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Friday 17 May 2019 

SAO Say Thank You 

Every day the staff at the Student Administration Office say ‘Thank You’ to students and staff as they receive messages, return mobile phones, register latecomers and record early leavers, administer first aid, prepare daily notices, pass on parent messages, photocopy worksheets and exams. Without this service, meeting our needs, school operations would be a mess. The SAO staff take for granted their service role. They just get in and get the job done. Let’s not take them for granted. They’re providing a service to us: with patience, under pressure and as quickly as they can; because they know that’s what we need, to get to class, to get to an appointment, to get to lunch, to see Mr Shaw or Mrs Nicholson; or just to get on our way home with our phone that we had to hand in to SAO because we were using it in class earlier today. 

Understand, respect and appreciate SAO staff for the good, hardworking and generous people they are. They most appreciate good manners, warm smiles and a parting thank you. Costs us nothing, yet it means everything to the good relationships that we pride ourselves on as students, staff and parents, of this big, busy and wonderful school. 

Term 2 College Tours & Enrolment Interviews 
Term 2 College Tours for prospective parents/students are scheduled for this coming Tuesday 21 May. The 9:00am tour is booked out. There are limited places for the 11:00am timeslot. To book email 

Enrolment applications for Year 7 2020 are almost complete. Some final interviews for next year will be scheduled for Tuesday 4 June. 

Applications for Year 7 2021 are also being accepted. Most enrolment interviews scheduled on 4 June will be for the students in this cohort. 

Fete Art Union 

An online Art Union is again planned to compliment Fete fundraising. While prizes are not yet determined, prizes for the 2017 Fete included a $6,000 Cash Prize, $2,500 in Air Travel Vouchers and a JB HI-Fi voucher valued at $1,500. Families are encouraged to support the Art Union and consider buying a book of tickets when we release these late in Term 3. Strong support for the Art Union provides insurance for the costs of holding the Fete in the event of rain and reduced attendance on the day, as occurred in 2017.

Come join the committee: 6:00pm-7:00pm Monday 27 May Next Fete Committee Meeting. We still need more fete stall convenors.  

Year 11 Exams 

As Year 11 students begin final assessment for Unit 1 we are reminding them to stay calm, prepare well and just do their best.  The new QCE system is different, yet it’s not that different.  Unit 1 & 2 focus their attention on knowledge retention, cognitive verbs (previously CCEs – common curriculum elements) and understanding of ISMGs (previously criteria and standards).  ISMGs are Instrument Specific Marking Guides.  The students are learning a new language system that's similar– except they must retain knowledge more than previously.  They must also be capable of more independent work in readiness for external assessment at the end of Unit 3 and 4.  While they need to achieve at least ‘C’ for Unit 1 now, the ability to stay calm, prepare well and just do their best is what they should focus on.  The results will flow from working steadily, completing set work and trusting the process, as they work with their teachers. 

Year 11 Retreats 

These retreats have been positioned as students begin Unit 2 work.  They are a significant milestone for the students as they continue towards young adulthood.  When students begin at the College, we tell parents we will teach them about God, teach them how to pray and nurture their spirituality.  The Year 11 retreat includes a little of each of these three elements. The retreat team share stories, invite discussion with their peers in small groups and encourage the students to be agents of their developing feelings, insights and beliefs.  It is important that growing students also grow their minds and their understanding of themselves and of God in developing an integrated healthy and whole self-concept. 


All students in Years 7 & 9 had the opportunity to complete the four NAPLAN tests this week.  Catch up tests continue early in Week 5.  The students should feel well-satisfied with their efforts as the first Marymount students to complete NAPLAN online.  While staff will be very interested in the results, students should continue to focus on class work and end semester one assessment.  Our school reports tell us more and the NAPLAN results simply complete the picture.  That’s why our Principal’s Awards focus on Achievement and Effort in class, reflected in End Semester reporting.  Thank you to Mrs Katrina Nicholson, Ms Tabitha Norton and all staff, for preparation for online testing and to the students who learnt to stay calm when ‘Logouts’ happened on Tuesday.  Overall, we were happy with the online testing experience. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2019

I am delighted to invite all students in Years 7-9 to join in the 2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Reading plays an important part in students’ lives during their school years and beyond. It allows children to actively engage their imagination and opens up a world of educational opportunities. Last year, an outstanding 181,000 students from 1012 schools took part in the Challenge reading a total of 2.46 million books. 

The reading period for the 2019 Premier's Reading Challenge commenced on Monday 13 May and closes Friday 23 August.

This year the Premier has invited all state and non-state school students to take the challenge:
•    Students in Years 7 to 9 should read at least 15 books. Experiencing books can include shared reading, listening to stories, or reading picture books. The aim of the 2019 challenge is to engage more students reading more books than ever before. 

Students wishing to take part in this year’s challenge can register by talking to their English teacher or to Mrs Janet Cartlidge, our Teacher Librarian and school’s Premier’s Reading Challenge Coordinator. Every student who completes the challenge will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier. Students who participate but don’t complete the challenge receive a Certificate of Participation from the school. It will be my great pleasure to present these certificates during the Premier’s Reading Challenge celebration weeks to be held 4 – 15 November 2019. 

For more information about the Premier’s Reading Challenge, please visit:  Students should see Mrs Cartlidge in the Library to register. You can play a big part in your children’s future by encouraging them to be part of this positive initiative. I look forward to seeing as many of our students as possible to embrace the 2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Chris Noonan

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019). Further information is available on the College website.


Calendar Dates

Week 5



NAPLAN Catch Up (all week)


9:00am & 11:00am College Tours


9:00am College Mass (Mary, Mother of Mercy Church)
10:30am QISSN Fundraising BBQ


AGCC Round Finals

FRIDAY 24/05

Year 11 Unit 1 Completed
Marymount Track & Field Carnival

Week 6



Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary Excursion
Year 11 SOR Excursion


Year 8 & 9 Music Excursion (ABC Studios)
Year 11 Retreat (29-31/5)
10:30am QISSRL BBQ


Year 12 QCS Intensive Day
No Sport


Deputy Principal

School Attendance

As a school community, we need to keep striving to make improvements in student attendance. It was particularly disappointing to note the high absenteeism across some Year Levels in Term One.

Academic progress and a settled environment can only occur when priority is given to continuity of attendance. It is essential for this to occur if your child is to achieve and prosper.

We seek parent support in minimising absence from school. Students should be at school unless they are too sick to do so. Too many students see Thursday sport time as an opportunity to book appointments or leave school early. Sport time is a compulsory aspect of Marymount College’s curriculum. It is disappointing that some families do not support this important aspect of their child’s schooling. Please endeavour to make appointments outside of school time to further increase school participation.

Please read your child’s Record Book for the College procedures when your child is absent or requests for leave.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Junior Curriculum


Congratulations to the students in Year 7 and 9 who sat the NAPLAN tests this week. The online platform has worked well for Marymount College and we look forward to receiving the student results. For any students who were absent this week, we will be running catch up sessions next Monday to Thursday.

Year 8 Semester Two Elective Selection

On Thursday I spoke to Year 8 students about the electives they can choose for Semester two, and they were all given a booklet explaining the subjects on offer. I hope the students can discuss their choices with you over the weekend. They need to choose four in order of preference. Most students will get their first preference, however, if they do miss out they will be given first preference for that subject in Year 9. On Monday we will open up the online system – SSO – at 3:00pm and students will have until Friday 24 May to choose their subjects.

Night of Living History

A reminder the Night of Living History is  Monday 10 June and all Year 8 students are required to attend as they are assessed on the evening.  If this is a concern for any families, please contact me at the College and we will try to assist you.

Have a great weekend.

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Senior Curriculum

Without wishing to overuse adages, there is an apparent sense of ‘business, as usual/all systems go’ in the Senior school, as we move into the final weeks of Semester 1.

Year 10

Students are involved in the early stages of the Career Development strategies. We have congratulated the many students who are meeting academic targets and are well on track for a very successful subject selection process in early Term III.

Year 11 

Students undertaking an ATAR pathway are preparing for end of unit assessment, with the Week 5 and into Week 6 being a significant testing period (prior to attendance at Retreat). A reminder here that the non-ATAR subjects of SAS and VET subjects are semester-length in duration. These subjects will run to the end of the term, as do other year level subjects. Please note the slight adjustments made to the Exam Schedule for Monday Week 6.

Year 12

Year 12 QCS program moves into earnest study with the use of Pathways resources and a further QCS Intensive day coming up.

It is already a fortnight since Parent/Teacher interviews. If you and/or your child’s teacher had follow-up strategies discussed, now is the time to remind yourselves and your child that these strategies are in place, and likely results should be now obvious. I wish all Senior student well as they work hard towards the end of term assessment regimes.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Religious Life of the College

Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 Retreat preparations are well advanced and students have been informed of which venue they will be attending. Those who are going to Outlook will now need to have an extra medical form completed. If you are aware that your son/daughter is attending Outlook please check for an email from the College regarding this. Thank you to everyone for returning the permission slips.

College Mass 9:00am Wednesday 22 May - Parents Welcome
Congratulations to the nine students from Year 10 and 11 who volunteered for training to be an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. This was completed earlier today. The students have now been commissioned to distribute communion at College and Parish Masses. Their names have been forwarded to Archbishop Coleridge. Apart from our won College Mass on 22 May, they will also be attending Marymount Primary School Mass on Friday next to assist there. 

Milo and Socks Appeal for Rosies
Cameron Saliba, Year 11 has launched the first part of an appeal to collect needed items for Rosies.  As the weather cools down in the coming weeks those who have the streets for a home don’t have a cosy bed and a nice kitchen where they can make a warm drink. Nor do they have the luxury of a change of socks very often. Students have been asked to bring in a can of Milo and women’s and men’ socks. It is a special moment when walking past the collection boxes to see the donations pile up and reflect on the compassionate hearts for the donors. 

“The corporal works of mercy consist especially in feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and burying the dead.: (CCC 243)

Dolores Maitland
Assistant Principal Religious Education

Social Justice

Every week some Year 7 & Year 8 students have been sharing their time and talent to spread goodness through interesting quotes.

The students choose positive messages and write them up on the sandwich boards, one message is religious and one secular. Responses have been appreciative. This is one way of planting the seeds of the Gospel. Thanks to  Molly Attrill, Indy Reid, Ethan Callaghan, Chloe Ross & Courtney Daniel who have faithfully been doing this wonderful work. There are many more students looking forward to having their turn.

Edwin Pereira
Campus Minister


Group Mentality: Is it helpful or harmful?

When poor behaviour is dispersed over the group no one takes responsibility for it. The typical pressure we feel from our ‘moral code’ to do the right thing is diluted. Individually we feel no personal responsibility for the outcome of a negative group behaviour. Group mentality can give a green light for people to act and behave in ways that they would never do on their own. Often the behaviour is poor and harmful to others. 
Most of us have acted and reacted in ways we would never have done if we did not have the safety and security of some type of pack boosting our sense of power.  Negative group mentality is what fuels school yard bullying and the epidemic of social media trolling.  On social media, negative group mentality is applauded with likes and emoji’s.  

Group mentality can quickly turn volatile and harm others. It often is not the intention of the group, but bad decisions happen nonetheless. Decisions made quickly and with no real conscious thought cause harm.  No one speaks up. No one voices concern. Or, the voices that do express concern are, at best ignored, at worst, silenced. 

We see group mentality in the formation of cults, protests, riots and in prison culture. We see it at sporting games and in the schoolyard. The tricky thing is group mentality preys on our basic, core need to belong. 
If you really take a minute and think about it, group mentality is at play in many harmful decisions made within a group setting. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to negative group mentality because of their partially developed brains and strong need to belong. 
Modelling influences our children and student’s developmental trajectory. They watch us to figure out how they should behave and respond. We always need to be conscious and mindful of what our own behaviour is suggesting, and help them to display positive group mentality.  

Communicating Respectfully on Social Media

Our young people are negotiating their adolescence in a social arena dominated by communication through digital devices. This quick and seemingly efficient way to ‘chat’ with each other continues to hinder the development of skills associated with traditional forms of communication, hindering interpersonal skills.

At times, digital devices hinder the way we develop and nurture positive and respectful relationships with others. Young adolescents are driven by the increasing desire to relay a quick response, rather than a considered response. Combine this desire with a developing brain, regrettable decisions can often result. Young adolescents require guidance and reminding that their digital message is being sent to a real person. We need to challenge our young people to step away from their devices and embrace the gift of speaking to one another. We need to educate our young people how to use social media respectfully. We need to model effective communication for our youth.

As young adolescents, it can be difficult to responsibly and respectfully navigate the use of social media. We ask that you continue to monitor your child’s account(s) and social media use.
Working in partnership to help our youth use social media safely, with self-awareness, and respect is our common goal. Please remind your child of the College Social Media Policy by visiting

Cathy Cooper
Assistant Principal Pastoral


BCE Connect App is the easiest way to notify the College of student absence, add events straight to the calendar on your device, and to keep up to date with College news.

Once you download the App, search Marymount College and make a favourite. 

Download BCE Connect App Now.

Year 12 News

Year 12 Formal

Date: Friday 28 June 2019
Time: Arrival from 5:30pm
Venue: Marriott Hotel, 158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise
Who should attend: Year 12 Students
Family and friends are invited to watch students arrive from 5:30pm. Professional photographers will be in attendance to take family photos until 7:00pm when students are called to dinner. There is no cost for photos and you will have access to unlimited downloads, and the arrival video.
Cost: $165
Payment: Please make payment via the Online Payments section of the College website (due 17/5/19)

Nigel Ward and Irene Scott
Head of Year 12 and Assistant Head of Year 12
More Year 12 News

Year 11 News

End of Unit 1

Our Year 11 students are in the final throes of Unit 1 which means preparations for exams should be at the forefront of their minds and their planning. The exam schedule has been published and we encourage all parents and caregivers to be familiar with their student’s assessment dates. It can be a time of great stress, so we continue to work with the students to encourage them to be organised, limit distractions and potential for procrastination, and commit to their studies. We thank the parents and caregivers for their continued support and wish our students all the best as they embark on their exam period.


The highly anticipated Year 11 retreat draws closer. Spanning the Wednesday-Friday of Week 6, it has deliberately been placed between Units 1 and 2 to allow time away from the hustle and bustle of school life and to provide opportunities for peace, calm and self-reflection. Student lists for each venue are being finalised and meetings will occur next week to organise some of the logistics required at each venue. We are looking forward to a fantastic three days away and to reaping the rewards of the experiences shared by each group.
Matt Carroll and  Irene Scott
Head of Year 11 and Assistant Head of Year 11
More Year 11 News

Year 10 News

Year 10 students at the Gold Coast Careers Festival on Thursday 16/5/19. Photos: Ashlin McCabe
Every Year 10 student will be provided with a portfolio which will be kept at school within the Careers Centre and added to during their senior schooling journey.

This is a brand new concept which is being introduced as part of our student's senior journey. Portfolios will be released to students for one-night-only to bring them home and prompt family discussion, to collect initial information, then to return to school the next day (Tuesday 21 May).     

Upon graduation, the students will be presented with the portfolio containing the culmination of awards, certificates and proof of achievements attained both at school and externally.  In addition, student resume and reports will be housed in this document and kept in safekeeping by our Careers Centre team. Students will have access to their portfolios throughout their senior years and will be in a position to use this tool when applying for jobs, traineeships, scholarships etc.  Any feedback on the concept or the rollout is welcomed.

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET
More Year 10 News

Year 9 News

Pastoral Program
This Term Year 9s have started a new program in Pastoral Class. The students will be learning about and discussing what makes a healthy mind. The program includes a guest speaker from ‘Breaking Free’ coming in to talk to the students and give them strategies as to how to put their mental health first.
We know that with a healthy mind we can achieve more - not only academically, but socially and spiritually.
Year 9 awards
At Friday’s assembly, the Pastoral Coordinators had the great pleasure of presenting a number of students with a certificate for 100% attendance at school this year. This is a great achievement and is certainly reflected in the grades of these students. Congratulations to Oakley Bennett, Erin Clarke, Oscar Devine, Madaleine Garrett, Grace Ivens, Calum Laffranchi, Caitlin Marshall, Emma McCutcheon, Jake Smyth, Charlotte Threlfall, Preston Wells and Cahill Wharton.
This week students have been working on NAPLAN. We were thankful at how prepared the students were to sit the test. This year the students were very engaged in completing the test online.
Other News
The rest of the term is looking very full with the Year 9s heading to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for a Science excursion on Tuesday 28 May. With the school athletics carnival coming up, we also encourage all Year 9s to be involved and have a go. As this year’s motto announces – ‘Every piece matters’.

Michael Fren and Nicole Browne
Head of Year 9 and Assistant Head of Year 9
More Year 9 News

Year 7 News


I believe that having NAPLAN online, using our laptops, is easier than writing it on a piece of paper. 

We are a generation used to using computers for school work, so a natural progression is going online for NAPLAN. There are a few added bonuses too, including no sore hand from all the writing and knowing how much time you have left to complete your exam as it’s displayed in the right-hand corner of your screen. 

NAPLAN doesn’t make me feel as stressed as a Maths or Science exam would, mostly because you don’t have to study and memorise notes. I prepared for NAPLAN by getting a good night’s sleep, having a good breakfast and trying not to stress about my exam!
Olivia Keating
Year 7 Insider

Mathematics News

Maths MANGAHIGH Competition Update! 

The students of Year 7 and 8 Mathematics at Marymount College are taking this competition very seriously. 

Since the start of the MANGHIGH competition on May 7th, the students of Marymount have taken the Gold Medal in Queensland. The students, working together as a team, have scored 4382 points with a total of 292 hours online sharpening their maths skills!

Classes are competing in each Year level for the ‘Top Class’ title. The winners to date are:
•    7MM who have spent 45 hours and 43 minutes online (Mrs Ballester)
•    8MAT1 who have spent 27 hours and 37 minutes online (Mr Spilsted)

Students have been completing tasks set by the teacher and completing activities in their own time. 

Each week students in each class are awarded a certificate for placing first, second, or third based on medal points. Also, there are two Certificates of Excellence awarded based on effort and improvement. Congratulations to all students who have won over the last week. This week we will feature 7MM and 8 Maths 3 student winners…stay tuned for a new class each newsletter!

We would also like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the Top 10 students at the college. Keep up the hard work! Congratulations to all students in Year 7 and 8 – Top School in Queensland! Let’s stay on top!

Tanya Mullaly
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hospitality News

You are invited to attend a Hospitality Class 3-course dinner on Thursday 23 May to be held in the Marymount Restaurant.

Bookings are taken for a start time between 6:00pm-6:45pm. cost $30 with drinks included.

Please RSVP by 20 May to

Humanities News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

In Semester One, Year 8 History students have been studying the Middle Ages in Europe, the Islamic World, and Asia. As part of this unit, in Term 2 students are engaging in an in-depth study of a person of their choice from Medieval times in Europe, Asia or the Islamic world, the Renaissance, the Reformation or the Age of Discovery. A research task, outlining the choices and requirements, was issued in Week 1 this term. This work will culminate in a special evening known as The Night of Living History. The research written assignment and the Night of Living History presentation will form part of the grade for History this semester. 

The Night of Living History is a presentation evening for parents and family members in the Doyle Centre on Monday 10 June, 7pm - 8.30pm. Students arrive at 6.45. Please set aside this date in your calendar. 

On this night, students dress and behave in the role of the person they have been researching and writing about in History (so students will be thinking about and collecting costume and display items over the next few weeks). They will stand in a designated area in the Fr. Martin Doyle Centre with a display of items associated with their person from history and they will have a set of prepared questions they will answer as that person. 

For The Night of Living History night, each student will have a small desk and display board. Students need to provide:

•    A sign or banner with the name or description of their chosen historical figure – printed by hand or on computer (e.g. Elizabeth I, A medieval crusader etc)
•    A box of 6 questions which will be written in class time and for homework from week 6. 
•    A small, inexpensive ‘giveaway’ eg. Stickers, quotes, pictures, bookmarks …(An opportunity to show creativity)
•    2-3 examples of items from the person’s life and achievements for the display
•    1 packet of dressmaking pins (coloured tips) for use on the display board
•    An inexpensive costume suitable to the chosen person from history, to be worn on the night

An updated ‘to do’ list will be published in the newsletter in the weeks leading up to the night, to guide students and keep them on track as they prepare their assignment and presentation.

This is a compulsory part of Year Eight academic studies so please contact Assistant Principal, Junior Secondary Curriculum Mrs Katrina Nicholson if your son or daughter is unable to attend the evening. It is also an opportunity for families to be involved in a valuable learning experience. We do hope you will be able to join us on this special Marymount College occasion and that you can share in the growing excitement as the study progresses. 

For information on the research task and PowerPoints/photos/information sheets on how to prepare for the night, and what to expect, please access Moodle: 8 Humanities: Topic 2: Task 3 – Night of Living History

Cheryl Fraser
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Night of Living History Weekly Schedule

Students will be completing a research task this term (weeks 1 – 7) and collecting items for their NOLH costume and display in weeks 3 – 7.

WEEKS 3 – 5: Research and take notes in class and for homework (pages 11 – 17 of research booklet)
WEEK 5: Students taught how to analyse sources. (Complete page 18 of research booklet) 
WEEK 6: Students taught how to write paragraphs, use in-text referencing and how to set out a bibliography  (see page 19 of the booklet). Three paragraphs are written in class time and for homework. Complete checklist on page 19 of the booklet.
WEEK 7: Task 2 NOLH Assignment due (completed research booklet with notes, paragraphs bibliography). The due date for individual classes will be advised by the class teacher.    
WEEK 7: 6 NOLH questions for display written in class. Continue for homework. 
WEEK 8: Monday 10 June - Night of Living History (students arrive 6:45pm for 7:00pm start

Music and Instrumental News

New Piano Teacher/Conductor of Primary Choir

Angela Camara Lubbe is a music educator with a special interest in piano performance and instruction. She studied at Pretoria University in South Africa where she obtained a BMUS HONS degree cum laude with Specialization in Music Education. She also attained a Teacher’s Licentiate in Music with Specialization in Pianoforte through the University of South Africa. After her studies, Angela taught music at various Primary schools in London, UK, for a period of 4 years. She then returned to South Africa to head up the music department at St Dunstan’s College Preparatory School in Johannesburg. She spent 12 years at St Dunstan’s College and then emigrated to Australia with her family at the end of 2018.

Her skills include choral conducting, percussion ensemble, class music teaching, and piano tuition and accompaniment. She currently provides piano tuition at Marymount and is the conductor of the newly established Primary school choir. When she is not teaching at Marymount, she presents music classes at several Early Learning centres and is also an accompanist to a few Primary school choirs.
Marymount College & Primary Instrumental Tuition Form

Languages News

Host Families Required for students of Edogawa Toride High School Japan 27/7 to 11/8/19

  • One student per homestay for 15 nights and the payment will be $480 
  • ​Families are asked to provide all meals and friendly home for their student
  • Students will travel to and from school each day the same way as arranged for your own children (please provide transportation fee) 
  • The students are 15-17 years old
  • 24/7 Japanese/English support provided by ISS
  • All family members over the age of 18 will need Blue Cards (Volunteer, no cost) Please contact Ms Aki if you don’t have one. 
  • If you are hosting another Japanese student during the group’s stay, please refrain from becoming a host family for Edogawa Toride students. 
Please contact:
​Ms Kanae Aki (Japanese Teacher – to obtain a Host Family Application Form
Yoko Sugimoto (ISS – Study Tour Organiser) 3870-9114 /

Kanae Aki
Languages Coordinator
Yes I can host a Japanesse Student

Library & Resource Centre News


Students are working well on their Night of Living History research.  Some are a little impatient though and want to skip the research bit and have everything finished by the end of the week!  But this is an important unit of work – a first step in becoming a discerning reader and a critical thinker. Research classes will carry on similarly for Year 9 later this term.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge has begun! Students see how many books they can read in around 15 weeks from Monday 13 May to August 23. If they manage 15 – and that includes picture books, graphic novels or comic books and non-fiction – they have completed the challenge and will receive a certificate of achievement; if they don’t quite manage the 15, they will still receive a certificate of participation. Certificates will be given out in Assembly in November. Those who have already registered via school are looking forward to the challenge!
English teachers of Years 7, 8 & 9 have been encouraging their students to participate. Students may choose the books they read and keep a running record which is later submitted. Go to  to find out more. All enquiries to Mrs Cartlidge in the Library.

Library Makerspace

This week we introduced ‘Mystery bags’ to the Makerspace. All bags had the same contents but a different task.  Some great inventions were made:  a (Star Trek-like) transporter to help get to water from your space shuttle,  a new pool toy because you forgot to bring anything to the pool and a safe and comfortable bird home for your bird family amongst others.  Some students were learning how to ‘let it go’ by painting with water – their masterpiece only lasted a few minutes.  And water bottle racers under propulsion from balloons – great fun! Our Makerspace encourages children to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills with a number of different projects.  We hope you liked your Mother’s Day cards, mums!

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Careers & Vocational Education

Marymount College Careers Expo - Parent Contribution

We encourage as many College parents/caregivers as possible to come along and provide guidance in their area of expertise.  Whether you are a nurse, builder, vet, firefighter, business operator, or personal trainer, we would welcome you along to provide information to those who might be interested in your profession.  No public speaking is required.  Just one-on-one chats within a casual, comfortable environment.  The event is Tuesday 30 July (Term 3/Week 9) from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the Doyle Centre. Support, resources and refreshments are provided.  Please contact Ms Leesa Lutze for further information -

RSA with a difference - Aurora Training Insititute

Do you require your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate?  Aurora Training Institute is conducting face to face group training including all the skills of serving alcohol responsibly.

DATE: Thursday 30 May 2019 (6pm-9pm)
VENUE:  Aurora Training Institute Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial” 340 Scottsdale Drive, Robina
COST: $50.00
To register, contact or phone 1300 936 864.

Gold Coast Defence Force Recruiting Information Sessions

If you’re up for the challenge and would like to find out more about Defence, come along to one of the upcoming information sessions as follows:

Defence Careers      21 May 2019    6.00pm – 8.00pm    DFRC Gold Coast
Women in Defence     27 May 2019    6.00pm – 8.00pm    DFRC Gold Coast
Army Reserve    4 June 2019     (6.00pm – 8.00pm)    Tweed Depot
Defence Careers     6 June 2019    (6.00pm – 8.00pm)    DFRC Gold Coast
Navy Careers     10 June 2019     (6.00pm – 8.00pm)    DFRC Gold Coast
Engineering Careers     12 June 2019    (6.00pm – 8.00pm)    DFRC Gold Coast
Defence Careers     17 June 2019    (6.00pm – 8.00pm)    Murwillumbah SC
Health Careers     25 June 2019     6.00pm – 8.00pm     DFRC Gold Coast
*DFRC Gold Coast: 14 Edgewater Court, Robina
*Tweed Depot: 111 Dry Docks Road, Tweed Heads South 
*Murwillumbah Service Club: 10 Wollumbun Street, Murwillumbah

University of Southern Queensland Student Experience Day

You are invited to visit USQ campus and attend a series of interactive sessions led by USQ’s team of academics on Wednesday 22 May 2019.  Students choose a study stream for the day, consisting of interactive sessions led by USQ's team of academics. Students will also learn about pathways and scholarships. USQ current students are involved throughout the day, offering high school students the opportunity to learn about their journey to university.  Registration details have been emailed to all Year 12 students and we ask that you let the Careers Centre know should you wish to attend.
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District Cross Country 

On Thursday 8 May we had over 50 students compete at the Oceanic District Cross Country Championships for the chance to qualify to compete at the South Coast Regional Championships. We had some great results on the day, highlighted by Shae Rooney winning the 16yr Girls race and our 12 & 14yr girls winning their teams point scores. At the end of the day we had 25 students finish in the top 14 and qualify for Regionals.

Congratulations to our placegetters on the day:
Shae Rooney – 1st 16yr girls
Alexis Smyth – 2nd 13yr girls
Pascalle Foster – 3rd 12yr girls
Molly Sewell – 3rd 14yr girls

Outstanding Results

On top of her win at the District Cross Country, Shae Rooney has been busy on the track competing at the National Track & Field Championships in Sydney. Shae ran in the U17 1500m and finished in at 6th place with a PB of 4:39, she also ran in the U17 3000m U17 and placed 3rd winning the bronze medal and a huge PB of 10:13! Congratulations Shae on your National Bronze Medal.

Away from the track and as a warm-up for the District Cross Country, Shae ran in the Queensland Athletics All Schools Cross Country on the 4 May at Rivermount College. Here Shae came away with the bronze medal in the U16 girl’s race. Congratulations Shae and we wish you all the best for the upcoming cross country season.

Interschool Sport Term 2 & 3

Our interschool sport continues in terms 2 & 3 on a Thursday afternoon. All students should have selected a new sport for the semester 2 competition. Sports available for the AGCC Semester 2 competition are:
Boys: Indoor Cricket, Futsal, Oztag, Tennis, Rugby League (13/14yr old OR 15/16yr old)
Girls: AFL, Basketball, Soccer, Touch Football, Volleyball
Mixed: Netball
Those who are yet to select a sport will be asked to come and see Mr Balym to make their selection. 

College Track & Field Carnival

Our Annual Track & Field carnival is being held on Friday 24 May here at the College. Students have all had the chance to nominate for their events and trials have been held in some events where competitor numbers were high. We are looking forward to a great day of competition next Friday and hope that all students remember to wear their house colours and show their support to those competing. Along with the traditional event, there are 100m races for all students as well as novelty events for everyone to enjoy and earn points for their house. 

The carnival will begin at 9:00am and conclude with the presentations at approximately 2:30pm. A program of events will be sent out to all families next week. 

High Jump
All students have been emailed information about how to nominate for the high jump trials. This is for those wanting to qualify for the Oceanic District High Jump. These nomination forms are due back to Mr Balym on Monday 20 May.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Program Leader - Sport

AFL News

Each Wednesday morning in term 2, an energetic bunch of boys and girls have been doing AFL training in preparation for the 2019 AFL Queensland Schools Cup.  This Wednesday (22 May), 50 boys from year 7 to 12 will compete in two teams at Ormeau AFC. The winners from the junior and senior divisions will progress to the next round of this state-wide competition. The following Monday (27 May), the girls will compete at Carrara AFC.  

The players have demonstrated a wonderful commitment at training and go into the competition well prepared. Special thanks to Mr Matt Carroll and Mr Cam Francis who have trained the boys, and Ms Hannah Richardson and Ms Jess Berryman who have been working with the girls. We wish them well and will report on their progress in the next edition of the newsletter. 

Go Marymount!

Bomber Larkin

Netball News

Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN) is in its 19th year as a netball carnival.

It is held annually in the first week of the mid-year holidays. The inaugural Queensland Secondary Schools Netball Carnival was hosted by Shalom College, Bundaberg in 2000 with a modest 16 teams and returns there this year.
With the carnival now capped at 64 teams, the popularity of QISSN has led to an extensive waiting list. 

Marymount College will take 10 students to compete in Bundaberg. Months of an intensive selection process has resulted in the following girls being successful in representing MMC this year. The QISSN team consists of: Captain Emma Riddell, Vice-Captain Halle Geyer, Bridie Edgar, Charlie Ricketts, Ellen McCooke, Teleah Martin, Mackenzie Lenihan, Keely Swaddling, Montana Dare and Zoe Riddell. The girls will play under coach Nicky Browne, Assistant Coach Ellie Rushworth and be supported by Cathy Cooper, Manager. 

The richness of QISSN’s history is evident in its success as a popular carnival for secondary school girls. The atmosphere of the carnival and the spirit in which games are contested are characteristics that excite schools about participating in this annual competition. We are playing in division 1 and looking forward to a fierce competition. 
Throughout terms 1 and 2 the girls have worked tirelessly to fundraise. We continue to host BBQ’s on a Wednesday morning tea and aim to have a BBQ, drinks and bake sale at the Night of Living History, June 10th. We appreciate the ongoing support we receive from those who purchase. The funds raised go towards meals whilst in Bundaberg. We would like to thank our Gold sponsor; Burns Equipment Group and Bronze Sponsors’ Coffeyco – Security and Automation, Kingfisher Realty and DAYCON Distributors Pty Ltd. Generosity and support from the sponsors is most valuable and appreciated. 

Cathy Cooper
QISSN Manager


Welcome Back!

The Marymount Spring Fete is held every second year. In addition to being our major fundraiser, it is a fantastic event. The Fete brings parents, carers, children, staff, extended family, and our community together, from both schools, for a day of fun and entertainment.

Stalls Still Available

Thank you to everyone who has put their hands up to convene a stall!  

There have been some fantastic ideas and feedback which is going to result in a super fun day for everyone!
At this stage, we are specifically putting a call out for someone(s) to convene the Craft Stall or the Class Art stall. Whilst there has been interest, we really need someone to commit to running these successful shops, please.
Another position we are actively seeking to fill is a Ride ‘Box Office’ Convenor.   I’m directing this specifically to you Dads!  For one, it’s a sit-down role and whilst we draw the line in saying it’s relaxing; it will be almost comfortable. Plus, we guarantee to feed you!  

We’re so pleased with the fun crew we’ve recruited and we know there are more generous time-givers out there who can join in!  You know you want to!  

Download a Conveners Application Form.  Email or call one of the Fete Coordinators, Melissa Hickling (0405 258 160) or Adrienne Cannard (0400 501 020)  about your stall, if you wish to discuss. Have a great day! x
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