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Planets are our friends. Also, these planets make awesome music. 

So <<First Name>>, 

You may have heard that Mercury went into retrograde yesterday (April 28-May 22)  and that there are four other planets in retrograde as well. 

Whether you believe in astrology or not, retrogrades are good times to review, renew and reset. I'm an amateur astrologist, so don’t take my interpretation of planetary transits as gospel. We each have a natal chart- placements of planets on the day we were born- that influence how retrogrades will/will not affect us.

Having said that, I think there are opportunities provided by these retrogrades that can help artists and creatives. 

Mercury Retrograde Recommendations (Communication, Travel, Media, Electronics): 

  • Mercury retrogrades are good times to connect with people from your past. Send an update to former mentors, employers, co-workers, classmates and let them know how you are, what you are working on. If you feel so inclined, offer to re-connect with them, either in person or via phone/video chat. 
  • Back-up all of your data (hard drives, cloud systems, etc). 
  • Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus, so this is a good time to review your systems or lack thereof, and recommit to establishing systems in your life that will help you thrive.
  • Avoid starting brand-new projects. Instead, think about projects you are currently working on or re-examine a project you didn’t finish in the past. 
  • Mind your words and avoid power struggles. 
  • Don’t make any big equipment purchases.
  • Avoid signing agreements.

Mars in Retrograde Recommendations (Action, Impulse, Aggression, Violence): 

  • If old emotional issues come up, think about ways you can channel them into your art. Look at any tangible actions you want to take carefully, as impulsive actions can be very attractive during this time. 
  • If you are prone to procrastination, Mars in retrograde may jolt you to action in a startling way. If you are led to take immediate action on something, pay attention to it, even if your brain is saying that it’s not the “right” thing to work on at that moment. 
  • If you are normally go-go-go, you may be meeting resistance. Instead of using more action to address the resistance, take inventory of why you may be experiencing it in the first place. Do you need to go about your work in a different way?
  • Don’t overcommit yourself to projects. Leave buffer space in your calendar. 
  • You may experience more aggression than you are use to. Hold your tongue, and channel this extra aggression safely into your work, or take in some art that represents this more aggressive spirit (this is a great excuse to have "Don’t Hurt Yourself" by Beyonce on repeat). 

Pluto in Retrograde Recommendations (Being True to Yourself) 

  • You may feel an emptiness or uneasiness, or a persistent dissatisfaction related to your work or life. The only way out is through. Acknowledge it but don't take the feeling alone as a sign that you need to change course. 
  • It’s a perfect time to release baggage, grudges and habits that are not serving you. Creativity and emotions come from the same place energetically. Freeing up one will automatically benefit the other. 

Jupiter in Retrograde Recommendations (Wealth, Finances, Time, Emotions)

  • Financial strain is a common experience right now. Plan and strategize, but also know that financial matters could distract you from the things that make you feel balanced, like relationships and healthy habits. 
  • Jupiter also signals a reliance on your own talents and abilities. Partnerships you think you need may fall through. Systems you depend on may disappear. Collaboration is great, but you may be surprised to learn what you can accomplish alone. 

Saturn in Retrograde Recommendations (Self-esteem, Uncertainty) 

  • Spend time with friends and family to make sure you don’t over-identify with work.
  • You may experience delays in your project work. Use this time to cultivate your patience and perseverance. Slow doesn’t mean stop. Not now doesn’t mean not ever. 
Keep it Cosmic,
Chakka AKA Liz Lemonade
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