A Letter To You

Dear Ferocious Supporter,

This year, we were finally able to realize the vision we had for our anniversary show Evolution and bring it to the stage at Live Oak Theatre in Berkeley. Thank you so much to everyone who came to support our work - we were able to feel the energy of live theatre once again together.

Evolution showcased the diversity of stories created, developed, and realized by Asian and Asian American theatre artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, a central part of our mission that reflects our past and present, as well as our hopes for the future. 

The show was unpredictable, hilarious, touching, and wild. It centered queer characters and women. Our stories were without bounds. Most importantly, the show was created as a community.

Despite the success of this show, bringing a full production to fruition in the Bay Area continues to be an immense operational challenge for small theatre companies like ours. For this year's Ferocious Fridays annual giving campaign, we ask you to pay it forward. By making a gift to Ferocious Lotus today, rest assured that you are making a deep impact on the future of our art and how it entertains you, challenges you, makes you reflect a little longer, and opens your heart a little wider. Your support of any amount that is meaningful to you would enable us to continue on this path of exploration and boundary-breaking work. We have exciting plans in the works for 2023!

Give Ferociously

With your support, Ferocious Lotus will be able to grow the inspiration that Evolution has sparked. We hope to foster more local playwrights while featuring more Asian and Asian American actors, directors, designers, and crew members.

We very much appreciate your support and hope you will continue on this journey with us. Thank you in advance for your generosity this season.

The Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company

Thank you for donating!

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