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Welcome to Day 6 of your Create Closet Harmony Mini Course!

Hi Friend,

Yesterday's session focused on Earth: The Caregiver. Did the nurturing aspect of that Elemental Archetype resonate with you, or not so much? Do you feel close to determining your own Essential Way of Being?

Today's lesson is about Metal: The Connoisseur. This is the most cultivated of the Five Elemental Archetypes.


elegant ~ discerning ~ classy

Watch the video below to learn more:
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FFS Wisdom for the Day

Who are Connoisseurs?

Connoisseurs value excellence and order, they make lifestyle choices that are high-quality and appropriate. Their purpose is to surround themselves with beauty and inspire others to raise their standards and refine their environments.

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Today's Homework

Spend some time doing something meticulous and precise.

Declutter and streamline a cabinet, closet, or junk-drawer. Clean out your wallet or purse, or get caught up on emails or thank-you notes.

(You’ve been meaning to anyway, right?)

Did this activity leave you feeling accomplished and complete? Sounds like you may be made of Metal, at least in part!

Was the mere thought of it unpleasant? No worries, we can’t all be perfectionists!

It’s time for a high-five, you got through all the Elemental Archetypes!

We’ve been through them all, and tomorrow we'll be discussing Influencing Essence and how Lifestyle Choices can help you nail down your Essential Way of Being, so stay tuned!
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All good things,

Andrew Maggiore
Fashion Feng Shui International
P.S. Congrats, you've now been through all the Elemental Archetypes! We have another session coming up tomorrow, but are you ready to go to the next level now?

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