February 2017
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  • Community Consultations 10th & 11th April
  • Complete our 2017 Community Survey Now
  • Budget Requests by 30th April
  • KidSport Online
  • Sale of Land - Lot 47 Manser St

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Volume Fourteen                                           March 2017
COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS & CONSULTATION | Kukerin 10th April & Dumbleyung 11th April 2017
It is time again to run another round of community consultation. Like two years ago, there will be a community survey and in person workshops. 
Community workshops will be held on Monday 10th April 7pm at Nenke Park and Tuesday 11th April at 7pm at the Dumbleyung Town Hall.

Community Workshops - Your chance to have a say in the future direction of the shire. The workshops will have an update on what has happened since the last workshops in 2015, background on where the shire is currently at and discussion about the future direction of the shire. We encourage all to attend.


The survey has the same questions as last time, however there were some comments that it was difficult to fill out. If you do have trouble then please only fill out what you can and move on. We would prefer to hear a little from you than not at all. It will be interesting to see how our performance has changed over the past two years. This does help to figure out if we are heading in the right direction or if we have adequately addressed community concerns. It is an important chance to shape what happens at the shire. You can complete the survey online by clicking the below button or by visiting or contacting the shire office on 9863 0412 to request a hard copy form.
Decision from the March Ordinary Meeting of Council:
  • Following complaints received regarding the conduct of dogs at the Yacht Club and Ski Club, Council has made the decision to prohibit dogs from the ‘Yacht Club’ Reserve 40473 (Comprising Lot 15746 and Lot 15840) and the ‘Ski Club’ Reserve 26665 (Lot 15718) as per Section 31(3)(B) of the Dog Act 1976.
  • Council chose to fund their contribution to the WANDRRA Flood Damage using a $100,000 loan, $50,000 from reserves and the remainder from the Road Maintenance Expense Account. Council must fund 25% of the flood damage up to a maximum contribution cap of $153,400. Initial flood damage estimates for the shire are $1.5-2 million.
  • Council commenced developing the Asset Management Plan for building assets.
  • Council gave planning permission to change the purpose of Dumbleyung single person aged units to ‘aged units and short stay accommodation’. This is the next step in what has been a long-winded process that is coming to a close soon.
  • Council gave planning approval for the development of a Pea Hay Storage business in Kukerin.
  • Council decided to offer for sale by tender Lot 47, 4 Manser Street Kukerin .

Pool Season:
The 2016-17 Pool Season has now closed. Thank you to Jane, Kim and Tracy for all their efforts in trying to make the pool a great place for all of the community. This year we continued with early morning swimming for the tough dedicated members of the community and the mum and bubs classes. This year we also introduced water movement classes which proved to be popular and a ‘shires shout’ session each month where there was a free sausage sizzle. With the filling of the lake the numbers using the pool fell however it was great to see the pool really well supported up until this point.

Justice Of The Peace:
In the Shire of Dumbleyung there is currently only two remaining Justices of the Peace (JPs), with none in Kukerin. This number may shrink further so it is important that we start finding our next JPs now.
Justices of the Peace play an essential part in the justice system and in the community in Western Australia. By volunteering to become a JP you will be providing a valuable and important service to the administration of justice in your community. What does a JP do? As well as presiding in the Magistrates Court, JPs are regularly called upon by the WA Police to issue search warrants. Other tasks include witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations and certifying documents. There is a need for JPs to assist at document witnessing centres and other places. JPs are expected to perform their duties consistently and be available to the public whenever possible.
More information about the role and how to apply can be found at Department of Attorney General Website, or by contacting the shire.
After a lot of excitement with the flooding, flood damage and Lake Dumbleyung filling up, it is starting to return to normal in the office. During the month we sent out a letter giving information on the flood damage to our roads and what we are doing about it. Please make sure you read it and if you did not receive a copy then please let us know. There will be some short term pain experienced by everyone and we apologise for this however we need to keep the longer term in mind. The decision of how we are proceeding was made with ratepayers in mind and how to ensure we have as little effect as possible on the rates of the shire.
We have also started our community consultation a little later than we had hoped but we are going ahead now. The last couple of months have just seemed to fly by. Please fill out the survey, even if you ignore the questions that are a bit too hard and please turn up to the workshops. If you can’t make it then please let me know, I am happy to have a separate discussion with you.
Lastly, best of luck to everyone with their seeding, I hope that it goes smoothly.
APPLY NOW for up to $200 towards club fees for Kids! It's easy, just fill in the online form and upload your health care or pensioner concession card. If you require assistance or would rather apply in person, contact Nicole at the Shire of Dumbleyung on 9863 4012. 
Click here to APPLY:
Burning will not be permitted in the Shire of Dumbleyung on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and this will be advertised seasonally.
15C. Local Government may prohibit burning on certain days
1. A Local Government may by notice published in a newspaper circulating in its local district prohibit the burning of the bush in that district on Sunday during the restricted burning times and may, by subsequent notice so published, revoke that notice.
2. A Local Government may by notice published in a newspaper circulating in its district specify days, being days that are public holidays in that district, on which the burning of the bush is prohibited in that district during the restricted burning times and may, by subsequent notices so published, revoke that notice either absolutely or for the purpose of substituting another notice in lieu thereof.
3. A notice published under sub-regulation (1) or (2) shall have effect during the restricted burning times in each year until it is revoked.

Should you wish to make a request to the shire for the 2017/18 Budget, please write, fax of email the shire ( with your request before 30th April 2017. Due to legislation, once the shire budget is set it becomes quite difficult to change so if you want something done in the next financial year, please get your requests in now. The compilation of the budget, taking into account all of the requests and various plans, does take some time so it begins at the start of May, so that a draft budget can be presented to Council in June. This is why the community is encouraged to get their requests in before 30th April 2017 or the request may need to wait until the following financial year.

No dogs at the Lake Dumbleyung Yacht Club and Ski Club
Following complaints received regarding the conduct of dogs at the Yacht Club and Ski Club, Council has made the decision to prohibit dogs from the ‘Yacht Club’ Reserve 40473 (Comprising Lot 15746 and Lot 15840) and the ‘Ski Club’ Reserve 26665 (Lot 15718) as per Section 31(3)(B) of the Dog Act 1976.
As per Section 3.58(2) of the Local Government Act 1995 the Shire of Dumbleyung is inviting tenders from those who wish to purchase Lot 47, 4 Manser Street Kukerin.
The block was assessed as rectangular shape, zoned R10/30 with a land area of 1,012m2.
It will be a condition of sale that construction is to commence within 12 months of the sale date.
Tenders can be submitted in person to the Shire of Dumbleyung Administration Office, Harvey Street Dumbleyung, in post to PO Box 99, Dumbleyung WA 6350 or via email to Tenders must be received by 4:00pm, Monday 10 April 2017.


The following roads within the Shire of Dumbleyung are considered dangerous and/or un-passable and remain closed to heavy vehicles (all vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne).

- Bagnalls Rd
- Beynon Rd
- Benbow St
- Clarke Rd
- Cockran Rd
- Coomelberrup Rd
- Dualling Rd
- Dumbleyung-Nyabing Rd
- Falcondale Rd
- Kent Rd
- Knott St
- Lake Rd
- Moran Rd
- Slant Rd
- Sutherland Rd

Please take care on all roads as flood damage is still there and may not be signposted. Please check routes before driving them in a heavy vehicle.

Please be aware of RAV Ratings on roads as these still apply to roads.

By order of
Dumbleyung Shire Council

The flood event that took place in February brought with it a lot of damage to our roads. Due to the size of the event we have become eligible for WANDRRA Emergency Funding. In order to access this funding we must employ contractors to perform the works. Any work undertaken by the shire will not be eligible for funding.
Following an assessment of the extent of damage and discussion of the pros and cons, we have decided to engage a consultant to prepare the damage claims and manage the contractors to perform the repair work. By making this decision the shire will need to pay up to $155,000 to get the works completed however the funding received by doing this will be well in excess of the size of our contribution. If we chose to do the work ourselves, the repairs would need to fit around our current road program, as much of our grant funding is tied to completing our road program, and it would take years to get the road network back to what it was.
The downside of choosing this path is that contractors are in short supply so it will still take some time before work is commenced and the completion of the work is likely to take at least twelve months to complete. We ask that you continue to take care on our roads and remain patient in waiting for repairs.

The shire is currently updating the key register and would appreciate anyone who holds a shire facility key to contact Emily on 9863 4012 to confirm these are on record.
Our shire fox traps are missing and we are seeking your help to locate them so we can continue to provide this facilities to our community. Inspection of equipment and a bond must be paid at the shire office prior to any equipment leaving the shire depot, so that we can record their whereabouts. If you have borrowed/hired any shire equipment and it has slipped your mind to return it, can you please return it to the shire office ASAP. We appreciate your assistance in locating these items.
Shire of Dumbleyung Driver and Vehicle Services Agency hours 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday
Please call 13 11 56 for all Driver and Vehicle Services enquiries (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm) or visit
As a directive from the Department of Transport please note the shire is a face to face agency only and although our staff strive to assist they are not authorised, trained or qualified to take phone enquiries.
Want To Keep Up To Date With The Shire?
The shire aims to provide the community with up to date information on the happenings within the shire. Since the beginning of the year though, we have struggled with getting more urgent information out to everyone. In order to try and ensure we can get information out in an appropriate time frame, we will be introducing a new email service so that you can receive urgent information and other news and events from the shire in your inbox. You can sign up to this service by entering your email address here.
Emergency Contact
With the success of using SMS to inform everyone of harvest bans and heavy traffic road closures, we now wish to extend the use of the system to emergencies and urgent information. Residents of the shire that are already on the Harvest Ban SMS list will automatically get put onto the Emergency Information List but if you are not on the Harvest ban list, please call the shire to get your number put on or email it to
Want to hear more from us?
The shire currently relies on its Newsletter, available as a hardcopy or e-newsletter, Facebook/Twitter, Quack Chat, website and community noticeboards. If you want to make sure you aren’t missing out on any information you can do the following:
  • Sign up to our e-newsletter here or let the shire office know the address you would like a hardcopy of this newsletter mailed to.
  • Follow the shire on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Contact the Community Resource Centre to sign up for the Quack Chat.
  • Check our website or noticeboard regularly. 
A friendly note to let you know our staff meetings are at 2pm on Wednesdays. As much as we like our visitors and telephone calls, your help by minimising enquiries during this time will assist in keeping these meetings short and sweet.


The shire has facilities and equipment available for hire. Please be aware of the following if you are thinking of booking facilities or equipment.
  • Please make your booking at least five days before you require the facility or equipment. This allows time to ensure the facility is clean and the equipment is available and in good working order.
  • A bond may be charged. This will be in line with our fees and charges which are available on our website or in the shire office.
  • Town Hall Equipment (eg: tables, chairs) can be picked up from either the Dumbleyung or Kukerin Hall. If delivery is required then an additional delivery fee will be charged based on the time that delivery takes.
  • Dry Hired works equipment will need to be picked up from the shire depot. Before collecting the equipment, please first visit the shire office to fill in the necessary paperwork and receive directions on how to collect the equipment. To collect equipment, you will be entering a work zone so we ask that you wear adequate safety equipment which is high visibility clothing at a minimum. High visibility vests can be borrowed from the shire.
  • If you are planning on consuming alcohol at the facility then you will require a Permit To Consume Alcohol from the shire. These are provided at no cost. If you are selling alcohol then a Liquor Licence will be required from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.
For community organisations a once per year facility hire membership is available that allows unlimited hire of shire controlled community facilities and equipment, excluding the swimming pool, squash courts and plant hire. This fee is only $50 and must be paid by 1 July each year.


WEED ALERT – Look out for Bridal Creeper
Due to early rains this environmental weed has flourished and early growth has been reported around the Dumbleyung Townsite, shire reserves and shire roadsides.
A contract spray program covering Shire Roadsides in some areas of the shire will be carried out by a contractor in July as part of a State NRM Project being coordinated through the Katanning Landcare Office. This year $8 300 is allocated to spray roads in this shire. Two operators will work from a vehicle to spray the roadside verge as they move along. The spray sites are recorded on a GPS for future reference.
As this weed has the potential to invade natural bush areas and smother native plants it is essential to control it before it has the capacity to expand over a large area. Reported sites along roadsides can be marked and sprayed when the contractor commences his program.
Please report bridal creeper growth sites to the Landcare Office to be recorded for spraying in July. Your help in reporting this weed will be appreciated. Phone 9863 4225 or email
 Grants are available for a limited time to support community capacity building across the South West. The South West Community Capacity Grants are open to community groups, Landcare/Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations and local governments to deliver events and engagement initiatives that build capacity for NRM.
  •          Grants of up to $1000 available
·         Expressions of Interest (EOI) are accepted until 30 May 2017 or until all funds are expended
·         Grants must be acquitted by 30 June 2017
·         Successful applicants will need to follow SWCC Funding Acknowledgment Guidelines and submit an evaluation report on completion of the activity

NOTE: Expressions of Interest will be assessed as they are received. Applications close 31 May 2017 or until all funds have been extinguished. Activities must be delivered prior to 30 June 2017.
Expression of Interest
South West Community Capacity Grants                    
The South West Community Capacity Grants Program, hosted by the South West Catchments Council (SWCC), has funding available through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme (NLP) to support NRM and Landcare community engagement activities within the South West NRM Region that address NLP strategic objectives:
  • Communities are managing landscapes to sustain long-term economic and social benefits from their environment.
  • Farmers and fishers are increasing their long-term returns through better management of the natural resource base.
  • Communities are involved in caring for their environment.
  • Communities are protecting species and natural assets.
Activities need to address one or more of the following NLP Strategic Outcomes:
  • Maintain and improve ecosystem services through sustainable management of local and regional landscapes.               
  • Increase in the number of farmers and fishers adopting practices that improve the quality of the natural resource base, and the area of land over which those practices are applied.         
  • Increase engagement and participation of the community, including landcare, farmers and Indigenous people, in sustainable natural resource management.    
  • Increase restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment, including protecting and conserving nationally and internationally significant species, ecosystems, ecological communities, places and values
As this funding is provided through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, it is a requirement that you acknowledge the funding source appropriately. At a minimum, you must include the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) and Australian Government / National Landcare Programme logo on any promotional or published materials.
The logo images and associated acknowledgement wording are attached to this email. Please also refer to the SWCC Funding Acknowledgement Guidelines.
Any media co-created with SWCC will need to be approved by SWCC.

Appropriate activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Peer learning activities
  • Awareness raising events
  • Extension and communication materials – associated with a Landcare activity
  • Grants are available to Landcare and community groups, as well as local governments.
  • EOIs assessed as they are received until funds are fully allocated.
  • Funds are limited, once all funds are allocated we will not be able to accept further EOIs.
  • Grants are limited to $1000 per application.
EOIs will be assessed against the following criteria, based on the information submitted as a part of your EOI:
  • The activity addresses the Australian Government’s NLP strategic objective(s) above.
  • Demonstrated focus on building community capacity.
  • Benefits to broader community and NRM/Landcare sector.
  • Value for money.
You will be notified if your EOI is successful or not. Please do not commit to an activity before receiving written notification that your application in successful.
  • Payment will be made once the final MERI and reporting have been submitted and accepted
  • Invoices can be submitted with final report
For more information, please contact Sharon Upston on (08) 9724 2421 or email
OR Claudia Hadlow at the Landcare Office on 98634 225 or 0429612447 or email
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