Friday 19 March 2021 
Marymount College Dux of 2020 - Vinh Nguyen

Congratulations Vinh

We welcomed Vinh Nguyen, his parents and Pierce Greffe and his parents, to our College assembly on Thursday. Vinh was Marymount’s most outstanding academic student in 2020. He achieved an ATAR of 98.5, placing him in the top 30 students in Queensland. Pierce Greffe was not far behind. Along with Cameron Saliba, these students achieved six A levels across the range of the most demanding subjects. We are proud of their achievements.

Vinh received a plaque, recording his award, and $1000 from the College Parents and Friends Association. These were presented to him by our Parish Priest Padre Morgan and by the President of the P&F Grace McLintock. Vinh addressed the College Assembly and we recommend you watch this speech.

He made three important points:

  • His peers throughout school, from prep to Year 12, were always such a valuable support, more so in Year 12, yet always, as they looked out for each other and helped each other.
  • ATAR scores and school grades don’t define us. We need to know and value who we are. People are different and that’s ok.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others because you will probably compare your weakness to someone’s strengths or vice-versa. Only compare yourself to yourself – every few weeks or every few months – to see what progress you have made. That’s what important.

Pierce Greffe also spoke, echoing Vinh’s reflections and expressing appreciation to his teachers and the school. Pierce’s appreciation was further reflected in prioritizing attending with Vinh before hurrying off to university to complete an important assessment task mid-morning.  Along with Cameron, these students and others were very grateful for the support they received at Marymount. This was especially for the support they received from one another and their peers. As a result, the Seniors of 2020 have done very well and twenty-two students attained an ATAR higher than 90.00 .

Our hope is the lifelong, life-giving learning from these relationships, echoed in Vinh’s and Pierce’s addresses, is evidence of the heart of young people who graduate from Marymount with ‘the lofty ideal of loving, of preparing oneself to serve and to giving of oneself to others’. St Oscar Romero. May these young men and all our Seniors of 2020 take this ideal into their families, their friendships and workplace or university in 2021 and beyond.

2020 Yearbook Published

Students in Years 8 to 12 will shortly receive their copy of the 2020 Yearbook. It’s a marvelous production. Our appreciation to all contributors, faithful photographers, and fastidious proof-readers. Our particular appreciation to our indefatigable producer / editor team Karen Harrison and Janet Cartlidge for another wonderful record of a year in the life of our College.

Stop Press – ECSI Survey on hold

This week students began completing the Enhancing Catholic Identity Survey. Unfortunately, technical difficulties caused delays and many frustrations. This survey is on hold as the cause of the problems is assessed and remedied.
We will be seeking parent support of the survey. Your thoughts are very important. It’s a challenging survey about Marymount College and your thoughts on Catholic Identity. We will offer incentives at each Year Level of $200 Dinner Vouchers for Omeros Bros. Restaurant to the lucky parent who completes the survey and is selected in the draw of signed and dated completion certificates returned to SAO. WATCH FOR THE SURVEY LINK and COMPLETE THE SURVEY.

Chris Noonan


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Favourite Marymount College and select 'Log in' to enter your Parent Portal details. This will enable you to connect to your Parent Portal and use the Absences feature, view your student's details, school reports, and make Parent Teacher Interview Bookings when bookings open in Term 2.

Week 9

Monday 22/03


Tuesday 23/03

Wednesday 24/03

Principal's Tours (Fully booked)

Thursday 25/03

Year 12 Unit 3 Exams
AGCC - Round 5
NAPLAN Practice Test

Friday 26/03


Week 10

Monday 29/03

Year 12 Unit 3 Exams

Tuesday 30/03

Year 7 Camp (Mapleton)

Thursday 01/04

Last Day Term 1
Year 12 Unit 3 Exams
No Sport - Lessons to be advised

Friday 02/04

Good Friday

Sunday 04/04

Easter Sunday

St Patrick's Day

Celebrating  St Patrick’s Day on 17 March and St Joseph’s Day today on 19 March, in Catholic Schools throughout Australia has a long tradition.

With the arrival of the First Fleet and the contingent of Irish convicts on board, so came the St Patrick’s Day celebration. Since then the waves of Irish migrants fleeing persecution, famine and poverty seeking a better life in Australia have influenced and made a significant contribution to its   cultural, economic, political and social life.   
Irish Catholic nuns and priests who came from Ireland in the 19th and early 20th centuries assisted in developing Catholic churches, schools and orphanages. In those times, a person’s religious and ethnic identity played a major role in determining educational and employment opportunities in life. 

Today, Irish culture is very popular and those of Irish descent pay homage to their roots in various ways and on St Patrick’s Day, it is shared and celebrated throughout the country. 
St Joseph, feast day 19 March, was the husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus, patron saint of unborn children, workers, engineers, fathers, families, migrants …..has his name on more places, towns, buildings, organisations, schools, hospitals and more than anyone else in the world!  

St Mary of the Cross Mackillop placed her religious order under the protection of Saint Joseph. She met Father Julian Tenison Woods in Penola, SA who, just like her, also wanted to do something for the poor children who could not afford to pay the money needed to go to school. Together, in 1866, they began the first St Joseph’s School in an old stable. Two of Mary’s younger sisters also taught in the school and other young women came to help them. So throughout Australia and New Zealand and overseas, there are thousands of places and buildings and people named for St Joseph; the number actually surpasses all other names!  
As we celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia this  year, we can thank God for all the blessings which have flowed from devotion to these saints  by our predecessors 
With Pope Francis declaring 2021 the Year of St Joseph, he highlighted an outstandingly quiet but strong, compassionate and just character, who was always ready for the unexpected and responded with quiet resolve to do what was needed at the time. There are many things we can learn from St Joseph such as steadfast trust in God, exemplary father, model husband, courage, reliability, deeply religious, dedication and so much more.
Look out for a flyer being delivered by your son /daughter in the coming week. Evangelisation Brisbane has launched a campaign called A Call To All Catholics inviting all to consider the call to mission and encouraging reaching out to each other and to those who are disconnected from the Church and their faith.


A Call To All Catholics

Look out for a flyer being delivered by your son/daughter in the coming week. Evangelisation Brisbane has launched a campaign called A Call To All Catholics inviting all to consider the call to mission and encouraging reaching out to each other and to those who are disconnected from the Church and their faith. All are invited to sign up for the prayer campaign and in doing so will receive a beautiful prayer booklet called, Too Busy Not To Pray. The prayer is for those who will respond. In these rapidly changing times, the anchor of faith and solace of prayer bring hope to many. To find out more click here.

Project Compassion

Now almost in the fifth week of Lent, the College  Project Compassion campaign has been moving along quietly with students making donations to the collection in the PC class boxes. It is augmented by proceeds from Shrove Tuesday, St Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Harmony Day initiatives. However, in these times when carrying cash is becoming a rarity, these collections can be rather light on, but the good news is we now have our own EFTPOS machine for such a purpose. It will be used in the coming days so students can make a donation by EFTPOS if they choose to do so. I’m confident our total fundraising will reach the target with the help of the machine! 
Dolores Maitland

Rite of Christian Initiation of Teens

Confirmation and Communion for Teens Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish offers a preparation program for College age students. This program differs from that offered to the younger age group. The Teen Program is being conducted during this time with the group celebrating the combined Sacraments on Sunday 30 May, during the 5.30pm Mass. If you or your high schooler has expressed an interest in God, or Jesus, is asking questions about faith and meaning, or is desiring to be Confirmed and receive Communion, please contact the Parish Office 5576 6466, or email Angela Williams 

Children's Mass

Mass will be a specifically dedicated Children's Mass and Liturgy every fourth Sunday of the Month at 10:00am in the Mary, Mother of Mercy Church, Burleigh Waters. Readings and Homily will be for the children.

If any children would like to be part of this new adventure as readers and ministers please contact the Parish Office. We are also looking for an adult to be the Coordinator of this Mass once a month – please contact the Parish to register your interest.
Marymount College encourages attendance, however, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, you must not attend school.

Parents, please notify the school prior to 8:00am via the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal. Students are able to keep up to date with work missed by checking moodle and emailing teachers.

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. 

Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) takes place every year. The NCCD is a collection that counts: 
  • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability 
  • the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students. 
Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Schools provide this information to education authorities. 

For further information about the NCCD please click here to access the Fact Sheet. If you have any questions about the NCCD please contact the Learning Support Department.

Lauren Mitchell
Learning and Teaching: Inclusive Education Coordinator
SPECIAL REPORT LINK: A Conversation on Consent

Anti-Bullying Policy

SPECIAL REPORT: A Conversation on Consent

A recent petition, instigated by a former schoolgirl from Sydney, calls for young women to come forward if they have been subjected to sexual assault whilst still at school. It has since gone viral with thousands of young women signing the petition or sharing their stories which are often graphic, disturbing and upsetting.

The petition calls for sex education, in particular consent, to be taught at a younger age in schools. The observation being that consent is being taught too late, with many young people not understanding the boundaries of consent resulting in sexual assault or rape. This call for change has made many schools reassess their curriculum around sex and life education to help protect young people across the nation.

Parents also need to start having conversations around consent sooner rather than later, as some teens experience their first sexual encounter well before the subject matter is delivered. It is not enough for parents or carers to assume that your teenager knows or understands what consent means and the implications surrounding it. It is important for them to learn about boundaries to enable them to respect themselves and their partners.

This Special Report offers parents guidance around normalising the topic of consent to ensure your teenager experiences healthy and respectful relationships. We hope you take the time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. 

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Uniform Shop

Save time and purchase uniforms online.

Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready for your child to come and collect. Pickup available Monday - Thursday.

Junior Curriculum

School has been lively over the last few weeks, with students working well in classes and keeping on top of assessment.

For any students that have been unwell and missed tests we will continue to run catch ups on Monday 22 and Monday 29 March. We ask parents to continue sending their children to school until the end of term, so they don’t miss any classwork.

NAPLAN practice test for Year 7 & 9

Next Thursday 25 March, Year 7 and 9 students will sit the NAPLAN Online practice test.  

Students will be required to bring their MacBook’s fully charged and a pair of ear buds—smart wireless air pods are not allowed. The purpose of the testing day is to ensure students and teachers are familiar with the Online Testing Platform in readiness for the NAPLAN tests in May. We encourage all students to be at school on Thursday. For further information please have a look at the NAPLAN public demonstration website. In addition, you may like to read more at

Cultural Sign on Day

There were a lot of happy students signing on for co-curricular activities on Wednesday.  Our school is fortunate to have diverse talented staff who offer many wonderful opportunities for our students outside the classroom.
Have a restful weekend.
Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Year 12 Key Dates

  • Thursday 25 March - Year 12 Unit 3 Exams commence
  • Thursday 2 August - Year 12 Mock Exams commence
  • Friday 22 October - Year 12 Farewell Assembly
  • Monday 25 October - Year 12 External Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Tuesday 16 November - Graduation LIturgy
  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Formal

Assessment and Exams

Week 9 and 10 is NOT an exam block, attendance is compulsory every day.

This is a change to the College calendar. A schedule for Week 10 was emailed to the cohort on Tuesday  3 March. It highlights classes as normal with English and Maths exams occurring within the school day on either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. School for the term does not cease until 2.57pm on Thursday 1 April.
Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11 Key Dates

  • Tuesday 4 May - Year 11 Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Monday 17 May - Year 11 Unit 1 Exams commence
  • Wednesday 26 - Friday 28 May - Year 11 Retreat
  • Thursday 17 June - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 13 September - Year 11 Unit 2 Exams commence
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11, 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 29 November - Year 12 2022 Leaders Camp
  • Friday 16 November - Last official day Year 10 & 11


The Year 11s are well and truly in the thick of their assessment period.

Drafts have been submitted and final versions of assessment pieces should be being cultivated to ensure they reflect the best effort the students are capable of. Exams, both formative and summative, are also scheduled. The theme for Term 1 has been to get organised, plan ahead, and prioritise schoolwork over other activities when required, in order to achieve success. This is especially important during this time. We wish our students the best of luck as they navigate this busy period.

Eric Bailey

In Week 7, the Year 11s were visited by Eric Bailey. Eric has lived an extraordinary life, rising from the ghettos of Los Angeles to the limelight of the NBA and the NBL during his basketball career. He now resides in Brisbane and speaks to groups about being the best that they can be. The students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and left with the following advice:
  • Students need to believe and understand that their success starts with them.
  • Every day is an opportunity to do something that could change their life.
  • When faced with challenges, they can crumble, or they can fight through them.
  • That every day should start with them saying something positive that they will do that day.
We hope they can use this advice to inspire them to achieve their goals and be the person they want to be.

Matt Carroll and Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11
Click here to view more Year 10 Reflection Day photos

Year 10 Key Dates

  • Monday 7 June - Year 10 Immunisations
  • Thursday 17 June - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Monday 26 July - Year 11 2022 Subject Information Evening
  • Monday 2 August - Year 10 SET Plan Interviews
  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Thursday 25 November - Year 10 Twilight Cruise
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10

Year 10 Reflection Day

The Year 10 Reflection day was a great success. It not only bonded the year level but allowed us to dig deeper and prioritise our goals for how we interact with others and apply ourselves in the classroom. This day was pivotal as we prepare to transition into the senior school.

Brianna Marion & Michael Browne
Year 11 STAC Representatives

The Year 10 Reflection Day was held at Bond University, led by Michael Fitzpatrick. He took us through different activities and scenarios, which allowed us to step outside our comfort zones and believe in ourselves more. The highlights of the day were group/partner activities (the Nutbush, the Macarena, and the Tango) and watching people going up to the microphone, showing their confidence and bravery as they opened about personal situations or issues. Overall, this day allowed us to grow as a year level.

Ava Lorch & Kiara Covino
Pastoral Representatives

‘Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful’ Joshua. J. Marine

Belinda Faulks & Chris Sikora
(Acting) Head and (Acting) Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9 Key Dates

  • Sunday 25 April - Parish Connect Mass
  • Tuesday 11 - Friday 14 May - NAPLAN 
  • Friday 21 May - Year 9 Reflection Day
  • Monday 9 August - Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Thursday 12 August - Year 8 & 9 Science Night
  • Friday 29 October - Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary excursion
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards 
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8 7
Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8 Key Dates

  • Monday 8 March - Parent Information Evening
  • Wednesday 28 April - Year 8 Camp (Mapleton)
  • Monday 7 June - Night of Living HIstory
  • Monday 9 August - Year 9 2022 Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Thursday 12 August - Year 8 & 9 Science Night
  • Friday 8 October - Year 8 Reflection Day
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

“Be a leader and not a follower”

The Year 8 Pastoral Reps have voted in this as the theme for Year 8 2021. We hope to see this theme represented within the cohort consistently throughout the year. There are many opportunities coming up for students to embed this theme into their daily actions. This can be as simple as cleaning up their area after lunch, having their record books filled in with all homework and equipment needed for the next day, wearing their uniform with pride and being a quality friend to those around them.

Another chance to show that you’re a leader, why not step up on Year 8 Camp!

We are excited to announce that we are off to camp in Term 2. We ask all parents to check their emails and respond to all permission slips. We will be sending updates through email, please check regularly to ensure you are aware of all updates.
A reminder that it is assessment time. To ease the feeling of stress, it’s important for students to be organised. The best way to do this is for students to use their Record Book to organise themselves. Students are asked to fill in their record books each lesson. Parents and guardians should be checking in weekly to ensure they are aware of work that is due and to also read any messages from teachers.

Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8
CAMP: Mapleton is a volcanic soil area. DO NOT bring good/brand clothing as it is likely to be stained. Please consider using shoes that can be disposed of – old shoes or $5 pair. Students will need an outfit for the mud challenge and canoeing that can be disposed of if necesary.

Year 7 Key Dates

  • Tuesday 30 - Thursday 1 March: Year 7 Camp
  • Tuesday 27 April - Year 7 Immunisations #1
  • Tuesday 4 May - Year 7 Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Tuesday 11 - Friday 14 May - NAPLAN 
  • Monday 23 August - Year 8 2022 Subject Selection Online Opens
  • Friday 10 September - Currumbin Sanctuary In-school visit
  • Monday 8 November - Year 7 Immunisations #2
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

Year 7 Camp

We advise students to ensure they have a good breakfast on the morning of departure. We will not be stopping the buses for morning tea and food items cannot be consumed on the bus. Students who suffer from travel sickness need to make the teachers on the bus aware and sit towards the front of the bus. Taking travel sickness medication prior to the bus trip is advisable.


It is vital that any medical conditions and special dietary requirements be noted. Any medication your child requires whilst on camp must be clearly labelled with their name, dosage and times of administration and given to Mrs Jacqui Sheehan or Mr Matt Hurley on, or before, Wednesday 1 April. A Medication Request Form must be completed and returned to Mrs Jacqui Sheehan or Mr Matt Hurley.

Rules and Expectations

Camp rules and expectations are attached, please read through these with your child. Students unable to follow the rules and expectations of the camp will be sent home and parents/caretakers will be asked to pick their child up from the campsite at Mapleton.

We are confident that Year 7 2021 will participate fully in the camp activities, gain new friends, and enjoy developing new skills. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7

Media Consent

Marymount College collects media consent from parents as their child commences at the College. This level of consent remains in place whilst the child is enrolled at Marymount College. Parents or guardians can check what level of consent they have provided for their child via the Parent Portal > My Students section. To change the level of media consent you have provided for your child, email the Student Administration Office via and ask for the form to be resent to you.
TERM 2/WEEK 7 - MONDAY 31 MAY 2021

Exciting times ahead with our annual Careers Expo reinstated after the 2020 cancellation.  We have already received commitments from experts in the following fields, representing a variety of organisations including:
  • Sunland Group
  • NSW Fire Brigade
  • Starlight Foundation
  • Back in Motion (Physiotherapists)
  • Queensland Police
  • Black & White Realty
  • McDonalds
  • Harris Coastal Construction
  • Goodstart Early Learning Centre
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Riviera Australia
  • Registered Nurses
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapist
  • Professional Athletes
…Just to name a few
Also representatives for the following institutions will be attending:
  • Griffith University
  • Bond University
  • UQ
  • QUT
  • TAFE Qld
  • Defence
  • New York Film Academy
  • SAE
…And the list goes on
A number of very special guest will also be attending including:
  • Xavier Coates (past-student and current NRL player)
  • Karina Brown (past-student and current WNRL player)
  • Anthony Laffranchi (Parent and former NRL player)
Keep an eye out for promotional material out early next term and “Save the Date”.   Term 2/Week 7 Monday 31 May 2021 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm in the Doyle Centre.  All are welcome, all COVID restrictions and guidelines will be adhered to through this event. 

Earlier this term, Year 10 students were issued with a personalised portfolio with instructions including the concept and intended content.  The document was released for one night only and anyone who has either not received theirs, or has yet to return their portfolio should report to the Careers Centre immediately. 

On Saturday 27 March 2021, students can experience the Officers, operations and equipment that help protect Australia’s open waters, while also learning about the exciting roles available.  This is the perfect opportunity for students who are up for a challenging and rewarding career path.  Plus, they’ll get to try the incredible immersive VR kit – an interactive experience where they’ll find themselves jumping out of a helicopter then touring a Navy Submarine.  Talk to current serving Clearance Divers try the latest technology from Electronic Technicians and experience a virtual tour of a Navy Submarine:
Date: Saturday 27 March 2021
Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Mermaid Beach Community Centre, 2439 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach
Click here to RSVP 

Congratulations Shona

Ausdance Educators Queensland (AEQ), alongside Ausdance Queensland, announced Marymount College Dance Coordinator, Ms Shona Press as the recipient of the 2020 Osmotherly Award - presented to dance educators whose work has clearly earned them a state, district or school reputation within Queensland.  Shona’s foresight saw Marymount become one of the first schools on the Gold Coast to introduce the CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance.  Read the full article...

The Arts are Alive @ Marymount College!

Marymount College is recognised for the very high-quality Art subjects on offer for students each year and the Arts at Marymount are very much alive and vibrant!

As address by the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE), it is important to acknowledge that there is a growing body of Australian and international research that demonstrates the enormous positive impacts that participating in The Arts can have on students’ academic and non-academic success.

Academic and social skills

There is a strong relationship between the cognitive capacities developed through learning and communicating in dance, drama, media arts, music and the visual arts, and students’ academic and social skills. Positive effects of young people involved in arts-rich education programs include achievements in reading, language and mathematics development, increased higher-order thinking skills and capacities, increased motivation to learn, and improvements in effective social behaviours.

Well-being and self-esteem

An arts-rich education from an early age develops individual creativity and self-expression. School-based arts participation can increase learners’ confidence and motivation, thereby improving school attendance rates, academic outcomes and the well-being and life skills of children and young people.
A growing body of international and Australian research demonstrates the multiple benefits of an arts-rich education from an early age. Over and above the obvious development of individual creativity and self-expression, school-based arts participation can increase learners’ confidence and motivation, thereby improving school attendance rates, academic outcomes and the well-being and life skills of children and young people.

Intrinsic value

All children are entitled to a school curriculum that includes critical creative thinking involving expression and the opportunity to create ideas and feelings in a visible material form.

Innovation and 21st Century capacities

Collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, imagination, communication, agility and empathy—the experiences and learning that a properly implemented Arts curriculum offer are profound. The Arts provide the logical conduit through which these capacities and related skills, in both the social and emotional domains, can be developed.
For more information and access to scholarly sources relating to the positive impact of an Arts Education please visit

As Head of Arts at Marymount College, I am proud Marymount College has invested in the five Arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts and the value they have to offer our students.
The Coordinators of each Arts subject are highly qualified and passionate teachers that provide our students with authentic and valuable learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

It gives me great pleasure to formally acknowledge these teachers and the hard work they have done and continue to do as we strive to provide your children with knowledge and skills that focus on educating the ‘whole’ student.

The Arts Department of Marymount College

Head of Arts and Media Arts Coordinator- Lorena Vine
Dance Coordinator- Shona Press
Drama Coordinator- Melanie Howe
Music Coordinator- Paul Faughey
Visual Arts Coordinator- Steve O’Keefe
Through the year the Arts at Marymount College will be keeping you informed through the College Newsletter on the lifelong learning and inspiring teaching that is occurring in our classrooms, as well as profiling our teachers and comments from our students.

Marymount College - Where education in the arts provides students with the attributes and skills, they need to prepare them for higher education, work and engagement in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Lorena Vine
Head of Arts

Student Achievement
Ballroom Dance

Congratulations to Year 7 students Oscar Garwood and Myah McGregor on their incredible achievements at their Ballroom Dance Competition last Saturday. 
The couple were awarded the Jim Malloy Memorial Trophy for highest placed under 16 couple over 3 styles of dance—Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin. Such a fantastic result for this pair of hard-working performers.

Dance Extension Program 2021

Marymount College’s Extension Dance Program is back in full swing for 2021.

The large team of dancers from Years 7-9 in Junior Extension Dance are enjoying working on their technical skills as well as getting to know students from other grades on a Thursday after school. The combined Senior and Intermediate Extension Dance groups rehearse during sports time to develop their performance ability and technique.
The first guest choreographer for the year is 2016 graduate Brittany Walsh, who this time last year was dancing with Katy Perry at the T20 World Cup final. Now Brittany is pushing our dancers through their paces with beautiful lyrical and strong jazz routines. It’s a great start to the year for all involved.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator

Year 12 Business Brewery Excursion

Our Year 12 Business students had the opportunity to visit Stone and Wood in an experience which allowed them to learn from a high performing company whilst obtaining the primary data they need for their assignment.

We visited the flagship brewery in Byron Bay, where the staff there introduced us to the vision and mission of the company, their core values and a history of how they started in 2008 in amongst the global financial crisis. The mindset of determination and resilience displayed by the founding partners was inspirational for us to hear. This included filling up a car full of kegs and going from pub to pub seeking interest in a tough market. We then visited the Murwillumbah site, where 90% of their product is produced. Our students observed the production process and asked some outstanding questions about how Stone and Wood maintain their market share in a hostile and busy ‘craft’ beer market.
Simon Rezo
Academic Coordinator - Business

Education Perfect

Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 have answered 362,777 in Term 1 on Education Perfect. What an incredible achievement in 6 short weeks! 

All Year 8 and 9 students have completed the first Education Perfect Competition. This competition consolidated content delivered in class on fractions. These competitions are set up so any student can succeed if they put in extra time. They are also a great way to revise. 

Gold Certificates were awarded when a student scored over 300 points, silver when a student scored over 200 points and bronze when a student scored over 100 points.

Year 8 Students received certificates at their Week 7 Year level meeting. 

Gold Certificate: Benjamin Browne, Javier Tantengco
Silver Certificate: Lewis Cleverly, Lillian Cohen
Bronze Certificate: Noah Fields, Daisy Levison,  Biko Lo Tam, Olivia Page-Munro, Angus Puntoriero

Year 8 classes were also battling for the top position overall. The teachers were excited about this competition as well! 

Top three Year 8 classes in the ‘Fraction Battlefield’:

1st Place – 8MAT9 (Ms Ashleigh Jacks)
2nd Place – 8MAT8 (Mr Matt Geyer)
3rd Place – 8MAT3 (Mrs Lauren Woodrow)

Year 9 students have also finished a ‘Geometry Battlefield’ competition and received certificates at their Week 7 Year level meeting.

Top three Year 8 classes in the ‘Fraction Battlefield’:

1st Place – 9MAT2 (Ms Ashleigh Jacks)
2nd Place – 9MAT6 (Mr Matt Geyer)
3rd Place – 9MAT3 (Mrs Lauren Woodrow)

Can we see a trend in teachers and their competitiveness? What classes will challenge for the top three spots in our next competition?

Year 10s have finished an assignment and will have an ‘Algebra Battlefield’ coming up in Week 9 and 10. Get ready Year 10s!

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics

Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science Students have enjoyed investigating the fascinating world of physics this term. Students began the year learning and applying specific skills and rules relating to the safe use of scientific equipment. They have since worked collaboratively to approach an investigation- The Marble Run. Through this investigation, students examined common forces such as gravity and friction, optimizing these forces in a creative way to construct a model which displayed these forces in action. Students will continue their pursuit of knowledge investigating other common forces and machines through to the end of the Term.

Jessica Berryman

Year 12 Marine Science Camp

A special thanks to all the staff involved for such an incredible experience and thanks to our school for supporting such an incredible experience- I will remember this forever!

Kahli Samuels
Year 12 Marine Science Student

Recently, our Year 12 Marine Science students were lucky enough to visit the Keppel Island Group as part of their major Unit 3 Assessment. Students have spent the past term learning all about coral reef development, the importance of these habitats and human impacts. On camp, students got the chance to learn first-hand from working scientists in the best marine science classroom in the world- the reef itself. 

Our Year 12s designed and implemented studies focused on coral health, coral distribution and changes across different reef zones. As part of their studies, many students focused on collecting and contributing data to CoralWatch- a global organisation which provides opportunity for citizen scientists to contribute their findings to a global network (  Further, using some impressive snorkel techniques, students were able to collect transect and quadrat data- no small feat underwater! (Video footage available on Facebook)

Jessica Berryman
Sarah Radler conduction a Coral Health Survey for Coral Watch
Ruby Muir Coral vs Algal Cover Great Keppel Island
You are invited to a Hospitality Class dinner on Wednesday 31 March held in the Marymount Restaurant. 
The dinner includes a three-course meal for $30 per person with drinks included (pay on the night).  Please book your table USING THIS LINK 
Due to COVID restrictions on numbers able to attend, if you came to the last dinner can you wait until Monday 22 March before booking a table, please.  This will give anyone who missed out last time a chance to book.

South Coast Regional Swim Carnival

On Monday 1 March we had over 20 swimmers compete at the South Coast Regional Swimming Championships.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who qualified for the South Coast Swimming Team to compete at the Queensland School Sport Swimming State Championships to be held in Brisbane next week:

Kai Allen; Caitlin Allred; Mikayla Bird; Olivia Breeze; Ethan Callaghan; Charli Greedy; Zahri Jarrett; Lachlan Kelly; Poppy Lea; Frankie Leonardi; Cooper Lynch; Eadie Sangston; Rafey Tasker-Lawrence; Lewis Treggiden.
Good luck swimmers, we hope you all perform PB’s next week!

College Cross Country

The College Cross Country is held in Week 1 Term 2 on Thursday the 22 April.

All students will be running a 1km loop with their house for points, the more loops they complete the more points their house accumulates.
Those students wanting to run the competitive races in the morning to qualify for the District Cross Country must register to run via the link in the email Mr Balym sent them on the 8 & 16 March. The distances of the competitive races are:

12yr Boys & Girls – 3km
13-15yr Boys – 4km
13-Open Girls – 4km
16-Open Boys – 6km

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym.

Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader

QATSIF Scholarship Recipients 2021/2022

We are proud to present QATSIF Scholarships to Jessica Eaton and Jayme Ebsworth for Years 11 and 12. 

Students must meet a high standard of criteria to be considered eligible for a scholarship and to retain their scholarship throughout their senior years.
The funds for the Scholarships are sourced from recovered monies that were withheld from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in the late 1800s through to the 1970s.  The wages were withheld or stolen by corrupt employers and authorities, so no records exist to determine who the money belongs to. As a result, the funds are managed by the Public Trustee, and the interest drawn upon by organisations such as the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation to assist young Indigenous people today.  Through assistance such as QATSIF Scholarships, it is the Foundation’s intent that recipients will be able to access opportunities that were denied their ancestors.

2021 Mob Captains

Students must meet a high standard of criteria to be considered eligible for a scholarship and to retain their scholarship throughout their senior years.
The funds for the Scholarships are sourced from recovered monies that were withheld from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in the late 1800s through to the 1970s.  The wages were withheld or stolen by corrupt employers and authorities, so no records exist to determine who the money belongs to. As a result, the funds are managed by the Public Trustee, and the interest drawn upon by organisations such as the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation to assist young Indigenous people today.  Through assistance such as QATSIF Scholarships, it is the Foundation’s intent that recipients will be able to access opportunities that were denied their ancestors.

Presentation of Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians plaque

All large scale gatherings, formal events and functions at Marymount College begin with an Acknowledgement of Country.  The Acknowledgement, which is usually delivered by our Marymount Mob students, recognises and pays respect to the Kombumerri people, the traditional custodians of the land on which the College stands.  At our recent whole school assembly, Mob students explained to the College Community why Acknowledgements are important, and the culture and protocols behind this ritual.
An Acknowledgement of Country can be performed by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and is a sign of respect for the original owners and inhabitants of the local land. It is also a way to promote awareness among all people of the ongoing connection our First Nations people have and have always had, with the land.
The practice of Acknowledging Country stems from the ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custom of welcoming visitors to Country. Although there were no fences or visible border markings in place, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups recognised and respected the boundaries that separated their Country from that of another group. Crossing these boundaries required permission from the traditional owners.
After granting permission, the host group would officially welcome their visitors and offer them safe passage and spiritual protection while on their journey. In return, the visitors would respect and follow their rules and protocols while on their Country. Today, a Welcome to Country can only be delivered by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Elder who is a Traditional Owner of the land on which they gather.
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students of Marymount College appreciate the respect all members of this community show, whenever an Acknowledgement of Country or Welcome to Country is performed at College events. 
The Marymount Mob has presented the College with a plaque which Acknowledges the Kombumerri people as the traditional custodians of the land on which Marymount stands. The plaque will be displayed in a public area, to show all visitors to the College our recognition of and respect for the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have cared for this land for tens of thousands of years.
Monica Weatherall
Indigenous Support Mentor

Burleigh School Dental Clinic

Gold Coast Oral Health Services are offering free dental check-ups and treatment to all eligible children (see below for eligibility requirements).
This service will be provided on-site at Burleigh School Dental Clinic in the grounds of the Burleigh Heads State School .
Hours of operation for this clinic are Tuesday–Wednesday—Friday. 8.00am – 4.15 pm.
To arrange an appointment for your child telephone: The Oral Health Client Service Centre
1300 300 850
Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Excluding Public Holidays
For children to be eligible for free public oral health services they must:
  • Be Queensland residents or attend a Queensland school; and,
  • Be eligible for Medicare*; and,
  • Meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • be aged four years or older and have not completed Year 10, or
    • be referred by a Community Child Health Nurse (Lift the Lip Program), or
    • hold, or be listed as a dependent on, a valid Centrelink concession card, or
    • Children in Out of Home care
*Eligibility for Medicare includes holders of green or blue Medicare cards but excludes yellow Medicare cards which are issued to visitors from countries with reciprocal health card agreements
Further information on public funded oral health services can be accessed via URL:

2021 Kokoda Challenge

  • Multiple teams of five people, consisting of four year twelve students and one staff member.
  • A 96km hike which must be completed in under 39 hours, or a 48km hike which must be completed in under 35 hours.
  • A weekly training program will be organised leading up to the event, teachers are welcome to attend.
  • Funds must be raised to pay for the registration fees for our teams, and to meet the fundraising minimum.
  • The 96km challenge begins at 7:00 AM on Saturday the 17th of July and will officially finish at 10:00 PM on Sunday 18 July.
  • The 48km challenge begins at 11:00 AM on Saturday the 17th of July and will also finish at 10:00 PM on Sunday 18 July.
  • The 96km challenge begins at Mudgeeraba and ends at Nerang.
  • The 48km challenge begins at Numinbah Hall and also ends at Nerang.
  • To raise money for the Kokoda Youth Foundation who support young Australians, inspiring them to do extraordinary things.
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