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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Oct. 8, 2021

Take a moment...

This week, the air is suddenly crispy. The October transition from early fall to moody, spooky autumn has definitely begun, and we're celebrating it at Buddings with a friendly daycare-decor contest between centres, and a Halloween party all day on Oct. 29!

Watch on Instagram as the month progresses, and join our new marketing committee when Buddings jumps onto Tiktok later this season! 

The committee is re-emerging as the team at Buddings finds the groove. Our newest teachers, Marlin, Naida, and Veronica, have all been with us for at least a month, and now that they're getting the hang of the systems and routines, they're all eager to contribute to our wider company goals, as well! We're very excited to introduce them to you, and having a lot of feelings about moving into this 10th season with such a wonderful group.

This 2021 year, on top of everything else, has also been a series of mini-milestones for Buddings, but the official 10-years in operation anniversary is coming up on Nov. 18.

This year, we also transitioned to a Benefit Company, "committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable way, and promoting a social benefit." We chose to help families avoid waste, and have spent 2021 learning about, and practicing, the zero waste lifestyle. Transparency is part of accountability, so we're sharing our impact assessment with you, as well. 

The 2Loops Family Store is part of that initiative!

2loops is an online shop and swap for recycling good quality children's items. With Halloween around the corner, October is the perfect time to check in! 

Fall is the season of change, after all!

Join us in watching the frost recede in the mornings, and the leaves fly in the breeze! Don't forget to send hats and mitts and boots! ;)

And watch out for spiders!

New faces this fall!

The change of season in September always brings so many new opportunities and routines, it flies by in a flurry. By October, we've had a chance to feel each other out, and fall into step. And to get all the new bios up on the blog ;)

Introducing: Naida Bertelsen

If you've just been finding your own routines at either centre, you may have run into our creative and colourful new teacher, Naida Bertelsen. And if you've been attending for a while, you may remember her from the spring/summer, when she did her college practicum at our Broadway centre. 

Naida is taking the Early Childhood Educator's program at Vancouver Community College, and gaining experience in the field at Buddings! She's an open-ended artist, avid (vegetarian!!) baker, and commuter cyclist! And more! 

Welcome to Storybook, Marlin Ortiz Larios

Marlin Ortiz Larios has a career of experience in administration and human services, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University, and a sense for human behaviour that you can't learn.

Marlin's voice guides the children towards social success, and her smile defies defiance. She may be new, but she's already got a few fans among the kids, so you'll be hearing all about her very soon!

Veronica Ortiz Grande is here to help!

One more, not-so-new part-time teacher, Veronica Ortiz Grande, joined us earlier in the fall, and while she completes her Psychology degree with Trinity Western University, she's also filling in the gaps in our schedule at Buddings! 

Veronica is a quick study, and keen to step up!

In fact, all three of these new-to-you teachers have arrays of talents we feel lucky to have attracted! Find their bios on the blog, and watch our social channels for the fruits of their efforts - coming soon! 

2Loops Family Store is ready for fall!

As sweater weather approaches, and Halloween creeps closer, families can save money and recirculate clothing, with our online family store - 2loops! The initiative invites Vancouverites to drop off their too-small, and unneeded stuff for the next size up, and items you need and want! 

Just a couple of month since the launch, we're half-way to our 1000-item goal, and looking to spead the news! Click here to check out the store, and feel free to share it to any friends and families with growing kids! 

Have questions? Or ideas to help us grow? Want to volunteer? Contact our coordinator, Aïda, at

10 years of Buddings

With everything we've got going on this fall, it's actually incredible to imagine that this is our 10th autumn in operation! 

Incorporated in Feb., we opened our doors at Buddings on Broadway on Nov. 18, 2011!

<-- In Oct. 2011, it still looked like this!

Back then, no one had heard of on-demand, online booking for hourly, licensed childcare, and it made a few headlines! We've been highlighted multiple times in the decade since then, for our unique service, and flexible model.

In 2021, we transitioned to a Benefit Company, and I'm so proud of the year(s) we've had 

A lot goes on in a decade and you're invited to take a look back, by visiting my 10-year introspection post, on the blog.  

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