The Art of Becoming Who You Want to Be
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Dear Friend,

Last week, I had to go on my first business trip since becoming a dad for the second time. As a guy with a Wood essence, I need comfort and activewear, so putting on the Metal doesn't come easy for me. Nonetheless, I couldn't show up to train a group of managers wearing the shorts and t-shirts I've been sporting since April. So what did I do? I dressed with intention, the FFS way: designer jeans and a cotton dress shirt (it was plaid — hey, I'm a dad!) to honor my essence, topped off with a sharp summer blazer from Express. For the Metal, I accessorized: gorgeous pointy leather shoes, a pricy timepiece and great glasses I save for occasions like these (the frames are made of real wood!). Altogether, I felt both in my element and energized for the task at hand, and the day went off without a hitch, despite the cramped conference room with nonexistent climate control. Thank goodness for cotton!

I am thrilled to announce that our FFS Facilitator book project is soon to be a reality. Fashion Feng Shui for Life will be edited by Carmen Okabe, FFSF, and features articles written by a dozen of our fabulous FFS Facilitators. The goal is to offer the public at large a manual of how to incorporate Fashion Feng Shui® principles into various aspects of their lives. The book will be available for purchase in time for the holidays, so stay tuned!

And as usual, please let me remind you about our offerings. There's Dress for Your Dreams™, our 12-day self-study course on intention. We also have a new round of the Transform Your Look & Life Workshop and the Facilitator Certification Training Course starting in September, as well as our all-new Work Your Element™ course, which brings FFS principles to business relationships and scenarios. All our online courses are almost full, so please get in touch ASAP if you'd like to join us! Any questions? Email me or give me a call at +1 781.718.2008.

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Andrew Maggiore
Director, Fashion Feng Shui International
The Art of Becoming Who You Want to Be
by Else Gammelgaard Madsen, FFSM
I began my journey with Fashion Feng Shui® in Vienna, Austria in November 2008. In the same period, I was a student at the Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Development in the UK. I remember that I flew directly from the transformational dressing training in Vienna to participate in a transformational coaching training in the UK.

The combination of both turned out to be a life-changing experiment for me. It gave me great insight and a large toolbox of powerful models to use in my Professional Image Management Business. In this article I will share one of my favorite exploratory models, “The Neuro-logical Levels,” developed by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein, who were inspired by the work of Gregory Bateson and Bertrand Russell. I find that this model is one of the most transformational models, and I use it both in my coaching sessions and my personal life.

Whatever is on top runs everything underneath

As we delve deeper into Feng Shui, we discover that it is based on the premise of oneness and interconnectedness of all things on all levels and in all dimensions. The logical level model also assumes that human processes can be described along a ladder of categories that influence each other.

Take a look at the chart below. The hierarchy of the levels can be represented as a pyramid in which all levels are related to each other.

Making a change at a lower level may, but not necessarily, have an effect on an upper level. A change at an upper level will have a distinct impact on the levels below it. Typically, a change is needed at a higher level to enable success.

Before reading further, pause for a minute and think about how the levels might fit into Fashion Feng Shui® and the Transformational Triad. Then choose a concern, challenge, issue or a life area you want to explore. Hopefully, just going through the model you will be able to get some great insights.

Understanding the Levels


Environment: Where do I need to change?

This level refers to the physical and emotional environment around you, such as your living situation, your clothing, the people around you, the tools and resources available to you and the culture of which you are part. To identify your future environment, simply ask the question, "Where does (whatever you are exploring) take place?” What kinds of people do you like to have around you? Where do you gain support from?

Behavior: What do I need to change?

The second level refers to the actions and behavior. If somebody was watching you, what would they see you do? What would they hear you say? What is your current lifestyle? What are your habits?

Capabilities: How do I make these changes?

In the environment you have described, and with the behavior one could identify by watching you, what new capabilities and skills would you need to get closer to your goal? What skills do you need, but have not yet learned in order to make the needed change? How do you make these changes? What capability skills do you tap into when you engage in the area of your life you have chosen to explore?

Beliefs and values: Why do I make these changes?

Beliefs and values drive behaviors. They direct who you are and your life in general. Which beliefs empower and which beliefs limit? What do you need to believe about yourself to be even more successful? What is important to you? What do you believe and value? Why do you believe and value that?

Identity: Who am I and do I reflect that in the way I live?

Identity is our sense of self, our core beliefs and values about the world, and is a powerful tool to achieve transformational change. This level can be summed up by the question. What is the vision of your life? How is what you are expressing an expression of who you are? How would others describe you? Who are you in your future vision?

Spiritual vision: Whom do I serve and for what purpose?

This level is the highest logical level. It is often referred to as the bigger picture, our purpose or meaning in life or being a smaller part of the greater world. Close your eyes and take as long as you like to connect with the best and highest things you are able to imagine. Who are you in this area of your life? What is your meaning in life? For what reason are you here? What is your legacy – how will you like to be remembered when you are gone?

Mapping the gap between “present” you and “future” you

To become the person you want to be, begin with your current environment. We are all affected by our environment in every moment, both consciously and less consciously. Often, because of imposed requirements or guidelines, or because we have learned to tolerate or “make do” with less than ideal circumstances, we find ourselves in a work or life environment that does not fully match our archetype. After having explored your current environment, work through the levels to your current state of identity. Establish a clear spiritual vision of the future you. Then work down the levels from identity to environment and identify where and how you need to align.

Go experiment – have fun and happy exploring!

Workbook: The Art of Becoming Who You Want to Be
Based in Aarhus in Denmark, Else Gammelgaard Madsen is a Fashion Feng Shui® Master Facilitator and has had a successful career as an Image Consultant and Professional Image Management Coach since 1993. Her passion is to help people look good, feel good, do good and make good. In 2008 Else found that something was missing in her work as an Image Consultant and she began looking for the missing link. Else was inspired by Evana Maggiore and was trained by Evana in Vienna in 2008, certified as a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator in London in 2009 and Certified as Master Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator for Scandinavia in 2010. Else has continued to expand her knowledge and services by training in Coaching and Development and Holistic Approaches to health and beauty. She offers personal consultations, online coaching and one-to-one or group consultations in Professional Image Management.
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