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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
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Dec. 1, 2021

♪ ♬ Bells will be ringing ♫

The month of November has poured out, and it's already over, but a lot has happened since our last issue!

This week, we welcome December with a new program of play and learning, a new teacher, Saya Yasuragi, and we introduce her and all our teachers, with our new TikTok account! 

We're kicking off our 2022 Winter Expressions program next week, and from behind our newly mandated masks, the teachers are smiling from ear to ear. It's a social-emotional, artistic exploration of feelings, colour, and climate change (of course!). 

... Wait! 

A new daycare mask mandate, at this point?

It comes as a surprise to us, too! Until Nov. 24, teachers and children in childcare settings were not recommended to wear masks - for a lot of reasons - but that all changed last Thursday. 

Now, families can choose to have children over 2 years wear masks at daycare, but all adults should wear them unless: identifying themselves; alone; eating; or teaching with their mouths. Infants under 2 should not wear masks.

The CDC's new guidelines to childcare observe that children continue to be at a low risk of contracting COVID-19, even with the newly discovered variants, especially when 2-shot vaccination rates across Vancouver for those over 12 years are over 92%. Community immunity is working for us here!

Great job, everyone!

Winter coughs and colds are caught in masks, too, and we thank everyone for observing our sickness policy. The holidays do drive us more closely together, to tighter indoor spaces... to make gifts and share love!

So let's look on the bright side, and stay kind, calm, and safe. 


Introducing: Buddings on Tiktok!

This week, preschool teacher Saya Yasuragi joins the Storybook team, all the way from Japan! She was a volunteer with us back in 2019, and she's back in Vancouver to explore Early Childhood Education in Canada, and study English for a year. We love her already!

With 10 years of teaching experience, she arrives just in time. Our colourful girl Naida heads off for a holiday month in Europe, and momma-to-be Marlin will be taking maturnity leave when she gets back. 

... Wait! 
Which one is Marlin...?

How many teachers are there at Buddings this year, anyway? How can you know? You could check our staff bios, and read about them, but if video is more you speed...

<-- Click this pic!

Buddings is now on TikTok, with a staff video so you can meet the team! - no login in required :)

Our channel will feature tips and tricks that work, and various daycare activities. If you're on the platform, follow BuddingsDaycare to keep up. And if you're not, we'll also be adding them to our instagram, and our website, so you won't miss out. 

Plus! We're still on Youtube, where Marlin (pictured above) has posted our latest video - a helpful how-to for buying, booking, and cancelling hours, and paying invoices on our website. Just in time to pay off the November snack invoices that go out today ;) 

The future is video... and it's here!

New Program: 2022 Winter Expressions

Starting Monday, Dec. 5, both Buddings centres will be turning their attention to the effects and expressions of our new season: Winter! 

The climate is changing, and more storms are keeping us indoors more often! What better time to slip out the scissors, turn on the tunes, and share the love? Express yourself this winter! On Fridays, we'll be crafting up the storms, and on Tuesdays, discovering the meanings in movements. A wave of the hand... A tilt of the head...? And 15 sign language sayings that you can teach your kids for communication without words! 

It develops over the weeks, and we're sharing all the feels on our website! :) 

New COVID-19 guidelines for Childcare

Just when you thought we were conquoring COVID, the new rules for childcare settings put us back in the hot seat. But why?

With new daily cases dropping below 300 for the whole province this week, and an almost 70% decrease in the Vancouver Coastal region over last week (including 32% decrease in children under 10), the requirement announced on Nov. 24, that all adults in childcare settings should now wear a mask is "to align childcare with other public settings," not represent an increased risk.

The CDC's new guidelines to childcare observe that children continue to be at a low risk of contracting COVID-19, even with the newly discovered variants, and luckily for us, 2-shot vaccination rates across Vancouver for those over 12 years is over 92%. Community immunity is working for us here! Great job, everyone!

COVID vaccines for children as young as 5 are now available in Canada, and getting the shot is the recommendation for everyone who is eligible. 

Even still, cold weather and increased indoor gatherings do present opportunities for exposure to all kinds of bugs and germs, beyond COVID-19, and our 1-symptom sickness policy covers them all. Find the updated version here.

We know you've been staying home when sick, and day-of cancellations by phone (as little as one hour's notice!) are still a-okay! Thank you again for helping us all stay well. 

2Loops reaches Vancouver Moms!

This season, through funding provided by the Alacrity Business Development Program, our children's clothing swap and shop is reaching more Vancouver Moms!

Our initiative is being featured on the popular local parenting site and since it went up, traffic went up by 24%, orders increased by 80% over the previous month, and most importantly, more than half our website visitors are returning for more! 

Find their story here!

We've been helping Buddings families recycle their clean, sorted children's items for years, but since we moved it online, one mom says she uses it monthly, saving money, and engaging her children in sustainability. Thank you so much Anh, for sharing your story! 

Have questions? Or ideas to help us grow? Want to volunteer? Contact our coordinator, Aïda, at

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