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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
June 21, 2021

Sun salutations - as close as we can get!

It's the equinox! This journey around our solar neighbour hits a peak on June 21, and the whole summer season stretches out before us like a sunset shadow - at 10pm!

The hotter it gets, the easier it is to talk to the kids of all ages about our global condition - warming :(

Our Out of the Storm Program tackles the issues every Tuesday in our hot take: Hot Earth Summer! Through art, outings, videos, and pure appreciation, we're talking Climate Change: causes, impacts, and SOLUTIONS. Don't be surprised if your kids come home inspired to change the world! 

It may seem like a huge task for the preschoolers (and it IS!), but we all make impactful choices every day, starting first thing in the morning, with what we eat.

Our commitment to tiny carbon footprints is a factor, but at Buddings, SAFETY is more than a value, it's a lifestyle. This week, we're pleased to share the behind the scenes of our snacking, safety, and sustainability policies. 

... just in time to implement them for a farewell picnic for our Broadway manager, Aïda Soldevila, who's last day with us is this Friday. Watermelon! Lemonade! Music and snacks! Join us, on June 25 at Kingcrest Park for an open air get together from 6 - 7pm to send her off in style!

Lather up today, and stay hydrated! The sun is as close as it gets! 

Happy Summer!

Sail away with us this summer!

Our summer program, Out of the Storm - celebrates #pride, colour, and being true to yourself. 

Codie's blog post about our summer topics is up, from science and magic and climate change, to self-love, artforms, and word games! Check it out, and follow us on Instagram! (We're almost at 800 followers! Thank you!)

:Daycare Directions for Safe Snacks

Children with life-threatening allergies are among us, and everyday, the Buddings teachers make sure everyone eats only what they should - for health, safety, and sustainability.

How do we do that?

It starts with the :Daycare Directions Form. Find it here

We ask families to share their preferences upon registration, and we consider the impacts of our choices:

Almost 6% of Buddings kids currently carry epinephrine shots for peanuts - whether for a known allergy or as a precaution. Our 10 year average is less than 3.3%. Which means peanuts can be a sustainable protein source for 94% of children.

Plus, Buddings cares for kids with anaphylactic wheat, tree nut, egg, and seafood allergies, not just peanuts, plus dairy sensitivities, and various reactions. We also want to respect family religious practices, and personal preferences, and live in balance with the world, exploitation-free!

Banning peanuts doesn't align with our values, but we're thrilled to align with more than 10% of families who prefer to avoid animal meat products. See the stats, and all the snack details on our website: Snacks and Sustainability

Adiós a Aïda! But not goodbye! - June 25

Aïda Soldevila's dynamic energy, passion, and creative content has been shaping our policies and programs since 2018.

She's coordinated our 2021 zero waste initiative to be contact-less and paper-free, and even though she's moving to the island this summer, we don't need to let her go!

As our new Sustainability Coordinator, she'll be on the planning and communication side, which can be done remotely! Follow her journey by subscribing to the 2loops newsletter.

Before Aïda heads off, we're having a picnic, and hope you'll join us! Her last day is June 25, so we're meeting up after, at Kingcrest Park, near the playground, from 6 - 7pm.

Aïda will be keeping her email, so if you can't make the party, feel free to catch up with her, at

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