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"The Puppet Theater"
Last week my solo exhibition "The Puppet Theater" opened in Stoerpunkt Gallery, Munich, Germany!
I would like to share with you a bit about the works, the ideas behind them and some photos from opening night.

The exhibition runs until October 30th 2021.
Opening night
The exhibition
The exhibition consists of 24 sculptures in five installations. 
The idea in the exhibition is that the rules are redefined as the passive becomes active, the controller becomes the controlled: theater objects become alive as they are used, taking control of the situation: puppet gloves manipulate their puppeteers, marionettes are released from their strings, masks can see on their own. 

Installation #1: “Won’t Play”
The first installation includes a life-size sculpture of a girl making a face to the audience.  Around her, piles of hand puppets. This is the key work of the exhibition.
"Won't Play", Ronit Baranga, 2021
Installation #2: “The Masks”
The “Mask” does not allow to see through it or to hide behind it.  It is like a living theater object that can see on its own.
"The Masks", Ronit Baranga, 2021
Installation #3: “The Puppeteers”
Three infants put on puppet gloves which become part of their body as the puppets become alive and interact.  
"The Puppeteer No.1", Ronit Baranga, 2021
Installation #4: “The Choir”
Eleven sculptures of “Choir” members emerging from the walls, shouting at the viewers.  The choir, as in the chorus in Classical Greek theater has an important role in explaining the story to the audience. 
"The Choir", Ronit Baranga, 2021
Installation #5: “The Marionettes”
An interaction between two infant figures and three marionettes “held” by nylon thread tied tightly around them.
"The Marionettes”, Ronit Baranga, 2021
"The Puppet Theater" Video
Displayed in Stoerpunkt Gallery during the exhibition.
Video includes explanations about work processes and views of completed works.
Edited by the Stoerpunkt team.
Lastly, here are some photos from opening night, taken by Pityn Oleksandr:
Thank you for reading!

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