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November News

Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the November edition of our newsletter. And we're settling into our new location, 12 York Place, very nicely. The layout is a little different but we've adapted well and made a lovely space for study and reflection. If you haven't visited us yet do pop in. Our beginners' meditation sessions are every lunchtime 12:30-1:00 pm and Monday evenings, 6:30-7:30 pm.

It was lovely to see Ven. Mary again last weekend teaching at our annual residential retreat at Beamsley. We hope to be seeing more of Venerable next year in the programme. 

The new building campaign is picking up the pace, not long to go before it's all ready to sign and move in - just a little more work to do. See below for details. Merit and donations are needed so please help keep the momentum going. 

We now have more volunteers than ever before, and so our capacity to run classes and outreach work is increasing. We're launching some new services over the coming months, so keep an eye on the inbox. 

And some exciting things happening in Leeds in the coming year, not just our move of course. Channel 4 has announced a new national HQ in the city, plus there's already the massive £350 million expansion of the city into South Leeds and Holbeck. Plus we're helping to organise the Leeds Compassion Festival in 2020

So rejoice, and also take time to breathe in all the busyness!!

Much love from Kerry and the JBCL team. 

The Proper Motivation for Dharma Centres

Lama Zopa Rinpoche offered this advice during a teaching at Chenrezig Institute in June 2018.

There are so many wars. Hundreds of thousands get killed again and again. So many people get killed by bombs. Then so many people escape, then the boat is full, then sinks in the ocean. They try to run away, they can’t do anything: it is unbelievable. The people in the world are suffering.

Syria is one example. It originated from one person not understanding that all came from his mind. Not understanding that the creator is one’s own mind. Can you imagine it?  Millions and millions of people killed by the one person who has power, who did not realize this.

Your mind is the creator of everything, all the suffering and all the happiness. That person didn’t realize that, thinks all is coming from outside. So that is an unbelievably important education to help the world, to help to bring peace and happiness in the world.

So therefore we need Dharma centers giving teachings. Lamrim teachings, yes, but what it is all about is compassion. Teaching compassion, to practice compassion with sentient beings. With whom you practice compassion, with whom you generate compassion is sentient beings.

That is the essence of Buddhism, the Buddha’s teachings—to generate compassion not only to human beings, but to every single hell being, hungry ghost, animal, the tiniest and the big, like whales living in the ocean, the worms living under the earth, also the tiniest flies, which when you walk in the grass they run, jump away. There are numberless universes so there are numberless human beings, numberless sura beings, asura beings. Compassion to everyone—that is the essence of Buddhism. What differentiates it from others is that. To everyone, any sentient being, to have compassion, to never give them up, to have compassion for them.

Compassion means to not harm, and on top of that, if you can, to benefit. The motivation is compassion. If you want to practice Buddhism, you understand the conduct is to not harm sentient beings. And that comes from the right view, dependent arising, subtle dependent arising, which is unified with emptiness from its own side. The conduct comes from there—to not harm and to benefit sentient beings. That is often what His Holiness says. Now you can see that teaching Buddhism, through a course, or just talking about Buddhism to somebody, to explain compassion is the most important part.

Watch a clip of the teaching by Lama Zopa Rinpoche from which this advice is taken:

Read the full article here

Fundraising Phase 1 has been completed: You made it happen - we raised £190k. With a mortgage, we are now able to purchase our new building in Holbeck, Leeds UK. 

Now phase 2: raising funds for the refit inside:

Your donations will help us to create a community oasis in the city for meditation, outreach work and facilities including: vegetarian cafe, charity shop, function rooms for community groups, meditation spaces, reading and chill-out areas, rooms for volunteers and more. Donations you give will make all this possible.

Our local community will benefit, the local area of Holbeck doesn't currently have such a community space, as well as people all over the city and the North of England. 

We aim to complete the sale by end of 2018, with the internal work starting January 2019. The grand opening will be April 2019. ​

See our website here for details of the project: 

Donate Here:

See below for more new building news.

We've started making connections with local charities in the Holbeck/Beeston area of Leeds, the area we are hoping to move to next year. Connect for Health looks after people with anxiety, depression and loneliness amongst other things. Below is some feedback we had recently. We're really happy we can help in their work. 
  • 'The session was really valuable'
  • 'My client said this was the first time they felt relaxed and wants to go back on a weekly basis'
  • 'My client found that the session helped them sleep better'
  • 'Really practical and useful to help look after yourself'
  • 'I gained an understanding and more useful perspective on how my mind is working with thoughts. I left with some hope.'

New Building Updates

We're closer than ever! It seems like an unstoppable force now, and people are helping from all areas to make this vision a reality. Special thanks to those who have sent merit and practice updates recently, and all the comments of support and suggestions. This is an incredibly exciting project for Jamyang Leeds and will really put us on the map, not just for Holbeck but for the whole of the city. Here are some updates:
  • We expect a decision about planning permission from Leed City Council on November 19th. See here for some comments we've had on the application. 
  • JBCL Director Kerry will make a presentation to local councillors in a couple of weeks: they are very keen to see us move to Holbeck. 
  • BBC Radio Leeds is looking to do a special piece on the project end of November - we mentioned it on the "review the papers" program recently and the new DJ on the show has been in touch to set up a recording. 
  • We're in talks with a professional fundraiser to see if she can help with grant and trust applications for the refit. It's a slow and complicated process - but she was recommended to us and we'll have a feasibility report from her soon. 
  • We recently connected a legal contact of ours to the Holbeck Viaduct Project, which will bring visitors from the city centre to near enough next to our new building. It's going to bring lots of benefit to the area if planned correctly, so we'll keep going to their meetings. See more about the project here: 
  • John, our builder contact is showing trustees round the property next week to identify the repairs needed, point out any structural issues and give us some idea of costs. It seems like John might also be involved in the work so we're really grateful for his time and advice. 
  • Kerry will meet with a project manager who used to run the Albany Theatre in Deptford, London. After giving a presentation at a recent FSI conference, there were some similarities in our project and theirs - more news after this meeting. 
  • Kerry is hoping to have an interview with Lama Zopa in Germany next week to talk about the new building. During which time those in the mala-of-merit scheme will have their mala's blessed!

Trustees will meet at the end of November when all the remaining reports are in, and make a final decision on the move. Please continue to dedicate recitations of mantras (especially Tara) and Tara praises, or any positive merit you accumulate to the success of this project. The next few months are vital to the success of the move, please do what you can and let's make this the most beneficial move we can for others.

This is advice Khadro-la gave to us when we asked her about this project: "If you rely on the great bodhisattva [Lama Zopa] Rinpoche, then everything will work out."

“You can see more and more how much of an emergency it is to have such a centre, especially regarding the present situation, because it shows the whole unmistaken path to liberation and happiness, the unmistaken cause of happiness and of the path to liberation, the unmistaken cause to the path to great liberation, full enlightenment, in other words, how to get out of suffering. What is the cause of suffering, how to get rid of that, is never explained and taught in schools, colleges, or universities.”

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

New Classes

New Module of Discovering Buddhism, Mind and Its Potential, starts Tuesday, 6:30 pm This module will explore the Buddhist understanding of the mind and its role in our lives, regardless of whether we have a religious perspective or not. We will compare the Buddhist view of mind with the scientific view of the mind/brain and explore the vital implications of these different views. 

NEW CLASS: Mid-Week Connect, starts Wednesday 14 November, 6:30 pm Join us for an informal early evening session at Jamyang Leeds where we take the time to relax with a short guided meditation and connect with others over conversation and tea and biscuits.

The sessions will start with a short prayer and breathing/mindfulness meditation, followed by a conversation and guided discussion on a topical event or issue that connects Buddhist teachings with real-world issues. The session will be facilitated by Kerry Prest, Director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds and opened up to the floor to share opinions and thoughts on how secular elements of Buddhist philosophy and psychology can be applied to daily life.

Holy Images at Harewood House

Huge thanks go to Jonathan Erye who recently completed the construction of a beautiful box to house holy images of buddhas, lamas etc. Rather than throw these images away, Lama Zopa recommends they are placed in a high and clean place. And that's just what Jonathan did! Our patron David Lascelles (8th Earl of Harewood), kindly arranged for the box to placed in the Himalayan Garden section of the grounds at Harewood House, not far from the stupa. See if you can spot it next time you're there!

Jonathan says: "Many thanks to Lord Harewood and to the staff at Harewood House and specifically Trevor, Jim and Thea for making it possible and finally carrying out the tree box fixing today." 

Volunteer News

It's been lovely to welcome some new volunteers to the centre this past few months - activity and numbers are slowly stepping up in preparation for the move next year. Here's a little summary of the kind people coming on board:
  • Tom Weatherlit - a student from the University of Leeds working one day a week on the publicity of our classes. You'll see him on Wednesday's in the office. He's also helping us with the younger audience at the university - great to have him on board.
  • Roxanne is a project/business manager who is looking at our fundraising strategy for the years ahead in our new building. It's been lovely to hear her inspiring and professional advice.
  • Neel is back after some time away, helping with our admin - we couldn't do without him!
  • Beth & Marie-Odile are still with us regularly, and M recently took on the role of secretary to the trustees. BIg thanks for that! They both started leading Monday lunchtime meditation too after our training sessions in the summer.
  • Becca helped us in the recent move to York Place - and is also an accountant! She's now seeing if she can help us with some of the accounting work. Talented lady.
  • Rosa did an amazing job getting all our gift-aid claims in recently, we're almost up to date now thanks to her kind time and effort. 
  • Roy Poulter has now taken over as the Chaplain for us, and Jay will retire but still be helping with funerals. Look out for news from this area soon. Big thanks to Jay for all his amazing work, and welcome to Roy!
We're planning a Quiz Night for volunteers in December - the notice just went out on our Slack messaging service. An email will go out soon. If you've ever been, or are currently (or will be?) a volunteer - you're welcome to join us. Just reply to this email and we'll keep you informed.

Lama Zopa in Europe

Some of you already went to hear Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Madrid last week, and next week Rinpoche will be in Germany. A few days before the teaching will be the FPMT European meeting which we'll be attending on your behalf. The tickets for the teachings have just been reduced, so if you fancy a quick trip to Europe (while you still can?) just click the links below. 

Event website:
Reduced price tickets:
Practice Morning: How To Meditate
This Saturday 3 November 10:30-12:30

A chance to explore different types of Buddhist meditation. In this morning workshop, we'll look at simple breathing techniques, some meditations on topics such as love and compassion as well as visualising meditations. 

All welcome, just drop in. No previous experience required. This workshop compliments the Discovering Buddhism classes.

Drop in or email to book. Suggested donation £6

New Report on Tibet

The Tibetan Prime Minister, Dr. Lobsang Sangye, recently launched this new report saying: "Today, we launched a trilingual report entitled “Tibet was Never a Part of China but the Middle Way Approach Remains a Viable Option.” Thank you to the 18 plus writers and editors involved. A special thanks to Thupten Samphel la and my friend Laura Zimmerman for editing the report."

Download here:…/uploads/2018/10/DIIR_report_2018-web.pdf


At our AGM last month, we said goodbye to a number of trustees, some of whom had been helping the charity for many years. Andrew Asquith, Jay Simpson and Craig Skeet, in particular, have all resigned after many years of service. We'll still seem them around in different roles of course. Plus we also have to thank Fiona Porteous, Celia Chambers and Paul Stansfield.

That leaves us with the final five: Ken Lunn (chair), David Midgley, Unjyn Park, Rowena Field and Rebecca Freer. This is the minimum we can have according to our constitution so we're asking a few more to attend some meetings and see if they can become trustees in the future. 

Thanks to all those trustees, past and present, who look after us so carefully and diligently.  

Friends Scheme Social

If you're a subscribed friend, then you'll be getting your invite to an exclusive social event, just for you! There'll be food, entertainment, and even free dharma give-aways. This is to say thanks for your kind support of all our work and to rejoice at what you've made possible. Please RSVP to Kerry. 

Interested in becoming a Friend? Do you know the benefits of becoming a regular supporter?

for £12 per month you will receive:

  • full use of the book, audio, and DVD lending libraries
  • access to high-quality teachers

for £20 per month you will receive: 

  • all the benefits of Friend A PLUS enjoy classes at JBCL Monday to Thursday without making a donation and receive a free bi-annual copy of Mandala Magazine, the official magazine of the FPMT

or £30 per month (or more) you will receive:

  • all the benefits of Friends A & B PLUS enjoy weekend teachings at JBCL and make a reduced donation (we recommend 50% of suggested donation) and receive a free bi-annual copy of Mandala Magazine, the official magazine of the FPMT

PLUS you'll be added to an exclusive “Friends-only” mailing list and receive advanced notice of future events and programmes, invites to “friends-only” events, and advanced booking for special events such as visits by lamas.

Fill in the Friends Form Here

Follow Us

We recently launched our new Instagram account, and we've also started with Twitter again (@JamyangLeeds). Plus there's the usual facebook! Below is a lovely photo taken by Jay Simpson that we recently posted on Instagram. If you have any photos you'd like us to share, please send them in.

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