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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Dec. 21, 2021

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for sharing this year!

Tonight is the longest night of the year, and the first day of winter. Our planet's journey around the sun is almost over... there are just 3 jam-packed days before daycare holidays begin on Dec. 24! The centres will be closing on Friday for our winter holidays this year, returning to action on Tuesday Jan. 4, 2022! 

In the meantime, teachers and kids are getting into the holiday mood, with a winter program that has them expressing themselves in art, crafts, dance, and words! Our 2022 Winter Expressions program began on Dec. 5, and it's going on until the end of February. 

Last issue, we introduced our new Tik Tok account, with a short video to meet our teachers. This week, the account has some new content, about taking safe walks. We're having a lot of fun creating content for the video platform, and in the new year, we'll be taking requests! 

Have a question about daycare safety, policies, or how we do it? Reply to this email to have them answered in 2022!

Just want to know what's happening in the rest of 2021? Read on, below!

New Program: 2022 Winter Expressions

Snow flakes, and breath puffs, frosty fields, and frozen puddles! December is here, and it's definitely winter! Which is why both Buddings centres have turned their attention to the effects and expressions of our new season! 

The climate is changing, and more storms are keeping us indoors more often! What better time to slip out the scissors, turn on the tunes, and share the love? Express yourself this winter! On Fridays, we'll be crafting up the storms, and on Tuesdays, discovering the meanings in movements. A wave of the hand... A tilt of the head...? And 15 sign language sayings that you can teach your kids for communication without words! 

It develops over the weeks, and we're sharing all the feels on our website! :) 

Introducing: Buddings on Tiktok!

The year end is a natural time to reflect on what worked, and to plot our new course, so as 2021 comes to a close with close to 800 million people subscribed to Tik Tok (banned in China!), there's a lesson to be learned about the value of video - not to replace, but to supplement! 

That's why the team at Buddings has been putting together helpful how-tos, and snippets of snacks, and sharing them on our new Tik Tok account! And you can view them without signing in!

For years, teachers have been fielding questions about taking to the field - on walks. How do we do it? Safely? By being prepared! Check out the do's and... just the do's, of safe walks at daycare! 

And watch for more videos in 2022. 

Have a question or suggestion for our next reel? Email it to us so we can share them in the future!

2Loops reaches Vancouver Moms!

This season, through funding provided by the Alacrity Business Development Program, our children's clothing swap and shop is reaching more Vancouver Moms!

Our initiative is being featured on the popular local parenting site and since it went up, traffic went up by 24%, orders increased by 80% over the previous month, and most importantly, more than half our website visitors are returning for more! 

Find their story here!

We've been helping Buddings families recycle their clean, sorted children's items for years, but since we moved it online, one mom says she uses it monthly, saving money, and engaging her children in sustainability. Thank you so much Anh, for sharing your story! 

Have questions? Or ideas to help us grow? Want to volunteer? Contact our coordinator, Aïda, at

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