PC Builds, inaugural WritingBandits, virtual VR holidays and my cursed die!

Hello Banditry fans! I just had to drag myself away from all the fun to tap out some updates for you!

Our amazing Tech Bandits Patreon, Dstat very generously sponsored a complete PC build for ThinkNoodles, one of our more engaged and vocal Bandits. She is absolutely over the moon about having been able to actually build her first gaming-worthy computer system, let me tell you!

Thanks so much to Dstat and all our Patreons, Twitch subscribers and supporters for making this kind of magic possible!

Despite my complaints about the weather…I can’t describe how how great (cold) it felt (and wet) delivering those PC components to ThinkNoodle’s lair (in my TechBandits mask!)…from 2 meters away…(well, jealous for one) ;-) !

Thanks so much as well to LordChunky, for his PC guru-ing and Allyn Malventano for the expert eye! If you want to watch us attempt the pre-build test and tear down, it’s right here!

TechBandits Dstat sponsored PC Build...It's no stargate. How hard can it be?

Recently, I really enjoyed doing a deep dive into VR tours that both inspire and entertain…a bid to help alleviate the travel lockdown here and get some variety into Bratlett’s VR gaming…so here’s my virtual tour of virtual tours!

Speaking of adventures…you won’t want to miss our latest Dungeons and Dragons Adventure…and amuse yourself with how cursed my die rolls are…even when handled by programming!? So appreicate the skills and patience fo the amazing James Gurney and his Dungeon mastery!

Techbandits D&D... Haunted armour...and cursed die!

And last, but certainly not least… our inaugural #WritingBandits session is taking place on Tuesday Jan 26th noon EST

Get yourself some Crowscratch!

…we’re very lucky to have a brilliant, and hilarious Film, TV and now self-publishing entrepreneur “Crowscratch” joining us to talk and offer some insights and advice into life as a professional writer… Details here!


The Tech Bandits are all about inspiring excitement and passion for Science Technology, Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM). Our club is a magnificent, mad, mess of curiosity driven exploration that follows random inspiring STEAM connections...often with a focus on assistive technology, adaptive, and rehabilitative systems, for people with disabilities or the elderly… and includes everything from gaming, streaming, robotics, biotech, chemistry, programming, big data, AI, design to so, SO much more.

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