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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Mar. 3, 2021

Clothing connections... in a pandemic

In the spring of 2014, Buddings hosted our first kids clothing swap at our Broadway centre, inviting families to swap and save on kids clothing, toys, and accessories. The first one was a spare affair, with about 16 participants... compared to our most recent one, at Storybook in 2019, where the line up at 11am went down the street and around the corner! 

While 2020 certainly changed a lot about how we move and where we go, it didn't change how fast kids grow! A year of cancelled events and staying home has meant their too-small stuff is in better condition than ever!

Buddings and help you pass it on!

On Mar. 21, 2021, we're bringing our popular kids swap event to the world... wide web! At!

Donating to the swap is easy, and contact-free!
Wondering how a swap can be zero-waste, and zero-contact? Check the video to find out!
Bring clean, size-sorted kids clothing and accessories to 203 - 950 West Broadway between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you fill our measuring box, you get $20 to spend on the swap! Half a box is $10, and 2 boxes is $40. At this time, the maximum credit per donation is $40.

We're building an online catalogue, and almost everything on the site will be just $2/item. Shoes, shirts, and shorts for summer! Socks are 2 pairs for 2 bucks, and some larger items may be as much as $5. But making money isn't the point. 

Redistributing kids stuff, to families that can use them, is the point, whether it's the right size, right price, or you just want to see that sweet sweater get loved up in a new home. 

Seeking Volunteers!

Do you want to help us make a long-term reality? Aïda Soldevila, the Broadway daycare manager, is coordinating the project, and she's looking for volunteers to help get the e-store ready for the launch. Get in touch with her here!

Do you know an organization that supports families? Or an outlet looking of community-minded volunteer opportunities? Please get in touch! 2Loops is a Buddings Daycare initiative, but we want it to belong to the people who use it. 

2Loops launches on Mar. 21, 2021. Follow us on Instagram!

Zero-Waste Spring: Mar. 1 - May 28, 2021

Teaching children to care for the world begins with teaching them to about their place in it. Measuring our impacts is the first step to making sure they are positive, and this spring, we're taking a closer look at all the ways we interact with the world.

What we eat, how we move, and the things we make, affect the animals, plants, and world around us. It's all connected, and we have the tools to learn all about it!

The kids at Buddings are still toddlers and preschoolers (18 months to kindergarten), but as the company celebrates our 10th anniversary, we're aware of our wider responsibilities. 

To know the world is to love it, so we're getting back out there, with fieldtrips returning in April, and the wide open horizons before us!

Join us from Mar. 1 to May 28 as our spring program explores nature, humans, and the way they interact. Click here for program details, or here, to apply today.   

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