Friday 04 September 2020 

Call out to Year 12s & all Parents:
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Year 12 completion is just 60% and Parent completion only 19%.
Your opinion matters and the survey closes on 9:00am Sunday 6 September.
Please do the survey this Saturday. It will only take 10 -15 minutes. Show your appreciation and tell us where we might improve. Thank you.

Tribute to Our Year 12s and Year 11s

Listening to the Year 11 candidates for Student Leadership 2021 speaking to their peers, on Thursday last week, caused me to reflect on the calibre of our 2020 Student Leaders and the Senior cohort. 
The Year 12s have been understanding, patient and ready to step up—when it has been possible to do so. Valentine’s Day, with the seniors in Togas distributing Roses, began the light-hearted fun and fundraising for Project Compassion for Caritas Australia. Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday followed. St Patrick’s Day saw all in green clothes, donating gold coins for Caritas and the Seniors in an Irish Jig dance-off against the staff. The Seniors won! As concern about COVID took over, Term 1 finished with the completion of what has proven to be some very important Internal Assessments.

Through Weeks 1 to 5 of Term 2, all students signed in for Teams meetings from home, with the Student Leaders organising prayer for the PC meeting at 8:30am each morning. Sophie and Harrison sent a video message to the community and Corbin and Cameron organised the Quarantine Cup. Seniors returned to school on 11 May. As soon as they had settled, organisation began for ‘Have a Heart Day’ on 6 June, two weeks after the Years 7 -10 student’s returned. Gold coin fundraising in pink pyjamas, face painting and photos was for ‘Rosies on the Street’ charity providing meals and hot drinks for the homeless. This Term, Interact got into the ‘act’ with a Tie Day fundraiser and Marymount Day and the Athletics Carnival are on the Calendar for this coming week.

Yet, it is the composure of the Seniors getting on with senior study, the completion of competencies and with each other and with staff, that is admirable. We’ve all had to make the best of the situation in the pandemic. The Senior Leaders and the Seniors have shown us how. This week and next they have Mock Exams. Vital preparation to inform the more intensive focus on study, that will be required before their final exams 26 October to 17 November.
So back to the Year 11 speeches. While the current Year 12s are good people, the Year 11s aren’t far behind. The candidates’ speeches were humbling. I’m sure there were Year 11s in the audience who thought that they should have nominated as a candidate. Some of them would have realised that they could also have spoken with similar credibility and simple honesty, as each candidate had spoken—at times, in such a beautiful and open way. I’ve written of this in previous years. The occasion strikes me for the naïve beauty, vulnerability and profound goodness of the young people parents entrust to us, reflected in such students as candidates for leadership. We’ve published photos of all the 2020 Senior Leaders and the 2021 Senior Leader candidates, to acknowledge them and allow parents and staff to reflect—with pride—on the goodness of our 411, Year 11 and 12 students as they deal with the challenges of this year.

PAT-M and PAT-R Testing

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students have been completing the PAT-M (Mathematics) and PAT-R (Reading) Tests over the past week. We endeavour to capture results for all students so we can establish where they are and compare it to their PAT test result from the same time in 2019, if they completed the test in 2019. Our use of these two diagnostic tests will increase as it complements school-based testing and NAPLAN testing to check the progress of students each year and over time.

Progressive Achievement Tests are designed to provide objective, norm-referenced information to teachers about their students’ skills and understandings in a range of key areas.
In adopting and using Progressive Achievement Tests to investigate and diagnose student learning and to monitor progress over time, teachers are will try to increase students’ growth mindset, with targeted teaching and emphasis on increased levels of student engagement for improved learning outcomes.

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Mon Sep 07
Week 9A
Year 10 Immunisations
Year 12 Mock Exams

Tue Sep 08
Marymount Day 
P and F Meeting (6.00pm)
Year 8 2021 SSO closes

Wed Sep 09
Go for Gold ATAR (Year 12)

Thu Sep 10
House Sport

Fri Sep 11
College Track and Field Carnival 
Mon Sep 14 to Tue Sep 15
Year 10 In Class exams

Mon Sep 14
Week 10B
Year 11 Unit 2 Exams
(Non ATAR classes runnng)

Wed Sep 16
Advisory Council Meeting (6.30pm)

Thu Sep 17
No Sport - Lessons TBA

Fri Sep 18
Last Day Term 3
Year 11 Unit 2 Completed
View the College calendar in the Parent Portal or BCE Connect App

Assistant Principal Pastoral

Riding the Corona Coaster

Across Victoria, students and their families are experiencing challenging times with the state being in various stages of lockdown yet again. However, this second wave of the pandemic is now also beginning to impact other areas of Australia and New Zealand. Riding this corona coaster and navigating the ups and downs of the current reality is proving to be confronting for many people. The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down with some students returning to remote learning and parents continuing to juggle the home environment.

The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next may have an impact on many students and their families. There is a concern that mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, will increase, especially amongst young people. In the coming weeks, it will be vital for adult carers to reduce the stress levels at home and make life seem more manageable. 

As an adult carer, it will also be essential to look after your own wellbeing during this time. Ensure you make time to de-escalate your own nervous system and maintain your sleep routine, healthy eating habits, get some regular exercise and reach out virtually to friends and family.

In this Special Report, families are encouraged to embrace the guidance offered to help minimise the impact of this corona coaster. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. 

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report 

SPECIAL REPORT: Celebrating Father’s Day

For many years now, the role of fathers has changed and evolved. During the industrial revolution, fathers were often considered detached and distant due to working long hours in factories. However, today things have changed dramatically with many dads being celebrated for being sensitive, caring and more hands-on.

Recent studies have shown that children benefit greatly from having fathers who are present and interacting in everyday activities. This has transformed the understanding of how fathers shape children’s lives from the start, challenging conventional ideas of parenthood and gender. 

Research also suggests that fathers influence their sons and daughters in different ways, which is especially true during their transition to adolescence. Engaging in regular physical activities can play a key role in influencing children to learn self-control, face challenges, regulate emotions and take manageable risks.

In this Special Report, fathers will learn about the positive impact they can have on their child’s mental health and wellbeing, whilst also ensuring they indulge in a little self-care. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. 

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report 

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Assistant Principal - Senior Curriculum

Year 12

The running of the Year 12 General subject Mock exams has continued over this week and into next week. It has proven to be a very worthwhile exercise in having students attempt the lengthy exams in a serious scheduling process. The two significant differences in the assessment regime under the QCE approach, in comparison to the previous OP system, are the recall, retention and high order use of knowledge and skills learnt over the whole year (Units 3 & 4); and the sitting of 2 hour plus exams. Our students, generally speaking, appear to be attacking these well. They will have the remaining weeks of the Semester (up until the exam block commencing in Week 4, Term 4) to work on these in a feedback process, along with other revision activities. 

Year 11

An exam block schedule for Year 11 is now available. These exams will be in Week 10. The first two days of the exams are a shutdown period (students only required to attend for their exams) but for the rest of the week students attend all classes, and exams are in school lesson times.

Year 10

There are several Year 10 exams running during class time. 

Key Dates
  • Year 12 Mock Exams: 31/08 - 10/09
  • Year 11 Exam Block: 14/09 - 18/09
  • Year 10 Exams: 14/09 - 15/09

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

Season of Creation

Spring is here and the Christian Churches are celebrating the Season of Creation.  

The Season of Creation is a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment together. The ecumenical churches join together in prayer and action for our common home. 

1st  September 1989 was the day the Season of Creation was announced by Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I (often called the ‘green pope’). He proclaimed it as a day of prayer.   The 1st of September is the beginning of the Orthodox church year and is heralded in with a commemoration of how God created the world. 

The World Council of Churches was instrumental in making a special time a season, extending the celebration from 1 September until 4 October. 
Since then, Christians worldwide have embraced the season as part of their annual calendar. Pope Francis made the Roman Catholic Church’s warm welcoming of the season official in 2015 following the release of his Encyclical, Laudato Si”. 

In recent years, statements from religious leaders around the world have also encouraged the faithful to take time to care for creation during the month-long celebration. The season starts 1 September, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and ends 4 October, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology beloved by many Christian denominations. Throughout the month-long celebration, the world’s 2.2 billion Christians come together to care for our common home. 

Each week this year celebrates a different theme with the first week celebrating Forests. The next three weeks celebrate Land , The Outback, Rivers and Protectors of God’s Gifts which coincides with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi.  

Week 1: Celebrating Forests
Week 2: Celebrating Land
Week 3: Celebrating The Outback
Week 4: Celebrating Rivers
Week 5: Protectors of God’s Gifts (coinciding with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi) 

This beautiful Creed comes from a liturgy prepared to celebrate this first week of the season. 

We believe that God creates all things, renews all things, and celebrates all things. 
We believe Earth is a sanctuary, a sacred planet filled with God’s presence, a home for us to share with all creatures.  
We believe every creature joins us in praising God.  
We see many suffer with Earth because of human crimes against creation. 
We believe that God became incarnate as a part of Earth, Jesus Christ, that he lived and breathed and spoke among us, suffered and died on a cross, for all human beings and for all creation. 
 We believe that the risen Jesus Christ fills the whole creation, reconciling all things to God, renewing all things.  
We believe that the risen Jesus Christ fills the whole creation, reconciling all things to God, renewing all things.  
We believe the Spirit renews life in creation, groans in empathy with every suffering creature, and waits with us for the rebirth of the whole creation.  
We believe that with Christ we will rise and with Christ we will celebrate a new creation, reconciled, restored, and renewed.  

Marymount Day

The students are looking forward to celebrating Marymount Day on Tuesday 8 September. 

This year the Marymount Day liturgy will be quite different in that we will all be separated due to COVID restrictions. It will be streamed from Mary Mother of Mercy Church and the students from both schools will be in their classrooms and connected online.  
A small number of students will be in the church representing both school communities and some members of the Burleigh Parish St Vincent de Paul Conference will also be present.  Fr Jacob will celebrate with us.  
Students have been filling their Marymount baskets with generous quantities of food and personal hygiene items; these will be blessed and given to the St Vincent de Paul Chapter to be distributed to those in the local area in need of this support. All donations are gratefully received and, as we are all aware, there is a rapidly growing number of people around us who are in need. 
We look forward to our liturgy as we celebrate everything Marymount and our theme in this extraordinary year is celebrating Mary as our Protector and Guide.  
You are cordially invited to connect to the liturgy at Burleigh Parish website. It begins at 9.00am on Tuesday morning. 
And may all the fathers and grandfathers of our students and staff enjoy Fathers’ Day on Sunday.  

Dolores Maitland

We pray for all our fathers,
who have given us life and love, that we may show them respect and love. 
We pray for those fathers who have lost a child through death, that their faith may give them hope, and their family and friends support and console them. 
We pray for fathers who have died, that God may bring them into the joy of his kingdom. 
We offer our prayer through Christ, our Lord.



Year 10 Business

Last Friday, a Year 10 Business class had the pleasure of hearing co-founder of Livin and Marymount College former student Casey Lyons speak.

He took our students on a journey of how Livin was created, the issue they were trying to help and the emotional story which ignites the passion and drive within the organisation. Casey explained the process of starting up, the strategies utilised to generate income, the marketing strategies used and the fundamental requirements of a charity.

His story is powerful, and we are incredibly thankful that Casey was able to share the business side of Livin with our Year 10 students, as they continue working on their social enterprise. Casey also provided students with feedback and ideas for their projects. Having Liam Hemsworth and Johnny Depp endorse their products is now a great goal for our groups, in emulating what Livin did!
Simon Rezo
Academic Coordinator- Business


Forest or Shops?

During Term 3, Year 8 Geography classes have been evaluating a hypothetical proposal on whether to develop the Marymount Forest site, adjacent to the ovals and Bunnings. This is a real-world problem and proposal, which mirrors the real sale a number of years ago, and development of the current Bunnings site on what was Marymount land.

As part of this, they have completed a report surrounding the problem. In this report booklet, two proposals are outlined and evaluated in regards to what decision should be made on the Marymount forest: Proposal One is to replace the forest with a shopping centre with an indoor sports centre. Proposal Two is to keep the forest as is and pay money to maintain it.
Students have a hard decision on their hands, looking at the surrounding area notably conducting multiple field sketches of the site, and studying the data in order to make the best decision.
Class 8.2, Mr Fitzgerald’s class really enjoyed the sketching and fieldwork, as the photos indicate.

Garrett Fitzgerald
Humanities Teacher


Science Competition

Congratulations to everyone that entered the ‘Deep Blue’ Year 7 Science competition.

The entries overall were at a very high calibre. A big congratulations to our prize winners:
  • 1st place Florence Rounsefell
  • 2nd Place Ben Marr
  • 3rd Place Zaya Dawson
  • Highly commended Isabella Kerr
7KH won the Junior Science Trivia and 12PI won the Senior Trivia Division.

Kristina Baker
Head of Science (acting)


Mako Mathletes 

Exam preparation in full swing during Mako Mathletes sessions! 

Students are getting extra one on one mathematics tutorials every Tuesday morning from 7:30am to the start of pastoral. This is an awesome opportunity for Year 11 and 12 students and many students regularly attend our Malo Mathletes sessions. Check out the ratio of teachers to students in these photos! Keep it up everyone! Great work!!! Best of luck to you all during your upcoming exams!

Remember that the ‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out’ – Robert Collier
Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics

Senior Mathematics

Direct Online Ordering for calculator required for Year 11 & 12 Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics

ALL orders are to be placed by Sunday 20 September 2020. Orders after this date will pay full price and will incur a $14.95 delivery charge. Your calculator has a 3 Year Replacement Warranty except, Broken Screens & Batteries. No refunds if you change your mind or choose the incorrect product. 

  • 1 x TINSPIRECXII-NONCAS ~ Valued $225.00
  • 1 x FREE Padded Case ~ Valued $8.95
  • 1 x FREE 3 Year Warranty ~ Valued $28.95
  • 1 x FREE Delivery ~ Valued $14.95
COST: $215.00 gst inc ~ Save $63.00
  • 1 x Adaptor ~ Charges your calculator quicker via the wall socket than via the USB port on your computer.
COST: $10.00 gst inclusive ~ Valued $14.95
  • Optional Spare Battery
  • 1 x TI Recharge Spare back up battery
COST: $18.50 gst inclusive

Ordering Process
  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your school ID Code MARYMTCOLLQLD above the ORANGE login button on the HOME PAGE.
  3. Ensure you enter your school ID code first to get the full discount & free delivery. Select the calculator & accessories you require then go to the checkout and pay with your Credit or Debit card. Your 3 Year Warranty starts when the calculator arrives at the school.
  4. Your order will be sent to the school and you can collect your calculator from Marymount College Bookshop after 6 October 2020
  5.  Once you receive your calculator, keep all of the internal packaging as it contains software codes that are very expensive to replace.

If you have any queries please call Alyson De Souza on 1800 998 424 or 

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics

Vocational Education & Careers


Every Year 10 student has now received (via their school email) a Resume Template along with clear instructions delivered within the classroom.  This will provide an excellent basis for what will be for many, their first attempt at constructing this important document.  We have also invited students to visit our Careers Centre should they require further individualised assistance with the process. 
Once established, students are also encouraged to submit the document to the Careers Centre for inclusion in their Student Portfolio for safekeeping and easy access.  

A quick reminder to ensure any certificates, awards, references, or reports which Years 10/11/12’s have been issued this term should be submitted to the Careers Centre and added to your Student Portfolio asap.       

The Southern Cross Uni STAR Early Offer program closes on Friday 11 September 2020.  The STAR program allows you to secure your place in a degree before Year 12 results are even released.  Be recognised by your school and recommended directly into university study.  Take some of the pressure off and apply today! Applications are free and direct to Southern Cross University at

ACU is offering a University Experience event for students to get a taste of uni life and try out the degrees they are interested in studying.  Conducted at the ACU Brisbane Campus on Tuesday 29 September from 9:30am – 2:00pm (during Queensland School Holidays).  Further details and to register your interest.

Applications are currently open for the Semester 1 2021 TAFE at School intake.  To apply, visit and use the login code TQGC2021.  Two new programs being offered including Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies and the Certificate II Furniture Making Pathway.  For further details,  email

The University of Sunshine Coast offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries to support students with the cost of university study.  They aren’t just for high achievers – scholarships and bursaries are also awarded to students who need financial assistance or who demonstrate other achievements, such as sporting excellence or community activities.  There are also scholarships for different areas of study or relocation scholarships that support students in their move away from home.  To apply, students submit an online application form.  Applications close of Monday 30 November 2020


To help provide some certainty around future study plans, QUT offers Early Offers into the areas of business, creative industries, IT, justice, public health and science.  Students who include one of the specified courses in their top three QTAC preferences will be invited to apply for an early offer by uploading their Year 12 grades they have achieved so far this year, to their QTAC application by 4:30pm on Friday 6 November 2020Further Details
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities
BOOK FOR 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010 REUNION

Year Levels

Year 12

Year 12 Laptop – End of Warranty

Warranty for Year 12 school-issued laptops will expire at the end of the year.  Now is the time to bring the laptop to the IT Helpdesk for assessment.  This includes slowness, loose hinges, missing keys, trackpad issues.  If you are unsure, please come to see us in IT.  Warranty repairs are FREE so please use this opportunity to have the device repaired in preparation for exams in Term 4. 

Year 12 – School Issued Laptop – Offer to purchase or return

An EdSmart form has been sent to parents offering Year 12 students the choice of either purchasing the school-issued laptop from the College or returning the device after Term 4 assessment. 

Please note that parents are under no obligation to purchase the laptop.  Cut off date to respond is 26 October 2020 and payment is due on 13 November 2020 via the, select Online Payments from the Quicklinks menu.  No other opportunity to purchase the laptop will be available once the due date has passed.

Amanda Marchant
IT Support
Mock Exams

This week our Year 12 students began to sit their mock external exams. These exams have been deliberately set up to mirror the conditions students will face come the real thing in Term 4. So far, students are to be congratulated on the way they have presented themselves for these exams. Whilst the results of these exams will not impact their ATAR score, they will provide invaluable insights into any gaps in content knowledge the students currently have and guide the revision efforts in each subject from this point forward. The mock exams continue into next week and we wish our students good luck as they complete them.
ATAR Student Exam Schedule
NON-ATAR Student Schedule
Week 9

As the end of the term draws closer, next week provides two wonderful opportunities for the Year 12s to embrace major events that have shaped their time at Marymount. Tuesday will be the annual celebration of Marymount Day, a time to connect with the community at Marymount of which they have been an integral part for up to 13 years. It is always highly anticipated, and we look forward to our senior students playing central roles on the day.

In addition to Marymount Day, next week will also see the Athletics Carnival. No doubt our seniors will arrive dressed to the nines and ready to have some fun. It will be the last time they will grace our track and with the calibre of athletes present in the cohort, we look forward to some fantastic performances.

Upcoming Events

A reminder to parents and caregivers regarding what awaits Year 12s. Week 9 and 10 will see the resumption of classes for the students with General subjects continuing revision, whilst Applied subjects continue with course content. Next term, classes will be held for the first three weeks, culminating in a farewell from the College. External exams commence at the beginning of Week 4 and continue until the Tuesday of Week 7, which is also the date for the Graduation Liturgy. The Thursday of Week 7 will be the Senior Formal, the last official event for the students. 

At this stage, all events are planned to take place, but a close eye will be kept on the government restrictions and alternate plans may need to be arranged.

As always, we thank parents and caregivers for their continued support of their students.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10

Year 10 Vaccinations

Reminder School Vaccinations happening for Year 10 students on Monday 7 September.
  • Please ensure you have discussed with your child whether they are/are not having vaccinations done.
  • Make sure your child has breakfast on day of vaccination.
  • Your child will be given an aftercare slip which includes information on vaccinations given and what to do in the unlikely event that they experience any reactions.
  • If your child is absent, you will be sent an email from the school immunisation team regarding catch-up options.
  • If you haven’t completed a consent form -  please contact Gold Coast Public Health’s immunisation team on 1800 940 750 to discuss your options.

Kevin Cornor and Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9

It has been a busy few weeks for all Year 9 students as their assessments are just around the corner.

Some subjects have tests, while other subjects, assignments. Overall, students have been working hard – trying to complete all of their work. It is always wonderful to hand out the merit awards at Friday assemblies. We remind students that if they receive five or more merit awards, they should come to the Year 9 office to receive a tuckshop voucher.
Year 10 Subject Selections

Last Thursday, Year 9s met in the library to listen to Heads of Department talk about their subject area. All students were given a booklet to take home to show parents and discuss their subject selections for next year. Selections were done via a link which was sent to both students and parents. All students should have completed their selections by 9:00pm Monday 31 August. If any student has not done this, they are to see Mrs Browne.

Two weeks ago, a number of Year 9 students came up against a team of teachers to play a few rounds of Blind Soccer. The game was the creation of Mr Geyer and it provided many laughs, as teachers and students had to kick soccer balls into a goal area while blindfolded. Thank you to the dozen or so staff who took time out of their lunch break to take on the Year 9 Students. You will all be pleased to hear that the Teachers again emerged victorious with a 5-4 win, with Mrs Browne scoring the decisive goal. Year 9 students seemed to have a great time, as did the Teachers.
Marymount Day Baskets

With Marymount Day fast approaching (Tuesday 8 September), we have asked all Year 9s to donate food and toiletry items to the poor. Year 9s are asked to bring in tinned meat or stews, tinned fruit and toothpaste and toothbrushes. There are a number of Pastoral classes whose baskets are filling up quickly. However, we still need more items. We are asking all students to look in their pantries at home or to buy these items at the shop. This is definitely an opportunity for us to use or charism of generosity to help those in need.
Athletics Carnival

The Annual athletics carnival is Friday the 11 September. This is a compulsory day at school, and we ask that all Year 9 students attend. Even if you are not sporty, you can cheer and be involved in supporting your house. It is a wonderful day to see the whole school come together. We hope to see you there.

Mr Geyer and I would like to congratulate Year 9 students on the way they have worn correct uniform over the past term. In the past two Friday assemblies, we have only seen a couple of students wearing the incorrect uniform. We believe that this is largely due to students starting to take responsibility for their uniforms as we are not handing out as many variations. Well done Year 9 – we are very proud of you and encourage you all to continue wearing your uniform with pride.

Nicky Browne and Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8

Merit Awards

Congratulations to our most recent award winners of the Marymount Merit Awards. Students receive Merit Awards for outstanding effort, improved results and demonstrating positive values of a Marymount student. When students accumulate five Merit Awards in a year, they are awarded a tuckshop voucher as a prize for their consistent great efforts.
You are perfect

Congratulations to our Year 8 Rugby League boys who not only played with great sportsmanship at the recent Gala day but also were 100% perfect. Straight from the coaches mouth “every boy: arrived on time for an 8:00am departure with the correct school bag, was mobile phone free, wore 100% correct sport uniform Including bucket hat, shoes and socks, had with them 100% correct playing kit and played with discipline”. We are very proud of our young men, well done.
Upcoming Days

A gentle reminder that Marymount Day is next Tuesday, which is a free dress. Please make sure our young ladies and gentlemen wear appropriate clothing; which includes enclosed shoes (WHS), no short shorts (modesty is expected), no offensive comments on clothing and a hat for sun safety. The middle of the day involves some fun games/physical activity; therefore skirts/dresses are not appropriate.
Friday 11 September is the College Athletics Carnival. Students are expected to attend and may wear their house colours with the same dress rules stated above for WHS and modesty.
A Challenging Year

As we are coming to a close of the term, we are noticing some student’s behaviour is starting to decline due to excessive use of devices. Some tips that have helped students snap out of these poor behavioural habits are:
  • Only laptop use in an open space, the kitchen table where the student’s computer can be seen.
  • No laptops in the room, even if they would like it for music. An inexpensive digital radio/alarm clock can be a great alternate if music helps them to sleep.
  • Handing in phones, iPad and laptops 30 minutes before bedtime. 
  • According to many studies, it is recommended that teenagers need 8 – 10 hours sleep to rest, recover and grow. Therefore, approximately 9:00pm bedtime with a 6:00am wake up could be a great routine to trial.
As Heads of Year, we are here to support your son/daughter with navigating the Year 8 school year. We can support by listening, connecting students with Homework Club, the College Counsellors and mediation between students if there are some friendships concerns. Our door is always open with a friendly smile, so please encourage your child to come talk to us if they any concerns socially, emotionally and or academically. Hannah Richardson Peter Carroll can be an easy first point of call to start a conversation, as with students, parents and teachers working together we can tackle any problem.

Peter Carroll and Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Library and Resource Centre

There were lots of due dates for subjects last week—the Library became pretty busy at break and lunchtime with students both printing and working on their assignments. 

We also have students working on their Minecraft worlds for competition, perfecting the details in the last few weeks. The Library has had extended use, too, as a meeting space for College enrolment interviews and parent-teacher meetings of late.  Thanks go to our groundsmen, who always have the tables and chairs set up again, ready to go for the next class! And we have some Seniors taking their exams seriously, finding new places to study when the Library is full!
Second-Hand Books

Lots of staff and students know a bargain when we weed the shelves of books that are a little past their sell-by date!  Last week we allowed students to take what they wanted of these novels (A-M) and will do the same next term (M-Z!). We see faces that we don’t always see, but they are avid readers nonetheless, and we’re always happy to oblige!
Premiers Reading Challange

The Premier’s Reading Challenge concluded last Friday, after 15 weeks of reading opportunity! It’s great to see students from Years 7, 8 and 9 making the commitment. I do hope they enjoyed discovering some new books and will continue to make reading a habit.  Certificates will arrive next term when we’ll be able to celebrate.  More about that in the future.

We have returned to putting up displays, which were lacking over the last few months. We’re celebrating the Season of Creation at the moment and hope that children will be curious and look at some of the wild things documented in our displayed books! 
Book Week

Book Week this year will go ahead next term in Week 3, 19-23 October, with the theme Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.  I always encourage our students to be curious – otherwise, how will they know about the world around them?  I’d love them to have wild, creative minds, too!!  
We won’t be able to carry out all the sorts of activities we usually do, but COVID-19 won’t stop us enjoying reading!!
Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

IT Support


Term 3 Sport

This term our students in Years 7 – 9 are involved in intraschool sports on a Thursday afternoon. They are competing in their Pastoral Groups in a variety of different sports to find the Champion Pastoral Group for their year level and the Overall Champion House. Students will rotate sports each week.

Week 7 Results
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9

Week 8 Results
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9
Vortex Volley

Marymount College Sport Awards

In Term 4 we hold our College Sports Awards to recognise outstanding performances in school sport for the previous twelve months. As the awards will be presented in Term 4 they will take into account all results from term 4 2019 – term 3 2020. 
All students and parents have been emailed a nomination information booklet. The nomination form in the booklet needs to be completed and returned to my office (or emailed to by the end of Term 3 if they wish to be considered for an award.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let me know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader

Student Protection Contacts

If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral

COVID Safe Protocols

The safety and wellbeing of staff and students remain our highest priority and Marymount College will maintain the following protocols to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus:
  • regular handwashing and hand sanitizing (gel-in and gel-out of classrooms/activities)
  • increased cleaning of school classrooms, particularly high frequency touch points including water fountains or bubblers
  • regular cleaning of shared equipment and materials
  • children who are unwell will be isolated and parents/carers asked to collect from school
  • adults are required to maintain 1.5m physical distancing measures
  • Students are required to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing measures from adults
  • Students are required to allow teachers distance to pass and to enter classrooms
  • Students are to take their seat in class, and not move about the class without permission of the teacher
  • Parent and visitor access to school grounds will be restricted.
Australian Health Protection Principles Committee guidelines do not include a requirement for physical distancing for students. Nevertheless, we will continue to remind them to maintain high personal hygiene standards and respect for personal space with their peers.
If your child develops cold or flu like symptoms, please:
  • keep your child at home
  • avoid contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging
  • see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
  • seek medical advice if your child has other underlying medical conditions
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms.
Further advice and information about the coronavirus is available on the Queensland Government Health and Federal Government Health websites.
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