Every season there is something new to learn and to experience. We bring together a shared passion for the Chinese 5 Elements and combine it with our individual passions of Natural Nutrition and Kinesiology to help you journey with the seasons.
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Welcome to our 'Winter to Spring and back again' newsletter  
In this newsletter we will share what we are up to plus some seasonal nutrition and energy tips to get through this transition time between seasons, this is often a time when people have low energy and get poorly simply because it is so hard to ride the seasonal wave, certainly in Devon, UK we are dancing between Winter and Spring sometimes from hour to hour.
Part of our Winter dreaming has been about  broadening our offering and reaching more people. In this newsletter we are launching two new strands of our work. Firstly we have created a 'Seasonal Goddess Circle' Facebook group.
Our physical meeting circles are very popular but we realise that for some of you it is a bit of a trek to get to Crediton.
To join click on the image to go to the page.
Also we have a new evening class called
'Be Your Fabulous Self!' again in Crediton but soon to be an online programme.
For details see below or click the link.
Finally we hope you all are enjoying your
'Journal with the Seasons' if you had any problems downloading it please drop us a note.
Warm wishes
Carol and Sarah-Jayne
As the first signs of Spring are emmerging we are able to see the dynamic, assertive power of the Wood element as nature starts shooting and showing herself. At this transition point it is easy to forget that this power and energy comes directly from the Water element via the creative cycle within the Five Elements. How we continue to tend our Water element will show in how well we are able to harness this water power to help us make decisions and create a plan at the start of the energetic year. 
So in practical terms keep focusing on, nurturing and supporting your Water element for a while longer, keep hydrated, hold on to the 'dreaming' space and see your big dreams for the year ahead in your minds eye, perhaps start prioritising your initial plans, write them down in a journal ready to make a move on them when Spring really gets into her flow. Enjoy this time new shoots and preparing for Spring, love Carol and Sarah-Jayne
Help for Moving on from Winter to Spring!

This sequence of points is helpful in releasing the old 'story' you have been telling yourself, so you can put your best foot forward into the new. Rub them deeply in order on both lower legs.
1) Bladder 57- at the top of the achilles tendon, in the 'v' of the gastrocnemius muscle. Rub until point softens.
2) Bladder 60- behind the ankle bone, called the 'home of the gods'.
3) Bladder 67- bladder end point at the outer corner of the little toe nail.
4) Kidney 1- sole of foot.

Love Sarah-Jayne x
Eating with the Seasons...time to dust those corners!
It’s that time of year when the light changes and all of a sudden you notice how dusty the corners of your house are…time to start a slow and steady Spring clean and this is exactly the same for our 70 trillion cells.
Now I’m not advocating a juice fast or a major detox I’m thinking a few small changes to help your energy flow more freely so you can ride this transition wave with ease and wellness.
  • Slowly reduce the Winter heavy carbohydrates with lighter options such as buckwheat, millet and quinoa or simply just have less on your plate
  • Include more raw food each day, simply make a bigger salad or have an extra piece of fruit
  • Eat more greens; our liver energy loves their stimulating nature and it will give some ‘welly’ to dusting out those corners.
  • Keep hydrated, it is easy to get dehydrated living in centrally heated houses and it is our Water element that will help us power through to Spring feeling energetic and ready to get going.
Enjoy the wave, love Carol x
(soon to be online)
A journey of uncovering, exploring, shifting and creating your unique, balanced and vibrant life.

Using our 'Be your Fabulous self' pie chart and unique journal pages to guide us this series of experiential and creative sessions will focus on 8 aspects of day to day life aiming to unblock and re-energise each aspect. 

We will also use vision boarding, guided visualisation and group work as well as our skills and knowledge of the Chinese Five Elements, Kinesiology, Natural Nutrition and Naturopathy 

This is a 10 session open-group course.
Courses & Workshops
(click the images for more information)
This growing women's circle will begin to explore the dynamic, purposeful energy of Spring. This is a nourishing, safe space where we laugh, support, drink tea and eat biscuits. 
Our ever popular Spring Reboot will dive into this purposeful, dynamic time of year.
Get to really know the Wood element as we journey with it in the Springtime. This C.P.D will help you as well as your clients and practice.
In this Kinesiology Federation U.K. recognised course we will look at nutrition from a holistic Natural Nutrition perspective.
For more information on courses for Kinesiologists click HERE
Gardening and the Five Elements!
Sarah-Jayne writes as she journeys into Spring...'What a difference a day makes. A little sun and no wind gave us the ooopmft to get into the garden. The main work was reaffirming the boundaries (water element) and clearing the old (metal element). The soil needs some nurturing (earth element) and some warmth (fire element). Then it will be ready for growing seedlings (wood element). So great to have a garden again'.
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