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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Aug. 5, 2021

Thank you, trees, for the air we breathe...

August is coming in hot! ... Really hot. And dry. After more than 7 straight weeks without rain, the city's trees are wilting and our parks are brown and crispy. There has never been a more important time to be thinking and talking about sustainability. 

As our 2021 Zero Waste Year rolls into summer with a drought, we are still saving water, and reducing consumption, as well as learning what we, as individuals, and as a small team, can do to make sure our impact on the world is positive. 

Starting with watering the trees. 

As we learned in our Tuesday Hot Earth Summer class, we need trees to make the oxygen we breathe, and they need water.  In order to bring the urban forest canopy back up, the City of Vancouver has planted hundreds of thousands of young trees, and this year, they need our help. 

The city is urging residents to leave a hose trickling, away from the trunk, but under the canopy, for 10 minutes per day, in the early morning, or evening. Even a bucket of water, at those times, offers the trees an important drink, that won't be evaporated away. (They also have the VanConnect app, where you can report malfunctioning water fountains, pipe breaks, and other civic concerns.)

Sharing a simple daily activity, to take care of our world, teaches children to look beyond themselves, and through their open eyes, we can all learn something, too. 

There is a 60% chance of precipitation starting tonight, and if it's still raining for our 11 'o clock walk tomorrow, we'll be out there dancing for joy! Go for it! You'll dry.

Daycare news continues below.

Storybook Karate Camps, Fridays 1 - 4pm

In August, Storybook Buddings is looking for ninjas and sports stars for our Friday afternoon Karate Class, presented by our friends from down the street, Josh and Vinny from Flow Martial Arts. Josh led our online karate class last summer, as well. Welcome back, sensei Josh!

(Omg. Can you believe we ran an online preschool last year?!?)

The guys have been leading a successful program of games and activities that also practice Discipline, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit, for years. Last year, even the teachers picked up some tricks.

Catch the masters at work! Join us starting Aug. 6, at Storybook, from 1 - 4pm! 

Nonmembers who wish to join for Karate Camp may do so by emailing to join in!

Get outta town... at Buddings Broadway!

Meanwhile, at Buddings Broadway, Ayumi's Japanese Camping class is exploring counting and languages, culture and traditions. 

Camping traditions? That must mean marshmallows! Set up your tent by logging in and joining them, from 1 - 4pm on Fridays.

Traffic on Broadway

The Broadway Subway Project is going forward, and in a few years, we'll be able to cross town sustainably, on a train!! We couldn't be more excited, or more proud to be a Broadway business. 

But first it needs to be built. Read about the construction project here.

This week, the access to Laurel Street off Broadway is closed. If you're coming into our Broadway centre, consider using 12th to travel East-West, and Oak, to turn right into the back alley, to avoid the snags. 

While construction continues, Buddings will be open, with two reserved parking spots at ground level at the back of the building, and a supervised bike rack available for fams on wheels. Families can leave strollers and trailers at Buddings while children attend.  

Introducing Veronica Ortiz

There's a new girl in town this summer, and she's making a splash! Veronica Ortiz Grande is a Psychology student at Trinity Western University, and a child care provider with 5 years of experience, including nannying in Vancouver, and working with toddlers to school age children in her home town, in El Salvador.

She's in training this season, working at both centres, and since she's quick and kind, and loves learning new things, we're sure she'll soon be a pro. Watch for her shining face at both centres this month, as she fills in for some of our teachers on holidays. 

Reach out to her at, and find all our teachers' bios on our staff page.

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