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Featuring an all-company ensemble of writers, actors and directors!

Livestreaming on Saturday, Nov. 13th - 7pm

Join us for the first Ferocious Futures Fall Showcase! This presentation of new works is created by and for our company members to flex their creative muscles, experiment in roles beyond how our wider community may know them, and workshop projects currently in development. Featuring new works by Greg Ayers, Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama, Leon Goertzen and Sango Tajima, you will get to see the talents of an all-company acting ensemble and directing lineup.

Reconnect with Ferocious Lotus as we explore this year’s theme of “Joy and Uncertainty”. Our company members interpreted the theme in ways that are delightful, thought-provoking, and surprising. We are proud to present a collection of original short pieces that meditate on doubt, memories, and connection.

Your ticket purchase for this show benefits all the artists in our company.

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Premiering new and developing work!

Lucky Star
By Greg Ayers
Two young women in 1964 Japan dream of breaking free of the confines and monotony of their lives. Will their friendship survive when an opportunity to escape only presents itself to one of them? 


Sparking Joy: A Lesson in Data Management
By Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama
A comedic exploration of the juxtaposition between isolation and connection in the Zoom realm. How are we both hidden and exposed in the virtual world? This piece allows us to view some of the absurdities and realities that we as humans are facing in a hybrid existence.


Sam and Alexis
By Leon Goertzen
Sam and Alexis are two young women who witness an incident on a night out in Brooklyn. As they relate their versions of what happened, the audience is invited to draw their own conclusions.


By Sango Tajima
A Mother in Japan and a Daughter in San Francisco meet every week on Zoom to cook their family recipes and eat them together. Their relationship evolves with food as the point of connection. Food as a representation of love, culture, history, and memory. Food as a reminder of where you are from. 

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