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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
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May 5, 2022

Staffing up to serve you better!

With new staff on the roster, and more spots available in the mornings and afternoons, we're (tentatively) getting ready to be hopping this summer. And the seasonal staff shake-up has already begun.

First the sad news: at the end of May, we say a fond farewell, and a "bon voyage" to our beautiful Broadway teacher Charlotte Blake, who is heading to Scotland for a year (or more!), to live, love, laugh the life abroad experience.

She's been a full-time presence on the floor for over a year, giving kids and families a familiar face each morning. She's played a huge role in making our Broadway centre the joyful, safe, beautiful place it is, and pushing our 2Loops store out into the world. Replacement will be impossible, but we are so proud and excited for her to be taking on yet another enormous challenge. Good luck, teacher Charlotte! We'll DEFINITELY miss you! 

Her last day will be May 27th, and she'll be at Broadway signing autographs and smiling for photos everyday until then. 

Luckily, even our newest teachers have been with us for months already - Welcome to the staff, teacher May! - and we are thrilled to welcome Lynn and Codie to the management team.

The dynamic duo were some of our only staff through the first pandemic year, when our team was small. They bring widely different skillsets, styles, and experiences, which combined perfectly and covers all the daycare bases.

They have tackled every new challenge of the past two years, and this summer, Lynn will be taking up the management at Storybook Buddings, with support and assistance (as always), from Codie.

Don't worry, Broadway fams, they will still be spending some time with you each week, and with senior manager Ayumi, at our headquarters, and for administrative, technical, promotional, or other assistance, you can still direct queries to Talia. 

More support at the top means we'll be looking for more, better ways to serve our customers. We're even expanding the ways we communicate, and the ways you can pay as you go!

Fieldtrips are doubling up this month, happening 4 days a week, between two centres, and are ever a few other news tidbits, so read on to learn more!

Introducing Teacher May

When she started considering switching her Langara major from Psychology to Childcare, May Nguyen applied to volunteer at Storybook Buddings, to help her decide if it was the right choice. After three months supporting the team, 3x/week, the answer is obvious to everyone, and we're excited to bring her on board for the summer!

In her time with us already, May is learning the enticing approach for rambunctious preschoolers, and the helpful advice to guide the curious toddlers. She's serious about study, and really invests in her learning, so she will be completing her daycare teacher training this month!

In more staffing news, Saya is away this month, so May's pitching in at Storybook, but she'll be rounding out the team at Broadway soon enough. Find all the team bios on our Staff Page.

New this Spring: WE text you!

With more working from home, and flexible schedules in 2022, it's no surprise that more families than ever are interested in licensed childcare on demand.

Keeping up with communication is one of our company values, and keeping up with the times is a Buddings commitment.

So starting in May 2022, we will leave a text message when we call. ;)

We know a missed call from daycare stresses you out, and more often than not, if you couldn't answer the phone, you won't be able to check messages either. 

Both of our centres have a cell phone, and in the interest of communicating quickly, we will leave the message by text. And in the interest of communicating quickly, unless it's a simple yes or no question, please CALL us back when you have a chance. 

Especially for day-of schedule changes, please continue to call the main lines for support and assistance. We are open from 8:45am to cancel your visit, with one hour's notice, but we do not cancel your hours unless you contact us, and can only guarantee cancellations with notification by phone.

Pay as you go, with Hours By Request

Introducing our new pay-as-you-go option for families who:
  • Don't know exactly know how many they'll need ahead of time
  • Know exactly how many they need, and it's not a convenient package amount
  • Split hours up between siblings
  • Keep the accounts paid up - Thank you!
When you purchase Hours By Request - for $30 - our maximum monthly hours are credited to your account, so you can book what you need and pay $20/hour for the amount you use, at the end of the month. Click here to learn more.

Afternoon fieldtrips! Now twice a week!

It's sunny! And warm! ... and also cool and rainy... but either way, we're heading out! With one more month of spring transitions, and all this practice, the kids and teachers are feeling confident about fieldtrips. We've been practicing polite passengership, and exploring the parks and libraries in our not-so-close vicinities. 

For the month of May, we're offering these out of centre experiences twice a week at each centre! If you sign up for both ($80/mo.), not only can you double your hours allotment, your child can enjoy these real world experiences almost every day!

Our seasonal program of play and learning has great activities in centre too. Click here to see our Spring Into Nature program lineup.

Plus! Watch this space! Our flexible summer camps will be announced here first!

Please! Label your things!

Quick heads up for all the new fams (and a reminder for the pros), with more outings, water bottles, lunch kits, shoes, coats, and hats are on and off more often. Labeling everything helps us "remember" which is who's. 

Stickers, tags, or plain old hand writing, clear and visible on the item also helps the children recognize their own name, but especially, it helps the teachers put your stuff back on the right tray. And helps us reduce loss, contamination, and allergen exposure.

If there's no name on your kit, or the label is faded, or the name is too small, we will need to make it more clear. We do this in legible "permanent" handwriting... but it still washes off over time. :(

Label Bubble is a Canadian company that ships labels for free within Canada, of no affiliation. We haven't tested their products, so don't know how long they last, but their website recommends labeling shoes, bottles and hats, which would be AMAZING.

But fancy labels are not required! A simple permanent marker is your clearest, longest lasting, cheapest bet.

And did you know?

Permanent marker ink can be dissolved with dry erase marker ink. Just colour over, and wipe away. Or nail polish remover. If it hasn't gotten lost, the names can be edited and enjoyed for years to come. Or until it gets broken.

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