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Unintentional locs. A textbook sign that your friend has been building. 

Hey  <<First Name>>, 

Have you ever had a friend tell you this- 
“It’s okay. I know you’ve been busy.”

While you appreciate what is intended by this statement, you know it’s not 100 percent accurate. 

You’ve been focused. Occupied. In the zone. In the flow. You have found that Career Breakthrough Project and you're giving it all you’ve got. You have figured out how to make time and energy for it, along with all the must-do things you have in your life, like food, shelter, relationships, health and spirituality. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe all of those things have taken a back seat to your project as well. 

It’s why you don’t have time to call someone back but you can zone out on Tumblr for an hour.

It’s why your hat or headwrap has become a creative statement rather than a fashion one. Or maybe you’re sporting a head of unintentional locks, the kind that your favorite rapper has when he’s working on the best album of year, and one of the best of the decade so far. 

Hair seems frivolous. 

People require more energy than scrolling pictures and memes. 

Busyness denotes a lot of activity in a little amount of time, not necessarily results and definitely not the laser-like focus you’ve achieved. Busyness is more about overwhem than the time that’s actually available. Busyness is about having too much to do, because you didn’t prioritize or say no when you needed to, or when you aren’t good enough at something to do it effectively. It hard to be good at work you’re not passionate about. 

So you aren’t busy. You’re something else. 

You have said no to the things you need to. You have fallen back on social media use. You have ended toxic relationships and trusted that the authentic ones will be there when you get back. 

You only feel really frazzled when you’re forced to take a break from your work. That’s not busy. That’s something else. Something beautiful, exciting and scary.

So you tell your friend, the one who understands that you've been busy, that you appreciate them for understanding, but you haven’t been busy.

You’ve been building. 

Check in on an artist/creative friend of yours this weekend, and congratulate them on finding the flow they need to stack those blocks, and make something worth the nights in, the missed texts and the awkward catch-ups, when they try not to talk about their work, but they can’t help it. 

Say, “It’s okay. I’ve know you’ve been building.”

Follow up on Twitter with the hashtag #HWBuild and let me know what you've been building. 

Letting You Get Back to Work,

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