Friday 06 March 2020 

P&F Meeting:  6:00pm Tuesday 10 March, College Library 

The March P&F meeting is scheduled for the library and not the Admin Building. This is to accommodate enrolment interviews being held in the Admin building. President, Grace McLintock promises the meeting will close at 7:00pm. If you haven’t attended before, this is the meeting for you. You will learn how pragmatic the P&F are and find the short meeting very informative.  

Parent Nights 2020 

Our appreciation to all parents who have attended our 2020 Parent Nights this term. The students were required for the Year 7 night because the focus was on appropriate use nad the supervision of laptops.  However, we didn’t invite the students for Years 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.  We particularly wanted to connect with Parents.  

Helping form young people through high school is a challenge. Understanding adolescents, and the changes through adolescence, is central. Knowing when to respond and when to ‘let it go’ is important. Knowing how to respond can require assistance. We’re in this together as we form character and faith in our teenagers and that was the central message of these nights.  

Covid-19 Update 

The College is committed to ensuring ongoing compliance with Queensland Health Directives to contain the spread of the virus. Parents and families are expected to comply. Visit Queensland Health coronavirus website

School Attendance  

76.2% of the 1335 enrolled students have attended school at least 90% of the 27days (28 for Year 7) of Term 1 so far.  This means:  

  • 1017 students attended on 24 or more days out of 27 days so far
  • 317 students missed 3 or more days out of 27 days

Parents should be aware that, historically, attendance rates get worse throughout the year. 

Year Attendance Term 1 Attendance 2019 Fall in Attendance
2019 71.90% 64.29% 7.61%
2018 63.98% 6.27% 6.27%
2017 77.21% 61.36% 19.85%

We encourage all parents to go on the parent portal and check their child’s attendance. Support our call for improved school attendance. Get full value for the fees you pay. Help us to develop your child’s character. Turning up is what everyone has to learn:  

  • Parents – turn up and are there for each other and their children 
  • Children – turn up for school and to help parents at home 
  • Teachers – turn up and provide high-quality lessons for students every day. 

When a child misses a day’s school parents lose much more than a day's school fees. A day's fees is a little over $30. Yet, if it’s a day missed because of lack of will, a day lost costs $30 in fees plus the lesson the child learns that a lack of will is OK. Repeat that for five days and that’s a loss of $150 in fees plus five days reinforcement that not having the will (or gumption) to turn up is OK. 

Sure, we can deduct the days of genuine reasons for absence and the ‘once in five years’ family holidays, but a 2019 school attendance rate of only 64.29% of students attending 90% of the time is unacceptable. Our history, as we can see for 2017, indicates that school attendance at Marymount for 2020 has already emerged as a major problem for many students. It's time for parents to visit the portal, to do so regularly, to be aware, and to help increase their child’s attendance.  

Our perspective attendance is: 

Chronic Non-Attendance – Below 90%
Regular Attendance – Above 89% below 95%
Aspirational Attendance – 95% and above

Twilight PD  

On Tuesday evening teaching staff were involved in Professional Development 3:30pm - 6:30pm. We have four Twilight PD’s each year. The evening began with all staff marking the first Writing Analysis Task for the 945 students across Years 7-10. This builds teachers’ shared understanding of criteria and standards for teaching, assessing and grading student writing. Our goal is for 95% of students to achieve at/above the benchmark standard.  Students achieved this goal in 2019, 

Following marking Senior teachers, the Head of English and Head of Humanities lead Professional Development aimed to assist writers to achieve above the benchmark, well above and outstanding standards in writing. This PD seeks to transfer the knowledge and skills being developed across the Year 9 English teaching staff and a further twelve teachers across English, Humanities, Religion, PE and Science this year.  It was the teachers in this program who led the PD. Having established solid achievement of 95% at the benchmark last year, we are now aiming to help our young writers to excel with all teachers being encouraged to assist across all teaching areas. 

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates




5:00pm Intermediate Netball (SCNA)
6:00pm Year 8 Information Evening


Whole School Assembly
1:00pm Enrolment Interviews
Senior Netball (Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium)
6:00pm P&F Meeting


10:30am Confraternity Fundraising BBQ 


AGCC Sports Round #3

FRIDAY 13/03

St Patrick's Day Celebration
Write that Essay Workshop



MONDAY 16/03

5:00pm Intermediate Netball (SCNA)



11:00am Shake & Stir - Year 7
1:20pm Shake & Stir - Year 9
Senior Netball (Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium)



10:30am QISSN Fundraising BBQ
6:30pm Advisory Council Meeting


AGCC Sports Round #4

FRIDAY 20/03

Anti-Bullying Day Cake Stall
Harmony Day Celebration

Deputy Principal

Smart Device Policy

Our core business of teaching and learning needs to be conducted in an environment free from unnecessary distractions or disruptions.

This policy ensures that SMART device use during school hours is managed in a consistent way and therefore ensures that students, parents/carers and teachers all understand the rules of the College regarding the use of SMART devices during school hours, in particular, learning time. 


SMART device: a SMART device (also known as a wireless phone, cell phone or cellular telephone) is an electronic device generally connected to other devices or networks via protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3,4,5G that can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously.  
A Smart device can appear as a watch or Fitbit and can be worn the same way. It can make and receive calls, text messages, take photos, videos, and give directions, as well as other capabilities while moving within the phone service area or connected to Wi-Fi. Note: Headphones and ear pods are to be kept in a students’ MacBook carry bag at all times unless instructed differently by a teacher. 

Rules and Regulations 

The College accepts no responsibility for the security of SMART Devices. 
The SMART device must be turned off and secured in the student’s locker when the student arrives at school. Students are permitted to check messages briefly during breaks at their lockers. 
Teacher permission may be granted for use in the relevant class only. Safekeeping of SMART devices is the responsibility of the owner.  

The use of the SMART device, within the scope of this policy, is during the normal hours of the school day —8:00am to 3:00pm. Please note that this policy includes no SMART devices in the Library from 8:00am to 3:30pm. Misuse outside these hours, but while on school premises will fall within the scope of the Student Behaviour Support Plan of the College.  


In-Class Use 

School Rule: SMART devices, if brought to school are to be kept in the students’ locker during school hours. The device must be turned off unless permission is granted to use during class time. In such instances, the class teacher will liaise with the Head of Department and will notify all staff members of the use of SMART devices by students in that lesson. 
  1. Teacher plans use of SMART device during lessons
  2. Teacher liaises with Head of Department
  3. Teacher notifies all staff via email of the planned use of SMART device
  4. Students use SMART device for a single lesson without consequence
Tuckshop Use 

Students may use their SMART device to purchase food at the Tuckshop. The SMART device must be returned to their locker immediately. 

Breach of Policy 

If a student is in breach of the College SMART device Policy, the following consequences will apply: 

The student takes the SMART device to SAO, receives a receipt and presents it to the person who has directed them to hand it in. The SMART device is returned to the student at the end of the day. The breach is recorded by SAO Staff into pastoral share drive.

The student takes the SMART device to SAO, receives a receipt and presents it to the person who has directed them to hand it in. The SMART device is returned to the student at the end of the day. The breach is recorded by SAO Staff into pastoral share drive. Parent/Caregiver is called/emailed by Head of Year.

THIRD (or more) INFRINGEMENT (per term)
The student takes the SMART device to SAO, receives a receipt and presents it to the person who has directed them to hand it in. The SMART device is not returned to the student at the end of the day; A parent/caregiver must collect from SAO. The breach is recorded by SAO Staff into pastoral share drive. 
Parent/Caregiver is called/emailed by Head of Year to collect SMART device from SAO.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Religious Life of the School

Donate to Project Compassion Online
Plenary Assembly

The Student Plenary Assembly, held at Lourdes Hill College, Brisbane on 17 February was a very large gathering of Year 11 students from schools across the Archdiocese. Marymount College’s four representatives,  Bailey Sewell, Sophia Sweeney Brendan Doyle and Isabella Dean ensured that their voices were heard there and are also on the record for the National Plenary Council in October. This has been a great opportunity for these young people to have their part in the communal discernment about the direction of the Church in Australia.  As Archbishop Coleridge said the Youth Plenary is “ensuring that the voice of the Holy Spirit, spoken through the hope, joy, passion, faith and imagination our young people, will make its way onto the “plenary table”.

Sophia Sweeney (Year 11 student) wrote :
Brendan Doyle, Isabella Dean, Bailey Sewell and myself embarked on a journey to take part in the plenary, a religious conference held to learn about what the youth of Australia would like to see in the church. We were split into various groups with people from other schools to talk about what we would like to see changed so that we could all feel more accepted in the church. The groups were small but very effective. We explored many issues, like contraception, the idea of females getting higher roles in the church and even that priests be allowed to have families. It felt amazing to have a voice, and not a voice that was going to be hushed, a voice that was going to be heard and appreciated. My group was amazing, so supportive and easy to talk to, plus we all got each other’s details and are still staying in contact. The food was great and overall it was actually an amazing day.

Shrove Tuesday 

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes sold out in a blink last week with all proceeds going to Project Compassion. Thank you to Mrs Jane Greffe for her early morning cook up of delicious pancakes in the Hospitality kitchen and to the Year 12 students who did a most efficient job of setting up the stall and serving.

Ash Wednesday
Year 12 Student Leaders had a busy start to Ash Wednesday as they joined the parish community for the 7:30am Ash Wednesday Mass at which the Spiritual Captains, Emily Crilly and Harrie Van  Den Broek assisted Padre Morgan Batt in distributing the ashes. School Captains, Harrison Dean and Sophie Roiter brought the blessed ashes back to the College where they were then distributed to the staff and students during the various Year Group liturgies led by the students.

Year 10 Reflection Day
Congratulations to  Year 10 students on their outstanding participation in their Reflection Day on Wednesday. Facilitator, Michael Fitzpatrick, commented on them saying,” The Year 10s were wonderful…”. No doubt this very positive and affirming experience for the cohort will bring many blessings to them, their families and the College. Thank you to PC staff who accompanied the group.

Project Compassion
Project Compassion almsgiving and fundraising  are well underway with each PC class having their own donations box and all kinds of fundraising initiatives happening or waiting to happen. The College has set up the link:  which allows for anyone to make a donation to the College’s Project Compassion campaign.  This will then be included in the College totals. See our Social Media pages. It also allows the growing number of students who use cards for transactions to make a donation easily.
Were everyone in the College to donate $1 per day or $5 per week this year’s total could be $31000!  At $1 per day it would be  $6500. With Project Compassion’s 2020 theme being, “Go Further Together” …and a passionate approach the larger figure is very doable. Our own local collective spirit joins with Caritas and we play our part in addressing the growing poverty in our world.

Rosies Collection
For the next two weeks, we are also seeking donations for Rosies Burleigh who need our support at this time The following items are needed: 
  • Cordial
  • Teabags
  • Long Life Milk (1-litre size)
  • Snack bars ie   muesli bars, nut bars etc
 Baskets for donations will be placed at SAO .  

Hector Olivera in Concert

A Community event - FREE ENTRY -  Sponsored by All Organs
Wednesday 18 March  10:00am - 11:15am at Mary, Mother of Mercy Church
Maestro Hector Olivera was a child prodigy at age 6 and has become one of the most sought after and revered international concert organists of the present time. He will perform here and in Casino, Sydney and Brisbane as part of his Australian Tour.

Dolores Maitland
Donate to Project Compassion Online

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday — the day before Ash Wednesday — is an all-important Christian celebration.

Aside from being a beloved day when we all consume pancakes, Shrove Tuesday has a deeper meaning.  For many Catholics, this very day is a day of penitence, a day to clean the soul, and a day of celebrating the last chance to feast before Lent begins. Lent is a time of abstinence—of giving things up. Shrove Tuesday, and the pancakes eaten, signify our last chance to indulge ourselves and do the activities we aim to give up during Lent.
Moreover, during the Lenten season, individuals give up things that are special to them while they also pursue opportunities to assist others in our community.
Therefore, on this day we rejoice! We celebrate the selflessness that we aim to adopt in the following 40 days of Lent.
Porsha Cush
Year 8 Insider
Shrove Tuesday is a tradition where people eat pancakes, with golden syrup or strawberries and cream or lemon and sugar as well as other assortments of flavourings.

Pancake Day is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent – the 40 days leading up to Easter – was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday, Anglo-Saxon Christians went to confession and were “shriven” (absolved from their sins).
Hayley Goldsworthy
Year 8 Insider

Opening Liturgy

The Opening Liturgy was an incomparable event for Marymount College and a remarkable way to begin our religious celebrations of 2020.

Our God is a welcoming God; Jesus offered a welcoming hand to all. The Marymount Community never fails to follow this remarkable example. In a way that depicted the welcoming nature of the College, the new students and staff were blessed and presented with the all-important Tau Cross.  The Tau is a reminder of our calling to follow Christ to the cross, wherever it may lead us along the way. It reminds us to love God with all our heart, mind and soul, and our neighbours as ourselves.

However, perhaps the most memorable part of this liturgy was the blessing of our 2020 leaders. Through this, the Seniors were strengthened in themselves and led onto their path of leadership and faith. Amid the celebrations, the Seniors embarked on their journey; they recognised and reflected upon the fact that they have a role to lead by example. With dignity, they pledged themselves to their families, to our community and to their weighty role as leaders. Their already explicit dedication to leadership is truly admirable.

Additionally, the theme for this year, Find your true North, was introduced to the College community by our 2020 College Captains, Sophie Roiter and Harrison Dean. This theme was also intertwined in our readings and explored throughout the homily. As the captains explained, we must pursue our goals among our community—walk ahead (North) in the direction of our dreams. Identifying our true North will also give our community the courage to focus our energy on our aspirations.

As the leadership team outlined, in finding our true North, Jesus will act as our compass; he will guide, assist us in times of adversity, and always help us find the correct destination.

Porsha Cush
Year 8 Insider

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day Breakfast – HOTA

It was a pleasure to accompany Mrs Belinda Faulks and eight female, Senior students: Halle Geyer, Ellie Beer, Milla Ferguson, Cassandra Grioli, Montana Gottlicher, Hannah Yates, Charlotte Threlfall and Ella Pomery to the International Women’s Day Breakfast held at HOTA on Tuesday. The event recognised the dedication and leadership of our young people in the region.
We were fortunate to listen to inspirational guest speakers Dr Emilia Dauway, world-renowned Surgeon and author and Robyn Valmadre, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Villaworld. In 2019, Dr Emilia Dauway was awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’ for her holistic approach to breast cancer treatment, surgery and her work with regional women in Australia.
In addition, the finalists and award winners of young, female students attending our schools across the Gold Coast area were announced. Proudly, Ellie Beer, Year 12, was awarded the winner of the Youth Leadership – Sports Award—an amazing achievement. Ellie was recognised for her outstanding leadership in the arena of Athletics - Running, Surf lifesaving and Sportsmanship.

In the words of Mrs Irene Scott, Assistant Head of Year 12:
Ellie is an extraordinary athlete and an exceptional young woman. She has a genuine love of life and the capacity to set future goals, making her a role model for many young students. Ellie possesses an infectious positivity and a disciplined disposition. Through her many achievements to date, Ellie continues to show humility and graciousness. At Marymount College’s 2019 Awards Night, Ellie achieved the Sportswoman of the Year Award and is the 2020 Sports Captain.”
A few reflective words from the girls:
  • “I found the speeches inspirational and the morning made me reflect on how lucky I am to be me – and that is good.” Cassandra
  • “Made me proud of who I am.” Charlotte
  • “Inspirational and really meant a lot, amazing.” Milla
  • “Young women were inspired and enlightened on just how powerful they really are.” Ella
  • “The speakers let me reflect on who I am, how I can contribute.” Hannah
  • “Be authentic in all you do.” Ms Cooper
  • “Be in the Moment” Mrs Faulks
Halle Geyer, our College Vice Captain had the following to say:
“The International Women’s Day breakfast was an amazing experience. Listening to the work the award winners had done in their community in order to make a difference was very inspirational, as were the motivational speakers. They offered their different perspectives on effective leadership.
Overall, the morning was thoroughly enjoyable, and I would recommend future attendance to other students."

Cathy Cooper
Head of Year 11

Marymount College International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day was a fabulous celebration lead by Mrs Mathers and Mrs Mullaly and supported by many other wonderful Marymount staff. 

It was such an amazing event to be involved in with two remarkable female guest speakers from BOEING coming in to talk about different opportunities, share what they do and how they got where they are today. It was uplifting and motivating to see real-life examples of a woman thriving and leading the way in STEM-based jobs. The first speaker, Angie Schuck Amberly, talked about how her job as an aeronautic engineer involved a variety of tasks including testing and designing the ‘Super Hornet,’ a super-fast jet used by the Australian Air Force. The second speaker, Mikeala Jeffery, also outlined how she is currently working on a project where she is building a completely battery-powered plane. 

The speeches were interesting and inspiring and provided tips on how to strive in a STEM-based future. One such tip was to do all the Maths and Science subjects. However, if you are passionate or interested in learning French or doing Drama, do that as well, to allow yourself to not become one-sided. 
International Woman’s Day was a truly wonderful and enrichening event and I would highly recommend that you come next year, regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl.

Halle Wiblen
Year 8 Insider

Year 12

Year 12 Report

Our 2020 theme “Find Your True North” is being played out with realistic achievements. 

Principal's Awards

Congratulations to those students who were presented with their Principal’s Award based on Semester Two results from last year. The tremendous effort shown is encouraging. Students continue to apply themselves well in this term in both academic fields and successful participation in extra-curricular activities.


Well done to our Vice Captains Thomas Browne and Halle Geyer on leading their first STAC meeting with confidence and professionalism.

Sports Captain – Ellie Beer – is well known for her track records and Olympic aspirations. For a short time just this week, Ellie managed to be at an International Women’s Day breakfast where she was presented with the Youth Leadership Sports award. Congratulations on your achievement Ellie.


As mentioned, the application of our students to their studies has been admirable. A focus of the College which ties in with application is attendance. Our seniors are well aware of the repercussions of missing classes on the learning and we continue to encourage them to meet our goal of 90% attendance as a minimum. This includes arriving at school on time and limiting early departures. 

Uniform Matters

In tandem with this, is the matter of wearing of the College uniform correctly. As leaders of the school community, all Year 12 students are expected to follow the Uniform Policy. We remind parents and guardians to please work with us on this. Your son/daughter is displaying the highly regarded brand of Marymount College not only in the school grounds but out in the community viewed by parents, potential employers and the general public.
  • Girls were reminded this week, that their skirt length must be addressed if it is shorter than the expected 10cm above the knee rule. Those skirts need to be un-rolled at the waist or altered at the hem. Second-hand skirts are $15 from the Uniform Shop. 
  • Boys need to address their facial shaving need each day and wear their uniform correctly. With the weekend upon us, please take the time to remind students of the necessity to uphold the expected high standards of the College. 
Guest Speaker

This week saw the Year 12s addressed by a guest speaker- Melissa McGuiness- with her ‘You Choose- Youth Road Safety’ presentation. Without a doubt, this presentation had an enormous impact on our senior students. Melissa’s delivery - genuine, raw, real and emotional- allowed her to connect with the students on a level that ensures her messages will remain with them. Road safety was just one aspect of the presentation, it also provided real-life examples of courage, resilience and the ability to turn tragedy into something positive that benefits all. I thank Melissa and her family for sharing their story with us and encourage all parents to speak with their sons and daughters about the presentation. 

Matt Carroll and Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 12.

'You Choose - Road Safety'

It was a profound privilege to interact with this attentive, empathetic and mature community of young people, their teachers and their wonderful Head of Year 12, Matt Carroll. We're deeply grateful that Marymount has so seriously embraced the concepts of Love, Family and Empowerment which underpin the YOU CHOOSE message.

With leadership like that shown by these Marymount College students, we're very confident they'll start saving lives on the roads right now - today - with their advocacy and personal accountability.

Melissa McGuiness
(via Facebook)

Melissa’s presentation had a profound effect on the whole of the Year 12 cohort. 

The story she told was heartfelt and impactful. She highlighted the importance of making the right decisions on the roads and the consequences of failing to do so — for yourself and others. Melissa’s presentation displayed bravery and courage, the likes of which I have seen few times in my life. Her ability to present such a heartbreaking story with such composure and dignity furthered the sincerity of her message. 

Harrison Dean 
Year 12 Insider

Incredibly moving, insightful and a presentation that I think it's safe to say, none of us will forget.

I, like many in my year, am fortunate enough to be given the privilege to learn to drive. As we work to gain our 100 hours, or have already gained them, we do get complacent and forget that we are driving a weapon with significant power to cause destruction. We forget that when we drive, we don't just drive for ourselves—we drive for others. That doesn't only include the passengers in our cars, but our families who wait at home for our safe return, and even those other drivers with whom we share the road. 

I walked into the Theatrette that Thursday morning, not particularly happy that I was missing out on a Maths lesson, and said to myself, "Great. Not another road safety talk.  I've heard it all already." Little did I know how much I would regret thinking like that. The presentation moved me to tears. Not only because the amount of pain and loss that the family had to endure was so heartbreaking and you could feel the raw emotions still there on the surface, but because that could be us. It could be us that drives irresponsibly and pays the cost. It could be us that loses a loved one on the roads.

I truly believe that Mrs Scott and Mr Caroll could not have timed this presentation any better.  While most of us in Year 12, and some of our fellow Year 11s, are gaining the chance to drive, the young child inside us all forgets the dangers and becomes too excited by the very prospect of driving to school. We all hate to hear adults telling us that we think we are all invincible. Unfortunately, I agree. We do think we are invincible. That being said though, I believe it is safe to say that Year 12s have become safer drivers because of the presentation on Thursday.

Tara MacDonald 
Year 12 Insider

Marsden Retreat

During the second half of Week 2, all Year 12 students went on Retreat with their respective House groups. All students in Allambee, including myself, headed off to the Frederick Marsden Youth Centre in Kallangur. 

Retreat was a time for self-growth, growth of the group and growth of the whole grade. Although the wet weather limited our ability to make use of the outdoor activities, I believe it actually helped to make the retreat what it was. Being inside, together, encouraged everyone to get involved in activities and have more conversations with new people. 

All in all, Retreat exceeded expectations and was a great experience that helped us as students to be at ease with the stressful year ahead.

Harrison Dean 
Year 12 Insider

Tyalgum Retreat

The Year 12 Retreat experience provided an unparalleled opportunity to connect not only with our peers but also to strengthen the connection that we have to our family – by receiving words from home while we were away.

With physical activities like canoeing, high ropes and archery we were given a chance to step away from school before engaging in study-intensive Year 12. 

We dedicated some introspective and reflective time to allow us to grow—spiritually, socially and internally. 
There is nothing quite like Year 12 Retreat.

Séamus Harrison
Year 12 Insider

Year 9

Parent Information Night

It was wonderful to see so many parents at the Year 9 Parent Information meeting on Monday night. A number of topics were covered. Mrs Nicholson (Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum) highlighted subject pathways for students heading towards senior school. She noted the importance of regularly checking both the parent and student portal for assessment schedules and important dates.

The Heads of Year spoke about being a well-rounded student. It is important to spend time on the pastoral side as well as the Academic. We encourage all students to be at school every day. This includes pastoral and sport days. If you jump into the whole life of the college – there will be great rewards.
The counsellors also spoke about some of the challenges that a year 9 student may face. It was wonderful to see so many parents appreciate this advice as we know year 9 is a year of change. The PowerPoint will be available on the parent portal later this week. Please take your time to read over all of the slides.
Harmony Day Cake Stall

The Harmony Day Cake stall date is Friday 20 March (week 8). We are asking all year 9 students to donate a cake, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits or a slice on the day. The theme colour for the day is orange so if you want (not compulsory) to use orange icing or orange smarties to decorate your cake that would be great. Please drop your cake off to the year 9 office on the morning of the 20th. Could you also label any containers so they can be returned to you.

All money raised goes to Caritas. The more we bake – the more money we make!

Nicky Browne & Matt Geyer
Head & Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8

Year 8 Parent Evening

We would like to invite all year 8 parents/guardians to attend the Year 8 Parent Evening on Monday  9 March from 6:00pm until 7:00pm in the Doyle Centre. The evening is based around information to support our students and their families in the year ahead. Important information from our AP Junior Curriculum, Katrina Nicholson, Heads of Year Peter Carroll and Hannah Richardson and College Counsellor Dr Angela Jeffery. We look forward to meeting you.
Congratulations to our 2020 STAC Reps

A big congratulations to our 2020 STAC Representatives for Year 8, Indiana Locke and Cooper Ryan. These two students spoke beautifully to the Year 8 cohort and explained what leadership meant to them and how they would support fellow Year 8 students. 
Communication with Staff

As we begin the year, I remind all in our community of the importance of how our communication can build positive relationships. Whether it be about sport selection, a classroom issue or playground concern, a well-constructed and respectful email can be the starting point for communication with the relevant staff member. We speak often and spend a lot of time educating our students, about the importance of courtesy and respect as a quality that we hope they demonstrate during their time at Marymount College. We encourage families to have conversations with your children to support us, by asking them what they think is a respectful email to teachers and or peers and pointing them in the right direction where need be.

Peter Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head & Assistant Head of Year 8


Senior Curriculum

Year 12

The Year 12 General Subjects Exam Block schedule has now been released and is available on the College website under Parent/ardian Information > Exam Schedules. This is a three day shut down for all Year 12 students. This will conclude Unit 3 work and assessment for ATAR subjects. Compulsory attendance applies to all other days, including the Monday and Friday of Week 10 (either side of the Exam block). There are other exams for General and Applied subjects running in class times across the remaining weeks. This is also the case for Year 11 exams in Term 1.

Year 11

Year 11 General subjects will have assessment in an exam block during Term 2 Week 5, at the end of Unit 1. There will be exam block periods for Year 11 and Year 12 students, including Applied subjects at the end of Term 2 as well.

Thank you

Thank you again to all those parents who attended our Year Level Information Evenings. The feedback has been very positive regarding these events.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Please note the date of the earlier Parent/Teacher interviews for Year 11 families. This is a new initiative to allow teachers to inform parents on the early stages progress of students in the new QCE program.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum


Excursion to La Boite Theatre

La Boite Theatre Company’s and Multicultural Australia’s production of The Neighbourhood was an alienating piece of epic theatre that used real stories to inform and teach its audience of the difficulties that immigrants face. 

The cast was made up of a collection of diverse performers, young and old, who bravely transformed their real-life experiences into a piece of theatre. This play was didactic in nature, breaking the fourth wall in what seemed like a round-table discussion between friends over a cup of tea. 

Not only did the performance use some top-notch acting, but also song and dance that enhanced the dramatic meaning. From rapping to cello and even traditional Indian dance, events shaping the lives of these Australian immigrants were brought to life on stage. The Neighbourhood outlined hardships, toil and also illustrated the joy of their lives now living in Australia. 

Séamus Harrison
Year 12 Insider 

Health & Physical Education

HPE Week

This week we have been celebrating the role that Health & Physical Education (HPE) plays in our school community. We aim to highlight the importance of HPE to the learning and development of young people. 
Using the Sport Australia tag line of #Findyour30, students have been challenged to accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the school day. They have borrowed sports equipment, challenged teachers to a game or simply taken the opportunity to get outside and be a little more active.
In a busy world, being active is made easier when we encourage others to get involved and look at ways to promote participation.   After all, our lives really do depend on it!   
Cameron Francis  
Health & Physical Education Coordinator
This week Marymount College held activities, daily, for National HPE Week. The aim for each day was to #findyour30. The idea behind HPE Week is to get kids undertaking 30 minutes of physical activity each day and to have fun while doing it.

On Monday there was Handball with Mr Francis in the P&F courtyard and Just dance was held in the Doyle Centre at lunch with Ms Berryman, Ms King and Ms Hutchinson. These activities were open to all year levels and it was lots of fun getting involved with friends and teachers.
This was a great experience and an opportunity to try something new!
Carys Garrett-Jones
Year 8 Insider


Mathematics tutorials are huge success!

Year 10 students set a record on February 28th at our regular Friday tutorial in A2! There were so many students actively engaged in the tutorial that we needed four teachers in the room. Well done Year 10s for your commitment to Mathematics! Thank you to Mrs Rushworth, Mrs Ward, Mr Spilsted, and Ms Mullaly who gave up their lunch to help students.

The past two Tuesday mornings have also been busy with the Year 11 and 12 students as they prepare for their upcoming exams. Thank you to Mrs Rushworth, Mr McVeigh, Mrs Ward, Mrs Smith, Mrs Jacks, Mr Spilsted, Mr Gazal and Ms Mullaly for organising their schedules to attend these sessions.

Year 12s, Unit 3 exams are four weeks away...keep up the effort in class, at home, and in tutorials!

State Champions in MANGAJIGH for the month of February!

Marymount College received the most medal points in Queensland for the month of February. Congratulations to all Year 7, 8, and 9 students for committing to this challenge!
A massive congratulations to 8.2 Maths students (Mrs Ballester) who spent a total of 98 hours and 17 minutes sharpening their maths skills. 1497 medal points certainly helped the College win the State of Queensland!
March 9 -14 will see the students taking on the next challenge, Australasia vs. Asia. This is a six-day challenge where students have been set random activities targeting appropriate skills for their year level. Students can check their own progress as they challenge students in another country. They can also review questions that they miss and try challenges again.

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics


Agricultural Science

Three breeds of newly hatched chicks have been delivered to Marymount College’s Agricultural Science class.

The Year 12s will be measuring their growth rate and calculating the feed conversion ratio in preparation for their IA2 task.
This study enhances students’ understanding of selective breeding and the impact this has on food supply. The chicks will be in the brooder in G102 for another week before progressing to an outdoor enclosure.

Chris Larkin
Agricultural Science Teacher

Careers and Vocational Education


A dynamic global institute with high industry credibility, SAE provide specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop graduates.  Located in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, specialist disciplines are offered including – Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile.  Interested students and parents are invited to attend the Byron Bay campus Information Night which is being held on Thursday 30 April 2020.  For further details, visit or visit the Marymount College Careers Office.

Following the success of the Trade Taster program introduced last year, TAFE are now offering an April intake (fully funded and open to 2020 Year 10 students).  Applications are now open and students are encouraged to apply ASAP:
  1. Visit
  2. Enter the code TQGC2001
  3. Select “Trade Taster” and campus “Hair Taster” for the drop-down menus on the online form
Timetable Information Includes:
Dates: Thursday 23 April – Thursday 18 June 2020
Class Day/Times: Thursday (9 Weeks Duration) 8.00am – 3.00pm
Location: Southport Campus
For further details, visit the Marymount College Careers Centre. Students who enrol are required to advise the Careers Centre.  Records will then be made to reflect student absence accordingly.

Year 11 and 12 students are invited to the “Get Ready for Uni Day” on Friday 17 April 2020 (during school holidays).  Students will be able to explore the courses offered at QUT, talk with current students about what it is like to study at uni, and have the option to participate in a leadership or careers planning workshop.  For further details, visit
Also, save the date for QUT Open Day which is being held on: Sunday 26 July 2020 @ Gardens Point.

Applications are now open for Future Experiences in Agriculture, Sciences and Technology (FEAST).  FEAST is a four-day residential program aimed at inspiring students in Year 11 and 12 towards science careers in the agriculture, animal plant and food industries.  Students will discover what it’s like to study these fields by participating in interactive workshops, meeting current UQ students and experiencing the social aspect of living on campus:
Date: Sunday 28 June 2020 – Wednesday 1 July 2020
Venue: UQ Gatton
Cost:  $495 (bursaries available)
Applications Close: Monday 30 March 2020
Visit for further details.

The following information sessions are scheduled for the Gold Coast Defence Force Recruitment Centre as follows:
  • Commando  Thursday 12 March (6.00pm – 8.00pm)
  • Women in Defence Wednesday 18 March (6.00pm – 8.00pm)
Both sessions will take place at 14 Edgewater Court, Robina.  Phone 131901 or visit

Do something amazing before university.  15 global destinations, 6 volunteer roles.  Gap Year Projects from 2 weeks – 12 months.  Priority application deadline is Wednesday 29 April 2020.  See the Marymount College Careers Centre for a copy of the current brochure outlining their programs departing next year or visit

Visit Marymount College Careers Centre for further details on any of these activities.
Read more Careers Centre news on Parent Portal


Sport Report

Oceanic District & South Coast Regional Sport Trials
This last week there have been Marymount students attending trials without having registered with Mr Balym. The teachers at the trial are within their rights to NOT let you trial if you haven’t registered with Mr Balym. By registering with Mr Balym you are being GIVEN PERMISSION to trial by the school when he forwards your details onto the organiser and without that they do not have to let you trial. The cut-off dates for trials are usually the Friday before the trial, so you need to be organised with forms before the week of the trial.
Make sure you check the daily notices at school and your student email account for information about the upcoming trials. Then come and see Mr Balym before school or during pastoral group to register so he can pass your details onto the teachers organising the trails.

AGCC Interschool Sport

Our interschool sport competition has finally been able to kick off after all the wet weather we have been experiencing. Whilst there are a few kinks to iron out, it was great to see the students finally get the chance to compete. All parents should have received an email asking for them to complete the permission slip for your child to participate and travel by bus to the venues. Please have these completed ASAP to allow your child to participate next week.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:
Outstanding Result
On Saturday 22 February, Indiana Brennan and Bronte Parker (both in Year 8) competed in the final Queensland Beach Series for Surf Life Saving. There were three beach series (formally named fastest man on sand) held this year, two on the Gold Coast and one on the Sunshine Coast. At each of these three events, the girls won Gold in the U13 Beach Relay, therefore, they took out the title of Queensland Beach Series Beach Relay Champions. Congratulations girls and good luck for the rest of the season! 

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader


In the first round of the AGCC summer sports competition the Junior Boys Blue and Sky AFL teams had convincing victories against both St Joseph’s and St Michael’s.

Congratulations boys. It was an opportunity to unveil our new AFL Schools Cup jerseys. It is important for all the boys and girls interested in playing in the Schools Cup competition (Term 2) to complete the online ‘expression of interest’ form that has been emailed to each student. After our successes last year we hope to field four teams in 2020. Training details will be released soon.

Bomber Larkin
AFL Coach


Gold Coast Junior Council

Junior Council is a student leadership and civic program for young people in Years 10 and 11 attending high schools in the Gold Coast region. The two-year program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of communication and leadership, whilst learning about local government and community issues.
In 2020 we have representation from Charli Ackerman (10), Corey Nolan (10), Luke Kendon (11) and Sophia Sweeny (11). Charli and Corey received their badges last meeting from Mayor Tom Tate, the ceremony was held inside the council chambers.
Throughout 2020 the students will attend regular meetings where they are exposed to a range of guest speakers, participate in workshops, and have the opportunity to engage in a variety of interesting activities. Students are given the opportunity to meet young people from a variety of backgrounds, interests and schools. The program is dynamic and varied, incorporating themes suggested by students such as multiculturalism and the environment. 

Cathy Cooper
Head of Year 11


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