Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This


Seminary did not prepare me for this.  Seminary did not prepare me to lead a church during a pandemic.  

You learn much about biblical history, hermeneutics, homiletics and such in seminary.  You learn nothing about how to face a pandemic, however.

Watch what happens.  Next fall seminaries will be offering a class on Pandemics 101.  

If I am asked to teach the course, I will gladly teach it.  

The following will be the course schedule:

Week 1: You Want Us to Shutdown What?

Week 2: Trust the Lay Leadership

Week 3: Keep Preaching the Gospel

Week 4: Strategy Always Wins

Week 5: The Art of Being Nimble

Week 6: Communication is Key

Week 7: Keeping Up With Your Sheep

Week 8: Looking for God

Week 9: Take a Break

Week 10: Mission Trumps Everything

Week 11: Embrace Flexibility and Imperfection

Week 12: Admit You Do Not Have All the Answers

Week 13: Find Your New Rhythm

Week 14: There’s No Need to be the First to Reopen 

Week 15: Remind Your People You Love Them

Week 16: Trust God

Additionally, part of the curriculum will include Tod Boslinger’s, book From Canoeing to the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Unchartered Territory.  I found his book to be a timely read.  

Boslinger applies the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s Discovery Corps expedition of 1804 to what leaders of churches and ministers should expect during unprecedented times.

Boslinger writes:

But now in the middle of the rainy, cold winter the excitement of seeing the Pacific had ebbed.  They were still a long way from home.  The continent they had just crossed was multiple times bigger than they had expected it to be.  Instead of a water route, they had crossed 340 miles over land, 140 of them through rugged mountains, 60 of those through snow.  The journey was longer and harder than they had expected and had led to a most stunning discovery: all the “maps” were wrong.  All of the assumptions and expectations of generations of explorers and rulers of European ancestry had been debunked.  The western front of the continent was completely different geography.  Most significantly there was no water route.  Explorers and settlers would not be able to use a single waterway as a convenient route for commerce and expansion.  Indeed, the “new world” was filled with even more territory to explore than Jefferson imagined (p. 205).

The “maps were all wrong” is a great description of the day we live in, wouldn’t you agree?  And the concept of “even more territory to explore” is exciting, isn’t it?

Never before have we done this.  Never before have we been here.  It’s time to make new maps.

So, what do you think?  Do you think the Pandemics 101 course has potential?  Do you think I should teach it?

If offered the opportunity, I will let you know how it goes.

Thank You to Our Staff


I want to commend our staff for their tireless work throughout the pandemic.  They have done an outstanding job leading us.

Their forward-thinking leadership is not surprising, however.  Each one is a servant-leader.  They do more than expected.  That’s what servant-leaders do.

High capacity leaders also accept additional responsibilities without hesitancy or complaint.  Again, that’s what they do.

So, please join me in thanking our staff.  Let’s thank them for their leadership during the pandemic.  Each one deserves special recognition.  

Top 10 Baptist Churches in Alabama


Dr. Danny Courson, the Associational Mission Strategist of the St. Clair Baptist Association, recently sent me an encouraging letter.  In the letter, he informed me that CrossPoint is, once again, in the top 25 of Baptist churches in Alabama in mission giving in 2019. 

In 2019, we gave $86,729,22 to the work of the North American Mission Board.  That ranked us #5 in the state.  

Additionally, we were ranked #10 in giving to the International Mission Board, giving $173,458.44.  

Let’s rejoice in this good news.  The Lord continues to use us for His glory.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We enjoyed a seamless soft opening yesterday on campus.  I have special word of gratitude to CrossPoint’s Staff, Ministry Team and Deacons for assisting us.  

Let’s be patient as we navigate this next step.  Our goal is to stay in stride with God’s Spirit.  Our priority is your wellbeing.  Our opportunity is to glorify God.

In closing, I want you to know I miss you.  I miss seeing you.  I miss hugging you.  I miss worshiping and fellowshipping with you.  

For those who will be on campus next weekend, I look forward to regathering with you.  For those who will be online next weekend, I look forward to joining you in simultaneous worship.

Grace always,


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