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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
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Feb. 23, 2022

March! Hop! Spring!

Welcome to all the new March lambs! Come in gently and calmly, with little frilly clouds, and a bright sun in a blue sky. Who could ask for nicer weather as we wrap out of our winter program, and prepare for the rebirth that comes in the Spring! 

March marks the one-year anniversary of, our online family store and children's clothing recycling initiative. In our first year, we've swapped over 700 items, putting us just shy of our 1000-item goal. But the groundwork has been laid, and the Broadway team is launching Phase II of the initiative this month! Starting with blasting through barriers to accessibility, by expanding payment options. 👀

It's also time to introduce our Spring Into Nature Program of play and learning - which runs Feb. 28 to June 3 - and RE-INTRODUCE our wildly popular fieldtrip program for Big Kids of all ages. 

The daily themes have your preschoolers exploring nature from the inside out, with walks in the park, capturing the moments, and a march, hop, spring-ing into the beautiful season to come. 

Read more below!

Coming Soon: Spring Into Nature

Celebrate our connection to the Earth with our Spring Back to Nature program, from Feb. 28 - June 3, 2022. There's no better time to engender a sense of wonder, joy, and protection for our world than while all the baby animals and plants are determinedly reaching toward the sun.

So this year, we're helping the children put their listening ears on, and start letting nature do the talking...

... Of course, language development is one of our top priorities with young children, and encouraging them to think about words, sounds, and patterns helps them appreciate communication even more! 

In the classroom, that looks like rhyming games, poetry, letters, and drawing attention to beauty of the world.   

The new season is a new phase in our pandemic experience, as well. One where safety remains front and centre, but wider experiences are on the horizon... Just a short bus ride away!

Before 2020, our preschool families said the fieldtrips to city parks and educational adventures to local shops were their kids' favourite part of daycare! And since we maintain our 1:4 ratio, the program is open to toddlers too, if they are awake between 1 - 4pm. ;)

With nature's flower parade about to begin, for the first month, we'll be taking short bus trips to local parks to enjoy (and photograph) the colours and smells! Visit the blog for more details.

Fieldtrips are optional, and have no extra cost. Just find the icon on the booking calendar, and choose the hours from 1 - 4pm, or more. A permission slip on arrival will provide travel plans and further details. 

Ask about the schedule next time you're at either centre. Or, follow us on Instagram for pics and adventures.

Spring into Spring - with 2loops!

We began the Family Store project with the belief that families wanted to see their children's items passed on, rather than discarded, when kids outgrew them. A year into the experiment, we are correct. 

We've received - no exaggeration - thousands of items in donation to the project. Every month, when we open donation days, Buddings families and our network have more than they can use.

They are happy to receive credit for toys, clothes and books on the site - all priced between $2 - $5 - and happier still to know we can pass their memory-filled items on.  

But in the same year, we've only seen 709 items go out the doors...

We've been playing with different advertising strategies and pricing schemes, but when it comes to moving the items out, we haven't reached the right audience. 

This month, we're trying expanded payment options. Introducing NO-CREDIT-CARD required shopping. Just choose your items, choose Cash on Delivery for payment, and pay when you collect within one week.

2loops wants children's items to remain in circulation... not in our storage room. 

If you know of any organizations that support families needing good quality children's items, please let them know about 2loops! 

Reaching beyond our existing network, we still hope to reach our 1000-item goal before the end of March. Email if you'd like to help us get there.

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