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Volume Sixty, April 2021
Acting CEO: Graham Foster | PO Box 99, Dumbleyung WA 6350 | Phone: 08 9863 4012     
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IN THIS ISSUE: Budget Submissions, Discontinuance of Ward System and Reduction of Council Numbers, Funding Recap and Update, Water Projects Update and more...
Decisions from the Ordinary Meeting of Council held in Kukerin 15 April 2021.
  • Council formalised their commitment to delivering their identified projects in the Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network Priority 1 – 5 Year Delivery Plan.
  • A new mandatory policy that covers the appointment of local government Chief Executive Officers on terms less than one year including those in Acting capacity was adopted.
  • Pursuant to section 5.51A of the Local Government Act 1995, the Interim Code of Conduct for Employees (based on the repealed version), and prior to any model being made available from WALGA be received and that the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the updated Code of Conduct for Employees (Interim) is published on the Shire’s official website, as soon as practical.
  • Council accepted up to $40,000 cash contribution (excluding GST) from Stubbs Board of Management to use in conjunction with the $20,000 allocated through the project ready budget for Cost Benefit Analysis for the Stubbs Park Development; to further extend and engage the consultant, Mr. Mark Weller for the full service option totalling $60,000. Council invited Stubbs Park Board of Management to nominate members for a Stubbs Park Development Committee which will be established as a Committee of Council. Item 2 was rescinded from Motion 2021/1028 from the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 18 February 2021 as follows: “2. In the event that successful external funding is sourced to complete the $2,000,000 Stubbs Park Development project, commit funds via the most appropriate method at the time of funding approval including: (2a) Allocate $10,000 from the 2021/22 shire project ready budget as a project cash contribution and source up to $250,000 cash contribution from the Bain Estate Future Fund over the 2021/22 & 2022/23 financial years for a total project cash contribution of $350,000 or (2b) Obtain bank lending of $350,000 for project cash contribution.”
  • Late Agenda Item 15.1.1 – Development Application – Proposed New Telecommunications Infrastructure on Lot 9573 Dongolocking Road, Dongolocking was approved.
A message to standpipe water thieves.....
It is extremely disappointing that there has been a failure on behalf of some person or persons to indicate the water they have taken from various standpipes throughout the Shire. If it is accidental, it is extremely regrettable. If it is deliberate, then it is theft perpetrated against your neighbours and in these dry times, extremely selfish. Either way, it has a cost associated with it and your Shire has lost nearly $100,000 worth of water. That’s $100,000 that could have been spent on Community facilities, roads or dams.
Officers are now investigating the purchase and distribution of swipe cards for use by residents and businesses in the area and this will be considered in conjunction with the forthcoming budget. This in itself is an expensive exercise and it is upsetting that the actions of a small number of people can force everyone else into this position.
Graham Foster
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Water Projects Update

This month purchase orders were issued for the supply and install of an automatic 11kw electric pump at the Dumbleyung Sump Dam (behind the Men’s Shed). Currently this water is being pumped manually by staff with a petrol pump so this installation of the automated system will ensure seamless transfer of water from the sump dam over to the Town Dam near Stubbs Park.
A funding application has been submitted to the Community Water Supply Program to increase water supply through Dumbleyung Townsite existing dam upgrades.  If the application is successful; this work will achieve increased capture and storage for immediate impact. The dams are not a new source, however the intended improvements will increase the stored volume of water for future use and as a means to become less reliant on the comprehensive scheme.
Project activities include:
  • Repairs to the water capture area and inlet of the Dumbleyung town dam, including upgrade of the floor of the drainage line and carry out maintenance on the existing water catchment including reseal of failed areas, weed spraying and clearing scrub from catchment area.
  • Repairs to town dam and sump dam overflow walls.
  • Safety fence with gate to be constructed around the perimeter of sump dam to prevent public access.
  • Installation of a 250,000L to 300,000L Water Tank including pad.
The additional water captured due to these improvements will be used for maintaining the Stubbs Park sporting oval and the tennis courts and the installation of water storage will greatly assist in increasing volume for emergency service access.
Water Corporation Planned Temporary Water Supply Interruption - McKenzie St, Moulyinning Lot19-20 Res15904
On Wednesday 19th 9.00am to Thursday 20th 4.00pm, May 2021
Please be advised the Water Corporation is undertaking essential works in your area which will affect the water supply to your property and possibly the Fence Rd Standpipe. 
Please prepare for this interruption to your supply by making sure you have enough water stocked for the duration of the shutdown, for you and your livestock.
When supply is reinstated you may notice some temporary water discolouration or white water caused by excess air in the pipes. Please be assured this discolouration is harmless. Running an outside tap for a couple of minutes will help to clear the discoloured water.
If you experience prolonged water discolouration please contact the Water Corporation 24-hour call centre on 13 13 75. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we conduct these important works.
Funding Recap & Update
In 2020 the Shire of Dumbleyung were invited to apply for the Drought Communities Programme-Extension and the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program application bundles totalling $928,622.00. To determine which projects would be included in these bundles, the Shire called for expressions of interest (EOI’s) which closed in April 2020 for project ideas and received excess submissions to the funding allowance. A list of projects that fit the criteria was developed utilising projects from the EOI’s, Shire plans, future works and to reduce future costs with consideration toward eligibility, time/works timeframe along with obtaining written estimates. Commonality to both funding programs was that all funding was to be spent by 30 June 2021 with eligible projects stimulating the local economy via infrastructure. Last week it was announced that this funding deadline was extended until March 2022 coming as a welcome relief. Following Council approval of the project bundle list, projects were then submitted to the funding bodies and all projects were approved to commence from October 2020. The following project progress has taken place over the past 7 months since project commencement approval.
The Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program project bundle includes:
  • Stubbs Park Grandstand Changeroom Upgrade (Nearing completion) - Upgrade of the grandstand changerooms to remove old brickwork and asbestos to allow for new wall framing, cladding, electrical and access doors, as well as an extension of the building to include an umpire room, medical room, new partitioned ablutions and plumbing. The project is nearing completion with tiling, fittings and painting remaining with the aim to have this completed on schedule 30 June 2021. The Tender was awarded for $367,250 for the scoped project, with an additional $28,155.46 spent on essential Grandstand maintenance uncovered through the demolition process required to ensure the integrity of the building extension including replacement of rotting timbers, guttering and roof sheeting under the grandstand. This has been funded by Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program.
  • Community Facilities Solar Power Project (Nearing completion) - Installation of solar panels on community buildings to embrace renewable energy locally reducing the burden of grid energy and financial expenses rate payers. To date solar panels have been installed at the Kukerin Town Hall, Nenke Park, Kukerin Caravan Park and Stubbs Park. The last installation will take place at the Water Corp Dam in Dumbleyung which will be complete by the end of financial year. Taking advantage of solar rebates, $32,455 has been allocated for the project.
  • Footpaths & Asphalt Upgrades - Upgrades in priority order. This project was submitted in the circumstance that there were remaining funds to be spent from the program on the completion of the Stubbs Park Grandstand Upgrade and Community Facilities Solar Power Project.
The Drought Communities Program project bundle includes:
  • Upgrades to the Kukerin Ag Society Community Cropping Paddock (Complete) - Project to reefinate the community cropping paddock in Kukerin to make it more profitable to crop and less damaging to machinery that is used in the paddock. The community block is available and vital to local sporting clubs for use to raise funds. This provided economic impact through engaging three local farmers for the reefinating works. Expended funds for the project are $30,000.
  • Absolon Street Shop Upgrades (Nearing completion) - Upgrade of the Shire owned Absolon street shops including painting the full building façade, veranda signage, internal painting and detailing to encourage new tenants and businesses. Interconnecting door between two shops to allow flexibility where additional space required. This provided immediate economic impact through engaging local contractors for upgrade works. Final works to be completed is the new façade signage. Funds expended to date are $49,029.
  • Kukerin Water Infrastructure Upgrades - Includes dam evaporation cover infrastructure upgrade that allows water to enter the dam while reducing evaporation at the Kukerin Stock Dam along with flexible standpipe infrastructure for more efficient water access for farmers across the Kukerin area dams. This project will provide future economic benefit to farmers through improved water security and accessibility. Funds allocated for the project are $105,115. The standpipe component of the project is complete however there are delays in the arrival of the evaporation cover. The cover is being manufactured in India with the escalating COVID crisis causing lockdowns, production and logistical delays. Communication with the manufacturer have been frequent which is positive considering India’s current circumstances.
  • Town Hall Upgrades at Dumbleyung and Kukerin (Complete) - Installation of air-conditioning in both Kukerin and Dumbleyung Town Halls along with acoustic panels at the Dumbleyung Town Hall. This provided immediate economic impact through engaging local contractors for upgrade works. Funds expended to date are $72,277.
  • Community Resource Centre Building Improvements - Repair of mortar in many areas of the external brickwork, removal of asbestos from lean-to and outer building followed by replacement cladding, a fit out and the installation of solar. This will provide immediate economic impact through engaging local contractors for upgrade works. Funds expended to date are $20,469.
  • High Speed Internet Infrastructure Project - Infrastructure upgrades to enable the delivery of high speed fixed wireless internet to the Shire of Dumbleyung. Unexpected additional funding awarded through the Digital Farm Fund (DFF) late January 2021 to extend coverage through to Kukerin, caused technology scope planning changes, delays and alternative site acquisition requirement at the Wagin Shire Office for fibre connect and installation of Backhall Radios and technology to ensure the infrastructure could also cope with the DFF component of the project. This project will create significant economic benefit and online sustainability to all businesses in the coverage area, make new digital industry possible locally, and create local digital equality with our city counterparts. As this project is fully funded the Drought Communities Program component expended is $133,636.
Pictured: Stubbs Park Grandstand Changeroom Upgrade
The Shire of Dumbleyung expresses thanks to the local trades and businesses for their outstanding efforts in continuing to deliver these projects.

Discontinuance of Ward System and Reduction of Council Numbers
Following a decision at the November 2020 Council Meeting, the Shire of Dumbleyung Council submitted a proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board to move to a no ward system and reduce the number of elected members from the current 9 to 7.
The proposal was considered by the Advisory Board with Ministerial approval for the change granted and notice to this effect was published in the Government Gazette on 23 April 2021.
The no ward system and reduction in numbers from 9 to 7 will be implemented at the ordinary local government elections being held in October 2021.

Submissions - Budget 2021/22
The Shire is preparing a budget for the 2021 -2022 financial year. The budget
sets out the income and expenditure of the Shire including the rates to be
levied for the period, 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. The draft budget is
expected to be adopted by Council in July 2021.
As part of an ongoing engagement process, the Shire welcomes submissions
from the public and community groups as to what projects/expenditure you
would like to see included in the budget.
Your submission must be in writing and include:
  • The purpose of the proposed expenditure
  • The amount of expenditure proposed
  • Other sources of funding being pursued and whether the funding has
  • been confirmed
  • The community benefit from the proposed project/expenditure
  • Your contact details so we can discuss your proposal
Submissions must be received by the Shire by Friday 14 May 2021 and
may be submitted by the following methods:
Emailed to: (preferred method)
Handed to Shire reception at the Shire’s office in Harvey St
Late submissions will be rejected for the Budget, but can be considered in the annual six month review
Graham Foster
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Think outside the trash
Here at The Shire of Dumbleyung we now have somewhere for you to recycle Ink Cartridges, Mobile Phones and we are looking into more options to help reduce our carbon footprint as a community!
 Any further suggestions on how to better ourselves and the communities recycling program are welcomed and encouraged! 
Please email: Or call: (08) 9863 4012 with your suggestions
Shire Staff Movements
Welcome to Nicole Ryan who has taken on the role of  Records and Administration Officer. We wish you all the best in your new role. Please come into the office and introduce yourself to our newest team member.
Fundraising Opportunity – Catering for Council Meetings
Community/ Sporting Groups or Individuals are invited to put their names forward for catering for one or more of the 2021 Council Meetings.  (If we have a large number of responses then it may mean that some groups/individuals may only be able to cater once and dates are awarded on first in best dressed.)  Caterers are asked to provide a main course and dessert for a minimum of 10 people and are paid $32 per head for February through to November.  The December Christmas Dinner can be up to $40 per head depending on the menu and expressions of interest are sought for this closer to the date.  If you are looking for a little extra income then this is a simple and easy opportunity for local groups to raise funds.
We require caterers for the following meetings; 17 June 2021, 19 August 2021, 21 October 2021.
To register your interest for the 2021 roster please contact Zoey Eyre on email or phone 9863 4012 with your preferred months as soon as possible.  Groups/Individuals will be contacted asap with confirmation of months.
Remember, please visit to report works and roads maintenance or call 9863 4012 and the office can submit a report for you. Your eyes in the community are a great help, thank you!
We are transitioning to having a Landcare mailing list to ensure that Landcare Information is getting to those that need it. To ensure that you receive this information, please sign up at: or contact Claudia at the Landcare office on 9863 4225.
Click Here to Read Landcare News
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