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April Showers brings May Flowers
April 2020 Newsletter
Don't really have much to say other than most everything for April and some into May is cancelled or postponed until fall, wash your hands, never, ever touch your face and remember, this too shall pass.

If you have questions about future shows, visit the site at or the Facebook page at for updated information.

Vintage Sewing Sets with Dress Me Dolls
by Donna W. Brown

During colonial times little girls were given a needle and thread as soon as they could hold them in their tiny hands and were expected to learn to repair laundry and darn socks. There were skills to be learned, but in their spare time girls were given lessons on how to embroider linens and crochet lace for table clothes and dresses.

During the Victorian Era many companies began manufacturing sewing sets to both entertain little girls and train them in household duties. Many of these sewing sets came in wooden boxes or cardboard suitcases and contained not only thread, fabric, notions but a doll, often called dress me dolls. More…

Event Schedule
Please check the site to be sure your favorite event is listed. If not, let me know and I will look into it. It's never too early to post your events. People do plan vacations and other trips surrounding our events so the sooner the better.

Click <HERE> for a complete listing.
  Apr 4 (Sat) ~ Alexander NY  Postponed to SEP 12
  Apr 4 (Sat) ~ Lynnwood WA Postponed to SEP 12
  Apr 5 (Sun) ~ 
Dedham MA  Postponed to AUG 30
  Apr 5 (Sun) ~ 
Maumee (Toledo) OH CANCELLED
  Apr 17-19 (Fri-Sun) ~ 
 Apr 18 (Sat) ~ 
  Apr 19 (Sun) ~ 
  Apr 19 (Sun) ~ 
Denver CO Postponed to AUG 2
  Apr 19 (Sun) ~ 

  Apr 20-23 (Mon-Thu) ~ Webster TX CANCELLED
  Apr 23-25 (Thu-Sat) ~ 
Seattle WA Postponed to SEP 11-12
  Apr 25 (Sat) ~ 
West Chester (Cincinnati) OH  CANCELLED
  Apr 25 (Sat) ~ 
  Apr 25 (Sat) ~ 
Mt. Juliet (Nashville)TN Postponed to SEP 19
 Apr 25 (Sat) ~ 
Ringgold GA Postponed to AUG 22
  Apr 25 (Sat) ~ 
Grapevine TX Postponed to OCT 24
  Apr 26 (Sun) ~ Fullerton CA
  Apr 26 (Sun) ~ Fullerton CA
 Apr 26 (Sun) ~ Lancaster PA  CANCELLED
  Apr 26 (Sun) ~ 
St. Charles IL   CANCELLED
  May 1 (Fri) ~ Dublin CA
  May 1-3 (Fri-Sun) ~ Charleston SC
  May 2 (Sat) ~ Maitland FL CANCELLED
 May 2 (Sat) ~ 
Omaha NE  Postponed to AUG 8
 May 2 (Sat) ~ 
Morgantown PA
  May 3 (Sun) ~ Thousand Oaks CA
 May 3 (Sun) ~ Easton PA
  May 9 (Sat) ~ Batavia NY  Postponed to NOV 7
  May 10 (Sun) ~ 
Randolph MA
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Who Was That Mask-faced Doll?
Posted March 27, 2020 in Dolls
by Ruby Lane

In doll collecting “mask-face” is a term used to denote a doll whose face is made separately which is then affixed to the doll’s head, which is most often of fabric. Most often these mask faces are made by pressing fabric or paper into a mold (later dolls with mask faces of porcelain, plastic and vinyl were also made). These fabric or paper faces are usually stiffened with sizing or glue and may be layered with multiple pieces of fabric, buckram or paper. The use of a mask face enabled manufacturers to create nicely detailed dolls in a cost-effective manner. Continue

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