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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Mar. 30, 2022

Happy Nowruz! New Year in Spring!

Nowruz is the Persian New Year, celebrated in Iran, Afghanistan and throughout central Asia, on the first day of spring! It makes sense. Everything is new in the spring!

This season, we've had lots of new families joining our program, which means the mornings are filling up a bit further in advance. No worries! Buddings hours are released in waves, so families have 3 chances to book! Find them here

... but if you want to secure your spots, your best bet is to book them in advance. The calendars are open 3 months ahead... ;) 

This season, we're also introducing a personalized hours purchase option for families with specific needs for hours, sibling sets in daycare, or just need a bit of admin support. It's called Hours by Request, and you can find it on the Packages Tab starting this month.

Plus, the new season heralds the beginning of a new relationship with the COVID-19 virus... hopefully! 🤞

The mask mandate for adults in childcare settings was lifted this month, and we're pleased to welcome a return to families' friendly faces - in good health!

For this season, we will continue to social distance, and offer the cubby area to one family at a time, but will no longer be required to confirm children's health. 

With more friends, further adventures, and a world at our feet, we're also very excited to welcome the return of two Buddings teachers from days of old. Chelsea McArthur will be starting part-time at Storybook Buddings next week to cover some planned absences, and Marlin Ortiz Larios will be returning from her mat leave, and sliding onto our roster as the season gets hot! 

Check the stories below for all the details! 
March is over! Hop into spring!

New this Spring: Hours By Request!

Introducing our new pay-as-you-go option for families who:
  • Don't know exactly know how many they'll need ahead of time
  • Know exactly how many they need, and it's not a convenient package amount
  • Split hours up between siblings
  • Keep the accounts paid up - Thank you!
When you purchase Hours By Request - for $30 - our maximum monthly hours are credited to your account, so you can book what you need - by the 23rd of the month - and pay $20/hour for the amount you use.

Q: Is it cheaper? Or more expensive? 

It's definitely more administration on our end (hence the fee), but for families, the answer depends on your use.

If you use less than 12 hours, or if you buy and use any of our prepackaged... packages, it will be cheaper to buy them on the website as usual.

But if you sometimes lose hours transferring them, or buy multiple packages through the month, Hours By Request might be a better bet. Month by month, you can mix and match!

Our admin team manages family accounts all day long, so helping you with your hours and billing is easy for us. Choosing Hours By Request lets us know you want us to take it on, and authorizes us to bill you for the hours you use.

But if you want to pay as you go, you can, even by e-transfer. 
It's new, so there's a post on the blog with the rules. Try it out!

Updated COVID regs: Q + A

Big news in BC last week was the lifted mask mandates for indoor public settings, and the CDC echoed that in their guidance to childcare settings - updated on Mar. 18, 2022

Q. 1. Does that mean we can't wear a mask at Buddings? 

Answer: Of course not!

If you're an adult recovering from a cold or dealing with transmissible symptoms of any kind, covering your face keeps everyone safe, and provides a layer of protection for the wearer as well. Teachers, families, and children over 2, may continue to wear masks whenever they want. :)

The CDC also relieved childcare operators of the need to confirm a daily health check for children who attend. 

Q. 2. Does that mean kids can be sick at daycare now?

Answer: Of course not!  

Lessons learned in extraordinary times can keep us safe all the time. Our clarified sickness policies are as easy to remember as 1, 2, ... That's it. 

One symptom, in isolation, isn't necessarily cause for concern, but for children to attend at Buddings, two symptoms is too many. 

Our Sickness Policies are widely available, in our handbook, and via email to all new families. If you're looking for a refresher, find them here.

 Chelsea McArthur and Marlin Ortiz Larios return this spring!

The mornings are sure filling up, and we're excited to offer more spots for our busiest times, thanks to some extra support from two extra-special teachers - Chelsea McArthur and Marlin Ortiz Larios (pictured here). 

Both of them have worked with Buddings before and are returning from personal journeys to share what they've learned with us! We can't wait to welcome them back. Our blog has profiles for all our current teachers, and we'll be updating the posts for Chelsea and Marlin with their extra talents and tales. 

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