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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Jan. 11, 202... 2 

Here we are: in 2022!

The new year is in with a bang, and there's nothing to do but jump in with both feet! This winter, as the weather outside turns frightful, the lights and heat at both our centres are warm and shining.

Buddings is open when you need us, and even kindergarten kids can come play all day when schools close for snow, PD days, and March break. Adding your school-age child to your existing daycare membership is free, and gives big kids a back up place to play for whatever 2022 throws at you. Plus, if you refer a friend, you both get 3 hours free!

Celebrate the season with crafts and culture (like our Winter Around the World class on Wednesdays!), and bundle up so that daily outings are just a walk in the park. 

There's so much to love about winter! All you need is boots! And a hat. And mitts. 

Staying safe and warm this season may also mean staying home when sick, and we are so appreciative for the families (and teachers) who have been taking care and consideration for your friends at daycare. 

In centre, we sanitize the space three times a day, cycle the toys through the high-temp dishwashers, and most importantly, wash hands frequently. Our teachers are double-, and even triple-vaccinated, and our pandemic program teaches kids about social distance, covering coughs, and keeping themselves and others healthy - in the social context.

And since our numbers are very low at this time of year, there's lots of room for distancing...

Unfortunately, while the pandemic has turned a new corner, many of the funding programs for impacted businesses are running out. We know we're all going to get through this eventually, but to keep the doors open, and the teachers employed, our hourly rates have to rise with the times. 

But we're giving you 3 months to lock in at our 2021 rates, if you buy your hours before February. 

This month, Lynn is also explaining the next steps in the push to get occasional care funding for families. Last season, we heard from the province about consultation happening this year, and her first blog post is about the research project she and Ayumi are taking on, to better understand the hold-ups. 

These wintery, icy conditions have us sliding into 2022 at high speed. Be safe out there!

New Program: 2022 Winter Expressions

Did you know there are no young children in Svalbard - one of the most northerly parts of the world?

That's because they don't have a maternity hospital.

You never know what you'll learn when you engage young children in experiencial learning, like we do, with our weekly Wednesday focus on culture - Winter Around the World. 

We'll be exploring world festivals, landscapes, and celestial events, as we take a look at the season across the globe. Follow us on Instagram for pics and adventures.

Factors of Our Fees

In 2021, the corporate world saw a monumental shift in employee standards. Hundreds of thousands of people resigned from their jobs, and those who remained demanded pay increases, and better conditions. 

Good for them!

The cost of living in Canada increased by 4.4% in 2021 - the highest single year increase in 18 years. Transportation, housing, food, and utilities were all factors, and while staff need to manage the increase, so do businesses.

As a Living Wage Employer, Buddings has always understood that keeping great staff means paying them for their commitment. Early Childhood Education is not an easy job, and good teachers are not easily replaced. To provide the care families expect, we invest in training, and the longer teachers stay on, the more valuable they become. 

Here in BC, government programs recognize that value, and provide a $4/hour wage enhancement to full and part-time programs, but not to Buddings. We compete for the best teachers from a disadvantaged position, and since our families are also disqualified from income supports, the only way to make up the difference is through our fees. 

As you may know, we've been petitioning the Provincial government to change that since 2014 (but the above link is from 2020). This month, Lynn has a blog post about how that's going, and where she and Ayumi hope to take the fight in 2022. 

Find her first blog post here

$22 in '22...

Starting on Feb. 1, our hourly rates will be increasing by $2, from $16 - $20 (where they've been since 2018) to $18 - $22. 

We usually allow 2 months advance booking, but starting today, if you know you'll be attending the centres through the spring, you can save that $2 by purchasing up to 40 hours for February, March, or April before the end of the month. 

Unused hours are transferred into the next month on the 1st, minus a 2-hour deduction - waived once a year with your annual Get Out of Jail Free card

The new rates are listed on the Costs Page of our website, but the 2021 fees will remain in effect on the Purchase tab of the Member Account until Jan. 31, 2022.

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