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December News

Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the last newsletter of 2018 from us all here at Jamyang Leeds. And what a year! We've moved home once and planned another move at the same time. It's been a year full of inspiring teachings, pujas, working with volunteers, planning for the big move, and saying goodbye to some old friends, whilst welcoming some new ones. 

The sale of our new building is almost complete so we're on the lookout for help in all kinds of areas. Have a look below and think it over whilst you're enjoying the festive season. 

Next terms programme is all on the website for you. Fiona has done a little review of highlights below. 

A huge thankyou to you all for all the time, love, and support you've given Jamyang Leeds and all the work we do here in 2018. We all wish you a relaxing and calm holiday and look forward to seeing you next year.

Much love from Kerry and the JBCL team. 

Lama Yeshe Teaching

During 1983 Lama Yeshe continued to travel and teach constantly, this time in Italy, Spain, Italy again, India, America, France, back to Italy, Switzerland, and finally, India and Nepal. The teachings below are from a weekend seminar on death given by Lama in Geneva, Switzerland and published by LYWA as Life, Death and After Death. These teachings are among the very last Lama gave in the West before he directly taught on death and impermanence by disappearing completely in 1984 once and for all.

"The reason why I’m mentioning the negative mind is that humans have a tendency to harbor preconceptions such as “I’m a bad person, my mind is bad, I’m too negative.” We always criticize ourselves in a dualistic way. Buddhism says that that’s wrong. The characteristic nature of space is not pollution; the nature of pollution is not space. Similarly, the nature of the consciousness is not negative. In fact, the Buddha himself said that buddha nature lies within each of us and its nature is pure, clean and clear. Also, Maitreya explained that if you put a diamond in kaka, its nature remains different from that of kaka and the nature of the kaka remains different from that of the diamond.

It’s important to know this. A clean clear mind exists within us; the fundamental nature of our consciousness is pure. But while our mind has its own essence of clarity, it’s covered by a contaminating heavy blanket of concepts. Nevertheless, its nature is still clean clear; our consciousness is clean clear. Therefore we have to recognize, “My nature, the essence of my consciousness, is not totally negative. The pure, clean clear nature of my mind exists within me right now.”

See the full multi-media presentation here.

Spring Programme Online

The Spring Programme is now on the Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds website! Our visiting teacher this term is Geshe Samten from Kopan Monastery in Nepal who will be leading a workshop on How to Prepare for Meditation, a Lama Chopa Practice Day and giving a talk on the Benefits of Retreat.

As well as our usual lunchtime and Monday evening secular meditation classes, we also have two Samatha (single pointed concentration meditation) workshops, Discovering Buddhism modules on Presenting the Path (an introduction to the Lamrim) and a module on Death and Rebirth. Starting at the end of January we also have a Thursday evening class called 'What the Buddha Taught' where we will be exploring who the Buddha was and why might his teachings be of interest and relevant to us today.

The next Foundation of Buddhist Thought module on The Awakening Mind - Bodhichitta, the altruistic intention in Mahayana Buddhism - starts in January and the term ends with Andy Wistreich teaching on Chapter 9 (Wisdom) and Chapter 10 (Dedication) of Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life in March.

On top of all these great opportunities to discover and deepen your understanding of the Buddhist Path and develop your meditation practice we also have two fantastic retreats - a weekend secular 'Compassionate Living Retreat' and a Mahamudra retreat with Ven. Robina Courtin!

Once again a busy term at Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds and we look forward to welcoming you to the Centre at 12 York Place for possibly our last term in the city centre.

Thanks, Fiona

Ready for the Move?

The story so far:

  • The sale should complete in January
  • We start the repairs/alterations in February
  • Moving out of York Place end of March
  • Grand opening weekend 27-28 April

We need your help!

We're looking for help in many areas - can you help or know of someone who can?

Professional Skills Needed:

  • Architect - a local to Leeds contact for help in building alterations
  • Electrician
  • Plumber 
  • Carpenter/joiner to create the new shrine
  • Help in February/March/April to knock down walls, paint, clean, put up walls, put up furniture, etc.
  • 3 live in volunteers: We already have someone for the House Manager role, but we'd like two other volunteers to live at the centre and help from Mid-March onwards, staying from 3-6 months. 
  • Cafe Volunteers: Once we open - can you help do a shift?
  • Shop Volunteers: Once we open - can you be a shopkeeper for a couple of hours?
  • Charity Shop Manager: Can you run the charity shop? Suggested hours - 15 a week?
New Paid Position:
  • Cafe manager: to help us get going with regulations, menu, timetable of volunteers. We have someone in mind, but other interested parties are welcome. 15 hours a week. 
If you're interested in any of these areas, please email Kerry at We'll keep reminding you of these positions as we go along, we just thought you might like the Christmas holiday to think about it all!

Latest Advice from Rinpoche

Lama Zopa Rinpoche recently checked about the practices to do for the new centre, you may remember he previously suggested Fire Pujas at the property - but to find someone to do them proved difficult. 

Rinpoche then advised this: 1,000 recitations of the Guhyasamaja root text need to be recited. So no need for fire pujas. These recitations can be done by the monks of Ganden Jangtse – Tsawa Kamsen.

This will cost around $2,060 / £1,632 (exact bill comes at the end but this is the estimated costs) this includes offering to the monks each session of 200 rs (there would be 4 sessions). If anyone would like to sponsor this recitation, please get in touch. 

We've already booked the monks to kindly recite the texts for us. 

Community Meeting - 12th January

All are welcome at the beginning of next year to join us for a community meeting on the next phase of Jamyang's evolution in the city. 

The move to Holbeck is an exciting and a challenging one in many areas, and we'd like your help in deciding what priorities we should focus on, how we can make this your centre, perhaps you have ideas we haven't thought of yet. 

The meeting will be at 12 York Place, on Saturday 12th January at 2 pm. 

Rent a space from us?

The new building has these rooms which we're going to rent out:
  • 4 large office spaces (could be a long term let, a day, half day or by the hour)
  • 1 large function room (by the day, half day or hour)
  • second-floor warehouse space (approx 762 square meters) - all options considered.
If you are interested in any of these spaces, please get in touch. We expect them to go fast as we'll be offering reasonable rates. 

Leeds Compassion Festival 2020

Exploring Common Ground - Towards a 2020 Leeds Festival of Compassion

For the last six months, David Midgley and Melissa Canavan of Jamyang Leeds have been working with three others on plans for a week-long, city-wide Festival of Compassion and Well-Being, planned for September 2020. The first of a series of events leading up to this took place at Shine Conference Centre, Harehills, on Thursday 6 December. Over 40 people attended, from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests such as health, social care, therapy and counselling, yoga and meditation, etc. The event was opened by Councillor Debra Coupar, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council, who the previous week chaired the presentation of the second Leeds Compassionate City Awards.

Other speakers were Andy Bradley of Frameworks4Change, Philipa Bragman of Change (campaigning for the rights of people with learning difficulties), Ben Thurman of Carnegie UK Trust and of Spaces of Hope - however the highlight of the day was a high energy Open Space discussion in which all participants contributed to inspiring ideas for how we can collectively make Leeds a truly Compassionate City. In our new setting in Holbeck, there is a great opportunity for Jamyang to be at the forefront of this exciting initiative and bring the Buddhist message of compassion into the wider Leeds community.

Watch this space!

David Midgley

eBay Shop

Please donate your unwanted quality clothes, shoes, bags and other items so that we can continue to raise money for the new centre. Just bring in to Jamyang Leeds and they will be collected from there. If there are any larger items please contact the centre and we may be able to arrange pick up.  Thanks so much!


“You can see more and more how much of an emergency it is to have such a centre, especially regarding the present situation, because it shows the whole unmistaken path to liberation and happiness, the unmistaken cause of happiness and of the path to liberation, the unmistaken cause to the path to great liberation, full enlightenment, in other words, how to get out of suffering. What is the cause of suffering, how to get rid of that, is never explained and taught in schools, colleges, or universities.”

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Friends Scheme Social

Thanks to all those who made our recent Friends/Volunteers social a lovely event - especially to Jeannie, Megan and Tony for the entertainment!

Interested in becoming a Friend? Do you know the benefits of becoming a regular supporter?

for £12 per month you will receive:

  • full use of the book, audio, and DVD lending libraries
  • access to high-quality teachers

for £20 per month you will receive: 

  • all the benefits of Friend A PLUS enjoy classes at JBCL Monday to Thursday without making a donation and receive a free bi-annual copy of Mandala Magazine, the official magazine of the FPMT

or £30 per month (or more) you will receive:

  • all the benefits of Friends A & B PLUS enjoy weekend teachings at JBCL and make a reduced donation (we recommend 50% of suggested donation) and receive a free bi-annual copy of Mandala Magazine, the official magazine of the FPMT

PLUS you'll be added to an exclusive “Friends-only” mailing list and receive advanced notice of future events and programmes, invites to “friends-only” events, and advanced booking for special events such as visits by lamas.

Fill in the Friends Form Here

Please enjoy this art adorned with "liberation by seeing" mantras by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

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