on offer you need to come and see Mr Balym in the sport office to register and collect the relevant information. You must return the permission slip and South Coast Permission and Details Booklet to Mr Balym by the Friday before the trials to be registered to trail – if you don’t bring the slip and booklet back you will not be registered and not allowed to trial. There are posters outside SAO and outside Mr Balym’s office showing the dates of the various District and Regional trials. 

In most sports, the age is the age you turn this year. Younger students can only trial in older age groups if there is no offering in that sport for their age group. Be aware that an age group such as 13-15yr has just one team made up of students over that age range, so younger students (in this case 13yr olds) will be up against older students (in this case 15yr olds) for places in the one team.  

Make sure you check the daily notices at school and your student email account for information about the upcoming trials. Most 12yr age group trials are held after school and the other age groups are usually during school hours. You do need to organise your own transport to and from the trial venues. 

The South Coast Permission and Details Booklet that needs to be downloaded, filled out electronically, printed out and then brought in for Mr Balym to sign page 3 can be found on the  website.

South Coast Representatives 

Congratulations to the Bailey Sewell on his selection to represent the South Coast Region at the 15-18yr State Schools Cricket Championships in Bundaberg. 

Student Sporting Results 

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:  

Outstanding Results

  • Last weekend Corbin Zahn (Year 12) competed at the Queensland Surf Rescue Championships at Mermaid Beach and won silver in both the Champion Lifesaver event and the Patrol Teams event. These events test of all the areas that make a great lifesaver – physical fitness, rescue capabilities, resuscitation technique and knowledge. By finishing in the top 2, Corbin now goes onto to compete at the Australian Titles. Good Luck Corbin! 
  • At last month’s New Zealand Open Water Swimming Championships Year 12 student Ashleigh Allred competed in the 10km swim and won, beating all the open age group competitors. Her win has qualified her for the FINA Open Water Swimming Championships later in the year. Congratulations Ashleigh and good luck! 

Semester 1 Sport Change Requests 

If you wish to request a sport change, you have until Tuesday 25 February to do so. To request a change you need to either come and write your details down on the sheets on Mr Balym’s door or email him with your Name; Year Level; Sport you are currently in; Sport you wish to change into. 

No request is guaranteed as we have already entered our teams into the AGCC Semester 1 competition. Changes will only occur under two conditions:  

1. There is someone wanting to change sports the other way (i.e. straight swap);  


2. Changing you will NOT affect the number of teams we have already entered in either the sport you are changing out of or into. 

I will then email all those who made requests on Wednesday 26 February to let students know if they were changed or not. 

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader


The last two weeks have seen over 50 girls trial to make the Marymount Mako’s Senior Netball Squad or one of the two Marymount Mako’s Junior teams.

The senior squad trains twice a week with 12 of the 17 girls also playing on a Tuesday night in the Southport Carrara elite competition. This squad will be cut back to 12 girls who will go to Catholic Cup in Term 2. After this competition, the squad will be cut to a team of 10 who will travel to Brisbane to play in the QISSN Carnival in June/July.

Congratulations to the following girls who made the squad:
Montana Dare
Bridie Edgar
Halle Geyer
MacKenzie Lenihan
Demi Lockett
Ellen McCooke
Bailey Miles
Charli Ricketts
Zoe Riddell
Keely Swaddling
Holly Vowles
Kophie Woolf
Mia Britton
Tilly Busby
Olivia Cogo
Sam Jennings
Jade Murphy

There were enough Junior girls (Year 7 to 9) who trialled that we could make 2 teams. It is wonderful to see so much talent coming through the junior grades.
The girls who made the A team will play every Monday night at Benowa courts. They will also play in Catholic Cup in Term 2 and Vicki Wilson Shield in Term 3. 

Congratulations to the following girls:
Ellari Anderson
Miller Brosnan Ball
Abby Carroll
Imogen Henderson
Charlotte Hockings
Mikayla Hopkins
Brianna Ingmire
Sienna Jones
Sophie Mahoney
Sophia Mattar

The B team will play in both Catholic Cup and Vicki Wilson Shield. Congratulations to the following girs:
Summah Beddoes
Indi Brennan
Mia Callander
Alice Lythgo
Poppy MacKenzie
Sienna May
Lucy Tyson
Amahli West
Ella Williamson
Amelia Wood
Abby Baumann
Bronte Wilkinson

We will continue to write in the newsletters to let you know how the girls are going.

Nicky Browne & Kym Heritage
Senior & Junior Netball Coach



Surfside Buslines Notice

From Monday 2 March 2020 all students traveling on the bus will be required to either produce their 2020 bus pass, their letter of confirmation from the Department of Transport and Main Roads or pay the fare using a TransLink go card or cash.
Bus passes have arrived. Please collect from SAO

Griffith Knights 2020 Girls Rugby Information

Training Days: Monday 4:30 – 6pm & Wednesday 4:40 – 6:00pm
Location: 179 Heeb St, Ashmore QLD

2020 Competitions
Term 1 - Sunday 10’s Format
Term 2 - Friday 
7’s Format
Term 3 - Sunday 7’s Tournament Format
Representative Pathway
  • Cyclones U15 and U17 to compete at State Champion.
  • AON selection to play in National Women’s series.
  • U15 and U17 QLD team selected from State Cup to play at Nationals 2020. 
All-inclusive cost: $163.00: Training shirt, playing shorts, playing jersey and player insurance
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