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We acknowledge that the land where Buddings operates is unceded territories of the First Nations People. It is our privilege to live in such beauty and in safety.
We are grateful. 
Mar. 15, 2022

Spring Showers Bring in the Flowers!

Splish! Splash! Bring boots to daycare this week, so we can jump in with both feet, to celebrate the season! With weather wear for all (from!), we're ready for all the spring has to offer! Adventures! Friendships! And a world in renewal! It may be raining, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful.

This season, we are so excited to re-introduce our very popular fieldtrip program, with up to 8 spots available for kids to venture forth - on busses! - with their teachers, to some of our city's most beautiful parks. 

A lot of kids are also born in the spring, which means a lot of our buddies are turning 2 this season, and starting to show signs of potty-readiness. If you have questions about making the move, Buddings is happy to help! The post on our website explains how we do it, and this week, the Broadway team is putting together a tips and tricks video for our TikTok channel.

Speaking of TikTok, as we engage the wonderful world of moving pictures to learn and share what we know, the kids are starting to turn heads! Our non-identifiable photos policy is still in place, so if you notice some smiling faces in our videos, please know that it is WITH PERMISSION! Check below to see how you can join our list of Buddings STARS!

The rain is falling which means in a few weeks, the buds will be budding! Can't wait! March! Hop! Spring! 

Here we go!

Venture forth!

Before the pandemic, taking the kids out on Vancouver's famous transit system to explore the further reaches of our city was a huge part of our educational program. For many, the bus was the highlight of the trip! Packing a picnic, and taking transit made the whole world our classroom, and wherever we went, everyone smiled. 

We can't wait to get back at it! ... and we definitely want to get back on time, too. So we're starting slow.

This month, the kids and teachers are taking the bus to a park within walking distance - from both centres - Clark Park North. From Storybook, it's a quick slide down Knight Street (bus 22) to the south side entrance, and from Broadway, it's a hop, skip and a jump across town on the 19. 

Login to either centre to find the dates for our March outings, and watch for April and May adventures to be added later this month.

Fieldtrips will usually run from 1 - 4pm and are always OPTIONAL. Families will find a permission form at the sign in station with the route and location when they arrive. Even in inclement weather, we'd like to head out for practice. The time spent at the park may be shortened, but taking the bus is the best part!

Did I mention fieldtrips are optional? 

No fieldtrips is no problem!

There will always be spaces in-centre for the afternoon nappers, and others.  

And when sunnier skies bring back UV rays, we'll be asking that families lather up before children enter the space. An all-natural sunscreen is at the front entrance, and we reapply if we go out 3 hours after the first round, unless you ask us not to. Want to bring your own cream? Absolutely no problem. Just leave it on the tray, and let the teachers know. 

TikTok Tuesdays! at Broadway!

At Buddings, we're always looking for new ways to engage and teach, and in 2022, the hottest trend is video! TikTok is not only for silly dance videos and food how-tos (although it's FULL of those!). It's also a fun, fast platform to edit videos, and answer questions!

And these days, everyone has questions about Potty Training! As always, the first step is to create a routine, and you can find our popular song and dance here.

But this month, the TikTok Tuesday Team at Broadway - Charlotte, Veronica, and Codie - will be releasing some daycare tips on making the move to underpants! We'll have the final edit to share with you soon, or you can follow us on TikTok or Instagram to catch it when it drops.

Thanks to families who have permitted us (in writing) to post more than 50% of their children's likeness. Their smiles make the videos shine! If you'd like to join the list, email us to sign on.

Our social media photo policy is here, and part of our Consent to Policies, and includes our commitment to only using images that show the children in positive light.

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