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Hey all,

I wrote a piece about what creatives can learn from Zoe Saldaña’s Nina Simone debacle. I accidently deleted the block it was in (Mailchimp stuff) and I didn’t write it anywhere externally.

So it’s gone.

And I’m tired.

When I find the strength, I will write it as a blog post and send it in a future email, but right now I don’t have it.

Thanks for understanding.

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Create, apply and back-up,

Chakka AKA Jawn Cougar Mellencamp
Highwater Weekly Picks 
Disclaimer for funding opportunities: The views or politics of any funding source listed in The Highwater Weekly do not necessarily reflect the views or politics of Highwater Mag, its staff (me) or its affiliates. 

  • Filmmakers: If you are a "liberty-minded" filmmaker with experience, the Liberty Lab for Film may have $10,000 for your short film, and a professional mentor to help you through a 100-day process to completing your project. Deadline: April 15, 2016. 
  • Emerging Filmmakers: The Davey Foundation is giving directors and writers 35 and younger $5,000 to produce a short film. The regular deadline is March 22, 2016. The late deadline is April 12, 2016. 
  • Kendrick, obviously.  His latest Untitled. Unreleased (TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify) features Untitled 8, which he performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last month. Click here if you missed it. 
Watch List
  • House of Cards Season 4, obviously. (Netflix). 
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