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Robo Workout!
Hello again, Tech Bandits family and friendlies!

Thanks for the feedback on my last emailing.  I'm hoping to solve some of my previous formatting woes by creating and using a Mailchimp mailing list this time around ... admittedly, something I was told to do AGES ago by my amazing DIY BioHacker friend, Josiah Zayner! (You can check out his exciting BioTech classes, Tools and Tech, some of which I'm hoping to add to the Tech Bandits mix here: ...oh, and he's got a mailing list too! :)
Another very talented writer friend of mine, suggested that I remind people what this Tech Bandits thing is all about and why I'm doing it...a Tech Bandit manifesto, so to speak...and since he's also really persuasive, I feel compelled to heed his words too...I'm a born leader?! ;-)

Curiosity is contagious. Tech Bandits is about inspiring excitement and passion for Science Technology, Engineering Arts and Math.  Our club is a magnificent, mad, mess of curiosity driven exploration that follows random inspiring STEAM connections...often with a focus on assistive tech.  Adaptive, and rehabilitative systems, for people with disabilities or the elderly, include a ton of crazy, cool, innovative, inspirations, including robotics, biotech, chemistry, programming, big data, AI, design and so much more... plus the Bandits really respond well to seeing the direct connection between the technologies they're playing with and improving their fellow human's lives. 

Contagious Curiosity - Inspired, Lifelong Learning

So...Whatcha think?  Are we going to rule the world, or what!?

Unfortuntately, we've got a PA day today so no Tech Bandits lunch learning this week, I'm afraid...Boo!  But I thought I'd put together a few Techletts for you and yours to nibble on in the meantime:

Houston Mechatronics Underwater Transforming Robot
Inspired by the Transformers movies... this scientist actually went looking for a problem he could solve by building one...  Check out this Houston Mechatronics underwater transformer in action! 
Houston Mechatronics underwater transformer in action!
If you could build anything you've seen in any movie or TV show, what would you make? How could you really build it?  What tools would you need to do it?  What would you need to know in order to make it happen?

Leeches anyone?
Leech Robot design
Here's a video of this, leech-inspired wall climbing robot design, in action! 
What would you steal from nature to make into cool technology?  What animal powers would you want?  Is there a way you could really do it using the tech and tools available today?  What would you need to know before you could make it so?


Or how about these folks, working on a hydrogen fuel cell powered robotic pizza delivery makes and cuts the pizza on the road!?

And finally... all good things must end... with video of another delicious AI powered pizza robot!

What other food could be prepared and cooked automatically during its delivery and what would your delicious design look like?  What's your favourite food?  Could it be made by robots...and if so, how?

As always, all comments, suggestions and especially DONATIONS are welcome!

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