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CoMeDPro programme activities, autumn–winter 2015

The actions and activities planned within the CoMeDPro programme that have been carried out from September onwards have enabled the working goals to be reached. 

The three partners, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food (Catalonia), the Ministry of Tourism (Israel) and the Assessorato del turismo, artigianato e commercio (Sardinia, Italy), have carried out activities within their respective areas of influence.

Activity in Catalonia

Getting contacts, CoMeDPro networking meeting

On 26 October, the Port of Tarragona hosted a business synergies meeting with the goal of creating business links between the companies taking part in the CoMeDPro project

More than 40 companies directly related to olive oil and wine selling, wine and oil tourism, and fine eating had the opportunity to offer their services and make business contacts.

The event was opened by Joan Girona, Director General of Food, Quality and Agrifood Industries, accompanied by Mireia Medina, Deputy Director General of Agrifood Industries and Quality, and Antón Ballvé, Director of the Territorial Services of Tarragona.

The meeting started with two lectures on wine, oil and agri-tourism

With the title ‘Experiential products, territory and promotion’, Raimon Olivella, Chairman of the Catalan School of Wine Tourism's Corporate Council and Carles Mera, founder of Vinexus, explained their professional vision of the marketing of olive oil, wine and agri-tourism activities.

The networking session, the high point of the meeting 

The project technical team from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Getting contacts team coordinated the networking session.

To ensure smooth organisation of the meeting and create a conducive environment for a fruitful networking process, each participating company's agenda was scheduled so that everyone could have the greatest possible number of meetings. The goal was that with a maximum of 10 minutes per meeting, each encounter would enable identification of the greatest number of contact points and detection of possible high-potential business relationships. 

The CoMeDPro programme's technical experts visited the companies taking part in the project

These visits pursue a two-fold goal: assess whether the requirements have been met and gather the participants' opinion
The technical personnel responsible for the programme in Catalonia have visited the participating olive oil and wine-producing companies and some of the complementary services companies.

From the very first moment, the participating companies undertook to make the necessary changes to improve the service provided to visitors and customers. As a direct effect of the training and counselling services provided, the companies have been able to identify their improvement priorities and start making the required investments. With these visits, the technical specialists have been able to determine the degree to which these changes have been made in each company.

In addition, the on-site visits provide a means for ascertaining each participant's opinion and vision. After an intense period of several months' work, training and management changes, the visits can offer a very interesting vision which will help the technical experts assess the results of the CoMeDPro programme.

Activities in Sardinia

Technical specialists from CoMeDPro Catalonia visit Sardinia

A necessary visit to learn in situ how the goals and milestones defined by the CoMeDPro programme are being achieved

Three days of intense activity in Sardinia which enabled the CoMeDPro programme team in Catalonia to see first-hand what the situation is in Sardinia and how the CoMeDPro programme has been implemented in this territory. 

A number of working meetings have also been held to capitalise the programme, to establish common points of work with the Sardinian team and to organise the project's continued development. 

Taking advantage of the fact that the ENPI Lactimed project has an Italian partner, a meeting was held with this programme to find points of contact and establish possible areas of cooperation.  

CoMeDPro specialists present work process followed

From the selection of participating companies, to detecting technical shortcomings and the design of a training plan to make up for them.

CoMeDPro specialists in Sardinia kicked off the process to select the companies participating in the programme by contacting over 370 companies. Of these, 49 were selected from the sector producing extra virgin olive oil, cheese, wine and fresh pasta, along with a further 100 companies that provide agritourism services, all of which are located in the same area.

Following project directions, first a check was made to ensure that each company met the programme requirements and showed a willingness to improve visitor services and agritourism activities promotion. Thanks to a preliminary diagnosis, each company was offered the guidance and training that best helped them to improve their services.

The initial study detected a series of shortcomings in digital technical knowledge that prove a hindrance to innovation, expertise and competitiveness. The training plan therefore focused on making good these deficiencies.

In this respect, three capacity building workshops were organised on digital marketing, internationalisation, e-commerce and storytelling.

Training in agri-tourism communication, internationalisation and promotion

During November and December, a number of courses were given in Baradili to business owners, students, unemployed people and others interested in issues relating to the agrifood industry, tourism and internationalisation

The training programme is as follows:  
  • 17 November, Dr Delia Cualbu ‘Promotion on the Web and in the social media in tourism and the agrifood industry. Success stories and examples of how not to do it’.
  • 18 November, Dr Alessandra Argiolas ‘The internationalisation of the agricultural industry’.
  • 19 and 20 November, Expert from the company @insopportabile ‘Sardinia and the difficulty in explaining its silences - the importance of narrating its history, the land and its products’. 
  • 24 November, Dr John Murgia ‘Packaging in the food industry, image and communication too, using the social media’.
  • 25 November, Dr Gianluigi Hawks ‘Implementation of a commerce portal for  food and wine quality: the numbers of a foretold success story’.
  • 26 and 27 November, Prof. Josep Ejarque ‘Destination, social communication media, markets: proximity with a future’. 
  • 1 and 2 December, Dr Bruno Bertero ‘Internationalisation, markets, opportunities in quality tourism and food’.
  • 3 December, Dr Alessandra Argiolas ‘The internationalisation of the agricultural industry’.
  • 4 December, Prof. Roberto Rubino (to be confirmed)

Activities in Israel

Promoting tourism activities through specialised business training

Israel's Tourism Office is scheduling a training plan for tourism service business operators and owners on the Gospel Trail and the Spice Road 

A number of seminars on different subjects have been organised in northern and southern Israel. The subjects and educational approach are determined in accordance with each territory's specific needs. In general terms, courses and seminars have been organised on fostering enterprising spirit, management of tourism companies, promotion and marketing in adventure and travel tourism. 

This training plan has targeted particularly the companies and small businesses located along the Spice Road and the Gospel Trail. Culture, tradition, religious history, folklore, spirituality and Bedouin culture are the base that articulates this area's tourism activities and services. Accordingly, these are the points on which the training plan has been focused.

The training plan's goal is to provide knowledge and resources to the course participants to grow their businesses and realise the economic potential provided by the territory's tourism value, generating income from tourism services. 

In the same spirit, CoMeDPro's technical team in Israel has organised a meeting between entrepreneurs and business angels for 20 December next with the goal of  

connecting interesting business initiatives with financial resources that will enable the former to develop and grow.

Forthcoming actions

Everything ready for the programme's closing conference 

The closing event for the CoMeDPro programme will be held in Barcelona between 14 and 16 December

After an intense period of several months, during which the programmed activities have been carried out and people have worked hard to achieve the goals, the results will be presented on 14, 15 and 16 December. A number of events and meetings have been planned: 
  • Presentation of the International platform created by the programme, which will enable companies from the three regions that have taken part in the project to maintain and strengthen cooperative links. 
  • A round table for participating companies and agents, at which a number of professionals directly related with the programme will discuss its results and the future evolution that can be expected.
  • Business Angels meeting. Ten entrepreneurs working in agriculture and agrotourism will present their projects to a group of investors. The aim of this action is to bring new business initiatives into direct contact with financial resources that might enable them to grow.
  • Capitalisation event with other international projects. 
  • Closing ceremony with diplomas awarded to the Catalan oil and wine-producing companies taking part in the project that have achieved the required quality standards.
The closing events will have institutional representatives from the three participating regions: Israel, Sardinia and Catalonia.


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