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Welcome to Day 7, the last day of your Create Closet Harmony Mini Course!

Hi Friend,

You've now become acquainted with all five of Fashion Feng Shui's Elemental Archetypes. By now, you should definitely have some idea of what your own Essential Way of Being might be.

Today, we hope to clarify this for you even further by discussing Influencing Essence and Lifestyle. By the end of this session, you should be pretty certain what your Primary and Influencing Essence are.

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FFS Wisdom for the Day

Our Primary and Influencing Essences are intrinsic parts of our being. 

This means that they come naturally to us, and that we experience their key characteristics without much effort at all. 

If any of the Elemental Archetypes we just learned about or the associated activities we suggested left you feeling stressed or unfulfilled, then they clearly do not belong to your Essential Way of Being. 

Each element may make appearances in various seasons of your life, sometimes out of pure necessity. The rule of thumb is that if it feels like work, it is not your Essential Way of Being, or who you are at your core.

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Today's Homework

Let's go back to the first assignment we gave you. 

Once again, take a moment to brainstorm the kinds of clothes that you most enjoy wearing, but with the elemental info you now have under your belt.
  • Are they creative, eclectic, and funky? (Water)
  • Or do they tend more toward the sporty and athletic? (Wood)
  • Is looking sexy or dramatic important to you? (Fire)
  • Are you someone who prefers chilling out in comfy duds? (Earth)
  • Or do you only feel right if you're dressed to the nines in something elegant? (Metal)
Your answers to these questions will likely confirm your Primary and Influencing Essence!

Thank you so much for studying the Five Elemental Archetypes with us. We hope you've learned a lot about yourself, and maybe you've even gained some insight into what makes your loved ones tick.

Fashion Feng Shui has helped many people improve their lives by giving their bodies the essential dressing they need. We hope we've been helpful to you as well!
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All good things,

Andrew Maggiore
Fashion Feng Shui International
P.S. Now that you've started to understand the “essential” portion of our practice, It’s time to investigate how to make Fashion Feng Shui work for your appearance as well!

Ready for a deeper understanding of how the right clothes are as essential to your well-being as great food and a wonderful night's sleep?

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FFS Client Story
Listen to Sheila talk about discovering her true Primary and Influencing Essences.
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