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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
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Nov. 25, 2020

"40 hour limit has not been repealed"
- VCH licensing

This week, I'm excited to report updates on our quest for flexibility in childcare.

Our petition on <-- here, for handy signing ;) is approaching 1,500 and among those in the know, are childcare advocates and advisors. 

I was happy to join a Zoom call with spokespeople to some of BC's biggest childcare organizations, to share examples for how families rely on our flexible service. We discussed how flexible care could be included with the publicly-funded childcare. (!!)

The second NDP term, with a majority of the legislature to work with, has a mandate to fund and expand childcare in the province, and while COVID-19 is the priority for 2020, wheels in the background are turning. 

In the meantime, the Childcare Licensing Regulations were updated in 2020, and at the time of printing, under Section 2 (1)(f) Occasional Care Programs, part ii: the limit of 40 hours per calendar month, seems to have been repealed. (!!!) 

But not necessarily. The update took place back in June (with no fanfare), but says the rule was repealed in 2011. (??) The licensing office does not believe the restriction was repealed, and other government websites show no such update. 

At this time, after meetings and petitioning, it seems an administrative error may have changed the law in our favour! 

We are continuing to investigate the matter and will keep you posted!

What do you do?

It was a pleasure to speak with the thought-leaders on BC childcare, and an honour to be invited to represent you, the families we serve. 

This season, as we move to (re)expand our service, and in order to serve you better, we'd like to know: what do you do?

Childcare, by its nature, and existence, assumes parents have places to go and people to see. Things to do they can't do with young kids. That's why we're here. Conventionally, parents had to "work". 

Your kids want to be just like you!

Our occupations become a part of our identity, and give us a place in society. This season, the kids in our Brave New World (of play) program will be learning that how we spend our days can define who we are in life. 

Since Buddings families are distinctly unconventional, we wonder what you do. Do you work from home? What's your occupation? And when does flexible care come into play?

Capture a moment from your child's daycare experience and share it with us through this questionnaire. Did you make a big deadline? Close a sale, finish a product, presentation, or podcast, as a result of flexible care? Let us know!

Helping children, and policy makers, better understand the needs and occupations of families who use flexible care makes for better representation in practice and play! Our program can reflect our families, and our promotion can attract our people. Please, share your story! 

COVID Changed the World (of play)

As businesses hunker down for another season of on again off again operations, the new mask mandate has led to questions about masks at daycare. 

Dr. Henry's advisements to the general public are being followed by Buddings teachers and staff, when in public. When at daycare, we follow the instructions specifically directed to us from our licensing office and BC Centre for Disease Control. 

Those do not require or even recommend masks and PPE for staff at daycare outside of what would normally be worn in the course of duties (cleaning bodily fluids, etc.). 

As you may have heard, masks are now mandatory inside all public areas, but not for children in childcare, and prohibited for children under 2 years of age.

"Children are not the primary drivers of COVID-19 spread in child care facilities, schools, or other community settings." ~ CDC

As our cubby area is in use by only one family at a time, it is not "common" nor is it "public", but guardians are of course welcome to wear masks for pick up and drop off, and we are greatly appreciative to all the families for their patience and understanding while waiting outside. 

As always, if you or your child are not feeling well, you can cancel your visit with one hour's notice, by calling the centre. Your hours will be returned to you for use when you're feeling better. Get well soon!

Is it safe to go to daycare?

With cases on the rise, questioning the need to leave your house is a great way to start the day! For many, working from home is a safer option, and many more have had to make other adjustments. 

Buddings has been providing a safe place for kids to play for almost a decade, and during the pandemic... our priority hasn't changed. 

Want to know how we do it? 

Join us in December for one of our 4 webinars about joining flexible daycare safely, and effectively. Sanitizing the toys, keeping foods separate, and proper handwashing keep the kids safe and healthy, and our flexible booking database means we always know who's in the house, and how many spots we have left. 

To participate, click this link and register now.  

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