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We hope 2022 has been a good year for all. As we count down the final days of this year, we are reminded of how grateful we are you, our friends and supporters, for all the ways that you have shown up for us. Thank you for standing by the work that Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company does to bring API stories to the Bay Area and beyond.

Our stories are the foundation on which we thrive. We were immensely proud of our new collaborations this year with local playwrights for our anniversary show in the fall. Here is what two of those playwrights had to say about what working with Ferocious Lotus meant to them:

"I moved to the Bay Area in 2020 and was thrilled to find a theatre in the area devoted to Asian American artists. As a playwright it was wonderful to see them perform my play so thoughtfully and skillfully as they did as part of Evolution. I've spent many years trying to write without finding many supportive connections and have only recently found such people that support me and who I can support in turn. It makes such a difference in your mindset, in the range of possibilities, when you have that connection. You can all do so much more together." - Greg Lam, Playwright
"Ferocious Lotus is a fantastic, inclusive, of-the-moment, Bay-Area-centered producer of new works.  As a playwright for their 2022 Evolution festival of new plays, I enjoyed collaborating with the Ferocious Lotus company every step of the way, from tightening my script with their dramaturgical team to having  drinks and pizza with the Ferocious fam after performances. It was exciting to see the Asian American community come together to enjoy a fun and thoughtful production. We need a home for Asian American theater in the Bay Area. We need Ferocious Lotus!" - Lisa Kang, Playwright

Thank you to those who have already made a contribution to our Ferocious Fridays fundraising campaign. Please consider making a gift today to support our work with playwrights like Greg and Lisa in 2023! 

Happy New Year!

Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company

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