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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Apr. 1, 2021

Spring Safely! Boing! Boing! Boing!

Jump! Skip! Bounce!

This spring, the kids, centres, programs, and teachers have been hopping! We're taking an extra long weekend to get ready for the April downpour! 

Our Zero Waste March Mission: to Save Water, has the kids washing and watching their consumption. With near hourly hand cleanings, it's the number one area we can improve. Explaining that wasting any resources as a bad habit that hurts the Earth helps all the kids get on side, and to be honest, their attention to cleanliness has also increased! You know we love a triple win ;)

With so much to learn, and so many friends to teach, we're spreading the love, with more afternoon spots, starting in April! 

Mornings are active times for many children, and daycare really bounces from 9 to noon! Snacks! Morning Show! Playing at the park! 

But warmer weather is calling and our afternoons are piles of fun! Afternoon walks, healthy baking, and a range of projects especially for preschoolers! If you find blued out hours during prime time hours, join us for the afternoon instead! More PM placements! Starts today!

Join us in our Save the Environment Challenge!

For the duration of our Zero Waste Spring program, we've been tackling various urban environmental challenges, including reducing our plastic containers, and recycling food pouches. We've been thinking of ways to save water, electricity, and slowing ourselves down on a daily basis, to give ourselves time to connect. 

Saving the Environment is our Tuesday theme, but it's also a way of life. Incremental, CONSISTENT change towards safer, less wasteful practices, and age-appropriate expectations are helping us at Buddings tackle climate change. Follow us on Instagram to find out how!

 PS, one of our favourite Earth saving activities is our daily "quiet challenge," where we shut off the lights, relax our bodies, and just be...

It takes repetition, but this daily practice builds up. We started with 20 seconds at Storybook, and these days, we're up to almost 3 minutes of calm, quiet rest periods that the preschoolers can draw on to regulate themselves, and "save the environment". ;)

"How did the swap go?"

It's still going on, and people are loving it! We've had 191 referrals from our Facebook posts alone! 11 swappers on Mar. 21 has grown to 56 registered users in 10 days - a 400% increase! We've already fulfilled 13 orders, putting us in the top 17% of stores that opened the same week as us, and an amazing visitor-to-customer ratio, according to Shopify's stats. 

Of course, the fact that all our items are priced $2 - $5, and most of our first users got their orders for free might be padding our numbers... ;)

Come check out the store and subscribe to our newsletter, from the homepage to keep in touch!

This week, we had our first photo volunteer, and Aida is working on her very first newsletter! Follow our progress from the beginning. Click the link above to subscribe now!

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