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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Aug. 31, 2021

It's almost Autumn! 
Take a deep breath...

Our summer of sailing away, Out of the Storm, comes to a close this week, and it has really felt like a holiday. ☀️⛵

Come September, school's back on, and 8 weeks later, our COVID cases are back up. Our hot and dry weather continues, and hurricane season is wilder than ever. If your heart is pounding, you're not alone.
Autumn's arrival also brings a new seasonal learning program, and with everything going on in the world, we're focused on keeping calm. This Fall: Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply replenishes the oxygen in our bodies, offers a burst of freshness to our minds and perspective, and allows us to collect our thoughts. Our Fall Program will explore the joys of stepping back... and putting your best foot forward, too! It's okay not to know what to do when situations are overwhelming, and it's definitely okay to take a moment before we speak. 

In fact, it turns out that time is the most important thing we can give to children developing their language abilities. When frustrations mount, teaching kids to pause, to breathe through the emotions, and to put their feelings into words, seems to take forever, but this week, we're highlighting the reasons it's worth the wait. 

Finally, as we head into a new season, with new risks, challenges, opportunities, and mandates, you may be pleased to know that Buddings will be hosting a staff training day, all about de-escalating tough situations. Or you may not, as it does mean that both centres will have to be closed on Friday, Sept. 3.

Apologies for the inconvenience, Friday fams, but this... <breath> is important.

Daycare Values - in action - Sept. 3, 2021

This fall, Buddings marks our 10th year of flexible educational childcare - for more than 2,000 families! Which means, I've also been training Buddings teachers, and sharing this newsletter for 10 years already! (A party is pending...)

When we started, the two teachers and I talked and learned together, and developed strategies for how we would teach. New staff added their experience, and our company values became more clear. Now, that accumulated insight guides our teachers' behaviour, which we know influences the children's behaviour, and families' experience as well. 

On Sept. 3, the centres will be closed so the current staff can make a day of it, and since communication is one of our values, this fall, we're sharing our guidance strategies on our blog, as well. 

Fostering Communication: it takes time

In daycare (and in life?), getting our needs met means asking for them, in the right way. When children don't have words, or can't get them out, or people don't understand, it can be frustrating!

When given time, to collect themselves, and breathe, kids learn that their ideas are important, and their feelings are valid. 

This week, we present our top tips for fostering communication. Some are obvious, or intuitive, and some... just take time. Have a look, and try them out!

What's happening at daycare with COVID?

The BC Provincial Health Officer's recent announcement that proof of vaccination will be mandatory for many recreational activities after Sept. 13, 2021 does not apply to families at daycare. We are an "Essential" service, like healthcare, and groceries, and we hold that responsibility very highly. 

While not required, vaccination protects us, and GREATLY REDUCES the likelihood of infecting our vulnerable community members, especially those who cannot be vaccinated. To protect them, we ask that everyone who can choose, make responsible decisions before attending at Buddings. Consider stopping at daycare before you head to the supermarket, or dropping older kids at school.

At this time, there has been no change to the Centre for Disease Control of BC childcare advisements: that young children are unlikely to be infected with COVID-19; and that childcare centres are "low risk settings." As such, there are no changes to families for our mask, handwashing, or one-at-a-time arrival policies to stay healthy. 

Luckily, whether it's the Delta variant, influenza, or the common cold, everyone can keep themselves safer this fall by washing hands regularly, maintaining 2m distance from people we don't know, and staying home when sick.

Since 1847, handwashing has been known to reduce the spread of germs. It's the first step in any disease prevention program, and at Buddings, it's also a soothing, knowable routine that kids can practice at least once an hour.

This week, Codie and Charlotte walk us through the steps in our new video! Click here, or the image above, for a sneak peek!

Stay safe out there!

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